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Second Amendment Legal Update

Hi. This is Joel Persinger. thank you very much for watching my videos on my channel I really deeply appreciate it I’ve got a California update for you and also a quick legislative update in the nation from a federal level but before I do that I want to urge you to check us out on patreon as Jim P did Jim wherever you are brother thank you very much for supporting us on patreon I really appreciate it and thank you very much for helping us out patreon is a place where we put some great content for you we’ve got additional videos there that you won’t see on youtube obviously we’re continuing to produce videos on YouTube just like always but we’ve also got some additional lunch for behind-the-scenes stuff and the little expansion on some other videos and that kind of thing on patreon as well as a 30 minute audio podcast we release on the fifth and the twentieth of each month and that is also on patreon the latest episode was released on the fifth just to let yesterday or day before so you can check it out there there’s also behind-the-scenes photos from posts that i right specifically for patreon all of that can be checked out their energy to do so that’s what Jim did and and he is now helping us out on patreon you can do it for next to nothing but at the same time you get some great stuff to check out patreon the link is in the description and there’s a little pop-up right here that will pop up and ask you to do that as well right now let’s get onto this stuff i took some notes as you can say and seeing my chicken scratch scribble here let me get my glasses and see what we got because it if you watch the news frankly it can be really discouraging because the wacky fake news of this president Trump possum is just doing everything they can to oppose anything in and everything pro-american and anything and everything constitutional and anything and everything president Trump the fact my son has said just the other day that in his opinion it’s remind him a lot of middle school and grade school drama and I feel the same way it’s pretty ridiculous so you can get kind of discouraged but i want to encourage you that President Trump made specific promises in a whole range of areas 22 what to us we also made some promises were the Second Amendment is concerned and I want to encourage you these keeping them and I’m very grateful that’s what you’ve got a tough row to hoe ain’t gonna be easy but he’s doing a great job so far has only been in office without 45 days or something like that so far the Supreme Court as you know is missing a justice since Justice Scalia passed away unfortunately and that left the Supreme Court was sort of a 4-4 tie on most things that fifth vote is what we need in order to protect our Second Amendment and to and to recover some of the rights that we’ve lost and as a result president Trump has submitted Neil courses his name to the Supreme Court now he needs to be confirmed by the Senate well it’s a pretty difficult process to be honest and although we do have a conservative if you want to call them that the Republicans at least have a majority in the senate it’s a very slim majority and sixty votes are needed as far as i know to get meal dorsa John the on the bench on the Supreme Court now at the moment we’ve got 52 votes in in his favor the problem with it is we need eight more now if you happen to live in a state that you’ve got some left-leaning or democratic senators but in your state that statement for Trump or that state is very conservative those senators are going to face a difficult reelection here pretty soon maybe be quite malleable when it comes to your contacting them and urging them to support this supreme court justice for confirmation there are going to be some hearings for confirmation hearings I believe in mid to late March and then shortly thereafter there should be a vote of this gentleman this is all strategy and you know I did write an article on strategy versus tactics if you want to understand the difference i’ll put the link in the description for you to that article it’s a very good article if I do say so myself and it will explain the difference for you but a lot of this stuff seems like it doesn’t affect states like California or New Yorker Maryland or whatever but in the long run it does is extremely important that we staffed the federal bench particularly the supreme court with conservative constitutional Second Amendment supporting justices so that when we have legal battle we can actually win now one of the battles in California that’s heading to the Supreme Court is the parotta case and if you followed it all you know it’s been a seesaw things you know we’ve won we’ve lost one we’ve lost and then in the on bonk panel with the night circus Court of Appeals they all put their kangaroo switch onto the kangaroo court and they they threw it out we lost their now it’s going on its way to the Supreme Court we need to get Neil courses sitting on the supreme court before that case arrives if we have any chance of having our right to carry a second Amendment rights in the state of California restored that whole case is about making the state of California a concealed-carry shall issue state not i’m not going to make the leap that we’re going to become a constitutional state anytime soon but the courts could certainly force the state to become shall issue and we need meal courses on the bench in order to do that there are other cases heading that way to that all affect the Second Amendment and if he’s there we have an extremely good chance of passing some great laws and getting rid of some others and changing the whole legal structure of the Second Amendment restrictions in this country so i would you please contact your senator as soon as possible and ask your Senators support this nomination there’s also some things that the Trump administration is done that you may not be aware of