Quincy Democratic City Committee Canidates Forum – October 29, 2019
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Quincy Democratic City Committee Canidates Forum – October 29, 2019

pretty everybody thank you so much for
coming out on such a dreary evening it’s much appreciated to see the citizen
participation my name is Alicia Gardner and I’m the citywide tier the Quincy
Dems quitting Democratic City Committee and
we are proud to offer the people in the audience and viewers at home a chance to
hear from the candidates will be on the ballot which is next Tuesday which is
November 5th so let’s hope for a better day next Tuesday and what I wanted to do
is that one stop I thank you the school department for allowing us to use you to
use this beautiful auditorium in Central Middle School it is truly a beautiful
setting for the tonight’s event I also want to thank Quincy access television
its acting executive director John Colleary and it’s government access
coordinator my crosby with the with Scott Daniels who was volunteering his
services tonight to tape this event so that many more residents of the city can
meet the candidates who wish to be the next mayor a member of the City Council
and a member of the school committee for this great city I also want to thank the
chair of our election committee Mike Barry and members Alisa Bay Colin Colin
McMahon Nancy Delilah and Judy Capobianco for
helping prepare and organize this event this evening the following candidates
will be on the ballot on Tuesday November 5th and all candidates on the
ballot were invited to participate in tonight’s forum for mayor Thomas B Koch
and Brenda Ryan both participating four at-large councilors Knohl DiBona
in Mahoney Nina Liang Frank Rubino and Jo Ann Sullivan Cantor have all been
invited and they all are participating in what won the Ken that’s our David
McCarthy and Joe Murphy unfortunately mr. McCarthy was not able to attend but
mr. Murphy will be participating this evening and watch to our current
counselor there is no opponent and he is graciously accepted to come tonight our
council president Brad crow in Ward 3 in King and Roberto
Soto unfortunately have decided not to participate in Ward 4 Bryan Pell Moochie
is not participating in Ward 5 Stephen Crisco and Charles Phelan are both on
the ballot in Ward 5 and they both are participating this evening and in Ward 6
Bill Harris and will Eisenberg are your candidates and both will be
participating this evening for school committee the people on the ballot of
habu goalie Kathleen hubely Courtney perdidos and Frank Santoro the candidate
who has decided to participate tonight is just Courtney perennials and we thank
you for coming the following order is the order in which the candidates will
be called to participate we will first have up Ward to Brad crow the next will
be the would six candidates Bill Harris and will Eisenberg we will then have the
mayoral candidates Tom Koch and Brenda Ryan then we will have school committee
candidate Courtney perdidos then it will be our out logic ounces in Mahoney Knoll
DiBona Nina Liang Jo Ann Sullivan Kanter and
Frank Rubin oh I’m sorry Rubino I’m sorry Frank and we will then have award
five candidates Steven Christo and Chuck Phelan and our final candidate will be
from Ward 1 mr. Joe Murphy so that will be the order in which the
candidates will appear tonight and this is the following format for the evening
each candidate will have a one-minute opening and closing remarks or statement
then each candidate will be asked the same two questions and will each have
two minutes to respond to each question due to the time constraints because we
do have a large number of candidates participating which we truly appreciate
there will be no asking a question of each other from each candidate now I
would like to introduce you to our moderators for the evening please
welcome my members member ELISA Bay and : McMahon who will take it from here and
again thank you for coming this evening Brad would you like to give your opening
statement please sure Thank You Alisha and moderators and
everybody here this evening for the invitation to participate in this
evening’s event like Alicia said my name is Brad Crowell I’m seeking re-election
as your ward to city councilor I also currently serve as a city council
president and been a lifelong Quincy resident multi-generational very active
obviously in the neighborhood and the issues that affect us on a daily basis I
am the husband of Lori father of Patrick father Brian and we currently reside up
in the facts of pocky area the city of Quincy thank you sir your first question
is this what is your opinion on the Weymouth compressor station and how do
you propose to engage more residents in Quincy regarding the site of the
compressor station so my position hasn’t changed in over four years
I’ve been a outspoken anti compressor person set up keep going I’ve been a
leader actually on the front of opposing the proposal to construct a 7700
horsepower compressor station at the for River Basin
it’s been a long battle those folks that have fought have followed it it has you
know played itself in court there’s been you know multiple local jurisdictional
rulings on the compressor station and we just continue to fight what my strategy
to engage folks is to continue along the way that I have been through social
media electronic mail hardcopy mail and really any mediums that are offered to
me to to engage the local communities to continue to oppose this proposal that
will greatly affect not only my district but literally the region at large thank
you your second question during your tenure as the ward 2 counselor what do
you feel are some of your proudest accomplishments biggest achievement
thank you for the question you know with respect to my proudest accomplishments
or major achievements you know that there’s certainly that if you spoke
about but I think that you know seeking my fifth term a city councilor and I
think what my proudest achievement is is that I’ve always remained plugged into
the community and I feel that an effect of what councilor knows the issues that
affect residents in their neighborhood and I feel my proudest achievement is
that I’ve always been a listener before I spoke to really understand and
capture you know what the will of the residents of the will of the citizenry
is so that I can effectively articulate that at the City Council meetings you
know outside of you know other maybe milestone accomplishments I set out with
the community in mind eight nine years ago and my passion still lies there it’s
you know to be an effective listener ultimately effective communicator and
really deal with the issues that affect people on a daily basis so I would say
the ability to listen is probably my favorite all my most proud achievement would you like to make your closing
statement closing statement that’s a quick four minutes five but
again I appreciate the opportunity to come here Alicia thank you feel work and
obviously the committee chairs I started out you know volunteering with this
group so it’s really nice to see it grow and evolve you know I think about you
know we talked about listening I really do try to keep my ear to the ground and
focus on the issues that that affect the people that I represent both of my ward
as well as the city and you know I think when when you consider my candidacy for
the November ballot I think you could you know trust on the fact that it’s
based on reliable lean leadership the ability to communicate and I think most
importantly the willingness to get things done I feel I have the track
record to do that and I humbly ask for your vote on November 5th thank you yeah
Thank You councillor for Ward six please come to the stage councillor Harris we would like to begin
with your opening statement thank you very much I want to thank the Quincy
Democratic City Committee for this opportunity to speak we’ve had two
candidates nights and both nights I have to tell you something I really made a
big mistake I forgot to thank my wife you know it’s something about we’ve been
together for 32 plus years and it’s something about you know the people at
home are the people that really really take the hit when we’re out and about
doing what we do and then they hear either criticism or praise and I think
my wife hates the praise more than the criticism to be honest with you
because I think maybe she might vote for my opponent but with that being said I
want to thank all the people who will helping me my supporters and my friends
and the people of what six who entrusted me after the last election and I humbly
ask that they give me another two years thank you very much thank you the first
question is for councillor Harris regarding transit services such a we
doing that okay sorry we’ll go ahead hi everyone I’m will Eisenberg I’m
running for Ward 6 City Council it’s so great to be here at the Quincy City
Democratic Committee debate you know I’m a secretary for the Ward 6
Windy City Democratic Committee I’m really happy to see some of our members
here it means a lot for people to come out and participate on a work night when
everybody’s tired I’m running for City Council in Quincy and in Ward 6
specifically because we have some very serious issues affecting our community
you know climate change has come to Quincy we’ve suffered some really
terrible storms in the last 18 months it’s gonna happen again it’s only a
matter of time and I’m concerned that we haven’t seen the leadership that we need
on the City Council in order to meet those challenges we’ve also all seen a
tremendous amount of development in our city recently I think that probably
everybody in this room agrees whether you’re pro or con development there’s a
power imbalance right now right now developers and big construction firms
have too much say and too much authority in what’s going on my top priority is
going to make sure that every stakeholder families ok thank you the
first question will be for councillor Harris regarding transit services such
as ferry services and green transportation what are your plans to
develop better ways to commute into Boston proper I’m sorry regarding
transit services such as ferry services in green transportation what are your
plans to develop better ways to commute into Boston proper well as far as the
ferry service is concerned you know I’ve followed the lead of our state
legislators representative is and and Congressman Lynch everybody who’s
been involved with the ferry service out of Squanto Point Park in fact
representative is and myself spoke in front of the transportation I took the
day off from work he invited me to the Statehouse we spoke in front of the
Transportation Committee ferry services both environmentally and economically
the the right way to go and of course we’re in we’re in this you know
unfortunately we’re in this argument with the neighbors to the north of us
about the Long Island Bridge but as far as that is concerned I think that the
