• Linda Burnette

    Blacks are God choose people we are the people of the book we are the lsrealites. Read Duetreronmy. When they put us in slavery they stole our name the bible, culture we could not read or write for 300 years we forgot who we was. We are more than negroes we are the Hebrews, the devil hate that we are God's beloved he try to keep us down. God says he has love us and have an everlasting covenant with us (love for us). The world gonna find out the truth. Look it up. Jungle my ass we had the first colleges hospitals laws and civilization. The Greeks stole everything we had and called it their own. Egypt was black nation that had another black nation in slavery. The people and prophets of the bible are black. Our History was whitewash. JESUS is black and so is his people. The fake white Jesus the Catholic spread around the world is the son of a pope painted by Michael Angelo they were lovers his name is Ceaser Borgia. The Jews are culture vultures who helped orchestrate our slavery and lost identity…..get the boom, A.D.O.S. When they took blacks out of west Africa they took scientist, kings, lawyers, astronomers, engineers, mathematicians, etc. We are great. Jeremiah 16:19

  • Jeremy Ksor

    Racism is not in America in Vietnam too today many Montagnard indigenous students graduates from high school or college no job none of us work with Vietnamese government or any job .

  • Lee Still

    The dum ass white people don't have no class white have in sex with they own family they are the biggest cowers their is now they all dead white ugly poor piece of trash

  • Manuel Alejandro

    I can’t believe people really had this kind of mentality back then! Bunch of ignorant and uneducated people who felt more than others, and still called themselves Christians ! Thank God that’s over, I don’t complain living in this era at all, history’s still being made, getting better each day!
    Love one another! ♥️

  • Steve Reed

    Look at almost all the inner cities now. The same thing happens in the black community as does the whites, the Hyspanics, the Asians. People all over the world eventually end up staying or living with the same race.

  • dufaan green

    Where were the Latinos in all of these? Were they hiding until the blacks won or were they considered white back then?

  • Willy Monka

    I was born in Africa, and always every time I see African Americans, I don't see him/her just as black but hero, they've been through a lot of racism and discrimination.

  • Gilmore Underwood

    Aot TALK about this ISSUE in AMERICAS HISTORY without the TRUTH about in this NATION'S HISTORY . The PUBLIC EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM and the PRIVATE EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM in this NATION have been DIFFERENT most do understand the LAW which COVERS PUBLIC INSTITUTIONS and neve COVERED PRIVATE EDUCATIONAL SYSTEMS even under the DOCTRINE of SEPERATE but EQUAL. PEOPLE of COLOR ( have always been able receive a EDUCATION in this NATION in the PRIVATE EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM even when they could ATTEND PUBLIC EDUCATION SCHOOLS . The MILITARY SCHOOLS ,the IVY LEAGUE SCHOOLS always ACCEPTED BLACK AMERICANS when the PUBLIC COLLEGES could not and would not . There those need to these FACTS straight before telling them . It's HISTORICAL DOCUMENTED and VERIFY ,has been for TEARS and TEARS.

  • Saiaiki Jones

    I understand know that there were a lot of people that are white at this civil rights era that are true heroes for they themselves put there own lives in danger by standing up for what's right true heroes very touched by this act of heroism

  • B. A. Movin

    These days Casper would have a talk show on a conservative radio station. All about states rights, berating the Supreme Court, even suggesting assassinating the president. Today white Evangelicals have joined the racists and see nothing wrong with those that marched in Charlottesville.

  • Phyllis Johnson

    If dark skin makes you dumber, then when white folks tan do they lose IQ points the darker they get? Just wondering.


    There is only
    one race, and its
    [ THE HUMAN RACE ] it's all about [ RESPECT ]

    [ GOD ] will let you get by – but you won't get away… Ijs

  • P4OUR

    These people are just plain DISGUSTING! SERIOUSLY! The way they have their beliefs, is just from passing down the stupidity, though. Many of them, it's not really fair to call them racist pigs. They just learn it from their pig parents, so? How it doesn't come to mind that these people they try so hard to oppress are only that way, or live that way for reasons that fall directly upon their racist pig shoulders! NO OTHER REASON!

  • Termite Exterminator

    Economics Is Capitalism

    Capitalism is the Economic System of Racism and white supremacy. It describes the means which whites target another group's wealth and systematically pillage it for themselves.

