Russia’s Little Green Men Enter Ukraine: Russian Roulette in Ukraine
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Russia’s Little Green Men Enter Ukraine: Russian Roulette in Ukraine

So we’re outside a Ukrainian military base here in Crimea, but the soldiers over here are Russian They’re from the basin Sevastopol the Russian naval base And they showed up here early this morning tried to get into the base But the Ukrainian soldiers here told them that if they did they would fire back So there’s been quite a tense standoff here for the last few hours With the Ukrainians behind the gate here and the Russian seems to be Marines all along the perimeter of the base Russia’s Parliament has just authorized a military invasion of the Crimean, Peninsula here in Ukraine and what’s been happening so far is that Russian soldiers have been going up to various Ukrainian bases and Trying to take them over last night. They managed to capture a Ukrainian naval base in balaclava and this morning They’ve showed up to this army base So the Ukrainian commander of this base just had some negotiations with the Russian commander and Essentially long story short they’ve agreed to say if you don’t shoot we won’t shoot The Russian it’s hard to tell whether it’s genuine or whether these people just sense that the winds of change coming through I Really wouldn’t want to be the Ukrainian soldiers standing behind this gate right now. There are a lot worse equipped They’re cut off from the mainland, and they’re surrounded by Russian Special Forces So I think these guys got their training from the guards outside of Buckingham Palace because they’re not saying a word to anybody As we need even more to discuss Isis Cucuy Basel is Kokua strongly. You know it’s a treat. It’s not a coup which were pros Yeah, they don’t want to say anything they’re not wearing any insignia, but it’s pretty clear that they’re Russian So the big question everybody is asking themselves right now is what is the rest of the world going to do because Putin’s announced that he’s brought troops here in order to protect Russian speakers and Russian citizens inside Ukraine but What the United States? And what the UK and the other world powers are going to do next is going to have a lot to do with? Putin’s next step You


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