Sen. Lindsey Graham on the NDAA, Indefinite Detention of American Citizens
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Sen. Lindsey Graham on the NDAA, Indefinite Detention of American Citizens

Defense Programs and Policy. Narrator speaking:
“The senate recently passed a bill. A bill that would authorize the president to send
the military literally anywhere in the world to detain civilians, even American citizens
without charge or trial.” Senator Graham speaking: “And to those Americans citizens thinking
about helping out Al Qaeda please know what will come your way. Death, Detention, Prosecution.
And when they say ‘I want my lawyer’, you tell them ‘Shut up, you don’t get a lawyer.
You’re an enemy combating and we’re gonna talk to you about why you joined Al Qaeda.”
Narrator speaking: “The House and Senate will be voting again in the next few days on a
final version of the bill and need to hear form you now, because Congress shouldn’t tell
American citizen needing a lawyer to Shut up.” To take action go to


  • wingnut4427

    What more can You expect from a peace of shit from the grand ol city of Walhalla South Carolina ? The largest shit hole in the state ! I know this for a fact because when I was a child I had to live there. It was the most miserable 10 years of My life & this douche bag was in the city counsel. I cannot believe that The People of South Carolina would continue to vote this piece of shit in every election cycle ! He's shit ! And He's a Closet case !

  • wingnut4427

    @freedomahc a bunch of old people who do nothing but get their news from the television & don't have time to look into his past.

  • saxophone323

    "Shut up, you don't get a lawyer!"

    …and the media tries to say Ron Paul is unelectable. Please. This guy better quit politics while he still can. Whoever runs against him is seriously going to have a cake walk getting his seat in the senate.
    Although… in his defense he's just trying to get a rise out of people… but that only makes it worse.

  • RoyalistCavalier

    @mutoneon Are you talking about the same constitution of the United States that only gave rights and freedoms to white men and making them 1st class citizens while denying rights and freedoms to women, blacks and Indians and reducing them to 2nd class citizens. Is this the same constitution of the United States that talked about liberty and declaring all men are equal that was written by slave owners like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. The consitutiton of the United States is HYPOCRISY.

  • matthias

    @RoyalistCavalier No, I'm talking about the Constitution that was amended in 1870 (15th) and 1920 (19th) to guarantee voting rights to those citizens. The Constitution of the U.S. is but one of many defining documents bookmarking the development and evolution of human civilization. Hypocrisy is failing to uphold the Constitution.

  • RoyalistCavalier

    @mutoneon The United States Constitution is a sickening document full of hypocrisy. This same documented forbid women from voting and from running for president, senator, representive, governor, mayor, etc. for most of the history of America. The United States Consutiton may be built like Fort Knox but its foundation is sand and clay of lies and hypocristy. Any document written by slave owners that talk of freedom and liberty must be discarded and a new consitution written to replace it.

  • matthias

    @RoyalistCavalier The U.S. led the way in human rights for 150 years. Your proposal is that we throw out anything that isn't perfect from the get-go. Amendments exist for a reason, and I think you would do well to study them. Do you criticize the Magna Carta because it doesn't guarantee land-ownership rights to blacks? It sounds like you have very little perspective on human history.

  • wingnut4427

    @anvilofcrom it was fraud just like every election since 2000. Check out My latest video & watch how bad it was & You'll see the fraud in the numbers.

  • RoyalistCavalier

    @MoronBuster101 I see the authors of the consitution as hypocrites when they talked about freedom, liberty and all men are created equal when at the same time most of them like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were rich elite slave owning planters who did not want to pay their taxes. The Consitution looks like a fort knox on the outside but it is built on sandy or chalky foundation (hypocristy and lies). Women, Blacks and Indians were treated as 2nd class citizens by the founding fathers.

  • RoyalistCavalier

    @MoronBuster101 I believe people must be controlled and they are not evolved or mature enough for freedom and liberty. The United States needs a military dictator like Julius Caesar or Gaius Marius to rule the country. When Rome was in peril and in danger because of the incompetent senators and councils elected by the people, men on white horses like Julius Caesar and Gaius Marius to come to the rescue. The people need an iron fist. The average citizen is a black friday shopper in Walmart.

  • RoyalistCavalier

    @MoronBuster101 The Roman Republic before it became an Empire was already stagnating and the reason why is because the people kept on electing greedy, incompetent and treasonous senators and concils and I believe it would have died hundreds of years before the death of the Roman Empire in the 5th century. The men who saved Rome from these bastards were great generals such as Gaius Marius, Lucius Cornelius Sulla, Gneaus Pompeius Magnus and Julius Caesar. These are the greatest Roman heroes.