    Money is an artificially created medium of exchange designed to stop people from concentrating on self-sufficiency, productivity, developing expertise, and advancing one's natural gifts and talents. Quoted by that Naturally  Intelligent God Gifted African/Aboriginal from soufeast D.C.

  • Margaret Bu Shey

    Jeez….Anderson had a stack of legal books behind him towering to the heavens….and the heavens answered…."and he who lives in heaven answered back….your equal but separate stance is Pharisee talk…. Thank the Lord.

  • mmarie294

    I could just see the hate in their hearts… this came from the home parents and conversation at the dinner table. We must do better.

  • Tony Williams

    There's a history lesson here, walk with me!! They changed it from NEGROS to African Americans here's why in 70 A.D the ROMANS chased the real (HEBREWS) JEWS out of Jersusalem for the last time, they fleed into W.Africa to blend in in W.Africa was a place called NEGROLAND in NEGROLAND was akingdom called the "KINGDOM OF JUDAH" thats why they stop calling Negros (NEGROS) because they didnt want you to know your from ROYALITY your Jacob name changed to Israel the "Apple of the most high eye they erased you map of W.Africa 1747-1777 its all about you (NEGROS) and they know it there trying to keep YOU from knowing it…

  • georg schmidt

    Integration was forced on people by the point of a gun. Diversity and race integration lowers the standard of schools and the USA.

  • georg schmidt

    Added to all of the integration and diversity they changed the immigration laws and now today you see the chickens coming home to roost. Now we have millions of illegals in the USA bringing about destruction to cities on welfare living off of the people who work hard for their money. Do u like the results?

  • M worr

    And who are the Christian terrorists? These Civil Rights Era documentaries always reinforce why I gave up Christianity….a religion of HATE and violence.

    I wish more Black folk would wake up and give up this toxic hypocritical religion that refuses to recognize our humanity.

    I don't celebrate no damn Christmas or any Christian holiday—Threw every decoration the fuck out !!

  • StrawHat Luffy

    They say “get over it” and “no one alive today experienced slavery” but forget Jim Crow was going on 50 years ago and most of the people who experienced it is still alive including the racist who are probably your parents and grandparents today

  • Nancy Pelosi

    Give the negro freedom and he will take your white bitches.

    Joe Rogan was banned from YouTube 4 minutes ago.

  • Vanessadora Hill

    You got to be a idiot ,to send your melanated kids to these people schools ,restaurants that hates us.Only a fool would let their enemy teach them.These half humans showed us they hated us by sending national guards,firehouse ,you name it.I just don't know what our people was thinking about integrating with these demons.

  • Krystal Mattella

    I wouldn’t even want my child to attend this school..Let em have it..They keep saying negro as if we’re some kind of animal..God Never sleeps

  • Shannon F

    There are so many different races/cultures on this planet. So many amazing tribes of people. It’s what makes the world so beautiful!No one has the right to make any race feel as if they don’t belong here! Def. don’t have the right to hurt anyone! We are Gods creation! Everyone will be before him someday for their judgement! God Bless!

  • Leslie McClary

    Just hateful and they have taught this to their children and grandchildren just sickening sick and evil it in their dna

  • Henry Adeoye

    They'll get up & go to church every Sunday, yet evil feels their hearts. Using the machinery of the state to oppress others. I wonder how they'll like to be on the other end of the spectrum.
    Give it up to those blacks & whites who fought hard to dismantle this apartheid system.

  • Kenneth Edwards

    Racist whites are a hot topic but hard to find .Create more hoaxes or watch this ! IT HAS ACTUAL WHITE RACISTS ! IT ALSO HAS REAL BLACK VICTIMS ! W O W ! THATS WHAT WE HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR !!!!!!

  • Lissette’s Bloom

    Not everyone is racist. As long as evil is in this world sin will be in this world and hate, That’s why we need Jesus. Till we turn to him as a nation we will always have hate.

  • Lissette’s Bloom

    Racism comes in all colors. Blacks are racist also, so are Hispanics and Whites because people feed into the media and lies. We are not segregated anymore. We all have rights. So it’s time to forgive the past and move on.

  • CocoBeeBe

    Casper @21:00 is pure mountain trash and looks mixed…..black or Native American. Poor ignorant fool. Hope he's burning in hell right about now and anybody else like him.

