SC Legislation HIM Walkthrough
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SC Legislation HIM Walkthrough

I’m Diana Finkle, Online Librarian with GTC
Libraries and I’m going to cover how to find and access
2 sections of SC Legislation that are relevant to Greenville Tech’s Health
Information Management program. First, we will start at the SC Legislature
main page: The first item we need is within S.C. Code
of Laws If we know the title and chapter numbers,
we can go under South Carolina Law, Code of Laws, and find the item by title and then chapter
number or search the full text here. I do not know the title and chapter number
exactly, so I’m going to return to the homepage and
use the Quick Search box. I need something about health information, specifically about physician patient records. I know it is with the Code of Laws, so I select that radio button. I’m going to first try searching for “health”
within the Code of Laws. You can press Enter or select the magnifying
glass to search. The less specific I am, the more records I
generally have to look through. This has located 491 items that deal with
health, so I’m going to try something more specific. I know this deals with patient records, so
I’m going to type “patient records” in this box, which is now searching just the Code of Laws, and that provides me with a much more reasonable
9 results. I can scroll through these and find the title
and chapter number that I need, specifically “Physicians Patient Records Act.” I can click the chapter link, and it will take me to that specific section. Now I need to find the S.C. Code of Regulations
item concerning minimum standards for hospitals
and infirmaries, so I’m going to return to the main page. In the Quick Search section, I do not see
an option for Code of Regulations but there is a “more” link so I will click
that. Now Code of Regulations is provided, so I’ll
select that radio button. I do not know the title or chapter number, so I’m going to pick a key word or phrase
describing the information I need. “Minimum standards” seems like it might me
specific enough, so I’m going to try searching for that. This provides me with 30 results. That’s not
too many to look through – I have done that and know the result is actually
on the second page – so I’m going to try something a little more
specific and see if I can get a little fewer results. I know this deals with hospitals and infirmaries
and that “infirmaries” is not a very common word, so I’m going to see if searching for that
might help me get fewer results. This does provide me with only 5 results, and the one I need is second on the list so I can click the chapter name and be taken
directly to that information. If you have any trouble accessing either of
these web documents, please ask your instructor for help.

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