Real Gk tricks : Important Articles of Indian constitution in Hindi | online school

Indian Constitution Articles very very important topic and very difficult to remember you know , there are lots of articles to remember in which some important articles generally asked in competitive examinations How to remember today I will show you some tips and tricks to remember easily in this video by this way you will remember permanently and you will score a better marks Friends, My name is CHANDAN KUMAR PANDEY And you are watching the YouTube channel “STUDY CORNER” Let’s start from beginning, the first three articles which is shown are Article 1 is for “India is a union of states” Article 2 is for
Entry and establishment of new states And Article 3 is for Changes in the boundaries and names of states to understand it It is clear that the Articles which we are about to read is for Indian Constitution Means that we will discuss about India first Our country ‘India’ which consists of 29 states, 7 union territory state That’s written here

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