  • Constitutional Conservative

    Yep. Look at all those racist white liberal Democrats. They've always been racist. The party of the KKK. The big plan as I call it. To use planned parenthood and food stamps and welfare to control the black population. That is what white racist liberals have been doing for decades.

  • Danny Eric Benavidez

    Damn that Casper man around the 25 min mark is a terroristic kkk grand wizard without the sheets wtf…

  • Diane Love

    We see this same shit with American Conservatives in todays society. With their hate for everyone that isnt a white "legal" citizen

  • Jan Pearson

    It is one of the worst mistakes in the history of the USA to force race mixing in the public schools and colleges and society, force intergration has nearly ruin this country,racial segregation is base on the laws of God for he separation the races,most people will segregated with their own kind or kindred if given free choice.

  • Ron Duskin

    It's the black students that's having the brunt issues, why are they talking to the principal, I WANT TO HERE THE BLACK STUDENTS SPEAK, i don't want to hear the watered down version of what happened that these white men are talking about???

  • Bryant Culver

    Kentucky here, i went to school from 1965 to 1977, played a lot of baseball. Mr Casper is out of his mind

  • JC Cavazos

    Look at the schools now, kids are given mind control behavior drugs, sex birth control, that we came from monkeys, forced Muslim religion, and gay life style. And let's not forget the drugs, weapons, metal detectors, and security guards or actual police presence, with God and the bible kicked out, so much for progress………

  • thegreatone greatness

    Was it not black people that sold there own people to the whites? Was it not black people killing white people in Africa? To pretend that they are moral superior is bullshit. Imagine if they own black people didn sell them out they would’ve have been worse off then they were back then.

  • wake up

    OUR natural enemy in spirituality, and science. Neverthess, evil is taught, but by who is what we must ask. That's what makes the difference which is their nature which keeps US at difference. I understand that not all whites have the same hatred in their hearts, but the majority deep down inside if the the world could leap to the 70's on back, would ride out with the evilness of mankind. The blackman and woman are the ALPHA and the OMEGA. The only one to have always had a problem with TRUTH, is the whiteman, and that's the TRUTH !!!

  • Simon André

    John Casper, a primitive ignorant of the origin on modern human, shows his historical ignorance by forgetting the ALL humans have a common ancestor, Homo sapiens, who lived around 400.000 years ago in Africa; we were then all colored people and hybridation, thru the passage of time, lead to different "types". This origin was scientifically proven in 1980 by the analysis of mitochondrial DNA. The concept of "Races" is a societal construction to justify certain purposes too cmplex to describe here. Casper, you are a disgrace to Homo sapiens and to all actual living humans.

  • Robert balibrera

    the blacks are trying to bring back segregation today which is a good idea for people that don't want to be around each other because of race and we could also have the diversity places for the people that want to be diverse I see nothing wrong with blacks wanting to be with blacks and whites one of the other whites it's a natural instinct to do so

  • Douglas Fox

    OMG I wish I was Born back in the 1930's like my Dad who passed last year…They were the Best of times in America..then came the 1960's and Destruction of America Started….Fast forward to 2019 and NOW Look at Every Big City..they've been DESTROYED !! MAGA !!

  • Golgotha_Mythos69

    Another clip for my "Radical Right-Wing CHRISTIAN Terrorism" playlist.
    Remind me again who the violent and racist party is, Trump chumps.

  • gmanon

    "The supreme Court is not the law of the land, and never will be". It's clearly a statement of an "outlaw" man. These clan men don't see themselves subject to the jurisdiction.

    He makes me wonder, what is the law of the land, according to this guy?

    Criminals with no respect whatsoever for the laws is kind of dangerous to have them walking around.

  • soid drone slayer


    The only lasting and permanent solution to the race problem that has plagued this country for so long is complete separation of the black race from the white race in America, that way the two races can live apart from each other, since we certainly don't get along peacefully while we are together. We as black people in America don't want segregation nor do we want integration. The black masses want complete separation. In short, we don't want to be integrated with white folks, we want to be separated from the white folks. Integration has been a failure cause it forced people by law to do what they did not want to do in the first place. And wherever you have token integration, you don’t have anything but a substitute for integration so there’s no real integration anywhere in North America—North, South, East, or West.

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