Rosenstein Discussing 25Th Amendment Shows Significant Chaos After Comey Firing | MTP Daily | MSNBC
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Rosenstein Discussing 25Th Amendment Shows Significant Chaos After Comey Firing | MTP Daily | MSNBC


  • whalesong999

    "Serve at the Pleasure of the President" needs a clarification of terms because what pleases this president is not in the best interests of the office or the country. These folks are going to have to redefine terms and objectives to serve the law, not the pleasure of this president.

  • Oba*** Man

    Emphatically Donald Trump used Rod Rosenstein to get James Comey fired, then Donald Trump admitted on national TV with Lester holt , that he fired James Comey because of the RUSHER THING, Trump is mentally breaking down .

  • David Halseth

    Well this is just the beginning of all the truth coming out Kids. Good bye to the swampers…. Nobody wants to see anyone lose their jobs..unless they deserve it..and Rosenstein deserves it.

  • Nagarjun Subbarao

    Fun watching 'Sleepy eyes' Chuck Todd defend Rod for 7 Minutes. Well, he didn't call his peers at the NYT, Trump's Echo Chamber Fox atleast.

  • zoo judy

    When hasn't it been a chaotic time since the Donald entered the picture. Most everyone realized immediately this is an ignorant wacko that got elected. Why is it a surprise that those with respect for the presidency and with some power would stay on top of contingency plans if he imploded. Who knew that the entire Republican Congress would keep their heads in the sand and let him be a god ruling the country unleashed.

  • Civil Villain

    Does anyone (other than classless insecure jackasses) want a president who taunts another man by asking what it's like to have a loser for a wife?

  • Alfred Degiorgio

    The November elections shall provide the answer to a question being asked here and overseas. Does America deserve to have an unhinged president and a Congress controlled by ex-GOP whores who betray their oath-of-office daily? If we elect enough of Trump's ex-GOP whores to retain full control of Congress the answer is YES! We shall deserve all they do to further weaken and corrupt our country!

  • She's my President

    Keep the WHITE HOUSE ORANGE !! Trump is making America Great again and MSNBC is pushing an agenda to crash the economy , turn you and your family into cannibals only after you eat your pets like they did in VENEZUELA ! If you love your PETS Support TRUMP otherwise they are dead meat if we go where MSNBC is trying to take us!!!!!! MSNC = ShadowGovernment Propaganda !!!!!!! See thru their agenda!!!!!!

  • She's my President

    95% of the MSNBC COMMENTERS are bought and paid for by ShadowGovernment Pedofile elitists that HATE TRUMP and the American people @! We have them so busted thanx to paid research ! We are watching YOU all and you cannot hide now !!!!

  • Creator

    So let me get this straight, TRUMP asks ROSENSTEIN to write a memo about COMEY'S handling of the CLINTON investigation and then uses this memo to fire COMEY, but he then tells LESTER HOLT he fired COMEY because of "the Russia thing" which prompts ROSENSTEIN to appoint a special counsel to investigate the "Russia thing" and TRUMP'S involvment in it. So then TRUMP spends the next year purging the DOJ of all those who can testify against him and those who were investigating his ties to Russia, and now he is trying to use ROSENSTEIN'S correct ascertain that TRUMP was out of control when he fired COMEY as a reason to now fire ROSENSTEIN and stop the investigation into him.

    Have I got that right?

  • ruth depew

    For the first time in my memory, the NYT got conned big time. The fired lying McCabe wrote some highly pejorative memos during a time of strife and high emotion. An unfortunate thing or two may have been said, but nothing unfortunate occurred. A small contingent of malcontents want Rosenstein fired and the Mueller probe shutdown. It would be wrong for that to happen.

  • Michael Moore

    What a stupid political gossip hack show… Here come the expert idiots with a suit on. We all benefit knowing the truth of the criminal corruption of the FBI. The victim type mentally of the democrats is turning democrats into whining, conniving, lying nutcases. What a embarrassment for normal sane humans to watch

  • lucky Tiger

    What if what if . You are all just causing chaos . Everybody should just shut up and stop muddying the waters . Looks like everybody wants to be the one to cry " WOLF WOLF"

  • Michael Moore

    You would have to be a fool to think this political hack show is honest news.. Is Boris and Natasha still hiding in your wardrobe….

