Rectal Exam Amendment To Anti-Abortion Bill
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Rectal Exam Amendment To Anti-Abortion Bill

craziness state senator and janet how
how how well has uh… basically call for an amendment to that way have force men who need it by agro or wanna get by a grant to get a rectal exam first dot would and slide it in medium waltz step
by i i love it because it seems so random right wildwood is a rectal exam have a to do
with you know if you recognise wanted and that you think might why she
striking out against guys like this dot it seems so grateful right right until you find out why she did right so
she’s basically doing this and as a way of protest dane abella that the senate is voting on in
virginia right now that would force women who want to get an abortion to look at their alteracao nt so i’d love the point is being sent look your foreseen evasive procedure on a
woman who doesn’t know so we want to and by the way also had her off let alone can be used little alone moral
decisions made about your own abadi et cetera right so if your forces some women and a lot of the with the rolling on
this our guys right well i a great man two can play that game you wanted my agra literacy erected not personally she doesn’t want to see
in the paper right she was a doctor do it to do a check eddyville cardiac
sector which by the way might help some people but yat cardiac tech i think
makes sense but you know the rectal exam is obviously a way of getting at
catching people’s attention and nothing makes people like cringe a little bit more than the idea of getting a rectal
exam yes itself or by the way if you’re in really tight spot the union abortion
and somebody makes you would be roll this out that base incredibly uncomfortable so they you know to can play that give you know
what we’ve been busy part of this is ananda an image that is an amendment an
amendment to a bill in the state of richie right developer madmen their loss and i know what’s amazing okay first of
all their seven women in the virginia state senate six of those women voted in favor of the
bell okay so that makes a lot of sensible what’s amazing is that it just
barely lost someone in december’s and lost twenty one to nineteen all up whose has to do that i think that
basalts and the like released we really have to admit your
men get right on sensitive on background region that amazing by the way i really love their quotes i
wonder if you guys she says we need some gender equality
here the media senate is about to pass a bill that will
require a woman to have totally unnecessary medical procedure at their
cost and inconvenience if we’re going to do that to women why
not do that to men federalism media harper mau looking
deadly understand where coming from twenty one all of these mail senators politicians mavericks and
tomorrow telling women if you’re rate you should
be forced to have that baby penis you don’t know what it’s like to carry a
baby for nine months you have to deal with that drama right you gets a stand
and watch and you know judge women based on whatever your religious beliefs are
so i love the idea of having women you know basically pat propose legislation
that would really affect the man and then you see what it’s like and by the
way did a lot of the courage of these states the senators because that would be to for votes
nineteen to twenty one on that bill when he came to the ultrasound bell they didn’t actually tell people’s
boards vote they did a voice vote which then allows them to say that all i
don’t know who voted for who didn’t just happen about i was gonna ask you about
that because unlike the voice boat you know does that mean make sure that
there’s no name recognition events the ballots the cheesy where passes someday when you think i want to take credit for
it now with my supporters but later i want to be able to deny it


  • Peter5930

    @Tessasdadd0 There could be a need for a transvaginal ultrasound, but that's the doctor's call to make on a case by case basis; it shouldn't be decided by a bunch of politicians who're transparently doing everything they can get away with to prevent women from carrying out their legal right to have an abortion.

  • Peter5930

    @nihilistsneedhugstoo The brain has reached 90% of it's birth size by week 12? Really? Where did you get this from? The entire foetus weighs about 15g (half an ounce) at week 12. At birth, the brain typically weighs 350-400g, or about 25 times what the entire foetus weighed at 12 weeks.

  • Surlish

    @pgorney That's an excellent point. Whilst I do generally agree with the pro-choice arguments, Ana is clearly hypocritical here.

  • Durand Marr

    @Otokogoroshi Not to be rude, but I was there for both of my wife’s ultrasounds. Nothing went into her vagina. Perhaps you were thinking of a different procedure?

  • Baalthazaq

    @rsolgtp Lets assume it's a fair analogy. Do you genuinely believe that because "taking a dump" is off-putting, those who find it off-putting would instead choose not to go through with the "procedure"?

    As for your hypothetical: No, I don't. I expect the information/education to be provided. As with information in any form "what if they don't listen" is not sufficient argument for abandoning it.

    Otherwise education on the whole would be in a very sorry state.

  • oolong2

    I'm guessing it was voted on as a symbolic gesture so they purposely made sure it came out to 19 to 21 rather than actually passing.

