Robô Universal: Crie um robô sem saber (quase) nada de MQL5 | Vilela One | Robô Trader Metatrader 5
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Robô Universal: Crie um robô sem saber (quase) nada de MQL5 | Vilela One | Robô Trader Metatrader 5

Each One’s free EA and each One’s Signal
is associated to an indicator. So we have a free “Bollinger Bands
Expert Advisor”, as well as we have
a “Bollinger Bands Signal”, that respects those indicator’s signals,
that operates according to this indicator. The Free Universal EA
and the Universal Signal works a little bit different.
They read an external indicator. So it’s possible
to plug an indicator on it. This indicator needs
to follow a pattern. It can’t be any indicator
downloaded from the internet. So having some programming skills
is necessary. All this programming skills
are covered in a course available on my website “Vilela.One”
or on my YouTube channel. It’s a pretty easy content.
It’s about only one hour. It’s focused on traders,
not on programmers. Everything is done considering
the person has no prerequisites, no previous knowledge on programming. So I think it’s pretty easy. This EA’s goal is to turn the programmer who only knows
how to make an indicator into a programmer
capable of developing a complex EA. Because the greatest difficulty
on developing the EA is not, in essence,
defining where it’ll go long or where it’ll go short. It isn’t on sending an order either,
or not sending an order. It’s in the complexity
of treating this order, on analyzing errors,
whether it was sent or not, adding all levels,
“Stop Loss”, “Take Profit”, “Partial Entries”, “Partial Exits”,
“Break Even”, “Trailling Stop”, “Trading Periods”. All of this is the cause
for the EA complexity. It’s gathering all these functionalities
in just one thing and making it all work
on a real account, dealing with the errors
that happen on the real account. So this is the power of this tool: transforming a programmer
with poor skills on programming, who only knows
how to make an indicator, into a programmer
capable of developing a complete EA with all kind of necessary resources. And when it comes to One, also join this indicator
developed by the programmer with other indicators
already available on One, which are over 50. Let’s take a look at it working. We have the “Dunnigan” indicator
here on the right and the code made to create this indicator
here on the left. For those who don’t know “Dunnigan’s Setup”,
that’s how it works: If we have a High
lower than the previous High and a Low
lower than the previous Low, then we have a “Low Dunnigan”
which is a “Go Short Signal”. If we have a Low
greater than the previous Low and a High
greater than the previous High, then we have a “High Dunnigan”,
which is a “Go Long Signal”. Here is the code needed
to create this indicator. I believe that for those
who don’t makes code it may look complicated
at first sight, lots of codes and stuff. But this code here until this part here was completely created
by MetaTrader. Everything in blue
was created by MetaTrader. This was the part
we actually wrote. This was the code actually created
in order to generate this indicator. There is a sequence of videos
on my YouTube channel that explain how to create an indicator
until this point, step by step, it’s really easy,
designed for traders, not for programmers. I consider it’s really easy
to get to this point of generating an indicator
of this level of Dunnigan. Here we have
the Universal Expert Advisor. These are the parameters, all functionalities
that the EA will add to the indicator, besides operating itself
using the signal, with no extra programming. Here we have the “Entry”, we can choose the type of operation
“Long and Short”. operated “Volume”, the “Stop Loss”,
“Temporal Stop”, “Trailling Stop”, “Break Even” options, “Partial Exits”, “Partial Entries”,
“Take Profit”, “Daily Boundaries”, and “Trending Periods”. If we simply run the EA with no settings,
it will give us the following error: “You need to fill out
an indicator’s path.” So basically it’s all we need
to make it to get started. I have a Dunnigan indicator
that I’ve showed you in this file. Inside the “Universal” folder
is the “Dunnigan” indicator. I’ve filled it out.
I’ll set it to run now. Done. We have a Dunnigan indicator
running inside the EA with all EA’s available possibilities. Let’s set it up so that we can have
some resources being used. I’ll fill it out with any value
just for us to have something working. I’ll set “Stop Loss” as “100” points,
“Break Even” as “200” points, “Partial Exit” as “300”
with a “Volume” of “1” contract, “Take Profit” of “500” points,
and I’ll set it to begin at “10:00 AM”. Those are some examples
of the EA’s available resources. Let’s run it to see it working. Here is the EA running
now with our settings. It’s not operating yet
because it’s not 10:00 AM, we set it to operate from 10:00 AM,
which is this blue line here. Let’s try to pause as soon
as it makes an operation. Right. Here we have all levels:
“Stop Loss”, “Break Even”, “Partial Exit” and “Take Profit”
that we’ve set. If it reaches one of these levels,
it’ll execute the necessary operation. Here it reached the Stop,
for example. Everything as we’ve set. The results here are bad obviously, because I’ve set random values,
I didn’t care much. The next step
would be an optimization. Let’s take a look at other indicator, a little more complex indicator,
with more parameters now. Here is the “Candle Sequence” indicator, running three Candles
on the sequence on the same direction. One, two, three “Low Candles”.
Here it indicated a Short. One, two, three “High Candles”.
Here it indicated a Long. This is its settings. Here we have this indicator’s code, a little more complex than Dunnigan,
but still with few lines. It has an input parameter
called “Counting”, Here on “Counting” it is set as “3”. And this generates for us
a parameter on it. From “Counting: 3” we can
change to “2” for instance. From now on, one, two, Long, one, two, Long, one, two, Short,
one, two, Short. So this is the indicator’s logic. Now we’ll take a look at how this indicator works
on the Universal EA. Once more all I need to do
is to set the indicator’s path. Its name is “Sequence”
and it’s inside the “Universal” folder. So “UniversalSequence”.
And I can set it to run. And here it is running. I’ll let it give an entry signal. Done. There is a Long Signal, it Gone Long.
There is a Short Signal, it Gone Short. One, two, three “High Candles”. One, two, three “Short Candles”.
that’s its pattern. However this indicator has an advantage
compared to Dunnigan indicator. It has an “Entry Parameter”. So it’s possible to set
a parameter as “Type: Integer Number”. The first as “Integer Number”. For instance one, two, three.
They can’t be fractions. That’s why I select it here. And I set the value.
So I can change it here to “2”, and run it again. Now we have it running.
Analyzing two Candles at a time. Here we have one, two “Low Candles”.
So it Gone Short. Here, one, two “High Candles”.
So it Gone Long. Now what we can do
is to optimize this parameter. Let’s take a look here then. I’ll analyze the “Timeframe”. What it would be,
always important to emphasize, what “would” be the best result
for this indicator. Let’s test from 1 minute up to 1 hour.
Twelve test options. And I’ll test its Value, which is the parameter that indicates
the quantity of Candles in sequence to give the signal. I’ll test starting at “1”,
going through “1 by 1” up to “10”. That means there are “10” possibilities.
12 times 10 equals 120. So there are “120” different combinations
of parameters for it to test. Let’s see how it works. Here we have
the optimization results. The result with the best value,
with the best evaluation function, was 15% per year,
but it executed only 9 tradings. So it’s a difficult result
to be taken into consideration. Let’s get back here. A great value,
but with enough operations… here, 75. Kevin David recommends at least 100,
but let’s just use 75 to take a look. Its a way more interesting chart. Here are the results. Here we have “996” operations. Let’s take a look at the result. So here… At this one with “996” operations
there was a R$ 4.500,00 profit. So it took “1 minute”
operating sequences of “5 bars”. The best result took “20 minutes”
operating in sequences of “9 bars”, that’s why there are
so few operations. Imagine nine bars in sequence
in a 20 minutes timeframe. It’s a very unusual operation result. We can take a look
at the highest profit as well. It was a R$ 4.500,00 profit.
It was exactly the last one we tested. That was Universal EA
and the Universal Signal for One. If you have any doubt,
any critical opinion, any suggestion,
leave a comment down here. I you want to be updated
on One’s news and EA investors market news, subscribe to the channel
down here, OK? See you next video.



