Robert Ray: Impeachment is constitutionally flawed
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Robert Ray: Impeachment is constitutionally flawed


  • vi 360

    When you have no defense you claim that it was not a crime. Typical trail defense. This is also why the White House is bringing in the shady TV lawyers.

  • Mean one Grinch

    Hey trumpistan,
    TRUMP HIRED EPSTEINS IMPLICATED LAWYER!!!👈🏽😉 How's that feel? On video dancing with Epstein and now hires his lawyer, smh.👍🏾😔

  • Home Wall

    The GAO has shown that a crime was committed, along with the extortion of federal funds to a country under attack and invasion and theft of Ukrainian land just for the spiteful benefit of Trump against Biden.

  • Aussie Shane

    Forget about the Biden Noise… Go after "Mr KINGPIN Adam Schiff". HE HAS ALL OF THE ANSWERS.
    The DEEP STATE are the Democrat Players. Like: All of the Impeachment Managers.
    You look at the SWAMP Members everytime you Turn the TV on and watch CNN and MSNBC.
    You would think there would also be a SWAMP LOGIES AWARD.

  • Mean one Grinch

    Ps, bribery IS A CRIME!!!👈🏽😲 Abuse of power is reason for impeachment, PERIOD!!! I DARE YOU TO CALL WITNESSES, DARE YA, lol. You all know how that would go, 👍🏾😉

  • Agatha Winters

    Trump is innocent until PROVEN guilty.
    Just like every other American citizen.
    Imagine being falsely accused of something and then YOU have to prove you're innocence. Good luck!

  • PRH Future Tech

    Republican and Fed up Democrats should rally in protest and hand a memorandum to the Democrat offices at CNN and MSNBC.

  • Mean one Grinch

    Pss, If he gets away with this, we WILL impeach him again, lol.👍🏾😉 just give it up republicans, He's finished. You think Pelosi hasn't conveyed this to the republicans in senate? Cheat and the gloves come off, trust me. Fair warning, 👍🏾😉

  • Todestanz

    The US deficit surpassed $1 trillion in 2019, the first time the country has crossed that threshold in a calendar year since 2012. This is what trump and the gop gave americans. Ty Obama for bailing out America, unfortunately the gop/trump once again has dug an economic hole.

  • Iron Bar

    Robert Ray: "Impeachment is constitutionally flawed." Ya think!? So is standing by and watching an actual conspiracy take place. For when you do, you can legally be charged with it for inaction against it… FACT OF LAW.

  • Elko Bill

    The US Constitution should be envy of the free world. The Democrat Party is responsible for all the misery to follow if they ever get elected.


    Y'all do understand the same exact articles of impeachment against TRUMP where against both NIXON and CLINTON ! What's the difference ?

  • Lev Maza

    Demonscrat wants to grab presidency thru force or theft. Evil DEMS do nothing cry babies sore losers can't win fair elections


    One out of every 3 DAYS Trump is at one of his golf courses or resorts but he's working SOOOO HARD right ? How many countless MILLIONS do you think that costs US !!?? That goes DIRECTLY into Trumps personal bank account !!

  • maynunal


    You could have been at the House hearings; you were invited. You were also invited to bring your lawyers and any witnesses and info that would exonerate you. You chose to not attend, not send lawyers and not provide witnesses or info. You're lying again.

  • Henry Wong

    If anyone needs to be heard and questioned, Joe & Hunter Biden, Adam Schiff and these ghost witnesses. They just can't get away with letting them loose. They need to be responsible for anything they said that is so damaging to the country and the duely elected President. And if found untrue, they need to be trial for treason and be punished to its maximum as allowed by law.

  • maynunal

    If Trump is Innocent;

    Here are key witnesses that have not been heard:

    • Rick Perry

    • Rudy Giuliani

    • Mike Pence

    • Mike Pompeo

    • Mick Mulvaney

    • John Bolton

    • Donald Trump

  • Charlie B

    As I see it the UNCAC gives Trump to ask for an investigation into corruption in Ukraine or any other country that signed the agreement.

  • Kevin Folsom

    The Dems are like a petulant child, not getting their own way, and holding their breath….One could only hope that they hold too long. Can you say " Room Temperature"?

  • Edwin Zakrzewski Jr

    The House Democrats should all be impeached and removed from office not the President Stick your pens Nancy were the sun don’t shine

  • Ivor Thomas

    What's interesting to me is that Trump has chosen two attorneys who also defended Jeffrey Epstein, the convicted pedophile. Trump also knew Epstein. So Alan Dershowitz and Kenneth Starr, both of whom defended a monster like Epstein are now defending Trump. In a strange way it all makes sense if you join all the dots.
    Please read George Conway's (husband of KellyAnne Conway no less) take on the absurdity of these men attempting to defend the Trump in The Washington Post.

