Rep. Dina Titus speaks on Titus Amendment to H.R. 5274: Global Electoral Exchange Act

Well Thank You Mr. Chairman and Ranking member. I do support all of these bills and think they’re excellent pieces of legislation and appreciate the work that their sponsors have done to bring them to this point. I’d like to speak specifically though about the Global Electoral Exchange Act and salute Congressman Castro and Medes for introducing this bill. I’m a co-sponsor of it, and I appreciate also the Chairman including my amendment unblocked today. The Global Electoral Exchange Act will help promote best election practices through a global electoral exchange program to foster the growth of democracy around the world. As a member of the house democracy partnership, which works with developing democracies to strengthen their institutions, I can attest to the importance of strong electoral processes in bolstering democracy and promoting economic development. According to the World Health Organization, roughly 15% of the Earth’s population has a disability and 80 percent of those persons live in developing countries. Inclusion of persons with disabilities is a fundamental part of democracy and this must extend to the electoral process as well. Unfortunately, barriers continue to exist around the world that limit these folks to their full and effective participation in elections. So therefore they aren’t able to enjoy aspects of life and fulfill their potential. My amendment would ensure that the best practices shared through this program, but also include those related to equitable access to polling places voter education information and voting mechanisms for persons with disabilities by By recognizing this need, the US is continuing its role as a leader in disability accommodation in all aspects of life here at home and around the world. And I thank you and yield back. Thank you. We go to Mr. Ted Yoho, Florida.

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