  • Baalthazaq

    You're speaking without listening, and I'm supposed to indulge you for what reason exactly?

    Your point was addressed. What I meant by emotional impact was clarified.

    If a doctor (even though we were discussing patients) is emotionally impacted simply by seeing a sick patient, he should not be a doctor. Or to put it another way, exactly what I said in the first place.

    "If you can't handle flying don't be a pilot" cannot possibly be "the wrongest thing you've ever heard".

  • moderndeistmomma

    I am a nurse and just to clairfy the ultrasound they are speaking of would be a vaginal ultrasound(a wand would be inserted into the woman's vagina). The transabdominal ultrasounds are not used until the 4th month of pregnancy b/c they can't clearly see the baby until then. And since the abortion would have to legally take place before then it would have to be the vaginal ultrasound, which is invasive.

  • zpth0z

    @theyarecomingforyou Feminism is the bitter pursuit of female superiority; white supremacy is the belief that white-skinned people are being pushed aside in an attempt to help other races gain equality. I don't believe what I've just said about white supremacy is true, I only said it to prove a point – putting forward an opinion in the form of a definition is preposterous.

  • Ebola

    @moderndeistmomma ive had two ultrasounds at 6 and 8 weeks and had clear pictures of both. transvaginal ultrasounds are only occaionally needed, and are discussed with patients at the time.

  • Niall Stynes

    6 out of 7 women, and 19 out of 21 votes??? I bet that other woman is really feeling shitty about letting her gender down!!!

  • Ungoogleable o_O

    @mintoffjan Nah, I was more thinking about that more eggs are fertilized than are transferred or are transferred but not all will successfully implant.

  • evilmiera

    @Baalthazaq Except that is not what I said, and also not what you're implying you said. Or at the very least, I think that's the case. The doctor wasn't unable to commit to the procedure, but powered through because he ignored the emotional impact and dealt with it at a later time, and by doing so possibly saved someone. Not to mention, in this case, it would be like forcing a doctor to focus his mind on possible(but in no way certain) scenarios of failure to make him uncomfortable.

  • evilmiera

    @Baalthazaq And if you don't want to go the professional's own angle, try the patient angle from a different perspective: A person has been presented with a clear-cut and objective elaboration on a procedure they need to have to survive. But a family member who wants their inheritance starts showing them pictures of how (extremely rarely), the act goes wrong, or simply extremely detailed pictures of gruesome details of it, all to manipulate their emotions for personal reasons.

  • evilmiera

    @Baalthazaq The point of these two examples is thus: There is information that is related to things that can impact you emotionally, when to get to the scenario that causes the least harm you need to push aside emotional responses because they will impact you negatively much more surely than ignoring them would. I can't believe that you're arguing for irrational choices based on extra fear or guilt rather than calm and collected reasoning towards a goal, especially in medicine.

  • Baalthazaq

    @evilmiera You completely misrepresented what I said, and when I play along with your example, you claim I'm taking us off topic?

    Now you're further off topic. This is not about failure. This is not gruesome. This is not peripheral details. This is not about causing emotional distress.

    Your accusations of what I am arguing for are at best a failure to understand and at worst a lie. You've taken a position, not an argument.

    Perhaps start again, read from the beginning, and try again.

  • Baalthazaq

    Let me simplify:
    If knowing what you are doing, causes you to change your mind, you shouldn't do it.
    If you are going to break down as soon as you realize what you're doing, it is better that realization occur before, rather than after.

    It is not showing pictures of blended fetus or gruesome details of what will occur.
    It is showing the reality of the situation.

    While we're throwing out unfair accusations: Why do you want the decision made in ignorance?

  • Baalthazaq

    You of course realize none of these statements has ever demonstrated any reality. There has never shown to be any disparity between wanted and unwanted children for example.

    The view your unwittingly pushing is "You have to meet my standards to have children, and if you don't I'd rather encourage you to end it based on my morality".

    Also: You're basing your judgement on a group that generally has a disproportionately low number of abortions. It's not crackheads who have em.

  • Momma Monkey

    Looking at a baby youre about to let a doctor kill should make a person uncomfortable. Unless you are a serial killer who likes to look into the eyes of his victim, this should make anyone uncomfortable. Abortion in general should make people squirm. Its disgusting!

