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Red Flag Laws | Constitution Corner

I’m Dr. Duke and this is Constitution
Corner well Constitution Corner is one of my
favorite segments of the week because it gets us to reflect not necessarily on
this amendment or that codicil but to reflect on what the Constitution says
about our modern world and the big issue again today I think for the Constitution
is these are these red flag laws and you know it’s a very very difficult what are
those issues that forces people into a very serious discussion of civics on the
one hand you have these random shootings which trouble everybody they are
frustrating the level of emotion when these shootings occur is understandably
through the roof it doesn’t help that you have the American media there with
their gas cans turning the heat of emotion into a conflagration of outrage
that’s what they’re good at certainly doesn’t help Pacific discourse but
whenever you have these these terrible shootings I think it’s almost necessary
almost requisite to wait two weeks remembering your mom used to say to you
don’t get mad when you when you think you’re gonna go off when you think
you’re gonna be angry stop and count to ten
there should be a mandatory two-week counting to ten period before any idiot
politician or journalists or pundit spouts off about what should be done in
the wake of the killings give us two weeks two weeks out we found out a bunch
of things that neither of those killers was a right-wing ideologue neither of
the killers El Paso or Dayton was a doctrinaire conservative nope didn’t
happen more liberal ittle bit more libertarian a little bit more anarchist
a little bit more Elizabeth Warren supporting in terms of the Dayton killer
so let’s stop with the knee-jerk reactions to blame all right wingers in
the NRA for everything that happens take that two weeks but these red flag laws
are a little bit concerning on the one hand it’s not a bad idea to keep guns
out of the hands of people who shouldn’t have them the idea that there are some
people because of their history or their behavior who shouldn’t have guns and
here’s a funny thing to me the same liberals who say we should red flag
anybody for any reason you slapped your wife at one point horrible
thing to do don’t do it but you slapped your wife at some point or you you were
arrested for protesting one way or another and so therefore you have your
gun rights taken away that gives you a red flag the same Democrats who are
advocating red flags for just about anything to keep guns away from people
are the same Democrats who want convicted felons to vote in elections
I’ve even seen some of these progressives argue that when felons get
out of prison they should have their second Amendment rights given back so
you can’t have it both ways this way and the big problem I have with these red
flag laws is that ultimately what you’re saying is that some government entity
gets to decide who gets red flag I would feel more comfortable with enhanced
background checks I’d feel more uncomfortable more comfortable I should
say with the possibility that some people could be flagged if you could
trust the government to do that in a politically neutral way and to me it is
a much bigger danger to have government officials deciding who doesn’t doesn’t
get red flag imagine if you had Lois Lerner right the former Secretary of the
director of the IRS under Obama who was targeting conservative groups a denying
501c3 status of conservative organizations do you want Lois Lerner in
charge so are someone like her or Eric Holder do you trust Eric Holder to
decide who gets red flag and who doesn’t get red flag
you’ve got the academic left basically arguing that whiteness is synonymous
with white supremacy that to be white is to be toxic masculinity is toxic
according to these left wing lunatics you should be flagged just for feet for
being white and male how many articles have you seen in the last two weeks
about a disproportionate number of white men who kill other people notice how
they don’t take into account the fact yeah I get it white men are more likely
to take a gun into an apat like as they did in El Paso or Dayton but you’ve got
african-americans killing African Americans at numbers significantly
higher in cities like Han a national average than you ever have with these
white lone gun nuts but to suggest that we should flag african-american
masculinity all african-american males should be red-flagged because
the killing numbers done by african-american males in places like
Chicago or Baltimore or Los Angeles or New York we would be called inveterate
racists to suggest it you can’t trust this government you can’t trust any
government to determine the mental health of potential citizens and we
don’t want the intrusive ways that you would have to do it you’ve got to be
careful about these red flags because as long as government is in charge of them
those red flags are going to be used to target political enemies alternative
political parties we’ve seen the government Obama’s government go after
those who supported Trump in very vile ways to use the power of the FBI to try
to stop an election I’d be a little bit I’m a little bit more concerned about
what the government does than I am about the dangers of guns getting into the
wrong hands there are other ways other means other opportunities on a local
level to address those issue without having to invite big big government into
the mixed my my final closing remark is always honor the Constitution by
understanding the Constitution you wouldn’t drive a semi if you didn’t know
how some eyes worked understand the Constitution and we’ll have a better


