Sen. Joe Manchin on Constitution Day
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Sen. Joe Manchin on Constitution Day

Hello. I’m Senator Joe Manchin. Born out of the fiery
turmoil of the Civil War, our state was founded
by courageous patriots who were willing to
risk their lives and fortunes in
a united pursuit of justice and
freedom for all. We chose the stars and
stripes as our banner and we chose, as
Francis Pierpont said, to stand by and live
under the Constitution which continues its promise
of a constant pursuit of a more perfect union for our nation. While Constitution Day
is a time to commemorate the
anniversary of the formation and
signing of our United States Constitution, it also serves as a reminder of our nation’s history and core values, and how vital they are to instill
in the next generation. To our next generation
of leaders; our state is so special
because our citizens are always looking to
provide a helping hand to their neighbors, and
to make our state a better place to work,
live and raise a family. At its core, we celebrate Constitution Day because
our statewide and national community
wants you to succeed and for you to have
every possible opportunity to make the world
a better place. In 2004, our very own
Senator Robert C. Byrd designated September 17 as Constitution Day, and introduced a requirement
of public schools and governmental offices
to provide educational programs to provide a better
understanding of our Constitution. He was a sincere and
loyal defender of the Constitution, and again, I am proud to join with you today in celebrating that legacy and all that it stands for within our beautiful
state and nation. Thank you and God bless you.

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