Rep, Slaughter Opposes Legislation that Would Undermine Genetic Privacy Protections
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Rep, Slaughter Opposes Legislation that Would Undermine Genetic Privacy Protections

what you talking about civil rights I’m extraordinarily troubled today I that a bill that i worked on for 14 years called the Genetic Non-Discrimination Act which protected everybody– everybody has bad genes– protected them from losing their job or their health insurance because of the genetic makeup because of that law, now genetic science has moved much further because people willing to be subject to the research and now it’s the basis of a number of cancer treatments and much more to come in this whole science of genetics is really pretty remarkable it took me 14 years to pass that bill of health insurers didn’t care for it like a lot of people thought I was talking about cloning it was really tough lift that we finally got it through the Senate President George W. Bush and said all along he would be happy sign it. He even mentioned it once in a State of the Union speech. He certainly did keep his word on that today that. Today that is being removed in the Education Committee, being taken away as an unnecessary regulation


  • pipedreams57

    Stuff like this does not surprise me anymore. I  still think Edward Snowden should be awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor. Will the last blue collar worker leaving America please turn out the lights?

  • Motavis Jones

    HR 1313 has nothing to do with taking peoples genetics. Perhaps she should read the text it is in plain English. It actually states the law needs to be in compliance with the 2008 law she is talking about.

  • Kurt Schanaman

    I just traded in my lifelong Republican voter registration to switch to becoming a Democratic voter. This bill is inexcusable. Constitutional rights to privacy IN ONES PERSON (body) means exactly what it says. Without fear of sanction or penalty of ANY kind. Including a premium penalty for opting to exercise those rights.
    I watched the video of the committee and noticed every Democrat providing amendments were standing up for these Constitutional rights, while Republicans voted against every one of those amendments, allowing the bill to pass committee as originated.
    As such, not only have I switched my voter registration to Democrat, I have also unenrolled in my employers health insurance program due to their imposing an outcomes-based wellness program. In do doing, it was an act of revolt, as I now can not be penalized for opting to exercise my rights to medical and genetic privacy. And further, by withdrawing my money from the health insurance industry, though my contribution may be a mere drop in the bucket, it is still a bite in the posterior region of the 'system'.
    I will assist Democrats in biting back even more during the upcoming mid-term election.

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