Santa Claus vs Halloween Horror Nights Universal Orlando Resort (2019)
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Santa Claus vs Halloween Horror Nights Universal Orlando Resort (2019)

[ Horror Sounds ]>>Announcer: I bet you’re probably wondering how
these two ended up in this rather hairy situation. With less than 100 days until Christmas Santa and his elves started decorating a
bit earlier this year for it’s never too soon for the holidays.>>Giggles: Here?>>Santa Claus: Yeah a little more to the left…>>Giggles: Here?>>Santa Claus: Just a reindeers hair to the right…>>Giggles: Here?>>Santa Claus: Perfect.>>Giggles: Another 783 trees tomorrow. (Santa Claus: laughing)>>Santa Claus: Now let’s go home. You know how Mrs. Claus can get a little
feisty when the cookies get cold.>>Giggles: Oh, Santa. I’m so excited there’s gonna be parades and candy canes and snow and oh we put
some white lights on that tree! [ coughing ] What is that smell!>>Santa Claus: Oh giggles, I believe we’ve gone the wrong way.>>Announcer: It didn’t take them long to realize that this was definitely not the North Pole.>>Giggles: Maybe they have a phone? [ Music ]>>Giggles: Santa… Santa… You know what, Santa, I think we’re going to need a phone. Oh camp! I love camp! [ Screaming ] Alright… ok… we’re fine…everything’s fine… Santa. Santa do you see what’s happening!? Oh! Oh, he’s not breathing! He’s not breathing! [ Yeti Growling ] [ Screaming ] I just want to make toys to make kids happy. [ Screaming ] Santa! Naughty list! Naughty list! Ok, ok. [ Screaming ] I’m just not going to roast a fire… oh that was scary!>>Santa Claus: Every single one of them is going on the
naughty list. Every single one.>>Giggles: Yup, what’s what I told them.>>Santa Claus: Christmas can’t come soon enough.>>Announcer: Although Santa and Giggles have nothing to be afraid of now. By the time they return home, Mrs. Claus’s cookies will indeed be cold.>>Giggles: Wait, what happened to sprinkles and tinsel? [ Screaming ]

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