Sen. Lamar Alexander Makes ‘Preposterous’ Statement About Impeachment | Morning Joe | MSNBC
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Sen. Lamar Alexander Makes ‘Preposterous’ Statement About Impeachment | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  • Dog Fart

    Thank God these cowards weren't in office during WW2 the world would have looked very different.The leaders in the 40s were brave and WORK for America.they were THE GREATEST GENERATION.
    The Republicans in office now are the cowardly criminal generation.trump no doubt hold the aid for Churchill unless. He would investigate his opponent in the up comming election.

  • Stephen Anderson

    I live in Colorado so Cory Gardner and Trump are toast in this state. This helps the Democrats up and down the ballot especially in swing states where I feel Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania are out of the column for Trump and the Republicans also should watch for Arizona, Iowa, Ohio, North Carolina, and Florida and and uncomfortably close race in Texas as whoever the Democratic nominee is this trial or lack there of one will accelerate the demographic demise of the GOP.

  • Renos Dickey

    What Donald Trump, and the White House, and the Senate and Justice Roberts of the Supreme Court has done and are continuing to do, will go down as the biggest cover-up in American history.

  • Colin Dunbar

    All of these Republican Senators are proving themselves to be bottom feeding scum suckers , if Donald Trump gets away with this then it is time to abolish the senate as they don't do their jobs anyway, continuing to pay their salaries is a complete waste of taxpayer dollars.

  • Drd20

    You can vote any way you want, you'll have to answer to god and country for that in the end. However, by basically rigging a trial and preventing 1st hand witnesses, you are defrauding a majority of Americans. 70% want witnesses, 52% believe he should be removed, 68% believe he's guilty. By preventing evidence, you are engaging in treason.

  • Doc Lewis

    Bolton AND Gen. Mattis SHOULD'VE both come forward. Period. They decided to let an unhinged man remain in power. That's disgraceful. They were to protect US…not a single man.

  • mainzel männchen

    Problem is Trump did not ask this. There is NO proof. Trumps said do us a favour. And about the war between Ukraine and Russia. Who did nothing when it happened. Ah ja Obama. And let me say this Biden must be investigated. Why. Well tell us what no experienced Hunter Biden was doing on a corrupt company in Ukraine. Looks like the Dems never ask this very obvious question. Although I like sen. Alexander. Nice way to get out of the Dems mess. No new witnesses because he has seen enough but no impeachable act. Hahaha Dems go nuts on this brilliant escape for Schiff circus. That circus just ended by own party member.

  • Kevin Buck

    Thank you for saying that Mika, I have been saying this since it has come out. He never gave a second thought to those people being killed by holding up the aid which he had no legal right to do. He killed those people because he wanted to be in power again. The same as he almost killed american troops when he told Trukey invade without letting the american troops know. The only thing he sees is what's right infront of him and not who it effects, just say everything is good and they will forget about who he has killed and who he almost killed. This is a man who sees one thing the need to be in the front row even when the view is better in the middle.

  • Evan Herrera

    If Lamar feels this way, why is he saying no to witnesses.
    The old fart has nothing to loose.
    If it's not his job then.
    He has no business in the Senate.
    This cult leader has capture the Republicans souls, minds because they are afraid and weak.

  • D best

    Nixon: "I'm not a crook."
    Trump: "I'm a crook so what!"
    Republicans: "We're all crooks get over it."
    Putin: "Mission Accomplished."

  • Marcus Wilkins

    🔆The Lamar's Decision is based on racial and party solidarity. Ask him how many non whites he went to High school with.Ask him about the diversity of the 92% white town he was born and grew up in. 💯

  • Natasha cutie pie

    Stop talking about Lamar Alexander already! He's cast his vote so who cares! What did Romney vote?? The media oversaturates the same topics & lines.

  • Evan Herrera

    We should send all these comments to Trump and his gangsters. So they can see how the American public feels. We the people have the power in 2020.
    We have to cut this cancer out for the good of our country.

  • Steve McFarland

    Let’s not forget that nearly the entire Republican portion of the Senate voted against witnesses, not just Alexander. Behind every negative vote is a coward.