ferries are important obviously electric vehicles in the city is one of the is is
something that’s being talked about and something that we’re that’s on the table
at the on the City Council and I certainly support that 1,000% so thank
you very much well we’d like to give you the opportunity to answer this question
would you like us to repeat it no okay well I agree that very service is a
great idea in fact prior to representative Ayers and councilman
Harris raising the issue I actually sent a letter in July to the Department of
Parks Recreation urging them to makes parking free at squattin Point Park so
that shuttle service could be sent to North Quincy and I’ll put that letter
it’s on our Facebook page facebook.com slash will for Ward 6 and I’ll put that
up again so that people can review it I actually think the city should also look
into buying its own ferry service you know it’s something that we’d encouraged
Boston to do and I think it’s a great idea should Boston pursue its ill-fated
or ill-considered project on Long Island but I think it’s something that the city
of Quincy should certainly look into as well so that we have regular service and
relieve some of the terrible congestion that we’re dealing with particularly in
North Quincy and Squanto so I think very service is a great idea and I think it’s
something the city should consider purchasing on its own as when it comes
to electric vehicles of course I agree with my opponent and my question to the
City Council is you know this is something that’s been on the table
before the city’s discussed before why hasn’t it happened and I
think it’s simple there’s a simple reason it hasn’t happened the ones
advocated for it yet well I intend to you know energy
efficiency and reducing congestion are important issues as I said climate
change has come to Quincy electric vehicles is one way to alleviate our thank you thank you well this next
question is for you first flooding is a regular occurrence in Ward six as Ward
Council how would you address the current issue and how would you propose
to rectify it in the future thank you that’s an incredibly important
question you know as I’ve been walking the Ward talking to people in Conant
Street Apthorp Street Carl where I live Atlantic so many people have told me
about you know horror stories about losing treasured possessions about
seeing their basements filled up my you know I have a neighbor a next-door
neighbor who lost her car and in that terrible storm and we need to be looking
at short-term and long-term solutions and you know we have a model Ward one
has been tackling this when house neck got hit in the storm they’ve been
meeting regularly with the city engineer they’ve talked about various seawall and
drainage improvements they’ve participated in a series of
conversations and just I think it was just two weeks ago mayor Koch proposed a
3.5 million dollar I believe it as a bond for seawall and drainage
improvements in in house neck and that’s great but you know where’s quantum
where’s North Quincy where’s Atlantic who’s advocating for us so that’s
something I’m going to that’s going to something I’m going to push for in day
one it’s going to be one of our top priorities there are short-term
solutions as well you know there are FEMA grants that municipalities can
participate in to purchase things like deployable flood barriers they’re sort
of like instant sandbags you put half a mile or a quarter mile on that in Quincy
Shore Drive you could save twenty houses it’s not
going to save everyone but you know these sort of short-term long and
long-term solutions are things that we to look into I know that Mayor Koch has
been involved with regional discussions about improving larger sea walls and
things like inter-community sea walls I think that’s a think that’s a great idea
and that’s the the long-term angle that we have to tackle but Ward six needs
relief and I intend to deliver it and I you know I see our neighbors suffering
from flooding and and to the greatest extent possible I’m going to do
everything I can to alleviate it and I’m gonna stay with people as well that’s
the other thing in the aftermath of flooding the flood let me tell you
exactly what I would do I would get between you and your insurance company
to make sure that you had every dollar coming to you that was intended
I would proactively come out to you knock on your door make sure you had
every single city resource that you needed I would stay with you during the
recovery to make sure that everything was going the courts can you would have
an advocate and an ally on the City Council and the aftermath of a flood and
that’s a city councilors responsibility I think and that’s the service that I
wanted all right thank you same question would you like me to repeat it I just
want to say I was thrilled not thrilled because it’s not nothing when it comes
to FEMA is throwing especially when it comes to city of Quincy and our
coastline and I folks residents would live along the coastline but as far as
being a bat advocate and someone saying nobody’s advocate and well you know what
that’s just absolutely not true when it came to myself and my Ratliff forest and
William when we bill O’Donnell the Register of Deeds we filled the North
Quincy High School Auditorium we ran a FEMA when when the FEMA maps
came out we ran a help night where we had the Registry of Deeds there we were
helping folks with their insurance companies with their mortgage companies
and what was said about being proactive it’s just absolutely not true I’ve
supported yeah the day of the the big storm that
I’ve been criticized about because my the mail my mailbox was full was because
I was out on the streets I’ve been out on the streets driving around with the
public works during snowstorm since I’ve been in office and anybody who knows me
knows what they’re hearing is not true I’m out there I’m up there answering the
phone as a as it comes in and I just have to say that it’s been very
disappointing this this this election here that I’ve been in thank you would
you like would you like to make your closing statement sure well do you want
to start sure so this is what I want to say you know Ward 6 you are powerful
you’re a powerful community Ward 6 is the one of the electoral engines of
Quincy we have consistently some of the highest voter turnout in the entire city
and right now it’s not turning into much after election day you know whether
you’re going to vote for mayor Koch or not and I take no position you know I
think that there are things I like about the mayor administration there are
things I don’t like but what I want you to remember is that the administration
needs you Ward six you don’t need them you know you are a passionate engaged
political community and you have some very serious issues affecting us you
know we see traffic rising in our in our community we see our seniors worried who
are getting priced out of their homes and their communities we see delays on
the tee we see the Neponset bridge traffic growing ever ever more
burdensome to our working families who commute in Boston and we don’t really
have someone advocating for us and that’s what I’d like to change so I will
be a strong independent voice on the City Council I will be you know I think
you will that’s time it’s not let’s advocate for my clients I want to be a
zealous advocate for you thank you very much
councillor Harris thank you I’m gonna stand up for the final sure I am going
to take a position as it comes to the man if you don’t vote for the man you
know and we all go down so that’s how I feel because there’s no infrastructure
ready to go in if mayor wasn’t to get elected and that myself is irresponsible
I asked people don’t be irresponsible I can’t believe the things I just heard
about seeing is and I have to tell my folks especially in our last night the
folks who were gonna be holding signs don’t fall into the trap of getting
baited into what you’ve heard and what you heard was that and it’s upsetting
and it was we can’t it overflowed at the last debate and Squa know was the fact
that people might neighbors next door two doors down being harassed people
with signs on my lawn their lawns being harassed a senior a son of a senior said
she said I was doing a good job and that senior was pressured and felt
uncomfortable you know that’s not Bill Harris and I want the people who work
with me not to do that when we’re out holding signs when we’re out knocking on
doors we’re just going to stay on the high ground and we’re not going to lower
ourselves to the level that the politics that is dragging this country down thank
you guys this level I ask you for your vote my name is Bill Harris and I am the
ward 6 City Council thank you thank you sir with the candidates for mayor please
make their way to the stage mayor would you like to start with your opening
statement Oh would you like to start with your opening statement yes good
evening everybody it’s a pleasure to join you tonight here at the beautiful
Central Middle School one of the beautiful new three new beautiful
schools that we built over the last several years really investing in our
school system this three-year is they wanted to mention one is public safety
we are adding 16 patrolmen 28 firemen over this next year the city has an
incredible dedicated public servants that abalos police and fire we’re
reinvesting into our fire houses we’ve given the more the apparatus and the
tools that they need if you look at the FBI statistics crime is down over the
last 10 years in the city dhruv mass dramatically that’s not by accident
the police officers do an incredible job I mentioned our schools the schools are
doing extremely well and as chair of the School Committee I’m so proud of the
progress that has been made test scores are up a graduation rates are much
higher we’ve become a model for the state in many many areas and the third
piece is really is the infrastructure we’re an old city and a lot of the
infrastructure the cans been kicked down the road for a long time we’re dressing
buildings schools fire houses seawalls pipes and roads there’s more to do but
we made some tremendous progress and I also want to add the amount of dollars
we’ve been able to leverage because our relationships both at the federal and
state level have brought tens of millions of dollars in
match the local tax dollars to do these kinds of improvements so I’ve enjoyed
and it’s a privilege to be a mayor and they look forward to the discussion
tonight thank you Thank You mayor Brenda would you like to
give your opening statement hi my name is Brenda Ryan and I am seeking your
vote for mayor of this wonderful city I am running this campaign without raising
funds therefore no signs stickers or mailings I’ve tried to reach the voters
by quincy access television Patriot Ledger Quincy Sun and face-to-face talks
I live on Hospital Hill and have been a member of the Hospital Hill Neighborhood