  • Claudy TheArtist

    Trump’s a Traitor and the Traitor is a Liar… Trump’s compromised… Trump is obviously a Traitor and we patiently wait for the Honorable Robert Mueller’s Report and just a reminder something that is never mentioned, we do have a Scientific check on our voting with the reliable Exit Polls being the most accurate of Polling Science as used by the United Nations and The Carter Center… “All” the Exit Polls were systemically off and did not match Trump’s “victory”….

  • Sept Care Ltd

    They are providing a move because of Cohen communication to Mueeler and silent lamb with Manafort. Guilliani has fabricated this, Sakalow failed with his approach.

  • Yang-It-Yin

    Trump and his Republican accomplices have had years of practice in dirty tricks. So when honest people of integrity have to confront them they stand small chance to fight them. As a snake that first stuns its victim be releasing its poison, then it starts to constrict to suffocate them. Ethical people are stunned by that audacity of actions of the GOP & Trump that is places them in a state of confusion, then it is too late. So If laws and rules are in the way, and if there is no way around or changing the law, they resort to creating confusion & distortion, and hammer at a pillar of a secondary element that vaguely is related to a detail of the law.

  • Longhorn Fan Forever

    They better find something on Trump quickly or Rothestein and Mueller will be fired. Knowing him he will not hesitate. He's looking at it as an opportunity.

  • Lioness Basden

    Mostly all of the people who have damaging information is remaining silent ,you rarely hear anything from them , all of the tin cans making noise are rattling the loudest and often in those cases are the ones that take great falls..Trump has proven time and time again that he himself is CLUELESS
    HE seriously thinks the WH is about him and loyalty to him..ummmm NO it's about upholding the Constitution..Why be loyal to Trump ,he isn't loyal to anyone not even himself.

  • Steph Ss

    That was really tough to watch; between the host constantly interrupting, and the guest seems hyper uncomfortable and not forthcoming. Like walking on eggshells. So what if Rosenstein was wearing a wire… everyone is. They work for a lieing narcissistic dictator.

  • Victor Carter

    MSNBC has been supporting the coverup for the cabal of people who conspired to let Hillary off and then tried to cover thrir tracks for nearly two years. …. MSNBC cannot be considered a legitimate news station…..this hugh story has been know for nearly a year, proof of all kinds of shenanigans including a coup BUT CNN/MSNBC refused to cover the largest corruption and abuse of power….refused to share information they had.

  • Jody Powell

    Drain the swamp of Democrats like President Trump he was going to do on he campaign. No proof of collusion MSNBC for 2 years. CNN and MSNBC nothing but lies!!!!!

  • Angus McKenzie

    Panic is setting in, the rats have no where to hide, and this buffering baboon does nothing to protect the guilty, they will all fall one by one. Funny you don't get Trump those who dislike Trump, you get the haters, hate everything about him, "Main Stream Media Zombies" why do the MSM hate him, he won, he was elected……what are they scared off, the Militry Intel that support Trump…good by Rob, goodbye Comey, goodbye Hilary and goodbye the rest of the garbage…God Bless America!

  • D. H.

    "Pleasure of the President" sounds like you do what he says no matter what. No. He's not a king. There are people around him that are there to help, but the minute they become puppets we're in deep trouble. They need to see that Trump is not suitable for the position of President of The United States. Use the 25th Amendment. Before he does something horrendous. Vote this November!

  • xlioilx

    Communist Rosenstein is getting desperate I can't believe DemoKKKrats are so stupid to believe that anyone could invoke 25th amendment There would be a instant civil war and liberal loonitic leftists who are disarmed would all be neutralized instantly.

  • xlioilx

    it's down to the racist communist leftists VS the nationalist Americans. BTW I'm black so don't steal my color calling me racist for being a nationalist. I know how Liberals are racists by using identity politics.