  • Linda Smith

    MOSCOW MITCH has Conditioned The Senate Republicans like PAVLOV Trained his DOGS. ROLL OVER, Now Bark for your dinner it’s in your Dog Dish down on the Floor

  • Raymond F

    It look like Senator Alexander don't know anytime about the constitution … just sad .. and the republicans are taking this country down the road to dictatorships and whan trump kicks this country and the republicans in the mouth it will be the republicans fault

  • Richard Hutchison

    As a Tennessean, I am heartbroken that Se. Alexander chooses to not vote for witnesses! I always respected him. A vote for witnesses and documentation is not a vote to convict.

  • Brian Dunn

    America in the EYE'S Of the World, !! Un Trustworthy, ! Unstable, ! Corupte, ! What Country would want to do Trade with a Bunch of Criminal's, ? You guys are Screwed, ! Welcome to the Soviet States of Trumponia, ! Dictatorship Reagim Cult ,! #Orangemaggotking

  • eric t

    Senate is our last line of defense to stop a corrupt president and they failed to do so because they themselves are part of the corruption!! This is insane.

  • Patrick Riley

    lamar wanted to fit right in with his last hurrah. he will be remembered as the buffoon who got intimidate by daddy trump, even tho trump could do nothing to him.

  • Dorothy Zink

    Let's hope for their sakes they were able to obtain complete maps of El Chappo's tunnels because they're not going to enjoy being caught outside by Americans.

  • Ken Shaw

    This is the terrible thing about this. Trump can argue from now on that enriching himself is in the national interest so ok. He can solicit foreign interference in elections because somehow national interest so ok. He can ask the Russians to send in troops to protect him and his family because…

  • Katherine Prongos

    One more impotent old man whose deep sickness is destroying our country. He deserves to have a fatal stroke. The South is drowning in corruption. How many people, including children, have died as a result of Trump's policies–the government shutdown alone cut off paycheck-to -paycheck families from buying time-sensitive food, medicine, rents, paying mortgages, people died in the Ukraine from withholding aid, plus children in refugee detentions camps. These greedy enabling monsters are as guilty as their Dorian Grey of a MASTER.

  • akinoshimo

    so,,,,just ignore a congressional subpoena and it all goes away…eventually. Next time I receive a subpoena, I can just ignore it ? Trump did. The Attorney General W. Barr is responsible to enforce congressional subpoena via the FBI and he refused due to executive privileges. If Trump is acquitted, would that unleash Trump to do what ever he wants independent of congressional approval including investigating political rivals, working with or coercing foreign governments to investigate his rivals as long as he says it is in the public interest or for national interest? I don't know … strange to have a trial with no witnesses. I wanted to know more from key people. So Trump F'd up, was it impeachable? maybe, maybe not, get some people who know first hand to tell the Senate what happened. what's wrong with that, Senators? sheesh

  • Richard Alexander

    What was once the GOP is now officially Cult tRump, and Spanky Bonespurs has been declared ABOVE THE LAW.
    Ashamed to share a last name with this traitorous coward.

  • Shirley Ann Sellars

    Senator Alexander is a coward. All the Republican senators are cowards they have no backbone to stand up to this criminal we have in the White House because they are like him, they all are criminal and corrupt. Imagine this was President Obama what they would have done. We. all know this is wrong on so many levels to allow this man to get away. I guess he is above the law he's not hold accountable for anything. I believe John Bolton.

  • Andrew Daley

    President Obama was basically forced to provide his full American birth certificate, to prove his worth, yet Agent Orange won't provide tax records, assist the FBI Mueller inquiry or co-operate in the most basic way with this current process. Let's face it, it's a quasi dictatorship, the red caps love it – he is their Messiah.

  • Noble Victor

    It is asinine to push for and consider or believe a corrupt self interested president is working for the benefit and national interest of the people !

