Resource Legislation Amendment Bill – Second Reading – Part 7

that is there to protect our environment Kiara taught a cura Scott Simpson Thank You mr. speaker with the indulgence the house I’d just like to make a passing comment on the weather events that impacted on my electorate last week and to thank the previous member for her thanks I particularly want to acknowledge the first responders the emergency personnel who were busy protecting homes and property and people during a very severe weather event across the coromandel electorate last week what we saw was neighbors supporting neighbors communities supporting communities and this week we have the Sun back out and coromandel and a big cleanup job ahead of us mr. speaker it’s a pleasure for me to rise and support the second reading of this resource legislation amendment bill and as chair of the Select Committee what a big job the Select Committee did previous member acknowledged the length of time this bill had been before the silly committee that of itself was not unusual this is a large complicated an enormously important piece of legislation nearly 800 submissions were received we heard from over 200 submitters and we did a lot of work very detailed work on this piece of legislation so this bill in its form returned back from select committee is the most significant reform of the Resource Management Act since its inception in 1991 it’s the phase two reforms that this government has been talking about for so long and wanting to bring into the house with the cooperation of our support partners and what it means for New Zealanders is faster simpler Planum planning making plan making thousands fewer consents that will be required fewer opportunities for appeals less duplication with other ex better management of natural hazards increased legal waiting for property rights and these are all good steps for New Zealanders this bill sir has some provisions in it relating to e we participation and it’s to be remembered that e we participation has been part of the resource management act since the late 1990s when Winston Peters supported those initiatives in those days Winston Peters used to support a we participation and now he’s changed his mind but these changes sir will bring about a better level of cooperation and speedy efficiency that will ensure a more effective flow of consenting and processing of applications under the Act so there will be an area of stronger national Direction standard planning templates and definitions requirements to provide sufficient development capacity new regulation making powers to avoid duplication with other ex sir the new Act will provide provisions to have stock include exclusion rules included new procedural principles for timely efficient and cost-effective and proportionate impacts will be in place so there will be more flexible and faster planning more effective and efficient engagement with communities less consenting bureaucracy and there will be fewer appeals to the Environment Court for certain activities particularly those activities where residential activities have already been designated as being appropriate and residential zone it seems silly to allow for Appeals in that area sir to go into my new detail at this stage in this debate is not appropriate we have have an opportunity to do that during the committee of the whole house but Sir this is a good piece of legislation it’s been a lot of work for the Select Committee I want to thank members from across the house on the Select Committee who notwithstanding their different policy points of view all engaged I think in an effective way to see a good result proceeded I support the second reading of this bill eugenie sage tonight

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