  • Donna Crane

    Most fertilized eggs do not implant, and many that implant, spontaneously abort, which means, for the religious among you, that God does not intend all fertilized eggs to become humans. Taking this further, it means nature…or God…is the biggest proponent & administrator of abortions. This is not about Pro-Life, it's about Anti-Choice from those who yell "let him die" at political debates. If they cared about a child, they would pay medical, food,housing,&clothing for mom & child for life.

  • Björnar Dohm

    Only in America can you be Pro-Death-Penalty, Pro-War, Pro-Unmanned Drone Bombs, Pro-Nuclear Weapons, Pro-Guns, Pro-Torture, Pro-Land Mines, AND still call yourself 'Pro-Life'.
    – John Fugelsang

  • debrmck

    @XSC3 The state Texas requires transvaginal ultrasounds for the requirement unless you are a police reported rape or reported act of incest. Most people are aware of the more common abdominal form but the shoving a probe up the vagina is the route alot of these state senates are going for a unneeded reason this is cruel Big Brother nonsense.

  • theyarecomingforyou

    @bewilderedkettle I didn't put forward an "opinion"; I put forward the accepted dictionary definitions of the two terms. In response you made-up two alternative definitions and put forward yet another false equivalence. Please go and look up the term "false equivalence", as you clearly do not understand what it means. Also, if you're going to dispute dictionary terminology I would suggest actually consulting a dictionary first before embarrassing yourself in public. You were factually wrong.

  • debrmck

    @nihilistsneedhugstoo Then why are these same senates trying to remove birth control options for women and removing sex education from schools. If you want personal responsibility call out for true birth control choices for all people and comprehensive sex ed.

  • Baalthazaq

    @rsolgtp No, not assumptions. In 2000 only 23% of abortions were among the poorer 50%. Even now after massive raises, it's only 47%.

    The median is an upper-middle class WASP woman, in her mid 20s.
    Talking about "16 year olds" as if that's the main demographic of abortion is disingenuous. You paint a false picture, then when called on it, beg irrelevancy when it turns out your talking points are false. That's more disingenuous.

    I don't state assumptions as facts.

  • Ira T

    VA tryin' to be like Oklahoma!!! This state doesn't want medical insurance forced on people, but it's ok for medical procedured to be forced.

  • NerfTheBrightWizards

    It's like the cigarette picture case. If you are going to put pictures of blackened lungs on cigarette packs, then you need pictures of obese people on McDonalds packs

  • Gavin Smith

    Do you just don't get it? I'm so glad I was able to have a safe and legal abortion (at 25yrs old) so that i could have 2 heslthy children when i could be a good mother. My daughter is 25 now and I want her to have the same choices. Illegal abortions were killing and mutilating women. That's why Roe v. Wade was decided. The laws and Supreme Court decisions are supposed to be for ALL Americans. Not a certain religious belief. If you're against abortion, don't have one!

  • Utmoon

    @NerfTheBrightWizards That is actually not a bad thought. I would be totally ok with a picture and a warning of "If you eat this X times a week, you may end up looking like this."

  • Utmoon

    We need all these babies to come to full term and live so that in 18 years we can put a gun in their hands and send them to die.

  • tomitstube

    @CappitranoBellephant ~ excellent question, how can someone vote for something and it not be on record. it should be unconstitutional. it's a fucking secret vote!

    these righties claim to be everything they aren't. patriotic, constitutionalists, pro-life, pro personal freedom, smaller gov't… it's all a big lie, these people are born again nazi's.

  • evilmiera

    @Baalthazaq Let me also simplify, then: I put forward points about when displaying related information ( but irrelevant to deciding on the action being taken, and being pushed on you with an agenda) is a bad thing. You try to nullify this by saying that if a person has a break from information , like that was some sort of conscious decision based on accepting clear new facts, then clearly it was right to show them that irrelevant information. To which my answer again is simply: No.

  • evilmiera

    @Baalthazaq Not to mention you confuse knowing with being made to focus on emotional input. And uncomfortable details with the most gruesome thing you can imagine. And showing reality with using a biased position to emphasize something that has nothing to do with making an informed and (to as great an extent as possible) impartial decision for what is best. And particularly in this case, being made to pay for it despite not having asked for it or it being in any way needed.

  • Baalthazaq

    Sorry evilmiera, but you;ve stuck your fingers in your ears and repeated "no" about 5 times now.
    I've provided my position, you've provided yours.
    I've provided my REASONING for describing the situation as it is. You have not. Nor addressed it. You've merely restated your position.

    I don't. My argument is "Yes because…" Your argument is "Just no". Whilst misrepresenting what MY points are. It's meaningless.

