School Celebrates ‘Redneck Day’
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School Celebrates ‘Redneck Day’

Queen Creek High School in Arizona I
decided to have something known as redneck day to really amp up school spirit right
before prom and some people were very upset by this
namely some civil rights leaders and some students minority students they go
to the high school and felt like they were being I discriminated against so there was one
student who actually showed up wearing a confederate flag and not upset a lot of people up namely minority students in civil rights
leaders so now course whenever the stories come up argument can be made as
to whether or not the confederate flag as offensive some people will say that looked at the
the Civil War had to do with states rights it had to do with property rights
of economic ride the property just happen
to be african-american is likely I’m not I’m not buying any a ride in a states
rights just happen to be the right to do slavery but no really was about as a toward I
ideological things not about slavery itself not about race
and no so from what I understand redneck day was just to celebrate redneck culture was early to make fun of
it and I i don’t think that it was intended to make fun of minority
students are make minority students feel bad but nonetheless they did feel bad about
it and now the Department of Education is investigating it and they release the following statement
the deal he will determine the remedy including moderating conversation
between school administrators and civil rights community leaders to shape new
policy in racism prevention measures Katniss okay so this many things to say
here for small I don’t understand who thought this was
a good idea this it could only go wrong he can’t go right yeah
because your either making fun to rednecks and that’s not called her not fully
there yet at a high school especially when it’s one thing if you’re have a conversation among friends are
growing jobs et cetera or you’re celebrating rednecks which
then of course you guys gonna come to
confront why would you think he was gonna come in i mean if they’re going to
outfits well so they come in great they say that
it was a fun way to pose a redneck day to Bill school spirit leading up the
problem week what who authorized his house through
but are you as I’m reading about this school I just its a complete 180 from the
school I went to you later celebrate school spirit my school had
Peace Day where we lay off nearly gave way to your lab that likes to do not
write their own political speeches and give speeches in front of the entire
school no I don’t really want to be like you
yeah he like all I gotta let me tell you about women’s rights gotta and and I remember I perform
Bellator in one piece I just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse I
might rather go to redneck that I got my school put on ballet a book old for how do I move to Arizona
correct me if I got a standing ovation it was greatly so yeah like I read about this and I
wonder the same thing that you did jegley how did the administrators think that it
was okay but it’s a different culture in Arizona you know I when I went to film that show
with Meghan McCain it was kinda funny because when she would talk about redneck she
would do so in a very like endearing way and make sure to refer to herself as a
redneck once in awhile i kinda jokingly and so for that and it is something
about pride and it’s really interesting that they see it that way and in arizona them I am literally have
a redneck is really odd I I okay so now the full one other thing
though I Justice Department seems excessive
doesn’t it on %uh the Justice Department the I’m sorry governor education great it
but they’re literally making a federal case out a bit because one who showed over the
confederate flag I don’t wanna you know i misses you heard before I’m
not a fan of the confederate flag a pink ghetto says to raise some stuff but get making
a federal case how like Eireann all these are the principal
would pull your son billy a schmuck in Confederate flags crazy what you do
in your day or you know what is cool suspension good luck go spend
spend eight hours that whole you note working on your homework in
this case I’m assuming there’s no evidence
indicating this but I i feel like if the administrators were OK with the redneck
day from the beginning they probably wouldn’t mind a confederate flag which
is why I probably went to like higher-ups know that’s a good point but I don’t
think that it should go to the federal government I think the Department of
Education should focus on other things not redneck day at one high school in
Arizona yeah and here’s why would change my mind
if there was evidence which we don’t see the story where the minority students look felt physically threatening if we’re
like where whoa I’m really worried about my a security and safety here though I
totally get it that’s exactly where the federal government has to regulate at the local folks are doing it right
right but in this case it doesn’t seem that it required that
much but I you look if you were on the ground you might have felt differently but but either way it was unquestionably
a bad idea that one up with better results


  • IndecentTrees

    It's as much similar to the Swastika, as your silly little jab is similar to anything a reasonable, mature person would say.

  • Rundstedt4

    Both were created to represent states specifically formed on, and for the protection of, racial supremacy. The similarity is apparent, both represented analogous founding principles, even though the designs are different.

  • IndecentTrees

    Oh right, because Lincoln wasn't a racial supremacist who wanted to send all the blacks back to Africa. Does the name Liberia say anything to you? I know you're in the process of declogging your ass, but you don't need to shows everything you find up there.

  • Rundstedt4

    Lincoln shared many of the prevailing racial attitudes of his time, but he was able to move and grow beyond them, and his attitude was still ahead of most, and miles ahead of those in the South. And Colonization was voluntary and a main stream anti-slavery measure supported even by Jefferson, Henry Clay and the the Custis family.

