Rob O’Neill on Trump’s decision to intervene in Navy SEAL Gallagher’s case
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Rob O’Neill on Trump’s decision to intervene in Navy SEAL Gallagher’s case


  • Dale B

    It would really be nice if Rob and Eddie would stay off news programs touting their “woe is me” stories and let the Navy return to their real role of defending America and not individuals with behavior or serious mental health issues. The recent shootings on two Naval Bases is a clear indicator that the Navy has other issues to focus on.


    "I Know what happened, but there is no way it happened" UMMMMM 0:14 Yeah a lot of people don't think it happened either champ!

  • Joe Sillaman RS

    C&C has the power and authority but he’s not the SME regarding UCMJ. He shouldn’t have done it. He only did so for political gain in an attempt to secure his base.

  • Thunderstruck

    Trump and Rob O'Neill are on the side of the troops on the ground in combat areas who are in constant danger and are being shot at.  The paper-pushing ousted Navy Secretary can go shove it up his a__.

  • comfortableman12

    This guy is 100% correct. President Trump should fire them all. Remember what Odumbass did? He fired many General's and Admirals because they voiced to him that his rules of engagement was a bad idea. Then brought in his own left wing nut jobs. President Trump should fire everyone of them that Odumbass brought in. EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM!!

  • Craig Stepanek

    It got this big in the first place bcuz Gallagher knifed a captive wounded kid in the neck…time to remember the facts, get real

  • Arden Dorney

    So President Trump should’ve butted out…..duh, who is the Commander in Chief? Maybe he needs to fire a bunch from their cushy Pentagon jobs!

  • RCE6

    When did the Navy Seals start coming on tv shows to glorify themselves? It’s official, trumpf has now defiled every corridor of America. Even the seals have lost their nobility. WOW!

  • Thomas Lindsey

    Absolutely right
    . Seaman Ray Mavis is an overpaid enemy of freedom. Bust him down to E-6 and assign him to Chief Gallagher. This would set a good example.

  • jason williams

    Multiple navy seals have claimed they killed Osama, so I’m not sure how honest Rob actually is. Also fox will only invite people on their show that pushes their narrative.

  • 02stampede

    Political correctness and politics have infiltrated our military. Many American lives were lost as a result and the blood is absolutely on those politicians hands.

  • John Smith

    Rob is a great example of what our military should be, and largely is at the operational level. Any senior officer or "official" who is publicly running their mouth, should be removed. They clearly want to leave, but do not have the spine to do so.

  • Frank_ae Tank_yyteawu

    Not a supporter of President Trump, but he's absolutely right; President Trump is the Commander In Chief at the top of the chain of command.

  • Pie Face

    I wish these SEALs would just shut up. A bigger bunch of braggarts has never existed. I thought the Marines were bad until the SEALs started being such shameful blabber mouths. You can’t throw a pebble without hitting some self aggrandizing SEAL who is bragging about how many kids, women,and old men he killed. F them. Disband this group criminal psychopaths and narcissists and let Delta Force, the real professionals take over. They have shamed themselves over and over.

  • Karama Swift

    "I don't understand how it got this big in the first place." Well thats because he committed WAR CRIMES!! Or are we just gonna say its acceptable because he's an American military personel an turn a blind eye… Idiots these days man

  • Wayne St john

    I think that we need to get rid of those that don't want to back our men and women in uniform put yourself in their shoes did you do something wrong you make the call or the president made his call and he is the commander and chief President Trump is where the buck stops he sends these men and on dangerous trips and he wants them didn't know that he has their backs he doesn't want them to think do-rite Donuts should I shouldn't have As Americans think about how many times we've heard people putting other people with them to Shield them but we didn't do nothing to those people I'm not saying this was right I'm not saying it's wrong but if President Trump the commander and chief says do it then do it and yes he deserved his Triton pan he learned it the hard way I don't know what was going on with him and his team but he's no longer there with his team the Trident pain will be health for life all these Talking Heads need to shut up unless they want to pick up a rifle and go and fight in the desert

  • john gillon

    First thing they teach in boot camp is the Uniform Code of Military Justice. I am so ashamed of the military today. There is no honor in being enforcer for all the corporate big shots. They disregard the chain of command .

  • vince7785

    Trump the war criminal loves war criminals!! War criminal Trump loves selling weapons to the dictatorship of Saudi Arabia and Saudi Arabia uses U.S. weapons to bomb Yemen. And who cares when the United Nations says that Yemen is the worst humanitarian crisis in the world!! War criminal Trump loved it when he bombed the Syrian government with 59 Tomahawk missiles. This was in response to the Syrian government allegedly killing their own people with chemical weapons. But Trump bombed the Syrian government WITHOUT CONGRESSIONAL APPROVAL and before an investigation much less a completed investigation. War criminal Trump did this without evidence.