  • RoyalistCavalier

    @MoronBuster101 Go watch Rome: Rise and Fall of an Empire on youtube and watch the first 3 episodes (First Barbarian War, Spartacus and Julius Caesar) to see how great men that the likes of Gaius Marius, Gneaus Pompeius Magnus and Julius Caesar were. The United States should become just like the Roman Empire and become a dictatorship where a great army general like Russel Honore to rule. The greatest ruler of Rome was a dictator and his name was Emperor Augustus (Great Nephew of Julius Caesar).

  • Bill D

    @RoyalistCavalier Thank your lucky stars you live in democratic America. People like you really ought to be shot before a firing squad for your treasonous views. Julius Caesar was murdered for his act of declaring himself emperor. Rightly so! May the same thing happen to all who espouse dictatorship.

    Whatsamatter? Can't handle a little freedom? You stupid authoritarian make me sick!

    People simply need to wake from their deep slumber. But you need an "iron fist" up your ass. Ha Ha

  • RoyalistCavalier

    @BillSalem Julius Caesar was the greatest man that Rome ever produced. Julius Caesar was a great general who conquered more territory for Rome then any other Roman General. Julius Caesar not only led his men into battle but many times fought with them on the front lines. Julius Caesar was very much loved and respected by the Roman Legions and he had everyright to sieze power from the corrupt, incompetent and treasonous senators and make himself dictator. USA needs a Julius Caesar not a Ron Paul

  • RoyalistCavalier

    @BillSalem To show you that dictatorship is much better then democracy watch a documentary called Emperors: Augustus on Youtube. Augustus was the first Roman Emperor and the grand nephew of Julius Ceasar. Under the reigh of Emperor Augustus, Romen experianced it's golden age. Romen experianced the most stability, security, peace and prosperity under Emperor Augustus then any other time before and after. You would see that dictators get things done not like useless and pathetic democratic system.

  • RoyalistCavalier

    @BillSalem My favourite people in Roman History was Gaius Marius and Juilius Ceasar. These men where the greatest heroes to come out of Rome. When ever Rome was in trouble it called on these men to save it. Gaius Marius stopped the barbarians from Europe and Africa from conquering Rome because of the incompetent democraticaly elected senators where sent out to the battlefield. Gaius Marius was also the founder of the Roman Army that became the strongest army in the ancient world.

  • Bill D

    @RoyalistCavalier That you are a traitorous royalist tory is all too apparent. Hanging is too good for Tories! If you think that the fact that BigJulie Caesar conquered land for Rome, makes him a good leader for today, your values are twisted. The idea of empire is now a criminal one. Disrespecting sovereign nations is long gone. BTW Augustus liked to corrupt little children and then murder them.

  • RoyalistCavalier

    @BillSalem Julius Caesar today would be a much better leader today then all of the politicans in the United States COMBINED. Julius Caesar fought on the front lines with his soliders and against the enemies of Rome while the Senators and Councils were in Rome were safe in their beds. Julius Caesar was much loved by the Roman Army which was founded by his uncle Gaius Marius. You should watch the first 3 episodes of Rome: Rise and Fall of an Empire to see how great these men where.

  • RoyalistCavalier

    @BillSalem The Tories were the greatest Americans to have ever existed. Wiliam Franklin (Son of Benjamin Franklin) was a Torie who remaind loyal to King and Empire when he was Royal Governor of New Jersey. The Tories were the ones who after fleeing the American colonies to the Canadian colonies outlawed slavery in 1793 (Ontario) and 1803 (Quebec) decades before the so called "freedom loving" patriots outlawed slaver in America in 1863. America would be better of today had the Tories won the war.

  • RoyalistCavalier

    @BillSalem The United States should ditch the republic and become an EMPIRE like Rome. The United States should be led by a modern day Julius Caesar and a Gaius Marius to rule it. I believe that man is non other then General Russel Honore. General Russel Honore saved New Orleans from the diaster of Huricane Katrina while the democratically elected politicans like Ray Nagin (Mayor of New Orleans), Kathleen Blanco (Governor of Louisiana) and George W Bush (President of America) did nothing.

  • Sector A - Home of Alternative Ideas

    Well…can't be any more worse then compelling a woman to take her abortion case to court and then ignoring her when she admitted that she lied.