  • Pat Downs

    Yes, it is indeed 'flawed from the beginning', but it's not Constitutionally flawed in any kind of direct sense. The House can 'Constitutionally' call anything they want 'high crimes and misdemeanors'. The Founders understood fully that this would be a political event, not a legal one. So they didn't exactly define those terms; unlike Treason, which is very specifically defined in the Constitution. The Articles sent over from the House are flawed only in that they make no logical sense and are a blatant attempt to politically unseat a duly elected President of the United States by artificially manipulating the Impeachment/Trial section of the Constitution for craven political gain.

  • Toga Tours

    he is president and not King! a liar and a cheater!…just ask about the $130,000 pay off to stormy Daniels "but Melania it doesn't rise to the level of cheating" sound a little flawed?

  • Daniel 4774

    This Turkey is half baked. Flawed. Using the constitution to harass the President of the people. He won fair and square. So much persecution for this President.

  • Sharon Watson

    Dismiss this unconstitutional impeachment smear campaign and charge Speaker Pelosi with abuse of power and treason against America. She is undermining our national security. Time to start arresting the traitors to America.

  • Nijel Vidler

    Joe Biden is right for once and when President Trump wins both Houses in 2020 he needs to do the following as a matter of urgency, that is: Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act — which prevents internet and news platforms from being sued, should immediately be revoked as a number one priority. For Zuckerberg and other platforms (like CNN, MSNBC, Washington Post, etc.) Biden said. “The protections of Section 230 should be revoked because it (Facebook) is not merely an internet company, it is propagating falsehoods they know to be false.” I would add YouTube to that list of corrupted internet platforms who are subverting US society and values in that they are wilfully engaging in restraint of trade and the censoring of free speech against YouTubers who support President Trump and/or who oppose left-wing ideologies and policies! 

    The United States needs to urgently enact new laws like United Kingdom's new Prime Minister Boris Johnson who is proposing tough new subversion laws for the United Kingdom to make it illegal to undermine Britain by carrying out political disruption or spreading disinformation. As a matter of urgency, the U.S. needs to enact similar laws and then rigorously enforce the laws each and every time a material breach of the law occurs — especially in the media, news and internet platforms, and rogue government officials, politicians, and members of Congress (viz., Schiff and Nadler for example) who should no longer have immunity if they wilfully engage in spreading lies and misinformation, or engage in criminal slander. 

    During a recent House subcommittee hearing—a former design ethicist at Google raised allegations that Facebook and other platforms are essentially brainwashing Americans and their children, rewiring their brains to accept disinformation in ways that will have a far-reaching and deleterious impacts on the societal fabric.

    The Republicans should have done that as a priority when they controlled both the House and Senate, but once again they were asleep at the wheel, and legally lazy and inept.

  • Jack Alterman

    It's only "flawed" because Drumpf is in serious trouble. If this were for Hillary, I guarantee that you would be calling for an impeachment. You f-ing hypocrites!

  • Jack Alterman

    When Drumpf tries to change the term limit rules or disputes the outcome of the next election, will you idiots see that as a violation of the constitution?

  • Inquisitive One

    This week is the moment of truth for Republicans. No turning back. We’ve already seen shameful behavior. We know they are not doing their jobs. We know some of them are bought and paid for by Russia. They will be on record that they won’t honor their oath for impartiality. Moving forward you’ll know they are corrupt. It will be confirmed all because they don’t want to lose their jobs and more. They were voted into office by their constituents but they are not working for them anymore. They are traitors too.

  • Unknown Person

    I remind everyone that the Obama administration in a quid pro quo forced Ukraine to fire general prosecutor Victor Shokin. Ukraine's previous administration replaced Victor Shokin with someone with absolutely no legal degree or experience. Tell me that was not a quid pro quo.

  • Nijel Vidler

    When and if President Trump gets re-elected in 2020 with a House and Senate majority, he needs to give some radical orders and take radical steps to rid the US of these deep state rats at all levels of government. He also needs to finish the wall starting immediately, introduce iron-clad immigration rules and iron-clad Federal rules-of-evidence for the House, and set in concrete legislation and rules that prevent seditious bastards like Schiff and Nadler from ever taking control of key positions ever again. Of course, President Trump needs to setup new systems for the FBI, CIA, DOJ, and the FISA Courts — and to prevent repeated Federal filings in one biased jurisdiction which has been having the effect of usurping the whole Federal court system across the US and undermining Federal governance (possible a rule that a singe jurisdiction can only accept a specific number of filings on similar matters). As a matter of urgency. President trump would also need to introduce strict laws to prevent the coordinated subversion and the coordinated spreading of misinformation and false political propaganda should be high-level Federal crimes (free speech is not absolute, e.g. yelling "fire, fire" in a crowded theatre is a crime) which should be be rigorously opposed and laws rigorously enforced on each and every material time that they occur. When such subversion occurs unchecked, then what happens is what is being witnessed in the United States for the past few years — chaos, sanctioned sedition, and usurping of the rule of law.