Association for some time and dealing with Fox Rock and the the rental
development that’s going in the neighborhood prompted this run and also
I opposed the compressor in Weymouth as well when I go to meetings for that as
well it’s it’s more how the residents are being treated when it comes to some
hefty issues in the city whether it be the compressor which is dangerous and
it’s not healthy for the air quality and how the different levels of the
political system is set up to kind of pass the buck to a different different
office so I just feel like the regular person the regular citizen isn’t being
heard and I’m running for mayor against Mayor Koch Thank You mayor Koch this
first question is for you the evidence of climate change is undeniable in the
window for meaningful action and shrinking as Quincy as a waterfront city
what will you do to help cut down the city’s carbon footprint well we’ve I
think we’ve had a pretty good strong record on the environmental issues we
we’ve done a number of initiatives we’ve done a lot of solar panels on our school
roofs we’ve done LEDs all over the place including by the street lighting system
and adding the LEDs to that we’ve just taken a styrofoam out of the waste
stream of our schools we invested additional forty three thousand dollars
to do that in all our school kitchens we are making a lot of progress on
on the new buildings are much tighter much more energy-efficient elite
buildings will continue to do that as we as we build out the infrastructure we
also going to be practical in a sense of how we dealing with it you know it hurt
early about the seawall discussion we’re investing some serious money in sea
walls and sections of our city that are vulnerable a number streets and
neighborhoods if you’re probably building out the city today you probably
wouldn’t build on some of these areas before the conservation laws were
enacted so nature is reclaiming some of those spots that once held had had hold
on so we have a got we have a great relationship with the Climate Action
Network we meet regularly they said agendas we were the first to
hire an energy manager whose specific job is to do these kinds of projects and
improvements and recommendations so we’re I think we’re making good progress
but there’s more to do thank you Brenda your response the evidence of climate
change is undeniable and the window for meaningful action is shrinking as Quincy
is a waterfront city what will you do to help cut down the city’s carbon
footprint floods we had that qkn meeting last week and sure enough there was a
show on about clam beds that you can put in the ocean that helps stop the
flooding coming on to the land we can develop less anywhere near marshes I
noticed there’s something going on and commander Shea Boulevard where you’re
widening the road and there’s so many places throughout the city that there
seems to be some some plans coming down the pike so stay away from the ocean
help the residents that live on the ocean and keep the trees Thank You Brenda this next question starts with
you Quincy is a challenging city to navigate
to our residents with disabilities what will you do to help give these residents
a void a voice and create necessary change will this be a high priority absolutely like public transportation
well sidewalks obviously disability wheelchairs so make sure the
Chi the T is accessible for like Wollaston T was just redone that’s now
accessible for wheelchair sidewalks it’s important that they can get off the curb
to get around the the ride with the T help as much as possible Thank You
Brenda mayor same question would you like to
for me to repeat it Quincy is a challenging city to navigate for our
residents with disability what will you do to help give those residents a voice
and create necessary change will this be a high priority yes we actually
reestablished the disabilities Commission we expect them to be meeting
next month but everything we do on infrastructure changes of improvements
the ATA issues a front center some of you may know we just paved a section of
Hancock Street between Norfolk downs back to about Fennell Street and every
corner the handicap ramps were addressed before the road was paved that’s the
requirement that’s the law and that’s what we do we’ve made adjustments in our
school buildings and we’ll continue to do that you know when we have the
opportunity to build a new building like this or Southwest Quincy High are about
to do squaw Anam those are things we really think about spend some time on
because these old buildings weren’t we just weren’t built for that so I think
we have a pretty solid record of doing what we’re supposed to be doing to make
it as easy as possible for this population and I got to thank the
governor for the work on the bridge the red line heard some discussion earlier
was you know the state is spending a billion dollars on the red line which is
a leading or led to the Wollaston stationary opening which is handicap
accessible now improvements of the Quincy Center which is going to lead to
additional elevators as well as improvements in North Quincy station so
instead of a train every six minutes a couple of years is gonna be a train
every three minutes so I think that’s going to big help to remember the issues
we talked about tonight thank you we’d now like to move to the closing
statements Brenda would you like to go first thank you for your time I hope I covered
as much as I possibly could I left my speech on the kitchen table
but anyway I love Quincy and I think we have so many wonderful people here that
deserve to have a voice I think the City Council also has a lot of great ideas
but they they kind of fall flat there’s always great ideas about tax relief for
residents that live in their home many different things that just fall on deaf
ears so with the plan a form of government which is strong may or weak
Council as much as the council wants to do what they think is right
there is a part that stops them so I will listen to the elected officials
City Council members and the at-large councillors and and go from there so
what else if there’s anything you want to ask me which I’m not covering please
feel free to take the time or call me at six one seven four seven two one nine
two three I would love to talk thank you Thank You mayor Koch your closing
statement thank you and thank you for the opportunity to be with you tonight
I appreciate you sponsoring the event here at the beautiful auditorium it’s
certainly been a privilege for me to serve as the mayor over this last 12
years when we took office we saw a Great Recession
some Agata was the greatest downfall financially since the Great Depression
back in the 20s we came through that working together I think my style of
leadership is one of collaboration with my colleagues in government giving
everybody the opportunity and respect to have a position put the ideas together
and let the best idea move forward so we can move the city forward
I’m so proud as I mentioned an era in public safety public education our
infrastructure we’re going through all kinds of reinvestment in our city on our
parks work in our libraries a first-class Senior Center at the Kennedy
Center I hear the discussion about taxes and
and I often speak about that you know we’re not the highest
we’re not the lowest we fall in the mid range we were on 1/4 school without a
proposition to enough override cities some availed to have an override
for one school tanah Weymouth had head of override for one school so what
you’re seeing you are seeing great investment back into the community
leveraging yard dollars to those of the federal and state governments which is I
find is my responsibility I’m so proud of our city I have three children and
that are graduates of Quincy Public Schools and I privilege to serve and a
recipe a vote thank you very much we’d now like to invite the candidate for
school committee up to the stage Courtney would you like to make your
opening statement absolutely absolutely Thanks hi my name
is Courtney berteus I’m a first-time candidate running for a seat on the
Quincy School Committee my husband Steve and I have three daughters that all
attend Quincy Public Schools my two youngest Molly and Hannah are in third
and fourth grade at Clifford Marshall Elementary and my oldest Kasey is in
sixth grade here at Central Middle School for the past seven years I’ve
been an active PTO volunteer and leader both at Clifford Marshall and on
citywide PTO through that work I’ve learned a lot about our school system
and have learned how to use my voice to advocate for our students parents
teachers and staff I entered the race for school committee for two reasons
first because I really do enjoy doing this advocacy work and secondly because
right now no other School Committee candidate or current school committee
member has younger children in the Quincy Public Schools as a parent with
daily first-hand interaction with the system at both the elementary and middle
school level I feel that I can bring a perspective that’s currently missing
from the conversation thank you thank you your first question some parents
feel that kids are assigned too much homework do you think changes should be
made to the QPS homework policy and what should those changes be yes thank you
for that question so on my role as citywide PTO
co-president I was able to advocate for dusting off the homework policy that
we’ve had in our system so it’s the last time it was revised was about 20 years
ago so I’m glad that we were finally able to take an advocacy role in dusting
that off and looking at it again so we created the superintendent invited us to
participate in a committee that had a member of the school committee Emily
libo and also my other co-president on citywide PTO Scott Alessandra there was
also a Quincy teacher union rep Allison Cox was there and from the special ed
community he could send her back and as well as the superintendent so we were
all kind of asked to look at it and figure out if hallmark what has changed
in homework over the last 20 years we’re expecting a lot of our students these
days there’s a lot of students that need to contribute to the financial necessity
of their family and have a part-time job also supports commitments whether
there’s a couple hours of practice a night or a game they also have to do
community service hours and you know if they’re in the band things like that
there’s a lot of commitments that our kids have especially at the high school
level and we were feeling that parents were coming to us saying how how
overburdened they were at the high school level and alternately on the
elementary school level a lot of parents felt like they couldn’t see the purpose
in the homework worksheets that were coming home so on our committee as we
talked about it we created a survey that went out to all students all parents and
all teachers sorry the students just to qualify that it was great 3 to 12 and we
