Rand Paul Proves He Doesn’t Know How The Constitution Works
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Rand Paul Proves He Doesn’t Know How The Constitution Works

Monday night Rand Paul uh, did a rally in
his home state of Kentucky with Donald Trump. The rally obviously didn’t do a whole heck
of a lot to rally voters in Kentucky as we saw from last night’s election results where
their governor was replaced with a Democrat. But nonetheless, something interesting did
happen. Monday night Rand Paul came out and said,
we know who the whistleblower is. We have his name and I encourage the media
to go out there and release this person’s name. So on Tuesday, after that Monday night rally
Rand Paul was cornered by reporters in the halls of Congress where they asked him, yes,
that illegal. And this was Rand Paul’s response. [Your colleagues Republicans say that it’s
irresponsible and dangerous for you to call out the whistleblower. Yeah. You’ve heard of the constitution right, the
constitution as the sixth amendment. The sixth amendment says very clearly that,
uh, if you’re accused of a crime, you have the right to confront your accuser. So I think the constitution is very clear
on this and we shouldn’t completely just throw away the constitution, particularly because,
you know, certain networks just don’t like the press.] You know you have to forgive Rand Paul A.
Little bit. Obviously this isn’t the kind of guy that
knows what the constitution says. He doesn’t know what the laws actually say
because he’s not trained in law. Not trying to knock him here, but the dude
is an eye doctor and that’s what he went to school for. That’s what he was before he decided to enter
politics riding on the back of his daddy’s Cult following guys, an eye doctor, and he
very clearly based on that statement, doesn’t know what the constitution says. Yes you do. When you are in a trial, have the right to
face your accuser. This isn’t a trial though, and that’s where
Rand Paul’s confusion comes in. He’s either flat out lying to the press, which
he is, or he also doesn’t understand what the process is, which he doesn’t Rand Paul
May be a decent eye doctor. I don’t know. I’ve never been to him, never talked to anybody
who has, but when it comes to being an intelligent politician, Rand Paul is pretty much at the
bottom of the barrel right next to Matt Gates. They don’t know what they’re doing. They’re very stupid when it comes to being
a lawmaker and as I’ve repeatedly said, the problem with stupid people is they think everybody
else is as stupid as they are and that’s why you get these insane Rand Paul talking points,
but as if that wasn’t bad enough, what happened yesterday in that hallway were Rand Paul proved
he didn’t know what the constitution says. He then came out later and said, I’m probably
going to release the identity of the whistleblower. Rand Paul said that he wants to skirt the
law. Actually, this isn’t even skirting while he
wants to break the law and release the name of this whistleblower who started this impeachment
inquiry, and here’s why. In addition to it being illegal, it’s just
a flat out dumb idea. The whistleblower doesn’t matter. The whistle blower at this point is 100% irrelevant. That complaint that they filed may have kickstarted
this whole impeachment inquiry, but it’s no longer based on that at all. We have testimony from multiple different
people, including Gordon Sandlands, recently updated testimony where it says, yes, there
was a quid pro quo. Here’s exactly how it happened. Here’s how we, the underlings, the ambassadors
helped to carry it out. The whistle blower doesn’t matter anymore,
but that’s all Republicans like Donald Trump and Rand Paul seemed to have at the moment
because we don’t know the identity of this person. They can try to say that, Oh, there’s a big
secret. There’s a big conspiracy. There’s this mystery person out there doing
all of this. But the truth is we have the real names of
the real people and the real transcripts of their real testimony, proving that Donald
Trump committed very real crimes. The whistleblower doesn’t matter anymore,
but that’s not going to stop Rand Paul from trying to break the law to tell us who this
person is.


  • devilmikey00

    They know how it works. Most of these people aren't dumb but they know their constituents haven't read the damn thing and never will. So they just lie about it because their voters will believe whatever they want in order to continue having an excuse to be pro-trump.