    Reread my posts. What am I saying? Lets start there.

  • Matt McMullen

    can u imagine how akward it would be to be in the ultra sound room of a rape victim. Instead of the ooo's and ahhh's there like well there it is.

  • Momma Monkey

    @rsolgtp thats the problem with you people. All you see is an ultrasound. You see the black and white. You dont see the bigger picture. Even after science has plastered the inside, behind the womb walls photos and facts right in front of you. Ill pray for you all that someday, your eyes will be opened and you will see past a screen. How about you go attend an abortion so you can count the body pieces of that 'blob' after. Enjoy.

  • AllSentientFreeman

    Ultrasound= Invasive procedure, cmon Cenk, really?… Rectal exam, hey i support it, you guys are not thinking outside the box, imagine the undetected prostate cancer cases that could be prevented just because of a simple physical examination. Also, if abortion is going to be legal, should MDs be permitted to evaluate their patients before the procedure? Well,of course they do. Don't go pretending to be naive.

  • Assassin Girl

    @Ebolahill88 It is rare that a patient seeking an early abortion with no other symptoms would need an ultrasound. Patients having an abortion for the conditions you mention will have already had an ultrasound (as that is generally what leads to the discovery of the need for a medically necessary termination). However, the law is not written because there is a medical necessity or it wouldn't require women to VIEW the ultrasound. It is meant to shame women.

  • Ebola

    @GottaStopKillin every one needs an early ultrasound incase there is a prob, sometimes you dont know. particularly now this abortion pill is available, women having abortions in their homes. if there is ectopic, she can hemorrhage and die. what if the test was a false positive, she doesnt need an abortion. what if she is having a delayed miscarrige, does she not have the right to know.
    To force a women to look is immoral. its impossible to enforce however so is a pointless law

  • Spiderbait

    @hashiia "I'm a 3 tour combat veteran. I know what hostile is, and a fetus in your belly that was created as a result of your actions is not hostile. " So killing people abroad makes you a fucking doctor then? Ever heard of obstetrical death? How about starvation? STFU.

    "Its called contraception." You fail to demonstrate even the most rudimentary of research capabilities… Contraception NEVER works 100% of the time. Abstinence NEVER works 100% of the time. cont…

  • haswain

    @AllSentientFreeman at that point in pregnancy an ultrasound is performed intravaginally. How more invasive can you get that having a large hard plastic probe shoved up your vagina? An u/s is not necessary to swallow a pill that induces abortion. Not to mention it can add up to $500 onto the bill.

  • Utmoon

    @rsolgtp After seeing some of the other comments here, I have another one to add. Everyone has to look at a picture of themselves looking like a complete moron before they can click the 'Post' button, captioned "Posting this comment may cause people to view you like this."

  • Spiderbait

    @hashiia "What does starvation have to do with abortion?" Umm… isn't the fact that you need nutritious food to make a baby common knowledge?

    "But how about we spread contraceptives far and wide, educate people about sex, and if you want an abortion thats cool just get it over with early, not in its third trimester. " Third trimester babies are FULL TERM. Babies can survive at 28 weeks… But on the Sex ED part I couldn't agree with you more.

  • SrRulao

    @Otokogoroshi Look I admit I haven't read the bill, but, then it's up to those who oppose this bill to specify how the ultrasound is made. When spoken generally, the word ultrasound refers to a non invasive procedure, even from it's earliest stages.

  • SrRulao

    @blainealexander Under that standard any law/rule that you disagree or do not wish to abide is invasive, that's an unreasonable standard to take.

    As to the payment, I agree it's bad, but then again, I don't support your private heath care system, I think it's a bad way to do things. Yet, not invasive.

  • bcourter82

    The VA state government has a GOP majority now thanks to "Obama is a Marxist" rhetoric. The war against women can continue.

  • blainealexander

    @SrRulao There isn't any other law or rule like this. Especially since this rule isn't meant for any purpose other than to convince you to not go along any further with the procedure. Then on top of that for their agenda to convince you to not go along with it they force you to pay for it. If you refuse to pay for it then you can not have the procedure done anyway.

  • Rebekah Spencer

    I think that it's a good idea to have to have someone look at the ultrasound if you want an abortion. it's not that uncomfortable and it lets the doctor and patient make a more sound decision on whether an abortion is ethically right. I don't think a rectal exam makes any sense. It has nothing to do with sexism, it's completely over the top.