  • RoyalistCavalier

    @kelzarren123 The United States is in stagnation because of the incompetence of the politicans that the people continue to elect and re-elect. The people say they hate congress but they love their congressperson, this is so retarded and pathetic. The people say they want change but keep electing democrats and republicans over and over agian. What is needed is a man like General Russel Honore (Savior of New Orleans after Huricane Katrina) to get things done. He should be dictator of America.

  • RoyalistCavalier

    @kelzarren123 The United States needs to be ruled by an iron fist and by a man who is not affraid to make un popular decisions to help and save the United States in the long run. The United States needs a dictator who is does not need to comprimise his or her ideals just to get re-elected and have to bow down to special interest groups like all democratically elected politicans do. A man on a white horse is need and that man is General Russel Honore. General Russel Honore as dictator is needed.

  • RoyalistCavalier

    @fred1671 Ron Paul is tainted because he is part of the system that is fucking up the United States. If Ron Paul was true to his belief he would not be a member of the Republican Party and would be a member of the Libitarian or Constitutionalist Parties or an Independent. General Erwin Rommel was a fantastic man and general, but he was a member of the Nazi Party. Ron Paul has been in congress for far too long and it's time he retires. Ron Paul is no Russel Honore. Russel Honore is the greatest.

  • mizzoulibertarian

    @RoyalistCavalier a member of the libretarian party or constitutionalst party would not affect matters. Its not good enough just to be right.

  • firestrings272

    @RoyalistCavalier Our political system is governed by the Two parties, our media is governed by the two parties, our school system is governed by the two parties. Only until the people demand the changes will any other third party become relevant, and it is not going to happen because the US has THE MOST brainwashed and dumbed down population in the world.

  • imrnlil

    @10YNWA10 That's simply not true. The idea is alive and well. Check out the pictures and videos and pay close attention to the youth. They are there and they are on fire.

  • duckduck34

    @imrnlil i was talking about your idea of becoming an empire. the problem is that in an empire, the person is legitimate rather than the office he holds. when that person dies and there was a question of succession, it would be chaos.

    also, civil liberties and rights go out the window, which im personally not ok with

  • kmgentil

    what the heck is the judicial branch doing, are those people just sleeping while this is all going on….. probably going to be on some sort of government list for posting this and following Dr. Ron Paul on facebook

  • Membrane556

    Lindsey Graham is broken toilet of a human being over flowing with shit.
    People like him are a far greater threat to the American people then the terrorists in the middle east.
    The war on terror is a farce that's being used to take away our freedom.

  • MrGoldfinch88

    you know, the Pentagon's declared this nation's sovereign debt as the greatest national security threat. Maybe we should indefinitely detain all 535 members of congress until they pass a balanced budget. And when they say "I want to speak to my lawyer," you tell them "SHUT UP, you don't get a lawyer! You're an enemy combatant and we want to talk to you about why you're supporting Bin Laden's main objective!"

  • silentiumestaureum93

    "Hello Mr. Greham!" "Mmm. Hello there young man! Take off yer paaaants! Show meee yerrr weee weee!!" "Oh Mr. Greham your a peeaach of a maaaan…"

  • theyaretheconspiracy

    These are fascists and traitors in our government.I don't know what's wrong with people when they can't recognize what this is. Good video..

  • CryptoKni9ht

    Lindsey Graham and the rest of the corrupt fascist elements in the american government should be locked up indefinite on a alien planet without trial or charges. If he asks: " I want my lawyer! Stfu !!, u don´t have any rights, u are an enemy combatant of the American people and the Constitution, and the rest of the world.
    Bon Voyage, sick fuck…

  • Untamed Man

    when Lindsey Graham says "I want your vote." Tell him.. "SHUT UP! You don't get my vote! You're an enemy of the people!"

  • firstgenchevelleman

    I agree with you definitely, no sovereign nation needs to incur debt. Our country BORROWS its money from the bankers and foreigners not to mention U.N. resolutions. Therefore we lose our national sovereignty.

  • Louie Marinda Jr.

    Sen Graham is wanna be smart guy who thinks he knows everything, in reality he's corrupt dumbass traditional politician …

  • meccaturbo

    Shut the fuck up, you low intelligence fool. Lindsey Graham is a far finer person than you are, you rectum diddling fucktwat.

  • WhiteLion8403

    Lindsay "the slime" Graham is not only a traitor but a lying slime that went around making it out that he was a Gulf War veteran , this lying slime should be kicked out of the senate let alone pushing treasonous a bill like NDAA.