  • Rundstedt4

    And while colonization had many aspects, Lincoln believed that it was the best way to promote emancipation and the best way to give the ex slaves a fighting chance against the social order placed upon them,

    "For many white Americans, including Lincoln, colonization was part of a plan for ending slavery that represented the middle ground between abolitionist radicalism and the prospect of the United states existing forever half slave and half free." Eric Foner, "The Fiery Trial" p127


    First off I never said occupy was anti-Semitic. I was using the comparison of the Nazi idea that the Jews took their money to the idea of occupy, that wall street took all their money. Occupy used wall street instead of Jews, nothing anit-Semitic about it. And what systemic racism did the Tea Party show? It is funny how there are many black people in the Tea Party, with it being such a "racist" group.


    You mean the social order the north left on them? The north burn southern cities, homes, farms, etc. Then freed all the slaves and went back home. Yeah they did soo much good for the ex slaves using that method. Would it have not been better to help rebuild and restablish order in the South prior to just packing up and going home?


    No where in CSA constitution did it talk about white supremacy? It says that Congress can not impose anything that denies or impairs the rights of slaves as property and it also said the only country slaves could be imported from was slave states or territories of the United States of America. No where did it say all blacks are slaves. You are misinformed when you say there was no room to grow. I just restated what the original constitution said about slavery without an expiration date.

  • Rundstedt4

    Define "Many." What was seen on their protests were seas of white people and a few tokens. meanwhile your extremely shallow comparison to the Nazis and occupy is invalid.

  • Rundstedt4

    Ahh, now the Neo Confederate side comes out of you. Perhaps you forget about an era called 'reconstruction' when order was attempted to be restored, but the white conservatives formed para military groups and violently rigged the vote and continued to oppress the ex slaves.

  • Rundstedt4

    The founding documents of the CSA, its statements of secession and the speeches by the most important personages in its founding leave no doubt that the CSA was founded on racial supremacy and slavery. And the CSA constitution ensconces slavery forever and makes it permanent. "No bill of attainder, ex post facto law, or law denying or impairing the right of property in negro slaves shall be passed."

  • Rundstedt4

    The South which was the driving force behind the policies on slavery and had to be brought kicking and screaming to ban the slave trade and that was only able to pass cause states like VA were making huge amounts on its own 'production' of slaves.

  • Rundstedt4

    "Virginians wanted to make sure that if white Southerners were going to buy slaves, they were going to buy slaves that bore the phrase "made in Virginia."" – Professor Brooks D. Simpson

    "Some militant secessionists wanted to reopen the trade, but this would have alienated the upper South and crippled the confederacy's hope for European recognition. So instead of legalizing the trade they proscribed it." McPherson "Ordeal by Fire" p150

  • Rundstedt4

    Indeed there were many in the South who wanted to reopen the trade even before the war.
    "The Drive to reopen the slave trade also joined the growing list of divisive sectional issues. This movement begun in the early 1850s and grew to significant proportions by 1859. Most Southerners opposed revival of the trade. But a substantial number of prominent men endorsed the repeal of the 1807 law banning the importation of slaves.

  • Rundstedt4

    Jeff Davis condemned the law as unconstitutional and as insulting to the South. The governor of South Carolina demanded the reopening of the trade. Two-thirds of the Southern Congressmen voted against a house resolution condemning the agitation to reopen the trade.

  • Rundstedt4

    In 1859 the Southern Commercial Convention passed a resolution favoring repeal of the anti-importations laws. J.B.D. DeBow, editor of the South's leading commercial periodical, became president of the African Labor Supply Organization, organized in 1859 to work for repeal." McPherson Ibid, p120-121

  • Rundstedt4

    "Confederates during the Civil War had no problem whatsoever in associating their cause with the protection of slavery and a system of white supremacy which they thought was inherent in the Confederate world order. The Confederates of 1861-65 were much more honest about the importance of slavery than are the neo-Confederates of today." – Professor Brooks D. Simpson

  • Rundstedt4

    And here you just show what an amateur hack you really are. there were no 'democrats' when the 3/5s was put in. There were no parties. The 3/5s was a compromise that the Southern conservatives would not join without. It was put in at the insisted behest of white Southern conservatives.

  • Rundstedt4

    "The Lost Cause tradition — as both a version of history and as a racial ideology — is certainly still very much alive in neo-Confederate organizations, on numerous Web sites, among white-supremacist groups, in staunch advocates of the Confederate battle flag, and even among some mainstream American politicians. Multitudes still cannot bring themselves to confront the story of slavery as both lived experience and as the central cause of the Civil War." – Yale History Prof. David W. Blight.

  • Rundstedt4

    It is a well accepted fact in academics and anti-racist groups like the SPLC.

