Release Notes – 26th Aug 2019
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Release Notes – 26th Aug 2019

Hi everyone I’m Jenna Culshaw accessplanit’s Product Manager, and in this video I’ll be going over the latest
features and changes that will be applied to your system w/c the
26th of August. There are three major headlines included in this release, first
we’ll be going over the upgrades that we’ve made for PSD2. The focus of this
release has been to get our existing payment gateway integrations upgraded so
that they are ready for PSD2, PSD2 is EU legislation that requires payment
gateways to use strong customer authentication (SCA),
while this isn’t coming into force until 2021 in the UK, we’ve got everything
ready we need for our payment gateway partners. This includes upgrades to our
integrations for Stripe SagePay and Barclays ePDQ and a brand new, from
scratch integration with Global Payments. On top
of our existing Users and Accounts API feeds we now have Finance based feeds
and Course based feeds, with these new feeds you can integrate your accessplanit system with your finance and accounting systems, with VLEs CRMs LMSs..
all of the acronyms! We have dedicated helpguides for the various feeds, so if
you’d like to know any more about what is included or how they work just take a
look at our online helpguide. API feed access is available as an add-on to
your contract so if you’re interested in this or just want to know a little more,
have a chat with your CSM. Just one last thing to report in this release and
that’s Account based Custom Fields, if you watched the last release notes video
you’ll know that we recently released the Custom Field Builder, which allows
you to create your own custom fields through various models in the system
including Courses, Users and Delegates. Well now we’ve added Accounts into the
mix so you can create your own Account based custom fields, report on them,
filter on them and display them within your DataGrids.
Here are a few of the examples of the kinds of fields that you could create for your Accounts,
including Date Established, Archived or Finance Contact
Name. Thank you very much taking the time to
watch this video, as always if you have any questions just get in touch with a
member of the accessplanit team!

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