because it gets kind of blotted out by all the big news several things one there was a executive order concerning social social security recipients and the Second Amendment and if I understand it correctly if they got to the point where they needed assistance in their financing or whatever just to pay their bills they needed somebody balance your checkbook pay the bills farmer we just get the point where they need a little help then they could not if they accepted social security benefits they could not own a firearm left to me is idiotic and it was idiotic to the Trump administration that has been repealed so that is no longer the case the Social Security gun grab is gone now the Interior Secretary was just confirmed recently secretary to the of the Interior first of all he rode to work in a whore on a horse I which I thought was awesome I’ve sat on horses when they were walking around but i have no idea how to ride one so if you do i humble myself and the presence of greatness i was thrilled that he did that with me cowboy hat all the first two orders he signed you know among the order to sign the first ones were access to public lands opening those lands to shooting hunting and recreational activities so many of those lands have been closed to sportsman 400 you know quite a while and obama didn’t do us any favors he closed even more of them now those lands are starting to open up again and that is because of trumps in the Secretary of the Interior who has now started shining orders to start opening up those lands federal lands for you and I to use for shooting hunting and other recreational purposes after all the land belongs to you and me anyway we got to be able to use it if we want to see also repealed the LED amal band that president obama put into effect by an executive order right before he left office and that band band led ammunition of the use of it for hunting shooting or whatever uncertain federal lands and that has now been tossed out he’s she’s taken away that order so that is no longer the case it might take a little time to implement those things but it’s important that you know that those things are happening and the president seems to be keeping his promises which when you get right down to it is how you judge a politician they promised me some stuff are they actually doing it the teams like he is and i hope he continues but the one thing I gotta say about that guy is I don’t know president Trump I don’t even know if I’d like him if I did know I’m to be honest with you but I voted for him and he is the president of the united states and the only people supporting him are you and I the people who put him there the media the Liberals the billionaires like George Soros and so on all those folks are fighting against him tooth and nail and doing whatever they can to keep him from accomplishing anything he needs to know that we support him so i urge you to express that support now let’s see what else naturally talk about no i didnt national carry reciprocity ok this is a big deal because this makes your concealed carry permit like a driver’s license and anywhere you go if you have a permit in your home state you can go anywhere and carry now the house bill there’s a house and senate bill one of each they have to be reconciled to have to make it through the process the house bill says that if you are a resident of California for example and you can’t get a permit here but if you have a permit from Arizona then you can carry in your home state by using that states that you that that permit you have as an out-of-state residents from another state that’s the house bill the senate bill shows no no you cannot do that you have to have a permit in your home state well I’ll be honest with you i think what’s going to happen is the Senate version is going to win out and the whole idea of getting a permit another state so you can carry in your home state is going to go away however that said what happens to states like California and the and New Jersey and these other states that are really really restrictive were concealed carry permits are concerned when people from other states can go in there and carry all they want to but the citizens of that state cannot i think it becomes extremely difficult for that state not to issue permits that’s the first thing politically and secondly I think it becomes extremely difficult for the courts not decide in favor of the Second Amendment in favor of right-to-carry when a lawsuit is filed against that state like the state of California under the Fourteenth Amendment which i believe is where you find the equal protection under the law clause how is it equal protection of the law if a Californian cannot get a permit from California but people from 46 or 47 other states can come visit here and carrying on all they want to well it isn’t so strategically having that bill passed even if you live in a state where it’s not going to help you immediately is extremely important because once it’s in place then lawsuits and things can happen to force restrictive states to allow you to carry an issue you a permit and and restore at least some level of your second Amendment right to defend yourself in a public place so i urge you even if you’re from California or if you feel like I am or you’re from a state where you can’t get a permit to save your life contact your senator even if they are whacked and completely goofy like my senators here in the state of California contact them pester them bugs not at them get them to support the National right to carry reciprocity Act let them know that you want them to support that and again if you live in a state where your state senators might be against it but they’re facing a tough re-election because you live in a state that supported Donald Trump for support the Second Amendment it’s important that you really contact those folks because they’re up for reelection that very well may support the bill simply to try to keep their jobs so