    "Neo-Confederacy's discourse and ideology [is] "little more than a clever guide around race and slavery, rather like the slick-tongued defense of the Southern 'way of life' made by antebellum orators." – Pulitzer Prize-winning author and journalist Tony Horwitz

  • Rundstedt4

    An amendment concerning slavery in the CSA might have been unconstitutional itself as it banned ALL ex post facto laws concerning slavery. And certainly it was a political impossibility, which is why that route was not considered before the war in the US, as for it to pass, slave states would have had to voted for it.


    Your right is was actually the anti-Federalist factions who then evolved into the democratic party. Sorry I did jump forward in time a bit there. But the democrats did use the 3/5 clause to help get pro-slavery people elected to office because their slaves counted as part of the population, leading to more representatives. But wait that was in the US Constitution, evil white supremist racial American flag waving bigots.


    You keep quoting professors. I could search and find professors saying the exact opposite of what your professors are saying. It would appear you no longer are able to comment and are relying on others comments to speak for you. Therefore I believe this conversation is complete. Have a nice day and learn to speak on your own.


    So any black person that supports the Tea Party is a "token". That seems like a racial statement in itself. How is my comparison invalid? Blaming a group for having money while you do not? Thankfully the occupy movement didn't have a leader to motivate and rally them together to attack the wall street people. But the idea is the same.

  • Rundstedt4

    You totally miss the point of the leftist occupy movement and ignore the far Rightwing teaparty hypocrisy of wishing to help in shifting money upwards with more freemarket crap.

  • Rundstedt4

    And the slave states would have liked it to have been all, not 3/5s. The anti slavery factions rightfully stated that even 3/5s was wrong because if gave representation to those who were had no say. This is really a non issue here. The 3/5s were only put in as a compromise to please the slave states.

  • Rundstedt4

    "Within the profession [historians] there's virtually no discussion or debate left of slavery as central to the antebellum south and the fundamental cause of secession and the war." Dr. Eric Walther of University of Houston

    "Everything stemmed from the slavery issue," – James McPherson

    I have the total backing of the academic Civil War historical community. And I know this because I myself have degrees in history and teach it.

  • Rundstedt4

    Yes it does, slavery and racial supremacy were the founding principles of the CSA and they said that themselves over and over again.
    If you fly the a CSA battle flag, you are 'honoring' your Southern Heritage in the same manner as if you were to fly a Nazi flag to 'honor' your German Heritage.

  • Rundstedt4

    "The great truth, I repeat, upon which our system rests, is the inferiority of the African. The enemies of our institutions ignore this truth." – Alexander H. Stephens to the Virginia Secession Convention, April 23, 1861
    So of course the Confederate flag in any of its forms represents racism, that's what the CSA itself admitted at the time.

  • MrKhrag

    So let me get this straight. In the USA you have an entire month dedicated to African Americans, yet one day at a high school celebrating a white culture (as idiotic as that culture may be) is enough to get everyone upset?
    Can't have it both ways people.

  • MrKhrag

    Seriously, no such thing as white culture? Ever been to france? Rome?
    You are proving the point I was making, it seems to all of us who are not American that you glorify all cultures (as they deserve to be, it's our uniqueness that makes life worthwhile, if we were all the same, how boring life would be) except anything that white people have traditionally liked.

    If I were to say there is no such thing as black culture, I would be vilified and probably banned from TYT.

  • signingupisretarded

    I am not proving your point, and neither are you. Get ready for so nuance…

    No, there is no such thing as white culture. Let's take you example of France and Rome. Let's disregard one is a country and one is a city. The Italian culture is quite different from the French culture. And neither is all white.

    Culture spans races, and often geographical restrictions define a groups culture more than anything. The culture of the people of Boston differs much from that of Seattle, for instance.

  • MrKhrag

    Wow, so you're telling me that my ancestors from France (OK, let's use Paris) who are white, and was almost all of france for the VAST majority of it's history, had nothing to do with the culture of the city or country?

    Explain to me how if the culture developed by only white people, is it not a white culture?

    I seem to be missing a step n your logic.

  • signingupisretarded

    Okay, let's back up a little and let me pose a question. Do you thing the prevailing culture of the people of Salt Lake City/Provo region of Utah is the same as the culture of the people in the region of Estonia?

  • DawnOfTheDead991

    Do you think the prevailing culture of the people of Salt Lake City/Provo region of Utah is the same as Appalachian Kentucky or Preppy Suburban CT?

