Sen. Hume speaks on legislation to assist Hoosier veterans
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Sen. Hume speaks on legislation to assist Hoosier veterans

Well one of the things that our caucus is
looking at and I think is very important, is dealing with the veterans who have served this nation and somehow we seem to let them slip through the
cracks and its our caucus’s effort to
make sure that the veterans are not only respected, but given every
opportunity to succeed after they have dedicated a part of their lives to
protecting us. One of the things that I think a
lot of people don’t understand is that many of the veterans who have served
since 9/11, there’s something like 27% of them that are unemployed. That’s compared to a national rate of
7.8% unemployment. So we need to be doing things here in
Indiana to try to help veterans get jobs. One of the things that we’re looking at
is to change the requirement that if a veteran comes back from battle and has served as a medic that they have to go through all kinds
of training to become an E.M.T. So one of our bills that I’m authoring would simply provide they can take that training that they had in the military, pass a test here in Indiana, and get a certification so that they can
start immediately as an E.M.T. we also have legislation that would
provide for veteran owned businesses to be able to get state contracts. Another
thing is with the spouse of a deceased
disabled veteran to try to make sure that when they get a
property tax deduction that the legislature has always intended for
them to have, that if they move from one home to
another that that property tax deduction goes
with the spouse and doesn’t stay with the house. So it’s those kinds of things that that not only show our respect and
admiration for the people who have served us in the
military but also to provide that they get not only the respect, but the jobs that they need.

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