asked them honestly what their thoughts were on homework we asked them a bunch
of different questions and we were able to finally go through the answers and it
did seem a lot mm once everybody took it seriously there was a lot of
conversation maybe kids wouldn’t take it seriously homeworks crappy that type of
stuff but it they actually took a really mature look at it and it does seem like
we really need to be able to show parents and show students why they’re
doing it the purpose of it and sometimes when that purpose is made clear it
factors in more on whether or not it’s worthwhile so thank you thank you
your second question is how do you plan to brick on bridging the language and
culture barriers the Quincy residents may faces immigrant parent as immigrant
parents of first-generation children with regard to communicating with
administrators and educators in the Quincy public school system can you do
one more time whose real of course how do you plan on bridging the cultural
excuse me on bridging the language and cultural barriers that Quincy residents
may face is immigrant parents of first-generation children with regard to
communicating with administrators and educators in the Quincy public school
systems okay thank you for repeating yes so our I think a real big strength of
our Quincy public schools is its diversity
I know at Clifford Marshall Elementary alone there’s 35 languages spoken so
it’s really it’s really important it’s fantastic it
it adds to our to our it adds to our school system sorry
bringing more cultures more voices and more perspectives together always makes
our community better and we should be embracing diversity of cultures and
ideas at every level of our school system not only in the classroom with
our students but in policy discussions we have in decisions we make as far as
communication with parents that that are coming here that don’t speak the
language it’s very very important I know that we’ve been trying to translate more
of our of our materials into different languages that are that are popular at
our schools I think that more effort needs to be done at that I know some of
the high school students it’s been suggested that perhaps they could use
their community service hours to do some translating I think that’s a really good
idea I think maybe hiring an additional person or two to be doing some
translating services to outreach is important definitely to make sure our
IEP students on IEP s their families understand what those I what the plans
are and for the student is very important as well I know on our PTO we
try our best you can see over there is on our PTO we try our best to have
parents we kind of match parents that are willing to work with the PTO with
families so that they can interpret for us and encourage them to join our PTO
and be part of our community because they are just as much a part of our
community whether or not they speak the language first or not thank you thank
you we would now like to invite you to make your closing statement when you’re
ready thank you so I know we speak for all the school committee candidates here
tonight when I say Thank You Alicia and to our moderators Alicia is Alicia
Alicia and : Colin and the curry everyone at the Quincy Dems for
organizing and inviting us to tonight’s event in closing I want to say I’m
really excited to bring new energy and ideas to the school committee I’ve
learned that advocacy is sometimes as easy as a phone call but more often it
takes diligence resolve and hard work I believe that all school committee
candidates should personify those qualities they should be able to lead
discussions even the difficult ones they should be someone that parents can go to
and ask for help they should be someone who isn’t afraid to stand up for what’s
right fair and equitable they should be able to
work with others to protect our children and make our schools and the education
it provides the best it can be I’ve done all these things as a parent
volunteer and I will continue to do so as a school committee member is elect if
elected again my name is Courtney Proteus and I respectfully ask for your
vote for school committee next Tuesday on November 5th thank you at this time
we’d like to invite the at-large councillor candidates to the stage at this time we’d like to invite each
candidate to make an opening statement we’re going to start at the leftmost end
and just work our way right so Frank whenever you’re ready and
whenever you find the working microphone take it away
hi good evening thank you all for coming out tonight
my name’s Frank Ruby no cane ended for councillor at large let me tell you a
little bit about myself I live in Quint the Quincy Point neighborhood I’m a
first-time candidate I have an accounting finance background I went to
Bentley University where I earned an MBA degree I’ve spent the past 10 years
working as a budget analyst in both the public and private sector if elected
some of my top concerns will be in the top issues that I’ll focus on will be
implementing solutions to ease traffic congestion making sure Quincy stays
affordable for all residents to live in and curbing the excessive residential
real estate development I enjoy being active and involved here
in the city I was the treasurer of Quincy pride I’ve also been involved
with Quincy Climate Action Network Quincy community action programs and
South Shore elder services thank you hi everyone thank you for coming here
tonight and inviting us I am Joanne Sullivan my husband is cantore he passed
10 years ago we have three beautiful children my youngest just went to
college last year I got my car back and I’m ready to give back to the community
I’ve always been very active here in the community I’m pro life pro animals
I support the mayor mayor’s Koch’s good vision full-time fairy no handicap MBTA
trains and buses new safe and sound streets program in a new Quincy star tax
exempt program for lower taxes for veterans senior citizens disabled civil
service and first-time homebuyers I also support new schools and parks I want to
stop out the opioid epidemic I’m against Long Island Bridge the Weymouth
compressor station oversized buildings over populous areas thank you good
evening everyone I just want to start by thanking everyone had Quincy Dems for
hosting us tonight I know it’s not easy to put this together so I want to thank
all of you for putting it on and for all of you for joining us my name is Anil
yang and I’m excited to run for re-election as your city councilor at
large my goal has always been to ensure that everyone’s voices are heard on
issues across our city and then to take action to move us all forward together
during my first term as your counselor I worked to address the lack of engagement
in collaborative efforts for downtown projects by amending the process to
require more transparent dialogue and essentially allowing for the City
Council to serve as a voice for the residents of Quincy fighting for fiscal
responsibility I held city agencies accountable not
only to the budgets that they had proposed but also to the missions that
they put in front of us cutting unnecessary spending and ensuring that
your tax dollars are being spent effectively and efficiently this term
after years of collaborative efforts between a number of residents like Frank
Rubino and the administration I successfully created the city’s first
LGBTQ Commission and when the MBTA refused to communicate with us I
demanded that they provide in-depth updates to the residents and the city
and got them I’m proud to point they see these accomplishments but my work is far
from over I’m really excited to be here tonight I
humbly ask for your vote on November 5th and look forward to answering your
questions thank you good evening everybody and I’d
like to thank the Quincy Dems as well close to my heart
and all of you for coming out tonight I am Mahoney and I’m a candidate for
re-election for councilor at large I want to tell you that I humbly have just
finished my first term and let me tell you I know how the people’s business is
being done at the City Council and when things are being done correctly I’m
there to support it but when they’re not I’m there to question it and as I
promised two years ago I wouldn’t be a rubber stamp I would push back and ask
those questions to make sure that we’re getting the best that we possibly can in
the city of Quincy and when it comes to fiscal responsibility and making sure
the projects are getting done and also making sure that our community is being
the strongest that it can be I’m there to ask those questions for you I was
also there when it came time to reinstating the disabilities Commission
I appreciate it earlier the mayor’s comments on that but it had been defunct
for over seven years and we did need that back because we have a lot of
people who need those services I was also there for the LGBT community when I
got elected there was something that wasn’t there for them and that was a day
of pride two years ago we organized it and we had our first ever Quincy Pride
Day two years ago in June and I’m happy to say it’s a 501c3 standing up and
getting ready to work right alongside that LGBT Commission and when it came to
our neighborhoods I was there to support them and make sure they had a voice so
that the overdevelopment didn’t overcrowd them I look forward to the
conversation and I thank you very much for inviting me here tonight good evening my name is Noel DiBona I
want to thank Quincy Dems also for hosting this tonight you know raised
here in Quincy having three children in the Quincy public school is now going
through this Quincy Public Schools I furthered my education with a bachelor’s
degree at UMass Boston some of the major issues going across
the city today that we’ve worked on in the last four years have been you know
the traffic the overdevelopment the parking and the taxes those are the four
major items I’ve been hearing for the last six years of being an elected
official even on the School Committee prior to being on the City Council
some of the issues two years ago that we’ve really worked on as myself working
on is streets roads and neut and trees tree removals and tree plantings we’ve
done a very aggressive bonding program helped out the residents in in those
different avenues we have more work to be done I’m looking forward to a lot of
questions tonight the major issues that I’m really positive about our education
public safety and infrastructure improvements I feel that I’m a nuts and
bolts type of counselor I continue to advocate for those those main items I’m
at a stopping point here I just want to thank you everybody for being here
tonight and I humbly ask for one of your three votes on November 5th thank you
thank you and Mahoney this first question will be for you and I want to
remind all the candidates that we will be asking the same two questions so
we’re going to start with this first question to everyone and then move to