  • Anita Martini

    GOP wants revenge, they are coming for the Whistleblower and sending their shock troops to get him. The Whistleblower’s lawyer is begging Don Jr to stop spreading the name. Oh yeah, the RUSSIANS are also spreading the W’s name. The fkg RUSSIANS AGAIN.

  • Cleetus Luckas

    But it's ok to illegally get dirt on a political opponent in SECRET and the American people don't have the right to know about it? They have the right to keep the full context of tthe phone call a secret as well although they insist there is nothing to hide?
    ALL of these Republicans need to be impeached and removed and in many if not,most cases INCARCERATED as well,

  • cne08

    I respectfully disagree with Farron Cousins when he says Rand Paul doesn't know the constitution says someone has a right to face their accuser in court. Rand Paul knows the constitution says someone has the right to face their accuser in court. But since Rand Paul is a Donald Trump supporter he thinks the constitution doesn't apply to Donald Trump. Rand Paul also knows the constitution says whistleblowers have a right to remain anonymous. But again, since Rand Paul is a Donald Trump supporter he thinks the constitution doesn't apply to the whistleblower since they outed Donald Trump's crimes.

  • Betty Morgan

    I would like to ask if someone was to reveal the whistleblowers name and they were attacked or killed by one of trumps rabid defenders would Trump and or attacker be charged with murder? I hope to god it never happens but this is insane times. 🤓🇨🇦

  • Robin Fleet

    Go ahead and expose the whistleblower Mr Paul. The world you create with that single act will eat you alive and there will be no defense from it. No one will be safe, including you Mr Paul.

  • Donna Humphries

    Great job on the elections yesterday!! I'm so stoked to see the 2020 election!! I feel a "fire in my furnace" like never before! Thank you voters from yesterday! "You are the spark, that has lit America's fire!!"

  • Simon 's

    Rand Paul is the guy that talks against health care for all and went to Canada to get cheaper health care for himself, you can't make this stuff up, LOL!!!!

  • jfsfrnd

    Article VI (Article 6) wouldn't even apply since Trump has not even been charged with a crime yet. Just more Republican base-talk.

  • Heather

    so now their whole 'thing' is going to be 'well since the whistle blower's information is irrelevant their name should be allowed to be common knowledge'

  • Kari F

    Even Republican lawmakers with years of experience as prosecutors are yapping about this. Since when has anyone EVER had a right to confront their accuser during an INVESTIGATION!? They clearly don't want to go back to their old profession when they lose their seats in Congress. Talented people who have lost their marbles, and who aren't afraid to show their marble deficiency off on national TV…

  • Lady V

    If Rand outed the whistleblower and later he/she was murdered by one of #45's goons, Rand Paul could find himself facing criminal charges of solicitation of murder or inciting violence. Does he understand that?

  • vynat draco

    An Impeachment IS the accusation, not the depositions. The House is the accuser, not the Whistleblower!
    Does he not know how ANYTHING works??

  • David Spangler

    Rand Paul is just another idiotic Sovereign Citizen….yapping about the Constitution without having any understanding of it whatsoever.

  • Kenneth Ratcliff

    This guy wouldn't know about the Constitution if it was handed to him. Rand Paul is a knowbody. Who cares what Rand Paul says? Anybody? Just like I said. WC.

  • Marguerite Galimitakis

    Charge rand Paul with treason now! There are laws to protect whistleblower. Anything happens to him or her. Trump and Paul will be placed under arrest.

  • Barbara Smith

    The people of Kentucky deserve better representation than Moscow Mitch and "Rusher " Rand. As an M.D. he is well aware of crowd mentality and despotic leadership. He was a victim of a physical attack. Why is he encouraging an attack on the whistleblower? Does IQ45 have that much dirt on him?

  • Serendipity Shop

    So he wants to release the legally protected whistleblower's name, which will harass and harm and possibly kill the person who started the impeachment inquiry, even though it won't help Trump squirm out of the charges in the slightest. Despicable. Slap him in prison if he does: it'll reduce the number of voting Republicans in the Senate.