  • Based lvl 9000 Ultra Chad Boomer

    Look sleeping masses the First Amendment and the Second Amendment are the two things that stand in the way of the pedophile socialist UN Agenda 2030…

  • Eddy Gomes

    The Constitution does not need any red flag laws. It was founded by the founding fathers to set us free from global terrany.

  • 4Freedomrider

    It's freaking August and this conservative still doesn't have his 2018 tax return that was verified in February. Total BS.

  • blu dove

    More laws are not the answer, for they only punish the innocent. Criminal's don't care about laws so how can more stop anything. Education,education &/or therapy is the answer. Paying attention to children's development stages & creating positive communities for them is the answer. 🕯🕊🇺🇸

  • W. Roberts

    God bless you guys. Every one looking out for the citizenry, many oblivious to such things as Red Flag Laws. Psychiatry is no science and can NEVER be relied upon to adjudicate ANY human behavior because it is an operation only. A racket.

  • Alexander Stordeur

    If Trump seed. " I can shoot sum one, and people will still vote for me." Should he be red flaged? (͡°‿ ͡°)

  • Divergent Streams

    Does anyone know what the Constitution says about News Stations reporting mass shootings before they happen? Why does no one ever discuss the obvious?

  • Cry Havoc

    If a person is potentially dangerous, why take their firearms, but leave them free? The objective should be to get them some help for any potential mental problems. If someone is not going to be satisfied until they kill, there are bombs, poison gas, vehicles, five gallon can of gasoline with road flare, etc,etc. This is nothing but a gun confiscation scheme, disguised as a way to stop mass murders.

  • Wild Man

    All Democ🐀s are communist traitors and enemies of the United states of America and I drive a semi all over America lower 48 states.

  • neftv1

    Shall not be infringed means shall not be infringed period. Either your for the whole constitution or your not and if your not your the problem. These background checks ARE an infringement and anything else you put in the way. Bad people dont follow rules anyway and the will find another way to get an inanimate object to do harm. And stop demonizing guns, they are inanimate objects.

  • Christianos Valerius Aurelius Maximillian

    Red flag laws are explicitly designed to DISARM white males. More specifically Christian or FREE Mason males who believe in the right to bear Arms. Make no mistake NEVER EVER GIVE UP YOUR ARMS.

  • aielwar

    I'm supposed to trust Maxine waters, AOC or Nancy Pelosi among others to decide who are ,by any standard, not even close to sane or intelligent.
    Thanks anyway, I will take a hard pass on this one. More government power equals more slavery.

  • Mark Elsesser

    I listened to this twice.. your remarks about libertarians and anarchists are misguided. They understand the Constitution and actually think for themselves.

    I have also seen a greater number of self professed conservatives who know nothing of the actual facts and issues.. its a feel good opinion

  • Oldhogleg

    Red Flag laws are the offspring of the drug/assets confiscation/seizure laws that were create during the 80's designed to circumvent the constitution by charging the inanimate objects (assets) of a drug related crime. And since inanimate objects have no rights, they can be declared guilty until proven innocent!

    Now they're charging the guns with being a public menace, and since the guns are inanimate objects, they have no rights, and therefore can be declared guilty until proven innocent! That is they don't have to prove you're mentally unstable, but have put the burden of proof on you that you're not only sane, but you're not a potential menace to the public! The old impossible trap of proving a negative!

    The better you understand the strategy behind the constructive legalistic fraud, the better you'll understand how to get rid of it, and prevent other constructive legalistic frauds!

  • Johnny Bumpous

    Sir you are dead on point. Government cannot be trusted with anything..the proof is coming to light every day now.