  • Rebekah Spencer

    I agree with abortion, yet I don't think it's always ethical. There have been occasions in which women have had a abortion and it was late on, the baby lived. In this case it is murder, which is clearly wrong. Even in the case of the mother being raped I don't think it's ethical for a foetus to be aborted so late on that they may live, killing the baby won't help the mother get over the rape anyway. hashlla, you are a moron, hostility from a person's mind can be a lot worse than that of a place.

  • Chamblizi The All Mighty!

    @cheskydivision hey i dig the comment but there are 13 year olds with rectile dysfunctions so you want people touching your kid?

  • Chamblizi The All Mighty!

    @cheskydivision men are nerves ha! bs! for the record Tyler The Creator Says and i qoute: "My Only Problem Is Death" other then that nothing scares me…….. O_O except things that move fast inside of a dirt whole………snakes…….. and being bit by a giant spider. other then that I AM NOT SCARED OF NO EXAME and here we go with the WOMEN WOMEN WOMEN such sensitive creatures who do not give a fuck about men.

  • shrimptail

    so…they not only want to force a woman to GET an ultrasound, they want to force her to look at it too. that's so unnecessary and possibly cruel.

  • shrimptail

    as much as the idea of this amendment passing makes me giggle…i really don't see how it balances out the ultrasound thing. it reminds me of that episode of friends where joey wore all of chandler's clothes at once because he wanted to get back at chandler for hiding his clothes, lol. doesn't make too much sense. also, proposing an amendment just to make a point seems wrong somehow.

  • Nathan Horton

    Wow. And this is a case of "one does not equal the other". Oh, and Planned Parenthood already "rapes" women with the ultrasound wand if they want an abortion before 3 months. So by that logic, pretty much every abortion doctor is a sex offender. All the bill does is force the abortionist to show the women the ultrasound images if requested, since they already do an ultrasound as standard procedure. Of course, TYT ignores this, since it doesn't fit the loony left mentality.

  • Nathan Horton

    Also, this is a pro-woman bill, not "anti-abortion". It doesn't limit abortion whatsoever. Once again, TYT is blatantly ignoring the facts. Laughable "journalism".

  • Coop Ryan

    Stand against abortion. As for rectal exam: at the age of 40 to 50, depending on history, we have options of having a colonoscopy. Some doctors will kick you out of their practice if you choose NOT to have health screenings. This isn't even arguable. Make it illegal to not have an abortion. The argument on the other side is futile. Not even science validates the pro-choice(which is obviously not the choice of the child). Romans 1:28 tells you Christians why they do as they do. Your job i

  • Coop Ryan

    At the same time do not take rights away from doctor/patient. A woman who has yet to receive Christ or a Christian who has not been healed who comes to a doctor with a condition that is going to kill her if the baby isn't removed – remove the child. Live to fight another day. To many people debate what they have no knowledge of. A flat out law making it illegal without parameters for mom's life is the same as the otherside wanting laws to abort/kill. We don't need to kill moms from some law

  • Bobby Dickenbags

    btw, i come from a family of Doctors in San Diego,CA. and they do rectal exams to test certain diseases that CAUSES E.D, lol.

  • Smartass012

    but to scared&ashamed to say any imagin he,s a boy.&the reason he,s scard or ashamed is he,s a boy he should in joy a hot older women coming on to him.but when she get 13week pregant whants an abortion.&he knows how fetuscide are done&do,snt what her to victumise some one els.&whants custity of his child of rape

  • Smartass012

    out do thay feel about picture of cancered lung on sigerett packs.or who about pantents see there heart befor surgery or seeing there say fetuscide is a nother medical proseger but whenit comes down to it its the least restricted.but viagra is about the penis.rectom is in the ass.but what if said mothers should have no say in if there son get sercumsist.&a nother thing about not being abell to have say keeping a baby from a groosum pain full death.what some is raped.the can proove it

  • TheGift

    An ultrasound is non invasive. If every man who wants viagra gets an ultrasound, would you THEN admit that you are friggin chopping up babies in the WOMB. A place we all started out? Pure EVIL is what you are all playing with!

  • trin Alexus

    I know that abortion is murder I don't care if u r 16 or 35 it is would it be better if they used guns? Think about it once the baby is 21 days old it'd consider d A human being because it has a heart beat!! And every one should have a chance to breathe!! I understand it u r pregnant at 16 cause of rape but the best thing to do is ADOPTION!! There r tons if families who can't have kids and would be more than great ful to have a kid!! So think about it it's MURDER!

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