    Nice job fox! I just watched C ''B..S.'' news, Hit piece on this topic.It's incredible how bias they spin the news in an attempt to make our President look bad .Trump 2020 if you want to M.A.G.A. !

  • Harvey Mulock

    Just double check the names of these higher-ups involved in this absurd retribution against the Predident with the names of Obama's purge of high ranking military commanders fired and replaced with more liberal, anti war commanders loyal to the Obama administration! He replaced common sense war commanders with yes men with no war experience!!!

  • Mike Martinez

    He just said jt , wake up people!!! Theres no way that it happened , osama didnt get killed or at least not the way they want us to know

  • Derredmax

    Evil is a four letter word. (ISIS) So a NAVY seal kills a guy who troughs acid in the eye's of children? Looks to me like hes doing his job… Great job Mr. President. Gallagher needs a metal….

  • Russell Walton

    Trump the same guy that dishonored McCain and a called s marine a coward. Here goes playing for points again. He is on no ones side but his own like most politicians playing both sides of the wall

  • David Rocha

    You know when they say you never wanna meet your heroes well the man that killed one of the worst human beings in history is definitely one of my heroes and I can honestly say I believe we would get along perfectly

  • Melissa

    Did this man just defend the president's involvement by saying he's entitled as commander-in-chief because "he can do whatever he wants"? Well, alright then.

  • Melissa

    At the end of the day, there's one less ISIS scumbag on earth. Whether this Gallagher is also scum, at this point, that's between him and God.

  • Kevin Thomas

    I see what this is clearly. it's about having no accountability for war crimes committed using military service as a cover to get away with it. The white man never takes responsibility for is crimes. There will come a time when all of vengeance will be returned to you.

  • Mike Raby

    Trump had interference from his preexisting bonespure condition,migrated to his tiny brain.Protecting war criminals will make us less secure.Our history full with war criminality,sad.

  • Raheem Davis

    Navy SEALs should stand for Shhhh Enter And Lie. Bc that’s what buds and a clearance gets you. A lifetime of depression knowing you hold valuable information that if spoken about will have you and your whole family killed. Bless those like rob and don Shipley and mr willink who have sold out completely. One day the truth will come out and you’ll see your fav actors hero’s music artist and all have been doing things against humanity that you would NEVER support

  • Citizen EU

    Testimony by fellow Navy Seals: "A Navy Seal platoon leader controversially cleared of war crimes by Donald Trump was a “toxic” character who was “OK with killing anything that moved”, according to fellow Iraq veterans who reported his conduct to military investigators."

  • Charles Barnes

    O'Neill is stupid, barely coherent. The former secretary of the Navy said it was inappropriate for the President to insert himself in the Gallagher matter. O'Neill said "he forgets the President can do anything he wants." Yes, but we can all do things that are inappropriate. O'Neil can't even grasp simple concepts. Ms. Faulkner has no interest in pressing her interviewee… is this her standard m.o?

  • Cristo BillLumberg

    i have so much respect for seals and the military. But, I despise Trump for many reasons. In this case, he went over the heads of men that are far more experienced in these matters than he is. He never served a day in his life. He is garbage.

  • Spying Beast

    Like Mr. Oneil said, at the top of the Military are all politicians and politics, even for those in the highest levels wearing a military uniform…

  • Zen

    “If this president had not wildly inappropriately inserted hisself into this case…”

    He’s the COMMANDER IN CHIEF!!!


  • Devon H

    He articulates his acceptance of Trump intervening because he’s a former Seal, but feels the Navy top officials shouldn’t have intervened because they rendered an unfavorable decision to his Seal buddy 🤔… the accused Seal should sit in a court with his actions scrutinized by a military tribunal without outside interference from anyone (protocol for all soldiers w/out favoritism)… as far as this former Seal here, he’s CLEARLY adhering to “bro code” and the truth is no where to be found on his lips 👄… your welcome 🙏

  • Bern VENTER

    Amazing how much more Rob Oneil knows in comparison to most of the generals and all of the politicians. I have an idea he is advising the president because president Trump knows everything that goes on in the middle east.

  • thebananaboatlife

    Rob O'Neill looks goofy, does anyone else think so? Not criticizing his opinions, just talking about the way he looks, that's all.

  • David Bell

    Rob O’Neil needs to go to the Pentagon. This is what we need to fight for the USA from a different vantage point. He is on the ball and in his prime. Are we not allowed to say “the right stuff” any more? Lol!

  • Badfinger

    Listening to this guy I can now understand why the other team members have distanced themselves from him. He is quite the peacock.

  • Dacia S

    He says he doesn't understand how it got this big in the first place. It got this big because several Navy Seals came forward saying he was dangerous and criminal. These guys don't do this often and when they speak people listen.

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