the second question for everyone so the first question is how do you propose to
bridge the gap of cultural and language barriers that disenfranchise members of
the community that you serve how do you know you are doing well by them if you
can’t communicate with them and they don’t know and or may not trust you so
thank you for that question I work very hard when I go out to any of the senior
houses or even when I was on the school committee to make sure the language
barrier was something that we were closing the divide on when I go out I
always try to make sure I have an interpreter and many people always think
that it’s you know we do have a high population of Asian immigrants in the
city of Quincy multi multilingual which is there’s not one language it’s going
to suit the needs for everybody but we also have many other languages we have
senior houses that have have other languages that also have to be
interpreted as well and I’ve done my due diligence by making sure that I am able
to translate my materials as best I can in the multi languages that we do have
in the city of Quincy we do have Betty Yao at City Hall I also believe that I
questioned on both the fire and police chief when they came before the City
Council questioning with the civil service and why we’re not actually
trying to bring in more police officers and emergency people to be able to meet
the needs of our constituents I often use the fact of my parents being 90 and
93 and the example what it’s like to have an emergency that happens and they
don’t often want to be going with the emergency but if you didn’t speak the
language then we really do need to be able to communicate
for those audience cuz it’s a fearful thing that happens so I’m a big believer
that we need to start educating earlier in the in the Quincy Public Schools and
allow kids to know that there’s opportunities for them to be able to go
into civil service and then push the city also to make sure that we’re
married mirroring our community as much as we
possibly can by hiring more people that actually are able to communicate to our
constituents in a way that we that we’re able to do the services that we deserve
the other thing is is when we have when we do have things that are going on the
city of Quincy such as when we had the the Walston Beach was closed due to
water contamination making sure that signage was put up to make sure that
everybody understood that you could not use the beach it’s just really important
that we’re allowing them to know that last week we had high winds and making
sure that that’s also being communicated we do have the ability to communicate
through the telephone as well and they can do that in multi languages as well
and also using the using the website as many as many possibilities to be able to
post that as well we have a lot of we have a lot of work to do on that though
thank you thank you for the important question so I think it’s really
important to stress and somebody mentioned this earlier that diversity is
I think one of the city’s best attributes you know and growing up here
in the city and running a small business here what I’ve seen over time regardless
of who you’re in acting with is that we all have the same issues across the
board you know when the MBTA wasn’t communicating with us and primarily in
an area of the city that has a high Asian population you know I stood up and
made sure that they were translating their flyers I made sure that they had
you know interpreters at the meeting it was really unfortunate that once they
did have interpreters there no one from the AAPI community had showed up and
it’s because they had the meeting the day after the biggest Chinese holiday of
the year but it’s small things like that that really fall through the cracks that
I’m committed to staying on top of him making sure that folks are making it a
top priority because regardless of what you communicate here in the city
regardless of what services we want to provide which are many across the board
if we can’t communicate it to the residents that are here that we are
serving then it’s gonna fall through the cracks
you know I have residents here in the city who call me who are speaking a
different language and they’re upset about the same thing that someone down
the street speaks English is upset about why are my taxes so high why hasn’t this
tree been cut down this Paul in front of my face popping my
tire in my car you know again I find that regardless of where somebody comes
from what language they speak when they reach out to their government and they
want their government to be there to help them the issues are the same across
the board and as the elected leader here in the city that can speak two languages
that has been a top priority of mine to make sure that everyone in the community
is included together and is treated the same because again we’re all in the same
city we face the same issues we need to make sure that they feel like they are
heard and that their issues will be addressed regardless of what language
you speak thank you thank you no no would you like me to repeat the question
sure that’d be great how do you propose to bridge the gap of
cultural and language barriers that disenfranchise members of the community
that you serve how do you know you are doing well by them if you can’t
communicate with them and if they don’t know and may not trust you very good
question I’m gonna start off by saying I’m a sociology major University
Massachusetts Boston I studied people so the best I could do
without the language barrier is body language body language and reading
people’s tone and voice inflection and all these different tools that I’ve
learned over the years also being in the sales industry of how to read somebody
without being able to communicate them with a language you know also working
with the constituent services that we have in our department having a
relationship with Betty Yao and other constituent service people in the city
to work together collaboratively I’ve had a good relationship with all the
department heads and we worked very well in other departments and the constituent
services department really helps out and and bridges that language barrier that
we have also working on the School Committee prior to being on the City
Council working with Asian students you know just being able to interact with
children the cultural differences the diversity that we have not only in the
school the schools but as well as out in the public public eye being involved
with the MBTA and their meetings and having the proper signage up to make
sure that we that everybody understands as and is on the same level playing for
we have that in voting where we have the votive voter ballots and the voter
signage and we put it in the newspapers now I think maybe as a legislative body
of government it might be beneficial for us to actually maybe require or do an
ordinance change that we require this signage to be in all new documents all
new signage to allow the language barrier for the reading barrier as well
so I’m willing to work with anybody and I can kind of read where someone’s at
just by their tone of voice I can read them just by their voice inflections and
how their body language is going and I can figure out who’s with who tonight
too as well uh-huh it’s kind of funny but thank you thank you
Joanne and is now your question would you like it repeated well first no
matter who you’re speaking to always greet them with a smile and once you
know that the person is having a language barrier you try to offer some
solutions as well people need to be respected one great resource is a
language line it’s a phone service that translates the non-english speakers
message to the other person in the conversation and back in their language
to that person so the communication dialogue flows evenly and becomes a
responsible conversation that that helps one another another way is to translate
electronically which is through Google online and also being prepared with the
translated written information ahead of time of the communication and and which
the this other language or other languages should be noted when the new
resident comes to our town and another way is as a person to bring a friend or
a family member that could help communicate the conversation as helpful
as well as everybody else’s things here thank you thank you as the city we
should be doing everything we can to address the language barriers our city
government should have no problem providing an interpreter
for things such as community events as well as translating print materials into
different languages and that that’s something we should be pushing our city
government to provide and we should also keep in mind that even though we have a
strong Asian population here in Quincy there are multiple languages that fall
that fall under that Mandarin as well as Vietnamese and we want to make sure our
Vietnamese population is not left out when it comes to interpreters as well as
translation of print materials I think we should make as far as the city
services I think we should make a top priority as far as the language barriers
the the critical city services such as police fire
EMTs and the Office of Emergency Management making sure they have
everything they need to provide interpreters and address the different
language barriers because though I think councillor Mahoney addressed this
earlier when an EMT shows up at your door and there’s a language barrier
that’s that’s not a very good situation to be in
and as far as office of emergency management we do need to make sure make
sure that the next time we have a severe storm that there’s no language barriers
in that situation as far as how to recover from the storm how to get help
if you need help from the the severe weather storm and these are all things I
would push for I would and as far as the break embracing different cultures here
in Quincy I would like to see Quincy organize a cultural fair where we
showcase all the different cultures that we have here in Quincy in addition to
the Asian population I think that’ll be a good thing for us to organize here in
the city thank you thank you Frank the next question will be for you again
Frank yes what is your opinion on the Weymouth
compressor station and how do you propose to engage more residents in
Quincy regarding the site of the compressor station thank you
just like most residents as well as most elected officials I’m against the
Weymouth compressor compressor station it’s great to see our community come
together like this on this issue and I really don’t see any reason why somebody
would be in favor of having this compressor station there’s going to be
if it were to move forward there would be health issues environmental issues
and it’s definitely something we do not want in our neighborhoods and if elected
I would join the other elected officials in fighting this and as far as engaging
more residents I think that I think a good way to engage more residents would
