Right to Equality in Constitution of India, in simple Hindi/Urdu (Topic: 3)
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Right to Equality in Constitution of India, in simple Hindi/Urdu (Topic: 3)

Hello Friends, in this video we will discuss, the first title under Fundamental Rights, which is Right to Equality, we’ll have some details on it. this title of Right to Equality in our Constitution start from 14th Article and goes up to 18th Article. In this video we’ll refer to these as Qaanuun (Law) Number. Now, lets go into some details. The first Right under this title is Equality before law Constitution of India, considers every person as equal before law under Article 14. There will not be any discrimination among citizens. Law will consider everyone as equal Article 15 is about: Our people are segregated in faction via various modes. From religious angle, from caste’s angle, called as Jaat in Hindi, and zaat in Urdu or as men and women or as of place of birth and this is how we are segregated. so what this 15 number law tells us? It says that no one will be discriminated on basis of religion, caste, sex or place of birth 16 number law informs us that there will be no discrimination among people when it comes to public employment. Now, 17th number law deals with a very disgusting age old filth in our society, it is known as untouchability. so this 17th number law totally abolishes the untouchability in any form. during old days some people were considered untouchables while others were thought as high class So this 17 number law abolishes untouchability in any form now, no one is untouchable nor is anyone of high class, all are equal. Now, under Right to Equality, this 18th number law is that last. And that is Abolition of titles. During olden days, there used to be lots of raje, maharaje, nawab blah blah So 18th number law in our constituion abolishes all such titles and now, no titles can be bestowed upon except that, that your educational degrees would be valid as a title. or if you are in military, and you’ve a post, that title will also be valid. So apart from educational or military rank, all other titles are abolished Our country will recognise only two types of titles here, our this discussion comes to an end we’ll go into further details in consecutive videos, thanks


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