    U.S. Constitution is the Law of the Land

  • marvinjr1989

    This is quite confusing because in this video Graham appears to be a tyrant, but in the videos where he expresses his views on gun control he appears to be a patriot speaking out against it. People comment on his video stating that Graham is an Asshole, and in other videos about gun control they say we need clones of him. So he is an Asshole but we should cone him… interesting.

  • lenteach

    lindsay g is not an asshole or a patriot. what he is is much worse. He is a politician. all politicians are like G. they are a club,a fraternity, and party affiliation is mere superficiality. Obama speaks with forked tongue, like all politicians.
    look at a map of so.Carolina, G.s state, and search the thousands of defense companies located there. That is all G. is about. anything else is bullshit.

    in the real world, G. is about defense and nothing else. he is a warmonger, a militarist,period.

  • AllianceWithChina1

    WHY Al-Qaeda cant have Lawyers——– The West – that declares war on international terrorists, such as the CIA’s brainchild Al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brothers – in fact actively cooperates with them. It is with their help that the undeclared war on Syria is waged today,”

  • Gary Adams

    He's an asshole politician putting on a show to look good at whatever time suits them, then back to their corrupt ways .

  • Nigel Baldwin

    How sad it is, that the US, a country we'd looked to as an inspiration to us, is beginning to talk in the language of the Germany of 1914.

  • lenteach

    dear gary, we do not have to be complacent and think we are helpless in the face of politician's self-serving dedication. They may not want to pass any gun laws until one of their own kids or grandkids gets shot. Even the shooting of a member of the House(Giffords) has no effevt on them. But we will take back our government; its just a matter of time.Then we won't have to say,LOL,that's like it is, anymore. We will have a government of,by and for the people and sooner than you think.

  • trudginon

    Lindsay Graham is for supporting the Rebel fighters in Syria, some of whom are admitted Al Qaeda !! ARREST THIS MAN, and INDEFINITELY DETAIN HIM!!!

  • log140

    we should declare some members of the senat "Enemy Combatants", because they took an oath on the Constitution and the Bill of rights and now they are acting against their oath … and if they ask for a lawyer, tell them to "shut up"!!

  • djantwan027

    @ 0:28 Lindsey Graham tells us the order in which they will get the supposed enemy… Nice to know you will be killed before your detention, then dead and detained before the trial.. Sweet elitist justice!

  • 4malulz

    Looks like those documents also created a new legal definition of the term 'warranted', right within the document that proposes the warranting in the first place. That's pretty bizarre. How can something define itself in terms of itself? Clear legalese gibberish. Circular definitions and recursive definitions alone should make the documents invalid. SOMEONE BESIDES ME, SHOULD ALSO BE POINTING THIS OUT…

  • Edward Brady

    Voting is a game we are allowed to play every few years. Voting is part of the problem.

    If voting changed anything it would be banned.

    “Don't vote it only encourages them" OR if you feel compelled to vote then vote "none of the above" and leave it at that. You did your duty.

    You could vote in Mother Theresa and would still get more of the same.

    What if they gave an election and nobody came -> GAME OVER.

    Voting to decide who you want to fuck you and steal all half your salary. Do I want the red or the blue fucking me?

    Taxation is Theft – Government are just hideaway men, mafia or just plain gangsters.

    Few if any politicians worldwide have ever had a "Real Job". They do not know what work is or how to "make ends meet" on an average salary or less.

  • Station X Entertainment

    This person is a traitor not only to the constitution, but to his constituents, and the American public at large. To stand on the floor of CONGRESS and make these kinds of comments is high treason…If this were the 1700 – 18000's? This scoundrel would have been dragged out of that hall by the public rightfully, and hung by the neck from a tree until he was dead. Or publicly shot for treason. This kind of slime, and his puppet masters are destroying this country by design and they need to be stopped. How much more are people going to take laying down? Is it going to take the new american "gustapo" coming to your home in jack boots and with machine guns to take you and your family away to wake people up? How far is this going to go people? I think that's a question that the American public needs to start asking…Because we are at the dawn of the kind of tyranny here that this country was founded to prevent; and these scum will not stop until they are stopped…It's that simple….

  • UnderStructureRepair

    Lindsey Graham is the enemy of the constitution. There are some very patriotic marines that have read the constitution and took their oath VERY SERIOUSLY. Not many. Most are blockheads that Henry Kissinger calls Useless eaters. No,he calls them useful idiots

  • Vigilantowl

    David Weikle for US Senate
    listen and get to know David

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