be to come up with a list of new people who have moved to Quincy point to North
Weymouth to South Quincy because the new people who move to those neighborhoods
probably are not aware of the Weymouth compressor station and what’s going on
there and we can reach out to them send them a mailer to see if they’d be
interested in getting involved or at the very least informing them of this
critical issue so that they’re aware of it as new neighbors to our community
thank you thank you Joanne this question goes to you would
you do need me to repeat it I’m against the weimar compressor station it’s
beyond me why it’s even taken so long and not been stopped and denied I’m on
the committee I go to the rallies they send us emails and we write to our
elected officials up through the the governor also I it’s beyond me why that
company which is a sub company of the company that wants a Weymouth compressor
station is allowed to do this the assessment of that which is
should be illegal and it’s I’ll continue to make it a priority to stop that from
happening for us and all our neighbors thank you you know this question goes to
you thank you I really appreciate you bringing this up a couple of times
tonight because it for me gives a great opportunity to highlight what happens
when you have collaborative efforts between government and the residents and
this is an instance where I had an opportunity to go to a meeting earlier
this year you know spearheaded by a lot of the information that I found working
with our council president Brad Crowell and the word one counts with Dave
McCarthy to get together with elected officials not just here in Quincy not
just our state legislators I see senator Koenen here in the audience not just our
federal elected officials congressman Lynch was there but we also had the
mayor’s and local elected officials and state legislators from Weymouth and
Braintree and to see all of them in a room in Quincy where we could
collectively come together and say let’s make sure that all of our efforts
together as elected officials and the residents efforts are all coming
together so that we can put the best foot forward to beat this that to me was
something that was absolutely incredible and should be an example of what
government should be doing right the top priority is serving the residents and we
were all in the room doing that on this one issue and this one issue is what
brought us all together to come and say what is going to be the next step for
all of us to work together collectively representing our residents to make sure
that we stop this and you know to know that you know amongst my colleagues on
the City Council the mayor’s office the state legislature and all the way up to
congressman Lynch and across multiple cities to do this together something
really amazing and we need to make sure that residents are aware that these
conversations are happening we need to make sure that they can participate and
join this fight with us because we can do it if we all continue to work
together and we have to make sure these collaborative efforts are done in tandem
so that we can make sure that this compressor station does not happen thank
you thank you and your question yes so I think we’re all universally against the
compressor station it was fearful to me is that that they still seem to be
winning in the in the in the approvals of
certain things so I I do think the trifecta the fact that we’re working
with Braintree and Weymouth and Quincy and we’re all unified in the direction
that we need to go in we also have to be very active as a constituent base I know
that at the Statehouse and I’m Joanna blank I wish I had my phone up here
because I know that I said I was going I don’t know if it’s it’s it’s this week
they’re gonna be having something at the Statehouse in regards to the science
it’s Friday I thought it was tomorrow though for
some reason I had that there’s something else going on tomorrow but on Friday
they’re gonna be having so if there if anybody has time I would look that up on
Facebook that they’re gonna be coming on Friday to be able to stand up against
it’s the science the science behind what’s going on with the compressor
station the reality of this is that you know we can all stand together but the
EPA and then a certain course and we’re in the city Quincy put money towards
this but what people don’t realize is that the the area in which that it’s
it’s terrifying really what could happen if this goes into our community not just
in Weymouth but not just in the in the area of the shipyard but actually what
how far out the the area is and we need to all really band together and let
people know that if they’re not on the right side with us as we combine and
group together that they need to be on the right side and if they’re not then
we’re gonna remind their elected base that they’re not on the right side too
and you know it goes all over to the federal government where right now we
live in a world that’s kind of frightening where the EPA isn’t as
strong as it needs to be because the federal government is weakening that we
need because we don’t have people that are representing us at the federal
government that’s going to protect our best interest but the best thing that we
can do when I say this all the time to people the power is in your vote the
power is in your voice the power is in your organization and the power is going
out and supporting this and this is one thing that we need to unified together
and actually really be heard strongly all 100,000 office of the city of Quincy
because this will impact our whole city should it go through so I don’t think I
could be any more passionate about this but I definitely am against the
compressor station so I’m not sure if everybody got that but that’s where I
stand okay thank you thank you we learned up at the City Council if so a
lot of the other I’ve kind of answered the question let me elaborate a little
bit to the data that I’ve getting from the Thomas K Public Library at a meeting
last year and they were already saying that studies Oh from the Procter &
Gamble’s some years ago or contamination in the soil it already
says they have contamination and pipes some of it it can be airborne now I have
a two-family on lawn Ave which is the middle street right behind that Dairy
Queen area there we lived there for three years my child is diagnosed with
autism and I I don’t know if the link is is connected to that but there’s plenty
of children in that Germantown Quincy point house neck area
that have autism and is a connection towards this cell just think about that
for a minute and now you’re gonna put a concessional station in there on top of
the contamination already in that particular area of Weymouth the
Braintree section in Quincy we’re already in a bad area over there and now
you’re gonna put the contamination and more of it in that area you got to think
about the health and safety of our seniors cancer rates we may get data
down the road 10 or 15 years down the road but it’s too late so we have to put
preventative measures in to stop this now I know why does won’t be going to
have it why does somebody want to have it in there it’s one thing money it’s
all about money at the end of the day financial gain so we as a collaborative
group frac and the rest of the organizations have to band together
elect that other elected officials in fight this so I’m part of the part of
the fight towards it I’m looking forward to to the future of this thank you thank
you and now we’d like to invite our candidates to make their closing remarks
I know well since you have the microphone I’ll just start with you and
head to the left I want to thank everybody for coming out here tonight
this is number 7 of 7 candidate nights the cat lodgers had most actually so
here we are rounding it out sometimes you save a little bit for the end so
they don’t steal anything anyways you know why did I run for
re-election why did I run become a political be involved in politics I
started off as a community activist coach in little kids football and soccer
being a community activist for veterans junior vice commander the sons American
Legion Morissette post 294 I’ve been there since 2012 and still continue to
do that I’m involved very muchly in the community I have three children in the
Quincy Public Schools it gave me the opportunity to rise to the occasion
today what was it it was teachers it was coaches it was professors it was
mentors that in gave me the encouragement to move up the ladder and
to do something to give back to my community this is my way to give back to
the community is running for re-election and getting re-elected at Council at
large I want to thank everybody else for coming here there’s a lot more work to
be done I humbly ask for one of your votes on Sept on November 5th thank you
so much thank you very much I really do appreciate it at the end it’s the end of
the road and it is it has been a long road but at the same time it’s an
important road we’re running for re-election we’re running for office I
thank everybody who’s at the stage tonight because Quincy means something
to them it means a lot to me I wear my heart my sleeve when it comes to Quincy
when the MBTA wasn’t giving us concessions I was right here in central
middle school demanding that they give us something that they give us the
charlie pass for the commuter rail for the charlie pass that they give us more
buses that they give us concessions they gave it to the North Shore they needed
to give it to Quincy I am a very vocal counselor when I can’t get it done on
the City Council I go outside and I work with my community when developments
happen in the neighborhoods and the neighborhoods needed to organize I went
out and made sure that the small neighborhoods were working with the big
neighborhoods so that the Planning Board was hearing them we are going to rezone
in the city of Quincy and we need strong councillors who are not going to let
developers take over our city money does play a part in the city of Quincy it
doesn’t play a part with me but what does a play a part with me is the
residents and the taxpayers of the city of Quincy and knowing that I have your
best interest at your heart on the council I ask humbly for one of your
three votes on November 5th so I can stay your representative as your counts
are at large and that we can have some checks and balances thank you very much
and I hope you enjoy your evening and come out and vote on November 5th
evening thank you guys again for hosting us here tonight and thank you again to
all of you for taking the time to join us my name is Nina Liang and I am your
city councilor at-large I’m not the new kid on the block anymore
but that has not and will not stop me from fighting for you and for the future
of our city it will not stop me from asking the tough questions it will not
stop me from holding people accountable and most importantly it won’t stop me
