S. Korea to make pre-announcement of legislative revision to remove Japan from trade ‘white list’
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S. Korea to make pre-announcement of legislative revision to remove Japan from trade ‘white list’

the South Korean government is due to
make the pre announcement of the revision to the public notice on trade
of strategic items in a move to remove Japan from its whitelist of trusted
trading partners service trade ministry says the pre announcement will be posted
online today and it will receive public opinions on the revision for 20 days the
revision aims to downgrade Japan’s fast track status one notch and establish a
new classification in sirs export system with the revision in place the process
for South Korean companies importing strategic materials and products from
Japan will require more documents than may take as many as 15 days rather than
the current five


  • Jo Ryugu

    This is retaliation or revenge. Psychologists say, based on their scientific research, that those who are tempted to revenge get mentally depressed. Also, revengeful people are sadists, they say. It makes sense because Moon is saying, “South Korea could win against Japan.” Sadists are those who find pleasure from others suffering or losing. South Korea seems to be a sadist as a nation who takes pleasure from Japan losing or suffering. The current and past South Korean governments have fanned South Koreans’ anti-Japan sentient. It seems as if South Korea as a nation has been revengeful for so long that it’s suffering from psychological depression and the situation is getting even worse. South Koreans has a long history of oppression by China. Maybe South Korea as a whole need psychiatric treatment, not economic preferential treatment from Japan and the rest of the world. Seriously. Revenge never brings peace. And revenge need to be cured by those who has revenge, basically. South Koreans, given that SK governments never stop anti-Japan movements, your citizens will even get depressed. It is time for you to realize it, and start finding solutions for yourselves. Don’t be revengeful, but be peaceful for yourselves.

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