  • Sherry Alford

    When you have government out of control, how can you expect them to make controls for the people, they are paid to represent.

  • Travis Harris

    Why does it make sense for the government to be able to take away people’s right to self defense? The second amendment applies to everyone in America. Shall not be infringed means shall not be infringed.

  • Travis Harris

    You should be able to vote if you aren’t in prison. How is that you can’t have it both ways. I’m for justice for all people all the time. The drug prohibition is causing the violence and everyone with a brain in their head knows it.

  • Sarah Conner

    Schumer wants to take away our body armor. No more armor backpacks for your kids. Amongst a myriad of other helpful purposes, like shielding yourself and loved ones from crazy mass shootings. Gah

  • John Hanson

    If you have a scenario where citizens end up protecting American assets from enemies bent on destruction of our interior assets you will welcome a citizen with these so called assault weapons.

  • Seemor Disillusioned

    Very telling to me that not ONCE did you mention the phrase DUE PROCESS . The Constitution is very clear about exactly how and when a Citizen can be relieved of their personal property . Personally I don't give a rip what someone is "more comfortable with" when we ALREADY have a legal document defining a resolution to the issues of the day if it would simply be used .

  • Joe Morton

    Thanks for your hard work! That being said, this channel has a very LOW viewership. I suggest you format your videos for MOBILE DEVICES. Everywhere I go I see EVERYONE looking at videos on their smart phones. There are parts of this video that have TOO much detail for that format. IMHO

  • Joe Morton

    Yes, some people should not be trusted with guns. We have the tradition of convicted felons not having Second Amendment rights… THat is not true in some states though… My experience is Gun Stores are the gate keepers. It's strange, but I remember going into gun shops and the dealer was not sure he wanted to sell me his wears!!! Kind of like a bar tender who will not sell a drunk any alcohol… IMHO

  • Joe Morton

    @3:37 Do you trust Jeff Sessions to "Red Flag"?? Do you trust Donald J. Trump to "Red Flag??" These are baited questions for your viewership… I doubt there is anyone who will get triggered… THAT'S A PROBLEM!!!! Where are the Conservative TRIGGLYPUFFS????? You need to get their eyes on Dr. Pesta… IMHO

  • blackflag 33rd

    Being white and proud doesn't mean anti-black…Im proud of who I am and that doesn't make me anti-white I'll stand with anyone who is a Brother or Sister no matter shade…….this is the thing though Ive never actually seen a "white person" or "black person" to be honest the colour's vary so much its impossible to actually name them all.
    Anyway we all got more in common than not so lets start there aye?

  • Johnny H

    No! Vee Must Confiscate all Veaponry from the Masses! Hate Speech must be Enforced! Thought Crime must be Initiated! Vee Are the Deep State and the Communist Democrat party. Shred the Constitution and Bill of Rights! Initiate the Ministries of Truth, Love and Plenty! Signed Pieces of Crap Communists of America.

  • Rayhid1956

    I've recently advocated in support of Congressman Dan Crenshaw's conversation on this issue because I think that we ought to have a conversation about it without having to compromise on the 2nd Amendment, but you're right, we can not trust the government to decide who gets "red flag". The paradox with red flag is that on the surface, it appeals to have common sense, but in reality, it could be potentially fatal for our liberty/freedom and for the survival of our Republic.

  • Guardian Minifarm

    Well said! Amen. After watching this at the breakfast table with some of my children, my 12 year old asked me "What is a nation?"
    I gave a generic answer. But that is a great truth that makes a big difference in how we view our surrounding society.

  • Jami Ross

    No exception. In the US Constitution! Supream law! First 10 amendments!

    They can't use any "Ex Post Facto Law's" to make any law that contradicts the first 10 Amendments!

    The three word's no crooked politican want to acknowledge! EX POST FACTO.

    Clause 3. Article 1 sec.9 of US Constitution! Ex Post Facto Law's are forbidden!

    Article 10 backs this cannon of law up!

    Look it up, the law just needs to be enforced!


