• KnightGuardian3

    What kind of world do we live in where someone try’s to take a child away from the child’s parents this is wrong how dose he think he is I was to save your Child we he can’t Even save him self stupid homeless man California should stop being so expensive and more cheaper living

  • KnightGuardian3

    What is up with drugs if people did not smoke drugs people would have been better of the marijuana must be burned right away no more drugs no more killings enough is enough am sick of this burn the marijuana burn it enough deaths going around no more deaths no more killings enough is enough

  • Loca FromCali

    Lady! Why are you just sitting there? Get your ass out of the danger with that baby! Lock yourself in the car or something, don’t just sit there and let some crazy ass get so close to the baby. Watching the video made me feel so anxious because she just stays there so the guy can keep seeing her and then she lets him almost touch her! If the brother hadn’t thrown him back, would she have let him just pick her up? Oh she flung her leg out in a half ass attempt to keep Crazy Dude back but it didn’t really do anything. If you’re in a fight or flight situation, you have to be all in whatever you decide to do. When you hesitate, that’s how people end up hurt or worse.

  • Diane V

    0:20 He almost grabbed her??? Bih didnt he touch her???? WTF!!!!!!!!!! His brother is his hero???? WTF is wrong with that scary mf!!!!!!!!!????????? I would not have waited for my brother to pull the mf by the hair and take him down. If she were my child, I wouldve taken him tf down before he even touched her. OMFG, I cant believe the mf father let the bih get that close to his 6 year old. That mf homeless bih could have some skin disease or some ish. He may have passed that ish to the 6 year old. OMFG! If I were the parents, I would get her checked tf out. If I were the mother of the child, I would have a word or two with the scary father.

  • Total Control 871

    I agree that the man needs medical help, but I'm not gonna overlook how the men wanted the man to get as close as possible to "justify" the extreme physical violence. Personally I think the two goons enjoyed the whole thing.

  • pigjubby1

    People choose to use drugs. Drugs make people crazy. They are to blame for their own mess. They should not have houses built for them. Let them live in their filth. The truly poor and those who want to work, need housing. These dirt bags need to be sent to an island far, far away.


    Damn it would have been like this for me like father gets murder charge while this bum trying to grab his child it's a joke I'm mad the uncle didn't break a arm or legs ppl like that bum need a bullet diet no lie

  • James Curatalo

    I love the guy who just stays seated and keeps eating his slice of pizza while sitting right in the middle of the incident. Maybe he thought it was a video game?

  • matthew Dreyer

    And hes walking the street looking for the next child because the d.a ain't goi g to prosecute him u could kill that whole state and burn it down and only get 45 days in county

  • matthew Dreyer

    You guys voted for those illegals u guys voted for the needles all over u voted for it all I just hope we the rest of america puts a fucki g wall around u guys before it spreads

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