Residents Speak Out: Resident’s Rights
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Residents Speak Out: Resident’s Rights

>>Okay, you’re going to give the most
important messages you can to people who are working in retirement communities
and assisted living; what it is that you want them to be sure to do. to have good communication with the person that they’re caring for and not treat them with indifference ’cause that’s the most hurtful that can happen to a person in my position. No matter how they might feel you’re
not just a room number. you’re an individual.
>>people in wheelchairs are usually treated as though they don’t have everything up here. Now we know there are people who’ve had strokes and they don’t know and you
must be patient with those but the ones who have a mind and the
attendants should know that that their able to speak and say what they
feel and think. I have enough self respect that I don’t
let someone run over me or dictate what they think I should do.
I want to do it to myself as long as I’m mentally and physically
physically able to. It makes you feel that you have more control over your own destiny it makes you feel like someone is
paying attention to what you want rather than just shoving things at you. it gives me a feeling that i’m just not
a bag of mashed potatoes you know that i can still participate in the world whatever the world is. I just maintain as much of the way I was before I ran into all these problems which is very necessary uh… to me for my own pride. And I value myself and
I want other people to value me. I won’t accept anything less.

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