i urge you to support those things as well there’s also the hearing protection act it’s working its way through Congress these are tough battles so I want you to be involved please please get involved don’t sit back on your world and think it’s all taken care of because we want a presidential election you gotta get after it and continue to fight the hearing protection act is the one that would take the silence your suppressor type tools off of the NFA list would make it available for people to use them for hunting shooting and showing now will that affect states like California and admit immediately probably not because California makes those illegal all on a child nevertheless we get back to if the majority of the country can do it how is it equal protection under the law if one state says that you can again we’re looking at strategy and tactics it’s important that law passed it will help the majority of the country and in the long run i believe it will help the entire country so please again contact your senator and urge them and you’re and you’re particularly your center because these things will pass the House I mean I think it would be important for you to call your congressman congressman or congresswoman as well but make sure that you contact your senator and and politely and firmly inform them that you want them to support these particular bills that will help a ton now in California I’m thrilled by this even though i think it’s going nowhere there is a california assembly woman her name is melissa melendez melissa melendez Assemblywoman I hope I said that right I didn’t please send me a note and correct me melissa melendez she is a Republican from Lake Elsinore she’s introduced a bill in the in the California State Legislature a b757 I hope that’s correct as the number and that bill would essentially change California to a shall issue state for concealed carry now i’m going to be completely and utterly honest with you and tell you i don’t think that’s going anywhere because the california legislature is run by liberals progressives and they have a supermajority however there’s actually a California’s legislator who dared to submit that bill who has stood up and said the Second Amendment is are right it is not a privilege and people have the to defend themselves even if the bill goes nowhere you and I really need to express our support for Assemblywoman Melendez and so I’m going to put her contact information in this video i urge you please contact your office tell her how grateful you are for the fact that she’s fighting for our Second Amendment rights even though it may not go anywhere we want to encourage these few legislators we have in the california legislature who are willing to stand up and fight because there’s a lot of conservative legislators up there who have completely and utterly given up because you’re outnumbered and they’re going to get frustrated and they quit and we don’t want that to happen to this fine young woman she’s working very hard and I hope and pray that we can support her and voice that support to her so she continues to fight this battle for us again the bill is a b757 her name is melissa melendez and i will put her contact information in the description for you so you can contact her office directly now lastly I want to urge you to please join the National Rifle Association so many times do we have victories like the presidential one and people think ok well I don’t need to fight anymore and that could not be further from the truth now is the time for us to get on the offensive and it costs just as much money and effort to go on the offensive as it does to be on the defensive all the time we’ve been on the defensive a lot now it’s time to get these things changed and the National Rifle Association as well as other pro-gun and pro-second amendment organization’s needs your involvement both physically and sending letters writing you know emails and and to make phone calls and showed up to rallies and that kind of thing but also financially so if you have not already joined the National Rifle Association urge you please do so I’ve gotten a deal so you can do it to save a little money you’ll find a link in the description there should be a little pop up here that will lead you to that it will take you to a special place on our website where you can join the web the NRA let’s save you a little money you can join it for less than the cost of one box of ammunition so if you have not already joined the nra please please please do so energy to do that now now if you have guns for home defense self-defense you carry a gun like I do every day you’re also going to need some legal backup if you get in if you’re in a situation where you have use a gun to defend yourself and it doesn’t matter what state you’re in you still going to need legal back up the company i use is called second call defense and that is because they front the money up front they don’t reimburse me after I’ve sold everything to defend myself they actually front the money to bail me out of jail to pay for an attorney to support me in civil or criminal matters and no and no matter what happens I don’t have to pay that money back that’s a great service they don’t charge a whole heck of a lot for that these are actually very small and i urge you to check out second call defense i’ve got a link in the description for that plus a little thing that pops up here for you to check that out thank you again for watching I really appreciate it as we learn more about these things i’ll let you know uploaded on facebook and twitter and also make a video periodically as things change so i can keep you up to date please like subscribe that’s what we’ve got this thing up here for you to subscribe and tell other people about the channel we’re trying to grow it so that we can really grow our Second Amendment support here in the state of California but also across the country thank you again have a wonderful week and be safe


