“Secrecy doesn’t serve the process well” — Stephen Janis
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“Secrecy doesn’t serve the process well” — Stephen Janis

One of the things define the process
especially when it comes to money settlements and secrecy and you know if
people might look at this issue and say it’s kind of nebulous because you know
who cares what journalists have access to, but as Mark pointed out with the
consent decree and what happened with the Baltimore Police Department, it
strikes me that secrecy didn’t serve process well in terms of understanding what’s going
on with our Police Department and as my associate Taya Graham and I reported on the
Eastern Shore we found many of the same element of
secrecy in coverage of Kokomo and Salisbury, so we’re just very happy to
join the ACLU and try to you know gain some access for journalists. It’s a very basic thing, the fundamental principle here is that the city is
spending money on behalf of these officers for their behavior and that is
a public trust. If you spend public money you should be accountable for what
you’ve done.

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