Republic day speech in English 2018 | 26 January speech in English | speech on Republic day
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Republic day speech in English 2018 | 26 January speech in English | speech on Republic day

First of all
I would like to say JAI HIND to all of my friends. My name is Harshita
Today, 26 of January is very auspicious day for our
nation We are celebrating 69th republic day. Republic Day is celebrated in schools,
colleges, universities,
Offices, And many more. In schools and colleges students get an opportunity
to show their talent. They play drama, dance, speech
and take participate in other cultural activities. We got freedom from the British rule
on 15th of August in 1947, but around two and half years
on 26th of January in 1950 The Constitution of our India came into force. Dr Bhimrao Ambedkar was the Chairman of the
Constitution Drafting Committee that wrote the Constitution of India. Dr Rajendra Prasad was the first President
of our India who hoisted the Indian tricolour on 26 January,
1950. So we celebrate this day as the Republic Day. The fundamental rights and duties of the people
have been determined in our constitution. India is democratic country. It means Every citizen of India is equal
no one has to suffer because of religion, caste, colour and race. On this day
People of India celebrates Republic day with fervour and excitement. We got freedom from British rules
But we are surrounded by several evils
Like corruptions violence
spams bribery
and many more. You must have heard several news in news channels
like Nirbhaya case, bulandshaher case
where the honour of a daughter is spoiled in front of her family
But the police do not take any action at right time. Our leader announces some money as compensation
to the victims rather than strict punishment for criminals. It hurts me
when I hear such news that some people do politics over nationalism,
politics over patriotism, Politics over national anthem. They forget our sentiments with Tiranga. Some people show disrespect to the national
anthem, oppose singing of national anthem. They feel uncomfortable for standing 52 seconds
for our nation. for samosa, panipuri We stand 20 to 30 minutes. Cant we stand 52 seconds for our national
anthem. This is condemnable. We say we are Hindu
We are muslims but We forgot
that we are Indian first. For all of those people one word I have to
say please stop doing all this things. We must say who don’t have proud to be an
Indian don’t have rights to be in India. Generally When we meet
we welcome by saying hi, hello, good morning
Namaste walaikum salam
but Acording to my perspective I would like to say JAI HIND. In this way we can show
brotherhood, unity,
dignity with our nation. So my friends we all must take oath that
We will do all those things which keeps our unity dignity with our nation. Jai Hind
Jai Bharat


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