  • Howard Kerr

    The Republicans are operating under the (erroneous) assumption that when the identity of the Whistleblower is known publicly, if not legally, that they can immediately set about destroying any reputation that person has for being an honest, credible, trustworthy individual. And when the Whistleblower has their reputation destroyed, the foundation for impeachment will melt like ice cream on a summer's day….in Death Valley.
    But to anyone with half a brain (therefore, no Republicans) this is obvious: IT WON'T REALLY MATTER WHO THE WHISTLEBLOWER IS. For all intents and purposes, the Whistleblower is like a reporter who has reported a murder. The autopsy may not be completed but most of us are sure the victim is dead….and that the reporter didn't do it.

  • DravenGal

    🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 My Dad was an Ophthalmologist. He knew the Constitution. Rand is a failure as a human being.

  • Dirk

    I disagree. I understand the arguement but the whistle blower does matter. His life could be at risk and he is not disposable. Please act responsibly and within the law otherwise you may all be guilty of a breach of the constitution.

  • Thom Robitaille

    There are repercussions to breaking the law. If the President of the United States is expected to follow the rules, why does Rand Paul think he'd be exempt from the same expectations? Charge him as soon as he opens his mouth. It's time politicians realized they're citizens of the same country and must follow the same laws as all other Americans.

  • imflori dano

    That guy that beat Rands ass a while back knocked sme screws loose in that noggin of his. I bet that neighbors waitin again ta put hands on Rand.

  • Sinister Minister

    Maybe while he was up here in Canada getting hip replacement surgery we should have done our American friends a solid and replaced his brain while we were at it.

  • BeachBum

    He's such a kiss ass and must be voted out, like the entire republican representation in D.C. GOP is a criminal enterprise.

  • meaux gendron

    Still waiting on a Crime… The so-called whistleblower didn't listen to the Phone Call and is only a distraction… Anyway, an employer cannot take an adverse action against employees, such as: firing or laying off, demoting, denying overtime or promotion, or reducing pay or hours, for engaging in activities protected by whistleblower laws… Nothing about anonymity there…
    If he/she or Shiff's imaginary friend, is going to accuse the President of Criminal offences, then step forward and Testify… He's not Jeff Epstein for crying out loud…

  • Stanisław Śmierćyk

    Rand Paul – that libertarian firebrand – turns out to be nothing more than just another cog in the Republican lying machine.

  • Craig Alexander

    The whole point of whistleblowers is they are protected by law to avoid getting killed cause they are normally snitching on very bad people.

  • Name Redacted Message Retracted

    If anyone releases the Whistleblowers name i hope that person gets crucified in public, spend the rest of their life in prison.

  • Tom Peters

    His dad was a joke and he is aneven bigger joke just another of the clowns who said disparaging things about trump and now. he's kissing trump's flabby, pale ass what a shameless peice of work

  • Chris Teet

    "Okay Mr. Paul, you are being placed under arrest at this time for threatening a witness in a federal investigation. You have the right to remain silent; anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney; if you cannot afford one, one will be appointed for you. You have the right to have an attorney present during questioning and have the right to refuse to answer at any time during questioning. Do you understand these rights as I have explained them to you sir?"

  • Beatrice Kelley

    Holy shit Rand….

    He's lost ALL respect and benefit of the doubt.
    He's just as stupid and corrupt and insipid as ANY other GOPer, less MAYBE McConnell and Cruz.

    FUCK Rand Paul and his obnoxious 'smugness' even while being 100% wrong.

  • PU

    It’s incredible how politicians (worldwide) …once elected think they are “more special than all other citizens”…and will do or say ANYTHING to keep their grubby little job.
    these a re precisely the personality “types” that would without hesitation sell their soul for a little bit of power – and should never be allowed near any power.
    In other words, they can be bought soooo cheaply, have no moral compass.

  • Keith Donovan

    It is pretty telling that Rand Paul says "Trump has the right to face his accusers" when his actual goal is rushing to put the name out to the public.
    I can't see this any as anything other than intimidation.

