Richard Wolff on Conservatives and Government Intervention
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Richard Wolff on Conservatives and Government Intervention

You know, once upon a time conservatives liked
to say that they were against government intervention in the economy. Ever since we had that massive intervention
back in the 1930s when a collapsed capitalism was rescued by massive government intervention,
you know, creating social security, creating unemployment compensation, passing the first
minimum wage law, hiring as public employees 50 million unemployed people across the 30s,
you know, big intervention? And ever since then conservatives have said
“No, no. Intervention is never good. Everything the government touches it does
badly. The private sector is efficient and wonderful”
you know, that crazy mantra. Well, they got their way with the regimes
of Ms. Thatcher in England and Mr. Reagan here in the United States. We cut back the government, we limited its
intervention and we’ve had since the 1980s much less government intervention. We even call the system “Neoliberalism” in
the British sense of the term “liberal”, minimum government intervention. And what did it get us? Rapid increase in inequality in the society,
rapid buildup of debt on a scale we’ve never seen before, the collapse of the system again
when we had been promised that would not happen in 2008, and it continues. So what do we get? We get Trump. Is Trump a conservative? He says so. Is Trump supported by the conservatives? They say so. And what is Mr. Trump doing? Massive government intervention in the economy. What? Everything conservatives said they were against? Let’s see: he attacks our trading partners,
he imposes tariffs (that’s a government intervention), he abrogates treaties to get economic advantage,
he attacks particular companies for what they do and don’t do. Everything that the conservative playbook
said shouldn’t happen, he’s doing. Guess what that means? There’s a lesson here. The conservatives, when they were against
government, that was a fraud. It was always a fraud. What they meant was they want to government
to tax them the minimum and help them the most. Employers were to be the beneficiaries of
government, not employees. That’s what they didn’t like about the 1930s. Mr. Trump is intervening big time and the
conservatives are applauding big time because he helps the employeer while giving the employees
political theater to distract them. The conservatives want employers to be helped
by the government. Not employees and that was always the real


  • Jason Polski

    I appreciate the long videos but these short ones are great for sharing. Really gets the point across

  • State Socialism

    The capitalist class is NOT against government intervention if it is in their class interest like corporate welfare or to "save capitalism" from socialists as FDR did. They are only against government intervention if it used for shared prosperity, the common good, or economic democracy. Or anything that challenges and threatens their dominance


    Now the US elites and Trump are pressing against Chinese socialist intervention………… It will not take long untill there are just two friends of the US left: dictatorial SA and fascist Israel.

  • Drav1212

    A gew days ago. In venezualla, gov. Military ran over civilians protesting, so naturally i await, with bated breath to hear mr
    Kardashian wolf talk about the great socialist state of. Venezualla ..i guess i will be waiting a long time

  • flamboyantstudioscom

    Militia groups are another interesting bunch. They whine and moan about government and support those that will crush them in a minute's notice when they no longer serve a useful purpose.

  • kepstein8888

    Nothing less conservative than US "conservatives." They don't want to conserve anything. They want to turn everything upside down.

  • Kevin Blanchard

    Richard correct me if I am wrong but isn't government suppose to monitor and stop private business from screwing the people with anti monopoly laws and such? Not the idiots we have in office now but if we had a real government.

  • Danny Windham

    As long as government is serving them they love it. But when it starts serving the people they hate it. Go figure

  • James Wisrik

    Richard, you are sooo correct. But, we are dealing with conservative workers that think the Republican and Democrats party is looking out for their best interest…lol. It's a sport to's only a foul when the other team does it. It's great when there team does and didn't get caught. But, everyone watching the game is screwed by higher prices at the ticket office and increase taxes they pay for the stadium. For a quick 3hr game. Not realizing the crowd will be in debt for decadess to pay off their credit card bill and taxation. That's the American dream.. live in slavery debt.

  • steve coley

    Government is supposed to govern the rate at which ignorance (greed) sucks the joy out of life and destroys the planet. But government no longer exists in the US.

  • s a

    Not to mention the bottomless pit of Military spending, Spending for prisons,but this is less government some say?
    Wow, I pay taxes I want the government go to work for me/us people. If you look at the money pie it's unreal where its going.
    Just heard a report on radio OPB about "Trumps" in the past taxes, the reviews by experts aren't in his favor, he isn't so successful like the illusion he has created for some folks. HMMM. Lots of tax breaks and write offs for LOSSES after LOSSES!
    Let's thrown it down plain and simple I call "BS", the rich and corporations can afford to pay their share of taxes!
    We need more benefits.

  • bluewater454

    Ah, the usual misrepresentation of facts by Prof Wolff. Negotiating treaties with foreign nations is not "government intervention into the private sector". It is a constitutionally sanctioned function of government. The tarrifs Trump has implemented are being used as a negotiating tool to bring nations reluctant to play fair(China) to the negotiating table. The threat of tarrifs has worked already with other countries to renegotiate trade deals to lower tarrifs and open trade for all concerned. They are not an end in themselves(which Trump has been more than clear about).

    And yes, Trump's policies have benefitted employers…. what Wolff isn't telling his adoring marxist followers is that Trump's policies have also benefitted employees, as we see
    record low unemlpoyment rates, followed by rising wages.

    Funny that Wolff would use the word "fraud" to describe conservative be policies. What a great word for the blatant misrepresentation of facts by the good marxist professor.

  • Edward Yang

    The biggest "government intervention" is the bail out of the entire banking sector by Obama — a total sell out.

  • LaNuevaFronteraAnarquista

    Wow he completely massacred and unmasked the true intentions of the right-wing. The so called “left-wing” Democrat’s are playing the part by distracting the working class with the mueller investigation. Come on this is a clear mockery to the people. Nobody cares! People want stability and prosperity, not a system that is fueled by rapid unnecessary consumption of luxuries and violent wars to extract resources. Sorry capitalism your time is up the working class will be awakened violently.

  • noidontlikeu

    Conservatives, Christian Democrats, and even fascists still largely support welfare programs, the right wing in the US is Boko Haram in comparison.

  • Edward Dodson

    What some people who describe themselves as "conservative" want is to conserve not liberty but licence, not liberty but privilege. Others in the conservative camp embrace the imposition of law based on particular religious scripture and doctrine. They embrace a very blurred idea of the separation of Church and State. They declare the right to practice their religion without societal intervention, but deny the right of freedom from religion to others. They claim tax exemption of the property and income of their religious sect, looking to all members of the community to accept taxation in order to provide public goods and services.

  • Armando Gjoci

    No you stupid degenerate, Homo-Marxist, it's not like that. The conservatives aren't for government intervention, they are for lower taxes because they work ( unlike you, that haven't worked a day in your life) and they want to keep their earning for themselves and their family, not give them to you, or whatever. So don't create false arguments based on false premises.
    If you don't like capitalism, I can pay your flight to North Korea. I think that you will find yourself there, degenerated people, Homo-Marxist everywhere, death, perversity etc

  • Ben Chesterman

    Left party Leader Bill Shorten lost 3 elections in 6 yrs , that's how fucked left party are around the world

  • Ben Chesterman

    Bums and working class like high taxes because they don't pay it , middle class and small business owners pay for left democratic socialism high taxation around the world . Middle class fed up with high taxes in Australia on cars why the voting concertives

  • Rehan Qureshi

    Government intervention
    are bad by convention ..
    Only Employees on the scenes
    employers, left over machines !
    What should be the way ?
    Economies with pride, may

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