Ron Paul on Gay Marriage
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Ron Paul on Gay Marriage

Congressman Paul, to you, on the subject of
one of the core debates in the party, over social issues: gay marriage. You’ve been quoted as saying, Any association
that’s voluntary should be permissible in a free society. And you’ve expressed your
opposition to a constitutional ban on gay marriage. Many of your rivals on that stage disagree.
Why are they wrong? I’m afraid I haven’t been able to get most
of your question. I know you brought up the subject of gay marriage, but I didn’t get
the point of what you’re saying. I can’t hear it that well. Why are on those stage who support a constitutional
amendment banning gay marriage wrong? OK. Well, if you believe in federalism, it’s
better that we allow these things to be left to the state. My personal belief is that marriage
is a religious ceremony. And it should be dealt with religiously. The
state really shouldn’t be involved. The state, both federal and state-wise, got involved
mostly for health reasons 100 years or so ago. But this should be a religious matter. All
voluntary associations, whether they’re economic or social, should be protected by the law.
But to amend the Constitution is totally unnecessary to define something that’s already in the
dictionary. We do know what marriage is about. We don’t
need a new definition or argue over a definition and have an amendment to the Constitution.
To me, it just seems so unnecessary to do that. It’s very simply that the states should
be out of that business, and the states — I mean, the states should be able to handle
this. The federal government should be out of it. There’s no need for the federal government
to be involved in this. You can accomplish this without waiting five or ten or 15 years.
The authority can be put in the states by mere voting in the Congress. (APPLAUSE)


  • Karen Butcher

    The biggest reason for people to want Gay marriage banned is because it "hurts" the traditional form of marriage. If that is so will we start to regulate other things that hurt traditional marriage? Where does it end?
    I agree totally with his assessment that it is a "religious" issue. I believe the answers for things like this lie in the pulpits of America not legislation from the government.

  • Connor Johnston

    @leangk says who? regardless of whether you think gay marriage is okay or not do you use authoritarian means to stop it?

  • Him Bike

    @VilianRibeiro i doubt seriously if every man and woman in LA were asked if they were gay or not and 5.6 % said they were gay. Like Mark Twain said, "there are lies there are dam lies and there are statistics." And exactly how do u count those like a friend of mine who said she was gay at 18 and got married to a man at 30 and now has 2 kids?

  • BCBtheBeastlyBeast

    @Redtsar999 That's got to to be the dumbest comment I've ever read. Congratulations. I'm sure you're at a least a semi-intelligent guy, but this comment is just dumb. I'm not going to bother explaining why- you should be able to figure out why.

  • westauxwaitaks

    marriage is sacred an it shouldnt be subjected to unatural conflicting behaviour to same sex marry is to have the sun shine at night
    the world is certainly shyte 1 group of men fucks it while another group fucks each other

  • BigRickrotrpartycrew

    I can see both sides(no pun intended) of this. On the one hand, it isn't really any of my business what two people are doing. on the other hand, being married or in a domestic partnership means you get a tax break. so i guess as long as the government is promoting marriage through giving tax breaks to married couples, shouldn't they have an interest in who is getting married?

  • westauxwaitaks

    @OkyndigP what a load of horse poo man, u obviously need a lesson in history !
    babylonians ??? u must commit such acts with men to find or to be taught false doctrine to justify whatever it is youre doing. I advise u to end your lust for unatural flesh whilst you still have have time.

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