  • Soldierboy54b

    I'm with "The Gun Guy," particularly on his argument for reciprocity. It's really easy for me to sit back, as an Oklahoman, & not concern myself with Californian drama. But in the long run, it's a very bad idea to do so. There are real world consequences to pretending The Bill of Rights applies to state "A," but not state "B." Strange as it sounds, someday Oklahomans might need support from Californians. After-all, whereas the northern states saved The Union in the 19th century, it seems to be the southern states saving it nowadayz.

  • SierraNV 0331

    Melissa Melendez is awesome. shes a Navy vet and has been fighting for us here in CA. everyone support her in anyway you can

  • Anthony Figueroa

    how do we complain about certain laws for gun control..I'm asking because since california is a border state…and all the crazieness with north Korea and such..wouldn't it make more sense for the president to arm the western most state to keep that border stronger? because if not california would be weakened and easy to occupy as a base of advancement into the us..if a foreign country wanted to invade…if you take the guns from civilians who are the last line of makes for an opening in the United states outside borderline on the west coast…not to mention for those of us who live in the forest foothills and places like's not fair for us because we need stronger guns to protect families…there are bears..Mountain lions..and such in california…some of us need stronger guns to make sure nothing ever happened s to our families…it's better to have it and never need it…then need it and not have it.

  • Lee Texas

    Man, my heart goes out to all who are and live in CA and fighting for our Constitutional GUARANTEED right to own and carry a firearm. You have a tough road to hoe out there.
    God bless, don't give up the good fight
    Just an old guy in Texas

  • RedWhite&Blue 78

    CROSSROADS OF THE WEST GUN SHOW WILL BE AT ONTARIO CONVENTION CENTER THIS WEEKEND… I will be renewing my NRA membership… Thanks for the information Joel P.

  • Tango's Nightmare

    I'm in the free state of Florida and the information you put out has helped me raise awareness to anyone that listens to me here on the conditions our brothers and sisters have to endure in communist cali. Thank you for all your work behind enemy lines.

  • Johnny Bandit

    I know 3 people who have been robbed at gun point since the new laws have passed in CA, 1 was pistol whipped, shot at (missed), and badly beaten where he was taken to a hospital 45 mins away. I checked the news paper (Stockton record) where it happened and there's been at least someone shot/killed/robbed every single day.. So who suffers from these new laws? I'm so tired of this state's and county rights violations..

  • Tungsten Carbide

    hello Joel, I don't know if your aware but the NRA is against constitutional carry nation wide currently unfortunately. I am a lid member and do believe strongly in the nra and it's message however I was very disappointed in the fact that they feel that my being a responsible legal gun owner who lives is a constitioal carry state that I should not have the right to carry concealed without a permit in other states. I FEEL that no one should be excluded from the fight to be able to carry concealed from state to state when they can carry constitonally in their home state (Even though they have extensive firearms training) just because the don't have a silly plastic card just so their home state can collect a few. some constitioal carry states don't offer a permit card as an option. luckily for me mine does but I don't think I should have to pay a unnecesaryry fee if my home state doesn't require it just to go to another state. they are pushing for national reciprocity for cow holders.

  • Big Mike

    I live in Ca san mateo county, U can't get a CCW to save your life. But a couple counties away it's no problem very easy to get, I just don't understand? I think the counties are the real problem they need to ease up a little bit.

  • Randall Kelley

    What happens when the next prez is anti gun, and takes away the fed right to carry, and then no one can carry?