from fighting for you and for the future of our city four years ago when I ran
for office Iran because Quincy is my home it’s where I was born
ray to work and live and I wanted to find
ways to make our cities stronger better and more inclusive of our diverse
community in that time I will not continue I will not stop fighting to
hold the MBTA accountable I will not stop fighting to make sure that your
voice and everyone’s voices are heard I won’t stop fighting to make sure that
our small businesses are thriving and that everyone who calls Quincy home
feels safe and welcome here as I said earlier our government must not forget
its top priority and that’s serving all of the residents of Quincy it’s why I
ran for office it’s why I love being your city councilor and it has and
always will be my top priority this is our city it’s our future and I
am and always will be your voice thank you again for your time and I humbly ask
for your vote on November 5th thank you so I am Joanne Sullivan I respectfully
request your vote on November 5th as a mother
my oldest Katelyn got into Holy Cross she’s now 26 we came for a visit and got
invited to move here from so many people like an extended family we’re so blessed
to have Quincy as our new home been very involved in the community since 2012
when we moved here in the church in the sports in the community friends of all
sand beach friends at blue hills it’s just so much fun to meet such great
people of all ages respectfully working together learning about the issues
learning about things before we moved here and how to help to give back my
little tyke went to college I have the time I have my family’s blessing I
respectfully ask for your vote so I can continue to help resolve and repair
issues for the good and make sure the negative issues stay away from our
beautiful town thank you god bless thank you I want to thank the Quincy
Democrats for hosting us this evening I want to thank Quincy access television
for filming and I want to thank all of you for coming out this evening and
joining us my name’s Frank Ruby no candidate for councillor at large I’m a
first-time candidate since the beginning of June I’ve been going around Criss
crossing the city knocking on doors chatting with residents I’ve been I’ve
hit every all six wards and the the three top concerns I’ve been hearing
from residents is the heavy traffic congestion the overdevelopment and how
Quincy is not affordable not an affordable place to live for all
residents so those would be my top priorities if elected I won’t be able to
solve every single problem here in Quincy but by working together we can
address these issues and make a noticeable impact I ask for your vote on
November 5th if elected it would be an honor to serve as one of your city
councillors thank you at this time we’d like to ask the
candidates for Ward 5 to make their way to the tables at this time we’d like to ask our
candidates to make opening remarks starting with Steve all right thank you
hello everyone good evening I’m Steve Christo I am writing to bring the voices
of Ward 5 to City Hall I’m committed to representing our community I’m committed
to bringing all residents into Quincy’s decision-making process I have an
extensive background in business finance and risk management my manic experience
along with my financial background have prepared me to bring those skills to
lead Ward 5 into the future the knowledge I have gained by managing over
400 professionals across the country and internationally coupled with my
eagerness to give back to my community is why I think I am best suited to lead
Ward 5 into the future I thank you for being here this evening I know you will
hear why I am the best candidate for Quincy at this time with that I’d like
to I guess hand it over to good evening my name is Chuck Phelan candidate for
Ward 5 city councilor it’s a position that I held some 30 years ago and
recently I retired and I look to get back into politics after my wife told me
she gave me permission to run because in 96 I said I would never run again and
she said she said yeah we need to do something walls and Senate and you’re
the right guy to do it so I at that time I decided talking with my family and a
lot of my friends I decided to run why do I think I’ll be a great counselor I
think one of the key things about being a city councilor is that you’re
accessible and available to people when I was in before I did regular office
hours it’s thinking I would like to do to keep in
touch with the constituents to alert them what a development or anything is
coming up I would let them know before it happened I was always known as a
counselor who always spent my mailing budget to let people know what’s going
on so I’ve decided to get back in and run again and over the last couple of
over the last couple of months since since May I’ve been going around
door-to-door listening to thoughts and concerns of people in the area and I
think I am the best qualified to come back and use my experience to use it to
the best effect of the residents of woloson thank you the first question
will be for Stephen as you may or may not be aware if there has been an
increase of congestion and lack of parking due to construction what can be
done to improve these conditions for the residents of these neighborhoods okay
well thanks for the question and yes I am aware that the traffic is a problem
in Quincy I think there’s a number of things that can be done first off when
starting new developments I think we need to have the infrastructure issue
addressed by both the city the city council as well as the developer we need
to get their involvement and make sure that they are good stewards of the
neighborhoods and help with the process the other thing that we can do in
parking is a big problem here there’s not enough parking spaces for the
development there’s not enough excise tax collected on the automobiles that
are sitting and being housed in Quincy we should move forward to collect those
possibly we should put in new or reinstitute parking permits and we
really need to be realistic with the development and the parking that goes
along with it the other way to get around it but it’s
going to take some time is to turn you know Quincy into a walking and a
commuter City I think it’s a bit on its way but Wallace then Wollaston itself
has been neglected Wollaston center that is for a number of years and I’d like to
see that development turn into something with a little bit more green space
encourage new businesses to come in to woloson Center and do the best we can to
to promote businesses but we also need to make sure again with the development
that the infrastructure is in play to handle what we have and what’s out there
I know it’s also a safety issue there’s many residents that that don’t
feel comfortable walking particularly in Wallace then I’m a little bit of sound
at the Perseid watch situation particularly around the senior housing
has been let go so long people with walkers and with disabilities can’t even
make it from their building to CVS I think it’s it’s really time we could do
something about it and if it’s part of a long-term project my thought is well let
the long-term project go but make sure as that going that we make sure that the
residents can get around the city in the meantime thank you thank you Charles
your question could I just have the question of course as you are aware
there has been an increase of congestion and lack of parking due to construction
what can be done to improve these conditions for the residents of these
neighborhoods there’s there’s a lot of things I think we can do one of the
things we can do is in a lot of I’ve gone to a lot of Planning Board zoning
board meetings several the Conservation Commission meetings at night and what I
see is when developments are coming in they’re not going by what the law is
what the law for the amount of parking spaces are what the law is I think it’s
important that we put the developers feet to the fire to make sure that
particularly when you when you give variances on parking those guys simply
end up out on the street and when you when you when you’re putting things in
in small areas and you don’t have enough parking spaces those spaces they simply
go out into the street and I see a lot of times where variances are giving to
different developments what people are going in and I’ve seen a lot of times
I’ve gone and spoken against several of those developments at the Planning Board
at the Zoning Board because I feel very strongly that we need to work with the
neighborhoods to come up with with solutions to some of these problems some
of the same problems they’re not going to be the same problems as people are
woloson ill are the people down in Wallace
we need to work with with the neighborhoods to find out if there’s
certain traffic ordinances that could be put in to help prevent it to see if the
light the the light situations at those different intersections if they need to
be upgraded they’re upgraded with more more up-to-date more modern modern
civilization I think there is a large popular we’ve gone up over 25% in our
population so I think clearly that working both with city departments to
help the traffic and parking to make sure that they’re putting in the right
infrastructure and before we built this is one thing I do agree with Steve on
before we build the buildings the infrastructure should be there we should
not put up a big building and then be trying to catch up by redoing the
signals redoing the different parts or redoing the streets around there to make
it to make it so it works for them so I’m I would work from the two that those
two points thank you thank you Charles this next questions starts with
you what do you think the plans to build up Wollaston should be this is actually
one of the first reasons I decided to run again and I think the plans for
Wallace then should first of all the first flush should be retail I think
some of the one of the projects that came in looking for the old woloson
theater wanted to put almost seven and a half stories up was literally half just
about half as much parking as it would need I think we need to try to promote
you know different forms of different forms of transportation like using the
tea and using that but right now we were a society where people still want to
have their Cosmin so I think any any development going and they would need
would need two things first of all they need to put find some parking secondly I
would want to see the first floor of any development going in there to have
retail to maintain the character of Wallace and Center so if you maintain
retail you have the services that could be providing services to the people in
the neighborhood I think some of the developments that have are
proposed down there have no retail isn’t even part of it I think that would that
would have to be part of it I also think that restricting the height limitation