    Oi Henrique, consegui instalar porem não aparece as caixas de seleção para fazer os testes como melhor timeframe por exemplo

  • Janice Correa

    Parabéns! Adorei os robôs
    Perguntinha… depois que ele rodou exemplo 6 horas ( que eu programei) ele não zera para o dia seguinte? Começa com valor zero.
    O meu inicia no dia seguinte com o valor do lucro do dia anterior.
    Como faço para zerar ele diariamente?
    Obrigada! e Parabéns de novo!

  • Luciano Augusto Rodrigues Gomes Mendes

    Cara, você só mostrou como funciona depois… Eu baixei e não to entendendo nada, o que faz pra isso funcionar e abrir o programa? Só aparece um nome de arquivos no winrar eu clico pra abrir não abre nada…

  • Giancarlo Gentile

    Oi, Vilela. Baixei o Universal e vieram vários arquivos no pacote. Os arquivos com nome no formato "Vilela XXXXX Univesal" são os indicadores no formato "especial"que você disse que deveriam estar, é isso? O robô universal é o "Vilela Universal". Os outros com nome no formato "Vilela Universal XXX", são tbm indicadores?

  • Diego Santos

    Boa noite meu amigo, gostaria de saber porque o Robô não esta funcionando… No meu quando eu ligo o Robô, automaticamente ele desativa a negociação automática, você poderia me ajudar por favor? Obrigado, aguardo seu contato! Meu whatsApp 83998286798

  • Giancarlo Gentile

    Olá, Henrique. Estou estudando esse robô e gostaria de usar os indicadores apenas para entrar na operação. Quero deixar a saída para os stops (loss e móvel). É possível?

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    Boa noite. Coloquei os indicadores dentro da pasta "MQL5|Indicators", ativei o robo "Vilela Universal", mas na hora que coloco o caminho do indicador aparece um erro "Não foi possível carregar o indicador Dunnigan". E no mesmo pop-up aparece uma 2a mensagem: "4802: Indicador não pode ser criado".
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  • Renan Honorio

    Oi amigo parabéns pelo trabalho e pela cooperação, eu preciso criar um indicador simples que me dê alerta quando se intercala candles de alta e baixa em uma mesma sequência , será que teria como você me ajudar?

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    Bom dia amigo
    Baixei o seu robô macd!
    No backtest funcionou perfeitamente, porém quando coloquei em conta real, No sinal de operação aparece uma msg
    "Ordem rejeitada error 100006?
    Se puderes me ajudar ficaria grato!

  • Rafael Lupo

    Vilela, deixa eu te fazer uma pergunta rápida: Considerando que o robô faz a leitura de VendaBuffer e CompraBuffer para os sinais de compra e venda, ele também segue o valor que está no buffer como preço de entrada? Ou ele entra a mercado assim que dá o sinal? Outra coisa, no stop móvel, tem a opção UNIVERSAL, seria um outro buffer do indicador para controlar o stop?

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  • Abraão Lima

    Boa Noite!

    Gostaria de saber, se existe a possibilidade de fechar várias posições aos mesmo tempo?


    Estou com 10 posições em negociação, algumas em lucro outras em prejuízo.

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    E fechando todas de uma só vez, garantiria os 20 dólares ou muito próximo a ele.

    Desde já agradeço,

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