  • Joe G

    Also from Ca.:(. I had not been to our roster in 2 or 3 months until a few days ago when I was surprised at how much the list has grown.. Hopefully the list will continue to grow

  • Thom McHugh

    "Shall issue is a poisonous perspective as well. It means that someone other than you, who is known for their political affiliations and position, gets to decide if you get to carry a gun. LOL

  • Ekim Zepol

    Sadly I have given up on emailing my state senators. I also live in California and they have made it clear to me that they do not care at all about anything that doesn't suit their will.

  • TheLotw

    We can become a REAL STATE AGAIN.  All it takes is the Federal Government to stop ALL MONEY TO THIS BANKRUPT STATE.  Open up investigations on every California politician, most are 100000% crooked and are bought by the rich not the people.  I live in this state but maybe not for long as this state is nothing more than a welfare state where only the rich and poor live.  The middle is removed via all taxes.

  • TheLotw

    All states won for Trump, its the few major cities where most of the Welfare people live that went to Hillary.  In fact the Crime map matches the map for Democrats almost 1:1.  Even in California most of it was RED, just LA, San Diego, San Francisco area was blue.

  • Aaron Roberts

    Joel certainly has a voice for the radio. I guess I should say he has a broadcasters voice. Very easy to listen to.

  • MrTrekFanDan

    When breaking their sworn oath of office, what exactly is the penalty for Presidents, Vice Presidents, Congress, SCOTUS, Governors, Mayors, law enforcement,  etc.? … Nothing.
    …So why even bother swearing an oath.

  • 19UnoUno

    We shouldn't need ANY permission from ANY government to exercise our inalienable natural rights as affirmed in the Bill of Rights!!!

  • joelfarris

    Here's the link to the PopVox (Voice Of The People) page with this CA Assembly bill:

  • Lawrence Dawson

    Conservatism is merely a lumpy mixture of sentimentality and wishful thinking intended to take us back to a way we never were. What we need is officials who understand the Constitution and do not try to redefine it in novel ways. The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

  • cscran

    60 votes are needed to invoke the cloture rule, limiting debate to 30 more hours. This is needed to stop a filibuster.

    Constitutionally, only a simple majority is needed for confirmation. The debate rules are just that, "rules." The often-cited Nuclear Option is for the Senate to bypass rules, like cloture, and move forward with a simple majority.

  • Mackenzie Ross

    we fight here in humboldt. everywhere is restricted, gated, locked so friends of mine grind off the locks. so we can shoot and go mudding. I obey the just law. but not every law is just here in CA

  • Ex-Al 93

    so if this passes I live in Alabama what if I went to California with my Glock 19 and my 15-round magazine it's legal to carry and Alabama so under the national reciprocity should it not also be legal in California

  • Chris Blake

    You rock, bud. Shame you live in CA, but keep chipping away. Maybe someday it will go back to being what it once was.

  • gwidwock

    If the votes aren't there for the Supreme Court Justice, Mitch McConnell WILL use the nuclear option for only a 51 vote confirmation. He's getting pretty damn tired of all this BS that the Dems are handing out since these cry babies lost the election.

  • gunnwild1

    I'm a California native and I'm in the process of getting my AZ carry permit and I believe it's good for 33 states

  • Rick Tompkins

    You're videos are great, particularly those addressing gun rights. Your California context is always appreciated by those of us "imprisoned" under the repressive CA regime.

  • SFB

    Personal opinion here, and it may take awhile, but like the country that spoke and elected Trump, I think we are going to see a backlash in California. Why? Well take the high speed train debacle, the budget joke, you know the decimal point in the wrong place! Oops, and recently with our heavy rains this season causing the spill way to erode in Oroville. If we can just get enough people out there voting I think we could turn this state around! There ARE a lot of gun owners here. We are due for a turn around and like the US in general I think its coming here. REMAIN OPTIMISTIC PLEASE. Thank you Joel, I deeply appreciate your videos.

  • Sambo Dy

    I'm watching most of your guns rights lost video in CA I'm in CT us here too suffer same lost if not worst I'm doing same things that I can. meanwhile if I may ask what kinds of guns do still have the rights to legally owns?

  • Thinking Impaired

    I'm an American and I live in California, I keep wondering if I'm going to get deported to the United States of America. Thank you for the great video, I haven't given up and someday I hope to Make California a state in America again.

