Section 100 of the Constitution why is it so hard? It’s the Law Obey it
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Section 100 of the Constitution why is it so hard? It’s the Law Obey it

Minister farmers are here on mass and one answers to these questions they gave my office the major storage dams of the lower Murray Darling Basin are currently holding about 7500 gigalitres of water that’s seven point five trillion liters yet farmers along the basin in New South Wales and Victoria are receiving zero allocation for general security water I’ll say it again these farmers can visit their water in those dams they can watch water float past their properties on the way to irrigate forests they just can’t have any Minister will you release 1000 gigalitres just 13% of the water and storage to the States for general security water so our farmers can grow food and fibre for Australia and the world? The Minister for agriculture, senator Mackenzie I might answer this. Thank You Senator in my capacity as representing the Minister for water Minister Littleprick, the two million Australians that live and work throughout the murray-darling Basin system are actually providing food and fiber not just for our entire country but for the world it is a hub of clean green safe sustainable food production and it is also a place in my home state of shepherding through the Goulburn Valley and I know in other areas through particularly New South Wales the hub of food manufacturing and so there are tens of thousands of Australians on farm and off farm in these communities who rely on water to be able to ensure that they can continue to do what they’ve been doing for decades and in many cases our generations we know these communities are under pressure and I was one of the first people in this place coming back from the election to be talking about the heartache when you are a farmer in drought and seeing water flow right past your front gate to water an environmental asset far far away it is heartbreaking and I think coming these farmers have had to come to Parliament and that is why we have actually been making – point of order I’ve got senator Hansen on a point of order senator Mackenzie there’s just over 30 seconds after the question she is not answering question will they release a thousand people they just brought up to the fuckin sector not even touched on that part of the question what can I go to the point of direct relevance and I again ask senators not to simply restate a preferred part of a question but to bring the point of order to that of direct relevance now can I remind the center of what direct relevance means in contrast to what relevance used to mean it used to mean to quote a ruling of President Baker that ministers affirm it for example if a minister’s question if a question concern the state of the economy the ministers answer is relevant if it referred to the state of the economy president being said relevance means relevance to the subject matter of the question the Senate changed the standing orders to require answers to be directly relevant now in my view to be directly relevant means that an answer must directly refer to or address including challenging material or assertions contained in a question or any preamble ie it is a narrower test than simply dealing with the same subject matter it shouldn’t deal with the motives of people asking questions unless those motives are assigned in the question itself and therefore it would be in order for a minister to challenge those I just want to remind senators of that because direct relevance is a narrower test than relevance which was the old subject matter so Minister the senator Hanson highlighted part of a question I can’t direct you how to answer a question as long as you aren’t directly relevant to part of a question and it was a lengthy question in this case with a preamble senator Hanson so I listen carefully to the minister and ask her to continue well I took the question to be meaning we need more water in bayson communities who are suffering from drought and from near-zero allocations in some states and very low allocations in others and in these conditions what water there is for the environment is being used cautiously to minimize your reversible damage at the beginning of August the Commonwealth environmental water holder commenced the delivery of the southern spring flow targeting environmental outcomes and I think it’s useful to note that under the Water Act it does not allow water set aside for the environment to be given to a farmers either as a loan or as a gift senator here senator Roberts a supplementary question Thank You Minister if this water is just too important to give farmers for food and fiber for Australians in the world can you tell this place what that water is reserved for if farmers are not going to get it who is going to get that seven point five thousand gigalitres that seven point five trillion liters senator Mackenzie well this is one of the tragedies of this situation that without more water in the murray-darling Basin system from the skies to Senator Louise’s actual Prats point then it is very hard to create new more water in the system we are building water infrastructure where the side of politics that actually put a halt to buybacks that sought to get any more efficiencies out of this system through investing in on-farm infrastructure if the other team had have been elected they’d be getting their checkbook right now and walking on farms taking water we refused to do that was we who capped it we’re who’ve actually put the socio-economic criteria so that you cannot remove one more Giga leader from these communities because we know because we live in these communities water the reprehensible damage removing one more Giga leader from the murray-darling basin communities will actually have not just on farmers productive capacity but indeed on their own local communities or Doceri Mackenzie senator Roberts a final supplementary question minister as agriculture minister who fails an agriculture minister who fails to help our agriculture whether on her own account or due to her party is by any definition of failure will you resign senator Mackenzie in the galleries or not in the galleries please remove that gentleman attendance that’s utterly inappropriate behavior remove will not tolerate it objections from the galleries it’s impolite to other citizens who are also here senator Mackenzie well thank you very much no senator Roberts I won’t be resigning it is actually our side of government that agriculture and mining communities right throughout regional Australia backs to deliver for them your party your party seeks to stop free trade agreements sorry which have led sorry senator Mackenzie if someone gonna own up there have the courage to own up you’re going to have the courage to own up were you going to hide behind our plea please can we please remove the gentleman it is not inappropriate he’s utterly inappropriate that it it is completely disrespectful to your fellow citizens to behave that way senator Mackenzie please continue well thank you very much mr. president it is our side of politics and myself included that backs accessing more markets so that our farmers who do export 70% of what they grow when one in five Australians is their job to our status as a trading nation to back free trade rather than one who closed us off to markets of the world we are the side of politics that’s put 22 million dollars on the table at the election to support Australian dairy farmers not just through a mandatory code of conduct to ensure that the eight very unique and challenged dairy industry regions in this country can come together and support a mandatory code of conduct to stop the egregious behavior of milk processing order the Mackenzie senator Davy you [Music] you [Music]


