Representative McKelvey’s Capitol Update (02/14/20)
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Representative McKelvey’s Capitol Update (02/14/20)

Aloha everybody! Welcome, it’s Friday, end of the week, and this is your Capitol update on your district 10 West Maui
State Legislative Channel. First of all, I want to say welcome and congratulations. We have our first subscriber. Yay! A very proud moment for us. I’m sure you’ll be
able to tell your grandchildren about it some day. When you subscribed first to the West Maui channel. A quick update on something that’s been going on in the
community. People up on the north side of the island; northwest side in Lahaina, up by Kahana, have been complaining about the dangerous conditions of the
crosswalks there. there are several crosswalks in the area
but they’re very poorly lit and they don’t have markers or buffers like the
other ones do, and there are other areas where people are crossing all the time,
because of the residences in the area and there’s no crosswalk at all. At the
LAC (Lahaina Action Committee) meeting back in January, a woman came and explained a situation where a keiki
nearly got killed by a car if she didn’t jump in the road herself and she
was clearly frustrated along with the neighbors in that area over at Honokowai Hale across from the ABC store, you know, because it’s been going on a while.
So it’s not a state highway- we the state can’t fund to fix except for the
programmatic funds, that’s like formula funds, that we give to the county through
the State Transportation Improvement Plan. Us and the feds give the county
money, the counties though, decide where to use it, like in this situation, because
it’s a county road too. So what we can do however is to act as an advocate or a
voice for her in the community in that area, and so at the time we said we would
follow up and write a letter we have the letter here we’ve sent off this week to
Public Works asking them to please put some of this money into improving and
adding intersections in that area. There’s work to be done for us on
the state highway too, we know that, that’s on the agenda item this week for the Leg but County, this is where the partnership rubber hits the road. With they’re help in doing this, I’m sure the citizens would greatly appreciate it.
We’re putting in a reso to that effect too and hope that the attention to this
issue will get the situation resolved. Today is the lateral, got this right,
deadline, the actual deadline. Last night when we checked in, we talked about the filing deadline where we, in committees, go ahead and have to
file our committee reports so the bills can get enrolled in the clerk’s office.
Now they actually go on the floor. We have an order of the day. Today we have
51 pages and over two hundred bills to consider, so we’ll be there a little
while. We’ll go ahead and provide an update next week, in the beginning of the week, on what went down- some of the highlights, some of the bills that passed that were good, some of the bills that are passing that are not so good. But this is the actual deadline day itself, so everything today has to be voted on
by the floor, andadvance to the final committee or it is dead, dead, dead,
because we’re at the end of a second year biennium.
Okay, thanks for everything. Thank you to my one subscriber. Oh, and Happy Valentine’s Day out there to all of you. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and
a beautiful three-day holiday and we’ll see you next week. Aloha!

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