  • barberwinning

    Here is the ACTUAL statute for whistleblower. They are protected from the release of there name because that’s considered a retaliatory act due to the act of releasing there nane could lead to a violation of there privacy or violence or combination of the two. Anything that can put a witness in danger or at risk of retaliation (like releasing there identity) is protected under this. Sorry Rand “idk nothing about law because im really a dentist” Paul
    The Whistleblower Protection Act of 1989, 5 U.S.C. 2302(b)(8)-(9), Pub.L. 101-12 as amended, is a United States federal law that protects federal whistleblowers who work for the government and report the possible existence of an activity constituting a violation of law, rules, or regulations, or mismanagement, gross waste of funds, abuse of authority or a substantial and specific danger to public health and safety. A federal agency violates the Whistleblower Protection Act if agency authorities take (or threaten to take) retaliatory personnel action against any employee or applicant because of disclosure of information by that employee or applicant

  • Melneepies

    When it's convenient for them the Republicans use the Constitution as a club to beat their opponents over the head with & as toilet paper when it's convenient to use it to serve their own purposes. Perhaps this whistleblower hoopla is less about identification & more at intimidating any others from doing the same.

  • joelshack85

    The whistleblower issue is a great example of how both parties continue to fail. Of course we should play by the rules. Those rules agreed on by both parties allow for very dangerous and corrupt behavior to exist in the first place. Democrats defend it now bc its against republicans but once republicans do it for revenge they’ll quickly hate it like republicans are doing right now. If we truly all seek equality it would be changed to ensure the “whistleblowers”has to be made public. Whistle blowing or “snitching” should not be frowned upon. Both parties should openly support it. Instead we have two massive mafia like families that believe in snitches get stitches! More example of failed policies that poor voting records continue to support

  • adam woodfin

    If Rand Paul was representing Ohio, we would have an IMMEDIATE vote to boot his ass from office. It's not a real comfort knowing that we have the next worst thing in Jim Jordan, but no worries, we'll vote him out in the next election.

    Go ahead and break the law, Paul….I want to see you in handcuffs.

  • StevenFromTexas

    So has Democrat Eric Ciaramella, who has close ties to Barack Obama, Joe Biden and ex-CIA creep John Brennan
    denied being the whistleblower in cahoots with Adam Schitt, Shifty or whatever his last name is? LOL

  • StevenFromTexas

    Is it true that Democrat Eric Ciaramella, who has close ties to Barack Obama, Joe Biden and ex-CIA creep John Brennan,
    and hasn't denied being the whistleblower, is living and hiding in the basement of his momma and pappa's house? LOL

  • Oblivion X14X

    They wanted to know the name of the whistle blower so they could shush 🤫 that person forever. It looks quite sketchy right?

  • S S

    Problem is, the Republicans want the name released because they are trying to sway the public opinion by making it look like Trump is a victim. Nobody is being fair to him and yada yada. They also, I think, are trying to make others afraid of speaking out once they see the harassment the whistle blower is going to get as the result of releasing their name to Trump's supporters. Hence, the reason Donald Jr. released the name of the person they believe to be responsible while trying to claim no coordination with anyone in the government. They probably are thinking that they can bypass the whistle blower laws by a third party outing it. Though, if that is true, how did he get a name that the government was supposing to be protecting? Seems pretty suspicious to me.

  • Bruce Havelka

    Rand Paul and others mentioned are stupid. Ignorance may be overcome with information, knowledge. Stupid is a decision.

  • michellejean11

    Paul is another trump/putin supporter with no respect for the Constitution or Laws of the United States. Another republican who's loyalty is to the rich and the Russians. Paul voted to lift restriction on Russia for it's invasion of the Ukraine and fought against any further sanctions against his Russian friends.



  • herbert merkelbach

    I wonder if an ophthalmologist enters politics was there something wrong with his academically earned degree as an eye-doctor and his practicing his profession?

  • Edward Jones II

    Careful. He may not matter in the co text of credibility, but kinda does if they motion the cult to "silence" him. I say he still matters in the terms of making sure nothing happens to him.

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