[School Project: Honors Government] – Constitution Infomercial
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[School Project: Honors Government] – Constitution Infomercial

Today in 1787, America lives in a state
of confusion and disorder under a weak government. Are you tired of bad harvests, economic depression, and high taxes threatening your farms!? Hi, Jamey Mads here with an amazing new Constitution! Unlike the Articles of Confederation, It gives your national and state government the muscle to solve all of your problems, all at the comfort of your consent! Here’s how it works: The national government consists of three powerful branches; the Legislative, Executive, and Judicial. Legislature incorporates a Congress, divided into the House of Representatives and the Senate, passing laws under a specified constitutional procedure. The Executive branch has an elected president that faithfully carries out laws passed by Congress. Finally, the Judicial branch establishes a Supreme Court to carry out national court systems, and in some cases, review laws. But I’m just getting started! The secret is the use of checks and balances, giving each branch control over others, preventing any branch from gaining too much power. You’ll see laws and federal judges assigned easily and responsibly. And your Congress can adjust constitutional laws for the flexibility of the future, time and time again! But I’m not done yet! For those of you who attack the constitution for not protecting the rights of the people, we’ll throw in The Bill of Rights, absolutely free! With the Bill of Rights, you get the whole shebang! It includes every right, every freedom, and every personal liberty of past personal liberty documents! You get the freedom of religion, the freedom of press, and even the freedom of speech, which no other document has ever had before! No redcoats are gonna be stationed in your houses anytime soon with the Bill of Rights! Watch as future generations hold all the benefits of freedom and opportunity under a strong national government. They’ll love it! So stop aching over the Articles of Confederation, and get confident with the Constitution! Here’s how to order! To make this new Constitution yours, plus the Bill of Rights, have your residential state ratify it. Only 9 out of 13 states has to confirm this order to make the Constitution national law. Send all questions and concerns to the Pennsylvania State House in Philadelphia. That’s 9 out of 13 states to confirm this Constitution! …gonna be stationed in your houses anytime soon with the Bill of Rights!… sthgiights! Whites! WoW!


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