SCARY MONSTERS!  Universal Studios Horror Make-up Show
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SCARY MONSTERS! Universal Studios Horror Make-up Show

Go ahead up Do I have to? both of them? thank you, we won’t say your name look actually scared you spooked out by any
of this Hey coming back to look at some horror
movie memorabilia right girls you like it you scared don’t be scared
it came from outer space good movie and three dimensions I’ve seen every one of
these movies there it starts with Dracula that’s an actual lon chaney face
mask creepy who though it’s really creepy there’s the bust of lon chaney himself
you could see me what do you think Addie Dracula look at that oh and the big boots to make them look
taller look it is the Phantom himself do you know we put wires up his nose
Jillian to do that The werewolf Lon Chaney jr. Creature from the Black Lagoon Webbed paw Alfred Hitchcock look
Jillian he says always make the audience suffer as much as possible hmm is that
what we do Norman Bates and mother to Mask ofTippi Hedren and of course the munsters it’s like grandpa monster my goodness it came from outer space you spooked out by any of this not really just standard stuff Hunchback
of Notre Dame nose Steven Spielberg created the
summer blockbuster with Jaws Addie where’s Addie Addie keeping a safe distance perhaps from the Velociraptor can we get a
picture you get right up under his head there he’s gonna bite ya you get higher
than that hey look actually scared Chucky poor Chucky he’s always having
some problems isn’t he the grinch well this is special effects
it’s not horror that it is special effects
there’s the appliances and there’s from the legend look at that that’s crazy
that’s also pretty crazy I think we got some footage of this already that is one
big sarcophagus I don’t know is that from a movie oh this is for their fright nights I see very cool I gotta get me a hat like that
one look at that hat oh he’s an actual jack-in-the-box he’s not just a clown I
say that’s scary Addie is not scared but she appreciates
it yes you guys excited for the show what is it
horror show horror makeup do you know Slimers on the wall behind you no huh
oh look at this what is happening here oh my goodness Addie look at that oh look Terminator terminator get in the chopper that’s a Woo-ism life-size Slimer for a mere 1625 Oh a life-sized Chucky for a mere 650 is
it signed by Chucky himself this is ghostbusters 2 lots of movie stuff huh it’s a mr.
fusion those big ET in the other time plate they don’t have Quint being eaten by a
jaws although they do have just plain fish with Quint in happier days he’s got
two tongues and maybe that’s supposed to be the back of his throat yeah
that I love that Kong face this is a cool store why don’t we have
one of these back home injured Darryl Addis that at our plane is that Harry Potter’s castle you’re gonna eat there I hope so
there’s the big Universal globe you enjoyed yourself are you enjoying
yourself I’m having fun how about you enjoying yourself

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