  • Mirz_786

    Democratic voters, listen to me. Have you not figured it out yet? America is not, I repeat not a Democracy. Both your Democratic party as well as the Republican party serv corporate interests. This is a Corporate welfare state. Alexander was probably offered a seat on the board of some company (or companies) when he "retires". He will probably be collecting a few million to attend some board meetings a few times a year. The company I work for has some people like him on our board, except they are on the Democratic side. Think about this, are you really that happy that John "bomb Iran" Bolton is your only hope? Do you really think a man who probably would have been the champion of Manifest Destiny had he been around in the 1800's (he has the mustache) is an honest man? He is just as evil as Trump, if not more

  • concorde p

    Hey Americans the Republicans want the whistleblower right? So have any of you seen Spartacus? Why don’t you all say you are the whistleblower (like I am Spartacus…. which is how all the men with Spartacus behaved to defend him…)

  • michael clarke

    When your leader is breaking the laws of Democracy to self serve time to change your leader. Drumpf’s a hindrance to democracy.

  • B Wilder

    What's going on here is an outrage which can't be allowed to stand. There is NO double jeopardy provision relating to impeachment. So the House should simply OPEN A SECOND IMPEACHMENT INQUIRY. Then when the Republicans are crying like babies that it's not fair that impeachment hearings in the house are going right up to the eave of the election they can think back to when the Dems gave them a chance to reset and move forward with another candidate. Would conducting continued legitimate impeachment hearings in the house right up to the election be a dirty trick? Not nearly as bad as the contrived crap 'Benghazi Hearings'

  • naoki toiko

    That's a moderate in the GOP right now, someone who admits Trump's guilty but refuses to do anything about it. And you can only find a handful of them.

  • Daye Gilharno

    With the power(im)balance in the Senate atm it will be up to the voters anyway, let's just hope they remember who the real patriots are in November!

  • Paul Oliver

    Will someone go to the nearest law library and look at McKinney's Constitutional Law (Articles 1 – 9), then go take a look at McKinney's Uniform Commercial Code forms (Articles 1 – 9). See any similarities? UCC/Constitution is not a dead law, like I am not deceased. #ActualFactual #DonP #BlackKnight #CodedBlackMan

  • Anne-Marie d'Vinichi

    Well.. I wonder if anyone will take his statement and then bring charges to bare on him for a failure to meet his oath of office and that of a senatorial juror… cowardliness on full display thy name is Lamar Alexander

  • Shane Macgregor

    Its funny to watch the liberal pundits fall apart time and time again, Trump Derangement is still spreading around like a virus, the more the talk about Trump, the more worked up these people get. That, and they get paid to say the things they do. Just terrible.

  • Gscalenut

    Alan Dershowitz talking about Alan Dershowitz, "I have never met the man. I hear that he is a warrior, but I do not know him"

  • Ian Home

    The building blocks of a legal system is that the law is applied equally to everyone. So Alexander argues that an admitted crime for Trump is not the same as a crime for everyone else.

  • Sibusiso Mngadi

    🤑,🤑,🤑…"But the Constitution does (not)…" just stays on the good side of the TYRANT.
    Clever, corrupt, sinister and cringingly toadyish INSERTION of the word "NOT" to REVERSE the LOGIC!
    My favorite moments are when Mr Patrick Philbin buries the GOP Senators with their own PREJUDICES!!
    Ohh, he really shovels it in painstakingly slowly to make sure their coffin is evenly covered throughout!!! 🤣🤣🤣

  • Bestoink Dooley

    According to Alexander, it's up to the electorate to decide whether or not to punish him by getting rid of him in the next election. So what's the point of having impeachments? Why is it in the constitution?

  • L

    He's about to retire so he doesn't give a 'hoot' what happens. He and all evildoers will face God one day! Bolten should've came forward to testify when he had the chance instead of threatened to sue if subpoenaed!

  • Jeff Smith

    The main thing is that Lamar Alexander says that Trump is guilty. The reason Republicans don't want more evidence is because the conspiracy is bigger than Trump.

  • James Muecke

    Alexander is a classic politician who says whatever he thinks you want to hear in order to get your vote. This mean he will say one thing then will vote whatever it takes to get the most support from his constituents — if they are watching. When they are not watching, he votes the other way. But they are watching here. I hope he finally gets replaced. He plays both sides and is your every-day untrustworthy politician. His heart is for the impeachment, but he wants to get re-elected, but I just read he is not running again. These politicians confuse me.

  • morgan verapen

    Senator Alexander is 100% Wrong because the People elected Senators to represent them and take the Oath to ‘Protect the Constitution’ in this case he’s suggestion is a complete ‘Cop-Out’

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