Ripple Effect – Early Intervention
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Ripple Effect – Early Intervention

For me early intervention
is about childhood trauma – intervening at an early age The likelihood if trauma isn’t dealt with the likelihood is they end up
in the criminal justice system or they end up with addiction issues So it’s about trying to find
a way to help that individual My dad died when I was young So I didn’t have really anybody controlling us So I kind of went off the rails
when I was just a wee boy So I’ve started coming to things like this
trying to change my life and everything instead of just in and out
of prison all the time I don’t think there’s enough services
provided on the ground for young people All the intensive services
are there for young people but we hope to get more services there so that you don’t need to have
intensive services for young people so they’re getting help at the first available time Say for example your parents have
adverse childhood experiences or childhood trauma that
they never worked through that’s affected their behaviour which in turn
affects how they bring their children up and it’s a cycle To break the cycle you’re going to need support You’re going to need to deal
with them trauma issues that initially started you down the drug route People who we deal with
in ‘Positive Outcomes’ don’t have a roof over their heads they have addiction issues which then
leads them into criminal justice and that’s where we come in So it’s like Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs – food, shelter, water How does a seed grow into a beautiful flower? You need to give them their basic needs to then develop that person
into doing other stuff Lorraine – she got involved with us
because I’m a persistent offender I’m always in and out of jail She comes obviously to see us and making sure that I’m not
getting into trouble and all that They try and keep me out the jail What made you want to change your life? I had a lot of ACEs – Adverse Childhood Experiences I had a lot of trauma and I lived in that cycle for 24 years 24 years? 24 years And it got to the point in 2015 that within myself I knew I was going to die I would like obviously younger ones
seeing the way my life’s turned out No to do the same things that we done So what would you do if you were in our shoes? I was a young person who picked up
charges with the police myself right through until I was 21 It takes two parties to want
to engage with each other and somebody to believe in you You find somebody that believes in you
it helps you believe in yourself to motivate you to make it better Yes My past, my experience is drug addiction
and mental health issues I started using drugs when I was 14 So because I’ve been through that
I understand how important it is – how important support is I think there’s already steps where
there’s diversion from prosecution and there’s diversion from the court
system that are already in place but I would have more of that more community based sentencing You get a lot more learning out of that You get more relationships built
with community services

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