Rights are not Gifts from Government
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Rights are not Gifts from Government

Right aren’t gifts from government. Every-so-often, somebody tells us that “Non-citizens don’t have rights in America.” But this shows a complete misunderstanding of where rights come from. It implies that rights come from government. To say that non citizens have no rights is absurd. You don’t get rights because you were born inside some arbitrarily-drawn border. Some people were simply lucky to be born in an area where government violates their rights less than in other areas. Fact: Every person on Earth was born with the same natural rights. Thomas Jefferson alluded to this in the Declaration of Independence. He wrote: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights.” Of course you don’t have to believe in a Creator. You can simply say that natural rights are a basic part of our personhood. To assume that government gives you rights takes you down a very dangerous path. After all, whatever government gives, government can take away.


  • hostiliscivitas

    Unfortunately today's definition of "rights" includes access to public services like healthcare, welfare and education. Therein lies the problem

  • curtis sanders

    I've thought about this a lot because it seems like no one has a satisfying definition of a right. modern dictionaries will talk about legal rights but the founders believed in natural rights so our governments obviously didn't grant anything and there's no legislation saying you have the right to scratch your head etc. I've came to the conclusion that rights are the attributes of property(?). you own yourself so you have the right to defend yourself, scratch your head etc. you own your yard so you have a right to walk across it but it's a privilege to walk across mine. you have rights over everything you own and only over those things. would you agree with this definition or do you have a better one?

  • Tyler B.

    Tenth amendment center could you cover the "right to life" I'm confused because as I look back on human history killing each other has been going on forever

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