  • Jon Williams

    I've read many dumb comments on Youtube but comparing the Dixie flag to the Nazi flag just got top three…….. so to you, people who love their country (both where they live and the music they listen to)–drink beer from the can/bottle (most of them)–wear tank top shirts & blue jeans–work for a living– drive pickups (most of them) and Praise God (or at least believe in him) are now the same as Nazis because they flew or wear a Dixie flag! proving why America is # 54 in the world =oP

  • TheBlueWitch

    My school called it hillbilly day.. the funny thing is i'm Appalachian so we were making fun of ourselves. Maybe if they call it hillbilly day noone would get offended?

  • Mijc Osis

    Are you off your nut? students deserve the right to feel SAFE and included in their school. Thats why most countries still have uniforms, to create common identity and remove a level of discrimination. Even where they dont there is a dress code, students are there to be trained and need to get the idea that there are appropriate times to wear certain things. They also need to learn that items that offend others are not appropriate in professional or community settings.

  • Jeff Woods

    Hey young Turks… Let me give you a little history lesson, America was founded as a slave nation…yep, you heard it right, The wonderful Union and its flag called "old glory" was as much as or more than a slave nation than the southern confederacy… the Revolution must have only been fought by a bunch of slave owners so everything American, including the flag must represent slavery… NEWS FLASH… Every nation in the world at that time was a slave holding nation, including the countries in Africa where the blacks held, sold and traded slaves to the European people who came to buy them … I get so sick of a bunch of self righteous liberals who pick one group of people out in history (southerners) and place the world wide problem of slavery squarely on their sholders alone..Northern states held slaves, even up to the Civil War… Now, lets take a look at Turkey and some of their oppressions and use our bigotted broad brush to smear an entire region of people.

  • Jake Slikker

    and by the way not condoning slavery at all however as slaves the plantation owner was required to care for his slaves . not saying that it was very good care but they were required to feed clothe and provide for them .after it was ended they had to provide for themselves and many of them stayed with there plantation owners because even as slaves they had it better then what it would be on there own "some did anyway"

  • Jackson_stephens_56

    Dude so you think the confederate flag is right ok. So then your calling the American flag racist well did you know that the American flag flew over slavery for 70 years Well that's  racist wrong so get your god damn mother fuckin facts right go confederate states of america

  • badpanda84

    To be fair I would celebrate anything if we got a public holiday for it.. I would even celebrate Hitler birthday ( on April 20th) if we got a day off

  • Lavern Dickerson

    If someone at that school were to look up  the origins of the word "Redneck" they would see it started in Kentucky over a labor dispute in the 1930's, union vs. non-union workers.  The union workers wearing red bandanas in solidarity around their necks. Shots were fired and a bloody bedlum began. So lets celebrate Prom with a mock gun battle were every bandana wearing union employee gets murdered and Daddy Big-bucks reopens the mill with all new Scab workforce.  What's the theme Enchantment in an Unmarked Grave? 

  • billie jo

    You see these same reporter always talking about the confederate flag,All they like to do is stir the pot so they can get ratings.

  • Roonasaur

    Cenk – you talk shit about things on a level you don't even know.  You and I will have a reckoning someday – you cannot avoid me – and I just want to log in now to say that I hope you know how to eat crow. 😉

  • Matt S

    TYT are just a bunch of naturalized citizens who feel the need to tell everyone who was born and raised in the US what to do

  • Tyler Johnson

    everytime i see news i think… and know.. they dont care wtf they say there just doing it for the money and they dont care about any

  • Lil dean

    I went to this highschool and the student was removed from campus for his attire and it was one kid who took it too far and other kids who dramatized everything…

  • Michael Taylor

    The term red neck came about because of scab workers wore red bandanas around their necks.
    These anchor people are complete idiots

  • Darker Thingz

    Actually the Confederate flag that is depicted today was NOT the original Confederate flag. Actually, during the Civil War there were three variations of the flag, and none of them were the flag used today. The flag used today was made popular during the time of the Civil Rights movement as a sign of protest against ending segregation. So yeah, if you want to make arguments about the flag standing for anything other than blatent discrimination and ignorance you would be wrong. The video touches on the fact that wearing that version of the Confederate flag to school is wrong, especially because there are minorities at the school who are disgusted by the fact that a kid was allowed to walk around the school with a symbol of hate. It didn't go in-depth about slavery because that wasn't the main topic. You can take what I've said with a grain of salt, as I'm sure you will, but please consider that perhaps a better way to go about discussing slavery is not to justify one symbol of hate by saying that the group of people who used it weren't the only ones who participated. That's like saying that it's not hateful or racist to wear a swastika to a Jewish community because the Nazis didn't just kill Jews.. If you don't want to be labeled a racist, don't try to minimize the harm done to those minorities in correlation with that symbol. You can wear what you want and say what you want, but so can I. If I say I think you're a racist, I have a right to. Just like you have the right to defend the Confederate flag, it's no different.

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