  • Shaun Moller

    One nation has a lot of socialist policy, thats why I can`t support them.

    Which is sad, Malcolm is a good bloke who has a couple of bad ideas

  • Nick Heath

    I have been pounding Sky with Section 100 all day and how they are failing sections 51 & 52 on good governance. Then around lunch I said why don't you get on Prof David Flint. They put him on but didn't ask him and he didn't attempt to bring this up when he had the platform. Now I thought he had something to do with Flags Australia.

  • Alberto Fontanez 1984

    If you look at his eyes you can see he keeps looking down that means he's reading from something clearly Delphi technique.
    This is clearly a business meeting no citation of law no dialogue not even a mention of the Constitution

  • Megan F

    What's wrong with this bitch Senator cunt MacKenzie talking in parliament about heart ache, that soulless cunt couldn't feel gravel rash on it's face at 100kmh. Fuck the world, try getting it right at home first. This bitch has the gaul to stand there and actually pretend to be at all interested in helping the farmers. Shame on these treasonous bastards.
    Sorry about the language….I'm pissed off.
    But to the speaker of the house fuck your "it's impolite to other citizens" to use a naughty word. LMFAO, I bet the majority were thinking far worse than useless bitch and this snowflake speaker and his new age ..Oooooooh hate speech. Wow, just wow, he's an adult in parliament, get the fuck over it. In some countries they punch on!

  • Hitch Hiker

    Hanson won't bring up the constitution because her bills are being serviced by the fake constitution she's sitting under. You can't change a corrupt system from within that system.
    We need to evict the BAR association from this country forever, all these politicians are scared of the words written by these foreign agents undermining the nations wealth and prosperity.
    The BAR association is Satan incarnate,

  • Megan F


    link and more great interviews by Caroline Stephens seeking the truth channel Interview Part one Interview Part two

    Government hiding and protecting pedophiles within Pedo's within How the media should be reporting things!

  • josephine Jones

    Let's build a shit load of those 'government repair kits' what evil, treasonous soulless lying bastards, just look into their lying eyes, their body language says it all. We the people are winning, they know they are going down, down to the pits of hell… Love and Light to all the beautiful people who are fighting to save this beautiful country/world of ours and it is ours, they are subhuman and they do not belong here.

