Sen. Hastings shares update on Veterans Legislation
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Sen. Hastings shares update on Veterans Legislation

Well Good Afternoon South Suburbs, my
name is Senator Mike Hastings just giving you another weekly update here in good old Springfield, Illinois. I wanted to give an update on our Veterans
Legislation that we’re taking on here in this General Assembly. There’s three
things I wanted to highlight that we’re doing here for our Veterans our men and
women of our armed services across the State of Illinois. First one of the
greatest things that has taken place since I’ve been here regarding veterans
is we finally put the final beam in the Chicago Veterans Home. So now the
exterior part of the Chicago Veterans Home is completed and now we’re gonna
start working on the interior part of the veteran’s home itself. This will give
the opportunity to those in the Chicagoland area to stay at a veteran’s
home within this Cook County region instead of having to go south of Cook
County and that’s a phenomenal thing. The second thing we’re doing this session is
allowing for the Illinois veterans grant to be transferred to dependents of
veterans. currently if you’re a veteran and you enter the service from the State
of Illinois and then after your tenure in the service you come home back to the
State of Illinois you’re eligible for up to 120 credit hours of undergraduate,
postgraduate or graduate education. Under my bill if you’ve served six years of
active duty service and two years of inactive service or reserve service
you’re eligible to transfer that to your dependents. The third
thing we’re working on here this General Assembly is for in-state tuition for
veterans so veterans come from all across the country and they want to
attend our great schools while they’re serving here in the state. The one thing
that we want to make sure of is that they’re not paying an increased tuition
cost when they’re actually serving our country whether that be at Scott Air
Force Base or Great Lakes Naval Station up in northern Illinois, so under the
bill that we’ve proposed anyone who’s serving in the US Armed Forces that
chooses to go to a state school will be offered in state tuition. I think that’s
a great thing especially for those that are looking for college affordability
and maybe those that don’t have any benefits to use for their education I
think it’s a great opportunity for veterans we are the number one veteran
state in the entire country regardless of what Texas and California
says i’ll just tell you that over the last seven years we’ve made it our
priority to take care of our men and women of our armed services and for that
I’m eternally grateful to them. I’m proud to have served and I’m proud to serve
you in the South Suburbs.

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