  • Wise One

    Well when you have a party that is intent on weaponizing not only the government but the constitution this is what you get, the big queswtion is where does that leave us going forward, the framers didn't envision an impeachment simply because one party controls the House, now what?. I am begging anyone who cares about this country to remove the Democrats from power for the forseeable future, until we can regain our senses, which the Dems have lost.

  • The Truth

    The house needs to pay back the wasted tax dollars out of their pockets. All these Dems are showing they are Communists. This is a Complete Sham. The Dems should all be removed from office, for this impeachment Sham! The President should call in the Marshalls office and have them arrested for perpetuating a Coup!

  • brenda north

    No such thing as perfect…well except Trump's phone call, (Snickers at orange, whiny-baby's ego and all his sweaty, stained trusses).

  • Bill Sanderson

    You know where else you can see a trial that bans witnesses or relevant documents??
    North Korea,
    Saudi Arabia
    Any Banana Republic you care to name.

  • steven Cohen- Musial

    I really don't know if everyone on this page realizes this or not but the "Articles of Impeachment" that Nancy Pelosi has finally handed over AND relinquished to the US Senate, does NOT contain ANY alleged crimes NOR indictments.
    Again, NO crimes, like Perjury or Bribery or Treason, as examples, are found anywhere in the Impeachment Documents.
    This is the FIRST TIME in US history that a President is being Impeached with NO alleged crimes cited or having been
    committed. The President's attorneys could actually ask for a Dismissal, based on those grounds. But, I believe our
    President will instruct his attorneys to use another approach.

  • Richard Wood

    This is certainly one President who can walk, chew gum and Make America Great Again while these Democrat traitors are continually tripping over themselves , while trying to bring him and thereby the country, down. A Giant amongst pygmies.

  • jim smith

    Pelosi, Schiff and Nadler are irrelevant Dinosaurs
    Impeachment possible, conceivable, desirable, feasible, imaginable but not highly probable

  • Jack Son

    At some point the big tent will come down, the clowns will all go back to their trailers and this circus will finally be over.

  • Bill Sanderson

    Who has ever heard of an AMERICAN trial that bans first party witnesses and relevant documents so that the definitive truth CANNOT come out?
    Me either.

  • Cornelius LEHANE

    Pin the tail on the Impeachment Donkey!!!!hahahahahahahaha! Liar- Watha Warren could ride the donkey to her Tee Pee!!! Hahahahahaha!

  • christoph paessler

    Trump shouts louder, thats the way, they act and argue! Same seems with the defense team for the more or less uninformed Trump club members.

  • Andro mache

    The only reason they want to get rid of Trump is because he won't allow them to tax people out of their vehicles. These congressmen screaming climate change are the exact same congressmen that banned rooftop solar. The exact same congressmen screaming climate change are the exact same congressmen who own stock in lithium batteries. Which the manufacturing of just one battery for an electric car creates more carbon emissions than every plane, train & automobile on earth combined running simultaneously 24/7 for a year.
    The very exact same congressmen screaming about Trump stopping war in Iran are the very exact same congressmen who own stock in Iranian oil. The more conflict the more money they make. The same congressmen screaming climate change are the exact same congressmen who own stock in energy. Don't forget two things. It takes carbon to generate electricity and there was more carbon in the atmosphere during the height of the Roman empire than there is now. So unless you believe the Romans were driving vehicles, participating in mass industrial manufacturing carbon had snarky nothing to do with climate change.

  • Carol Krenn

    Oh I will be watching. Come on Presidents defence team. Corner the rats into a corner like the rats they are. Please ensure you have them dems shaking in their boots. Drain that swamp!

  • roger marcus

    If there are no actual crimes…
     Why doesn't the House take back the articles and redo their accusations
    . Add the witnesses they want and re-present their argument…. 
    Solves everything..

  • Animegod

    The GOP had made it clear that we will have our trial rigged and throw away their oath of office for protecting the constitution. Any individual who supports trump after he constantly many times than they do not stand with our founders and us consitution. There will be a revolution or civil war if certain individuals continue to let this president remain in power.

  • jill bluerei

    Dumpy and McConnell want to do-away with two things: 1 – The Presidential oath (for Republicans), 2 – The US House of Representatives.

  • Bill Sanderson

    The Republicans are fully ready to fatally wound the impeachment provision identified in the constitution forever.
    It just goes to show them as the vicious, greedy charlatan "patriots" that they have always been.

  • mark heyne

    Too late. trump is Impeached already: next step, acquittal in the Senate. Just like in Clinton's case. Only difference, Republicans impeached Clinton for a Blowjob, the Dems have Impeached trump for abuse of power. Which of these non-crimes are more dangerous for the stability of the Republic? A moral failing that led Clinton to bring shame on the Office, or a political 'drug deal' that abused the President's right to make foreign policy?

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