  • 69daclutterbuck

    what a bunch of complete wankers and traitors you have how many trillions of litres and you wont release ti to save lives animal lives and human lives and farmers you thieving traitors you should all be hung

  • The Bloody Aussie Battler Podcast

    Today, more People of the Commonwealth of Australia are realising how we have been ROBBED of our Birthright as free sovereign people, protected by the Magna Carta and the English Bill of Rights 1688. The anger is growing and these venal, criminal, TREASONOUS bastards infesting OUR PARLIAMENT know their days are numbered. Yet they won’t do the honourable thing and LEAVE!

    So, it is up to us to do it.

    Tens of thousands of people have already signed a My Will letter to give their authority to a group of Commonwealth Public Officials and concerned Aussies to convene a Grand Jury to investigate and prosecute political crimes, corruption and TREASON.

    You can do your bit to make this happen sooner by signing. A letter too. Download yours here;

  • Clusta Head

    Government is not the answer, it is always the problem. The Constitution is the very document which has been used to enslave us and to deny us our natural rights as people born. The Constitution is the very document which allows for the States to issue Birth Certificates, which allows for trial by Magistrate in State Courts.

  • Steve Veness

    Guess what you can get water out of the atmosphere.

    I used to do it when camping.
    There are more practical ways of doing the old hole in the ground with a cup and some plastic, due to technology advances.

  • Professor Pat Pending

    Dear LM,
    The link describes the Sale of Offices Acts 1551 & 1809 and explains why it was first brought about almost 470 years ago.

  • Todd Weber

    Lets bring out the gallows for these pollies that wont answer the question . We the people of the commonwealth own Australia . Get rid of this de facto corporate gov invented in 1972 to destroy Australia . Bring back the lawful de jure gov working for the people and not corporations . How can overseas countries own Australias water to start with . Isnt that treason to we the commonwealth of Australia . They are all unconstitutional traitors to the people .

  • Me

    This is not a government bound by the Constitution. This is a government who has escaped its shackles and shackled the people and gone rogue.

  • karen kumnick

    Disrespectful? Govt is disrespectful to the Australian people. Free trade? Yeh, free as in you give our assets away for nothing in return.

  • Paul Drummond

    You know the exact moment a politician is lying and being deceitful it is when they are asked to give a yes or no answer to question and they go into a full speech about their own agenda witch has nothing to do with the question asked and the speaker should make them answer with a yes or no answer as they were asked it’s simple YES OR NO! It’s not hard but a strait yes or no might shine a dim light on them and there party so they come up with this speech on a load of gobbledygook to cover their asses and avoided answering the question the speaker off the house is a disgrace and %100 on the side of the libs and national parties but what else would you expect from the blue collar criminal running this country and selling us out to the highest bidder and the anonymous deposit keep finding their way into the cayman island bank accounts of the liberals like the Morrisons and Corburns sorry Mathias if I spelt your name incorrectly but fuck of from our politics you cunt until you’ve earned it not put an anonymous deposit in to Morrison’s cayman island bank account,Morrison resign or die either way is fine as long as long you can no longer commit treason by giving foreign countries the first Australian government to be up for sale to the highest bidders and Morrison is the auctioneer

  • Wayne Osmand

    How dare these bloody Politicians even put the words HONORABLE in front of their names! YOU ARE EMPLOYED BY WE THE PEOPLE JUST ANSWER THE BLOODY QUESTION! THEY ARE THE ENEMY!

  • Professor Pat Pending

    The wool tops case of 1922.
    Bill of Rights 1688 and taxation …

  • Kate Martin

    It’s funny cause I think it’s actually very disrespectful how both sides in our puppet government treats all Australians 😕😕🙄🙄

  • RBC

    corrupt politicians vomiting corrupt acts and legislation to satisfy there own financial requirements lets revolt, stop giving our labor on mass for a week or a month and lets see where the power lies.

  • Professor Pat Pending

    The Ytube A.I. offered this video

    Interesting comments

  • gr cu

    My dog has more honourable qualities than any of those low-life bastards in that Parliament. Their day is coming, and lets see if all their sneaky bullshit and procrastination works on the creator.

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