    If your an ex felon you most likely can get your gun rights back depending on your state you live In. The fastest way would be pay a lawyer $1500 or what ever his fee is. And you have your gun rights back. Again Depending on the state you live in.

  • Ksikkihkini

    We do not need any gun laws. We have the one and only law that matters, The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution. I do not believe the NRA is in reality supportive of the Second Amendment, they have supported legislation that usurps the Second Amendment. All Politicians are TRAITORS TO THE UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION. ANYONE that swears an Oath to Uphold and defend the tenets, of the U.S. Constitution, and then creates or votes in favor of ANY Law, Statute, or command, commandment, decree, dictate, directive, edict, fiat, ruling, bylaw, ground rule, regulation, rule, amendment, legislation, common law, martial law, prohibition, proscription, restriction, canon, capitulary, encyclical, that defies the U.S. Constitution is a Traitor. Which includes probably everyone in Congress and the Senate, including the Presidencies as since Andrew Jackson. President Trump is GUILTY of this as well, he may very well be a Globalist, who's holding his hand close to the vest until 2020 Election is done.

  • RLBaker

    As far as felons getting rights restored, I feel that non violent offenders should be able to get the rights restored. This can be done already by pardon, but it is a lengthy and tedious process in which sometimes will not remove offenses from the record, but leaves a footnote
    *pardoned by governer. I believe that it should have some qualifications like no offenses since the time, and waiting at least five years after release from incarceration.

  • Benjimen Franklin

    Basically, rights are not gifts from the government. Rights are what people are born with. The Founding Father’s called them God Given Rights. For those that are atheist, these are basic human rights you are born with and that cannot be taken away by the government because they were never given to you by the government. In fact, the government was formed to protect these rights, not to violate these rights. The government serves the people, the people do not serve the government. If you really want to learn about the Constitution and its true meaning, read the Federalist Papers.

    Section 242 of Title 18 makes it a crime for a person acting under color of any law to willfully deprive a person of a right or privilege protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States.

  • listen13

    They say we have a serious problem with violence, mental illness and drugs. What they should address are the reasons WHY, starting with education. Especially the "Public" kind. When I was a kid, we were subjected to much of the same or similar elements. But we knew right from wrong & the consequences of making the wrong choice.

  • Drakilicious

    Cops and police are a danger to society. They kill more innocent people than any other group. So if they're pushing gun control laws. Disarm the para-military police forces first. …. They get tanks, heli's, drones, body armor, full auto…. average citizen gets a musket or shot-gun. …. police are armed to the teeth and very disproportionate to the rest of the free public.

  • willam mcyoung

    well after time is served all rights should be returned. thing is .. stop letting the true crazy run lose. and man goes wrong.. time must reflect the harm they did. no patsy the crook. but a man goes right. leave him be. does the father hold you forever in guilt or does he forgiven and say, turn from those ways.

  • Tess Tess

    Did you all know that the EL PASO SHOOTING WAS REPORTED ON TV NEWS BEFORE…BEFORE IT HAPPENED?? This same thing happened on WTC 9/11 building #7 by A WOMAN REPORTER OF THE BBC

  • Sons of Freedom

    How dare you call your show "Constitution Corner" and then say "I'd feel comfortable with stronger background checks" and "It's a good idea to keep guns out of some people's hands"?

    If this was an attempt to refute gun control then you did a horrible job.

  • sgtggp

    Is this a fair statement about ERPO; After a fixed period of time — say, 21 days — the gun owner can ask for a court hearing to restore his or her constitutional rights. But, Few gun owners have the sophistication or the thousands of dollars it would take to hire a lawyer and expert witnesses. And few courts are willing to second-guess themselves and reverse the Gun Confiscation Order which has been issued. In fact, hundreds of thousands of veterans have lost their gun rights without due process pursuant to a comparable procedure. And recent revelations from the VA suggest that fewer than 50 have successfully invoked this "process" to get their rights back. This is a form of confiscation different from other schemes applied but confiscation nevertheless………..

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