RHA MA390 Universal: In-Depth Review & Buying Guide
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RHA MA390 Universal: In-Depth Review & Buying Guide

Hey Guys! This is Raghav here from Headphone Zone. Today I’m here to talk to you about the RHA MA390 Universal in-ear headphones and for those of you
who aren’t familiar RHA is a high end audio brand from Scotland and
they are known for making some outstanding in-ear headphones across various price points. 390 Universal is their entry level product and is priced at just under ₹2,000 here in India. I’m going to talk to you about 5 reasons why I think the 390 Universal is the most compelling product under ₹2,000 that you can buy If you’re looking for an in-ear headphone. First, the earphones
are made almost entirely of aircraft grade aluminium Its really built like a tank and durability is
always been RHA’s forte. The earphones
are shaped almost like an inverted trumpet and
this really is what RHA believes makes the music
sound a lot more natural and life like and they call
the design an ‘Aerophonic’ shape. Number 2 RHA has made
these earphones to really work along with your smartphone, so they have included
1-button remote and a microphone in the wire itself this really
makes the earphone universally compatible virtually all the smartphones out there and extremely
convenient to both pickup and drop calls and speak into
them while you’re on the move. Number 3 RHA has really put a
lot of thought in designing its cable really well. The bottom half of the cable uses a fabric
braided design and that really helps to keep the earphones both tangle free and extremely
durable against any kinds of cuts and tears. The top half of
the cable on the other hand has a soft rubber sheathing and they have
done this intentionally to make sure
there’s very little microphonic disturbance especially
when you’re gonna be using to pickup and drop calls. Number 4 The RHA 390
Universal sound absolutely fantastic. They’ve got what
you call a warm and smooth sound signature There’s lots of
bass added to this to make the music both fun and enjoyable. Now most
audiophiles may not like that but you’ll find that as an entry level offering,
this is really a earphone made to please the
crowd and most people who enjoy a little bit of
bass in their music, will find these sounding absolutely phenomenal. They have also rolled
off the treble on these earphones so you find that
especially if you’re gonna be using these earphones
for a long periods of time they’re not gonna fatigue your ears and its gonna sound a lot more enjoyable and comfortable. Number 5 and the most impressive part of these earphones is that they come with a phenomenal 3 year warranty that means if
anything goes wrong with these earphones over the next 3 years RHA’s got your back, and its hard to find any earphone at any price point that offers this kind of a
warranty and confidence behind the product and for an entry level product I think its absolutely phenomenal. Thank you so much for watching guys I hope this video’s been helpful. Bubye!


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