to six storeys I’m not far going up and making canyons out of Wallace and Senna
I would also like to see with any of those that we expand the sidewalks we
look into green space and we look into ways where people could have it they
were going to put a restaurant in they could put chairs out in the sidewalk and
have more green space down there so I think those those couple of things
particularly I think it’s important that anything we build there keeps the retail
character of the neighborhood I think with the Wollaston tea station you have
a lot of walking traffic that’s happening now and I think it’s very
important to maintain the character of the other of it as a business in a
retail district thank you Steve same question of course what do
you think the plans to build up Wollaston should be all right thank you
again one of the reasons I’m running is want to have a say in what really
happened with Wollaston Center but I first have to go back and say that I
think I think the city and the current administration has really let Wallace
instead of go too long it’s almost 20 years since ending anything new that’s
happened there that that should have been in play should be in play now we
shouldn’t be talking about what’s going on in the retail it could already have
happened but since it hasn’t happened what I think we need to get the citizens
of the communities more involved as you’re a city councillor for Ward 5 I
will make sure you know when the meetings are when their discussions are
gonna happen with respect to Wollaston Center I was currently at the meeting at
Central and I was pretty discouraged that the volume of people were there but
part of it was because of the notification no one knew when the
meeting was going to take place as your ward councillor I will make sure that
you know when to be at these meetings so you can speak your voice and have your
saying I also believe that the retail space needs to be included
and vibrant I think we have to encourage small businesses that are currently
successful in Quincy to make their way over to Quincy
I mean to Wollaston Center and open up smaller satellite facilities there I
think we should have green space particularly for the senior housing
that’s in there right now there isn’t a plan to include any green space that I’m
familiar with they want to build buildings again
but we need to see what the community wants and what the communities can can
cover and I believe we need to entice the existing small business that
businesses that are there to keep going and push for a bigger bigger retail
space but what the community wants I think we need to make sure that
everybody’s voice is heard I think the infrastructure needs to be addressed
ahead of time and I really believe that part of the problem is we haven’t
focused on Wallace then we need the residents involved in as your ward five
city councilor I will make sure that we will be in play and make sure that your
voices are heard Thank You Steven we would like at this time to invite
Charles to make his closing statement at this time I’d like to thank the city
Democratic Committee I’ve hauled in these debates
I think Quincy access cable for filming it I think it’s very important for
people to uh to uh to see these and I know as I’ve been going door-to-door
people ask him why can I see this white guy see that so this is a good forum to
do it in I’m gonna respectfully ask that people vote for me on November 5th I
think I have the experience I have the background I’ve worked at more than 30
years in government both on the state and federal level state
state and local level I’m sorry I’ve also worked in the private sector I live
with my wife Michele Lydon who owns a business in Wallace and said I am a
light in funeral home so we’re very aware of the issues that are going on in
the Senate and really want to make some improvements but also there were also
areas up in hospital Hill so it’s a big ward with a lot of
different issues and I think I bring the experience in the background to be a
very effective what five counselor so I thank you and I don’t forget to vote on
the fifth thank you okay thank you everybody for having me here I really
appreciate it I want to say that I’ve learned so much
meeting and speaking with the residents of Ward five since I decided to run this
past summer many residents are so frustrated that their voices have not
been heard the stagnation of representation in Ward five is one of
the reasons I am running but it’s not the only reason I believe I can lead
Ward five and Quincy into the future Quincy is at a crossroads and elections
matter we the residents are what made Quincy a great city we are diverse we
share common goals as neighbors and we deserve a leader who is ready and able
to listen plan and act I would get things done I have the drive I have the
skillset and most of all I have the experience at this time to lead Ward 5
in Quincy into the future thank you for having me here tonight
my goal is to be the best I can be to serve as your counselor please take a
look at my website and reach out with any questions thank you for your time
and I respectfully ask for your vote on November 5th thank you thank you that’s it
you guys did it at this time we would like to ask the candidate for Ward one
to please come up hi everybody you guys have done so good thank you yeah whenever you’re ready opening
statement statement okay so thank you all for hanging around I know it’s uh
it’s tough to go on last I think I’m representing Ward seven or
something I notice you left the chair out here so
you’re inviting me to make a Clint Eastwood Republican convention joke but
I’m not going to do that either so I wanted to say that I I promised the
people of Ward one five things actually four things that I would restore
communication dialogue transparency and access to the position of Ward 1
counselor but I’m going to add a fifth thing tonight which is called physical
presence I promise I’m going to show up for the people of Ward 1 even when
there’s not that many people left even when I’m at a sign holding by myself
even when it feels like there’s no one listening I’m going to be there and I’m
going to show up that tear the deterioration of the relationship and
communication under the current counselor has been disappointing at best
but disgraceful is probably a more accurate term and I’m going to change
all that by number one like I said showing up number two
getting back to you 3 I’m going to start having weekly office hours for I’m going
to bring community meetings toward one right now
the ones we have are as rare as a comet and they’re just there to tell you what
decisions are about to be inflicted upon you rather than to get your input thank
you Joe your time is actually up all right let’s do it can I have Dave’s time
what never mind go ahead if only your first question is flooding
issues from inclement weather and large storms have been occurring more
frequently as of late should there be new building codes for
homes reportedly or repeatedly damaged by the flooding yes but I think it
should fall under a larger initiative that I want Quincy to take on I want
Quincy to be a leader in local environmental policy that’s why I want
to establish what I’m calling the green zoning task force which would be a
collaboration between environmental expert experts and the experts in
building that we have plenty of in Quincy we have very talented builders in
Quincy and I want to put them in the same room and come up with innovative
and sustainable solutions that work for the builders that work for the planet
and also work for people’s personal budgets so yes and in in also while
we’re doing that we obviously need to think about the inevitable storms that
are coming our way because we’ve waited too long to address these issues as a
society not just in Quincy but we obviously need to face the reality that
times have changed the weather has changed and even with new sea walls we
can’t keep the water completely out of our lives so I want to not only change
those zoning laws but I also want to expedite seawall projects flood gates
marshes pumping stations so that we can better survive the next storm thank you a topic we haven’t discussed
today what is your opinion on the Weymouth compressor station and how do
you propose to engage more residents in Quincy regarding the site of the
compressor station well like everyone else you’ve talked to tonight I want to
see the Weymouth compressor station go away I don’t want it to happen it
doesn’t belong in a population as dense as what they’re describing the idea that
our local leaders our state leaders would allow such a thing to happen to
make us the Canaries and the coal mines of putting a compressor station in a
situation that’s not been we’ve not seen it anywhere else in the country when
then when you add the fact that it doesn’t really benefit anybody around
here it benefits Canada or somewhere but I
know it doesn’t benefit the people of Ward 1 Quincy or
Massachusetts so I want to work hard to bring awareness to that if I were
elected this office I will use my office to educate people if you go to my
website you’ll find that I produce some of the most engaging instructional
content of any candidate either in office or running for office and I will
use that skill to bring awareness to compressor station as well but I’d also
like to know why our good mayor has such a special relationship with the governor
where he doesn’t come to the environmental debate because he’s out
with the governor why that good relationship hasn’t translated to the
governor’s cooperation in saving us from this compressor station that’s a
question I have ok thank you at this time we’d like to move to your closing
statement ok so I want to establish the green zoning task force I want to
establish a participatory budgeting system which will let people bypass
governor government bureaucracy to fund some out of discretionary income
some citizen proposed and voted on projects I want to bring a focus back to
infrastructure I’m appalled that the Trump administration EPA is suing us
after all the hard work we’ve done to clean up our waters I want to also let
people walk on the sidewalks in Ward 1 and in Quincy without having to step
into the streets we have a lot of work to do and I’m bothered that I’m here and
my ward councillors not the job is to show up the fact that he’s not here
tells you he thinks it’s his job it’s not Ward one sends the representative
with their vote I’m going to earn your vote every day I don’t expect it I don’t
feel I’m entitled to it and I’m going to show up for you thank you thank you I think that concludes our night did
everybody find the evening informative I hope you did I fell want to thank you
all for coming on behalf of the Quincy Democratic City Committee thank you for
being here and please vote vote in every election thank you for coming good
evening you

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