    This is an obvious set up for POTUS Trump to get involved, and to take over the DOJ, and shut down everything, effective immediately. Watch FOXnews for further instructions.

  • Shawn Bergman

    They all work for Soros accept for Trump and Putin so yeah the main stream media demonizes both of them. Those you call patriots are global lackeys who are the very antithesis of patriotic. Their bosses no longer see borders as in their minds we are all commodities. The liberals have a serious case of Stockholm syndrome by loving their captors.

  • Lauranicole84


  • Elaine Johnson

    If Trump fires everyone who thinks we should impeach him/ indict him/enact our 25th Amendment Constitutional Rights we will have no one left in the government except Kellyanne Conway and Sarah Sanders.

  • Carlos Garza

    No get out of jail free for TRUMP. He will be buried if he fires Mueller. And not unlike THE sole juror holdout in Manafort case, Trump will 100% bury him and friends. The far reaching and battle cry Will bring on the furor, and no charges will be left in files. This creates a merciless prosecutor which will definitely guarantee the Republican party, all players will be brought in including Devin Nunez's, maybe Paul Ryan, on and on. Ugly is a fine way to proceed. BRING IT ON TRUMP. TRUMP HAS OFFICIALLY BROUGHT A GUARANTEE FOR MIDTERMS TO GO to Democratic candidates. 20 years for Republicans to dig OUT. Mueller and the truth will prevail.

  • SBSistheTruth

    Wittes seems very conflicted in what he is saying. Comey's buddy. It's all unraveling for the conspirators and Trump's leverage is increasing. Great times.

  • Philip Fontaine

    NYT must be believed ,, right? They all of a sudden release a report , casting doubt on Rosenstein . WHY ? Sounds like a baited trap , it certainly raises red flags .

  • Wilson

    The Spanish Inquisition (15th century), Salem Witch Trials (17th century), Holocaust (20th century), U.S. Republican Party (2017 – 2018).

  • Trump to Power

    Trump is brilliant by allowing his subordinates to hang themselves on their own rope of insubordination. Don't mess with a tricksy alpha male

  • Nettie Watkins

    Oh that is important is that Rosenstein did not wear a wire. People can have thoughts and ideas and not act upon them and they are not guilty of having a thought. Rosenstein therefore did nothing wrong. He did not think of anything the rest of us have not thought of. In fact I think of a lot worse things every single day as we are living in a nightmare

  • Helmut Christian Tomas

    That is a smear campaign against Rod Rosenstein. He never suggested that he would be wired when going to Trump, but on the contrary his wording clearly indicates that he ridiculed the idea ("What shall I do? Wire myself up?").
    This "report" was launched anonymously and probably by one of Trump's last WH staffers who are supporting him. Now even the channels who are supposed to be objective and fact oriented jump on the train of cheap sensationalism.
    That wrong information is aimed at creating a subterfuge for Trump to fire Rosenstein which is not connected to the Mueller investigation; fact is that this still is the reason to fire him as fast as possible since Cohen and Manafort are intensifying their collaboration with Robert Mueller III and DJT may already be wearing diapers.
    Next week the NYT may boast itself of having ended the Mueller investigation single handed.

  • pat rpr

    Wasn't it Steve Bannon who was bringing up 25th amendment to donald constantly during this period?
    Plus where is the story? His whole staff tapes him, and have a hastag for the 25th amendment. … what else is new.

  • Gavin

    Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha
    Fake news reporting on fake news from a fake news network..
    Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha
    A conspiracy theory does not send Anyone to Prison.
    Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

  • Jackie Roberts

    Who wasn`t talking about the 25th ? My kids were asking me , can`t we get him OUT with the 25th . I mean clearly Trump is not mentally capable , clearly [ after Helsinki } everyone can see he is an agent of Putin , even Putin said , out loud he interferred to help elect Trump .

  • Corey Morrell

    Trump said, and I quote, “Whenever you see a story with an anonymous source, just ignore it. It’s fake news. Especially if it’s the failing New York Times.” I wonder if he will ignore his own advice this time.

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