  • Greg Camp

    I appreciate the work that you do, but I have to take issue with this video. I am a gun owning and gun rights supporting liberal and progressive. The more that gun rights are identified with the Republicans, the more certain it is that those rights will ultimately be violated.

  • Rafael Ortega

    We will keep fighting together for aware rights here in California. there's so many more gun owners here in California that need to get involved!! lets go peaple!!!

  • gsflix1

    Hello Joel,
    I live in CA but went out and got my AZ CCW Permit.
    Hoping for the best with the RECIPROCITY BILLS.
    You got my attention when saying that the Non-Resident CCW's part of the Bill may just go away…Well, let's hope not. It was included with the first Bill presented to the Congress.
    Hopefully​ something will go good​ for us that are trapped.

  • Aimed Armament Channel

    are u crazy the government can't make the states do anything.. come on Marijuana is not legal any where in the world. there taken ur guns and letting the drug heads have there pot. ur funny maybe the nra will help u. but the safe bet is get them potheads on ur side.

  • Hot Linias

    Mr. GunGuy thank you for all your efforts. Liberals are trying to make it worse, check out AB 7. Ca Assembly Bill to outlaw open Carry in unincorporated county land.

  • Meya Enyo

    Do citizens in CA realize anyone who makes a law against the constitution is treason and punishment for it is death? Also it is our duty to disregard any law that goes against the constitution. Even if it requires force.

  • silverhorder1969

    Unfortunately because of high taxation in California, a lot of Liberals who voted in wack jobs have left the state and moved to more conservative states. Where it is cheaper to live. When they get there they continue to vote in these Wack jobs! Almost like a cancer they spread. Destroying one state then moving on to another! I abide by the law to the best of my ability, but I also reserve my right to carry and will continue to do so even if the law forbids! Those laws will always be unconstitutional as far as I'm concerned!

  • brianj123458

    I live in CALIFORNIA and turned in my CCW application about 3 days ago I live in Tulare county I am hoping it goes through thanks for sharing and god bless you

  • I really Don't care

    Constitutionalist S, I agree. Can't nservatives, I don't agree. They creat more government spending and worse government responsibilities.
    Gotta figure out how to block conservative clowns on YouTube.
    Hope you relies they will never take your guns unless you are ill, as in crazy of violate a law.

  • I really Don't care

    Wait, trump repealed someone needing help balancing their check books not being allowed to own a gun? So, your simple math skills are diminished, but carrying a gun never diminishes? Stupid

  • Great American Culture

    No disrespect intended but you need to understand our CONSTITUTION and how our government is directed by the CONSTITUTION. I'll put it this way…ANYTHING that is outside of the Constitution is illegal and cannot remain. Unfortunately the greater majority of Americans have no clue, even those who claim to know the Constitution. Listening to you it's clear to me that you are one of those individuals who does not understand the Constitution and our God given rights. The Constitution is NOT a living document and is set in stone! One more thing folks, don't rely on your corrupt representatives to do the right thing. You must hold our public servants both morally and criminally accountable. The American people have more power than what they realize. Learn and fully understand the Constitution, fight for your rights don't wait for some lowlife politician to compromise your rights away!

  • Gordon Branham

    Great info. I stumbled on your channel and now I'm hooked. I have a question. Do you know the legalities of building your own firearms in the state of New Jersey or where I can go to get the information? thanks in advance.

  • Chuck Cox

    I anxiously await the next new Supreme Court justice. Hopefully we can turn this around. I'd love to see some liberals squirm. Can't wait!

  • Peter Millington

    I have a feeling civil wars is just on the horizon. The first step is to take away the guns, then they will come for you.!

  • 72 Stroker Shovelhead

    Hello Joel…its time for change! Let all patriots know its time to organise all law a biding citizens and vote the elected liberals democrats out of office. I too voted for President Trump he is pro second amendment and N.R.A. supporter! Thanks! P.S. I will call Melissa Melendez too! Oh ya ! Joined the N. R. A. too! God bless America.

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