Resource Legislation Amendment Bill – Committee Stage (27) – Part 1

to work we must move away from that sorry missed you i’m going to call mecha you Thank You mr. chair just picking up on my early contribution I want to draw the houses attention to Clause as he live in an 12 and highlight then this course requires the council’s to provide for development capacity they were obviously several submitters sue that raised some issues around trying to express exactly what we meant by development capacity did it mean up or and y in terms of sorry just to explain this particular cause this is to enable councils to have a long term I guess take on housing needs in this particular core these two clauses here submitters were concerned around being clear what they actually meet and there are some questions I do want to put to the minister but the clarity or the concerns that submitters raised and these particular causes who was around to finding whether it’s intended to build up or out whether we include business and commercial property or that just purely residential and also the point they made you around how would you measure a sufficient long-term and expected demand and so my question to the minister in the cheers what does he mean by development capacity and how the heat does he measure the sufficient long-term and they speak the demand that was raised by the submitters the other part and this clause here was the review sensitivities again raised by agriculture New Zealand Stevenson group thought and Hogan in Fonterra seeking protection on the significant infrastructure such as electricity somesh transmission water infrastructure in transit infrastructure so again to the minister can he guarantee that existing development to the example electricity transmissions will be protected in his amendment so these another part in the bill that i want to ask the minister questions and that is clauses 131 part 1 in 2 and this part and no other because it she raised this point sir but it relates to the no appeals to the Environment Court for certain activities and I just want to bring the attention to the house that the proposed institutions here which is the section 128 a of the Act the environment court appeals and respects of decisions on subdivisions residential activities on the single allotment and a residential zone in boundary infringement will be precluded at least the activities to which the decisions relate have non-complying status so the concern obviously familiar is how we ensuring that the public can actually take their consumes through the environmental court when we have this particular print a cause and the bill and maybe the minister can allay our fears that this particular clause makes it really clear that in this case it wouldn’t be permitted so again the cause introduces new limitations on the scope of Appeals such as a submitter will be restricted to only appealing those methods that we raised in these submission through the more seer there will be no right of appeal for submitters and the event is submission as struck out and the clause 1 2 120 the new section 41 d to see so I believe that these are these particular course deserve a response from the minister to ensure that the public can raise Appeals and the environmental court for Student Activities but through my major question as and I did want to take a point of order when madam arefox for speaking Sioux when she was reading out here SOP and that’s my third important point that on a raised in my contribution tonight sir and that she read from a piece of paper in relation to her particular ESO piece here and she mentioned in her paper that she said that her SOP covered I believe grasses and forestry and I wanted to ask you all due respect I’ve gone away I’ve looked at the SOP and which the members in this house have there is absolutely no mention on that sopc of grass or includes grass or forestry but it does talk about the has no excerpt so I’ve gone away and got a copy of the heads night in case the definition mr. chair gym the chair mr. chair no I’m going to hear from using sage thank you I’m really disappointed that government members are moving closer motions give

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