Senator Bernie Sanders Makes The Case For Socialism | All In | MSNBC
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Senator Bernie Sanders Makes The Case For Socialism | All In | MSNBC


  • Sentimental Gurney

    For those of you who think socialism is the answer
    "Show me the man and I'll show you the crime."
    "Show me a man and I'll show you a crime."
    (Russian doesn't have definite and indefinite articles as such; delightful ambiguity, no?)

    —Marshal of the Soviet Union Lavrentiy Pavlovich Beria/Лаврентий Павлович Берия/ლავრენტი პავლეს ძე ბერია (1899-1953)
    chief of the NKVD (People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs) under Josef Stalin.
    Union of Soviet SOCIALIST Republics!
    "Socialism is the tree, Communism is the fruit, watered by blood." (look it up)

  • Sentimental Gurney

    For those of you who think socialism is the answer
    "Show me the man and I'll show you the crime."
    "Show me a man and I'll show you a crime."
    (Russian doesn't have definite and indefinite articles as such; delightful ambiguity, no?)

    —Marshal of the Soviet Union Lavrentiy Pavlovich Beria/Лаврентий Павлович Берия/ლავრენტი პავლეს ძე ბერია (1899-1953)
    chief of the NKVD (People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs) under Josef Stalin.
    Union of Soviet SOCIALIST Republics!
    "Socialism is the tree, Communism is the fruit, watered by blood." (look it up)

  • Blade of Ashtaroth

    That title says it all. I use to like MSNBC, but I have realized that during elections cycles you guys become too polarized against progressives. Democratic socialism is not the same thing as Socialism.

  • Feanor1169

    Bernie Sanders – the guy who never held a real (non government) job in his life – wants to dictate what we will pay in taxes. It's absurd to think someone so lazy could have that power.

  • Michael Sutton

    I hope its Trump against Bernie for 2020! Trump is going to eat Bernie up, it's going to be hilarious! Trump's going to Win!

  • David Hinkley

    It's Bernie or Trump wins. Period…. it's even more obvious than when Clinton ran. Impeach Trump / Elect Bernie.

  • Fred Hoffman

    Bernie the Red wants goverment to take over everything. Works great in N. Korea, Venezuela, and Cuba, Doesn't it Bernie the Red. Go back to Moscow where you celebrated your honeymoon and STAY THERE!

  • I Ing

    Bernie's senate website still claims: "These days, the American dream is more apt to be realized in South America, in places such as Ecuador, Venezuela and Argentina, where incomes are actually more equal today than they are in the land of Horatio Alger. Who's the banana republic now?"

  • Dan L

    MSMBC cutted the speach at 10 minutes! Why? Biden was able to ramble nonsens as long as he wanted…. corporate media 🙁

  • Christine Inman

    I would like Sanders to win ,I wanted him to win last time too. Last time he ran was the first time I ever gave money to a campaign ,being on a fixed income.After the court case were the democrats said to the court that yes they were for Hillary ,and they can do what they want being a privet company.They are doing the same thing this time,I want to give money to Sanders . I would give money to Sanders if he ran as an Independent ,but as a democrat I only see it as tossing money away.I will still be voting for him,even though the democrats can pick who ever they want ,no matter the vote.

  • Fiona Cotterill

    #stillwithbernie. He is a rock. Consistent on policies. A leader not influenced by big donor $$$ giving him freedom to fight for real people.

  • sinwaters909

    Why doesn’t the media question candidates “why are you capitalist?” Socialist have to make the case for socialism because the media won’t do it for us. The media will do the opposite; they will demonize socialism because they fear workers more then Trump.

  • Marla K

    What is the Democratic party doing about Mitch McConnell?? Why can't we target his district with a big information campaign and a fantastic candidate??! We must focus on a strategy for taking back the senate!!!

  • Toby Dion

    We're already in a partly socialism country. Fire department, USPS, police, social security, roads, and so so much more, which the rich also benefit from especially and they get bonus stuff like being able to speed up fire protection for their house with private service if the social option is busy or too slow for them. Oh and a lot of tax evasion tactics that poorer people can't even hope to take advantage of without getting in huge trouble.

  • End Political Corruption

    7:37: The answer, at least in part, is: Media, at long last, do your job as it was originally understood — holding power accountable, rather than sucking up to it.

  • Keevan Crawford

    MSNBC would want Trump before Bernie. Stop watching them. YouTube for news. Find a collective you trust more than not.

  • Richard Wagner

    To bad when this was airing MSNBC purposefully did not air the entire speech. Thanks biased executive producers at MSNBC!

  • Robert Davis

    Old Bernie had ZERO chance of being elected president … This is a guy who still today is saying that Venezuela is more American than America …

  • caseyjoanz

    We’ve been conditioned like Pavlov’s dog to shriek and attack at the mere mention of the word socialism. We don’t acknowledge being authoritarian, but we embrace it. We’re relieved to hear we’re anything except socialists. We don’t know why; that’s just the nature of our conditioning, but it didn’t happen by accident. Years of red-baiting and fear mongering have been part of our development.

  • William Hardy-Mondragon

    🤯They Censored Bernie Sanders at 4:46! I can not believe this. This is supposed to be news not propaganda. While I appreciate that they gave him some time, they cut out the meat of his argument!! I urge anyone who hasn't heard HIS FDR SPEECH, GO CHECK IT OUT! He is able to make way more sense to the public than what "news" channels like this allow.

  • Sada Ruchi

    Sanders again??? He sold out to Hilliary even after realizing the DNC rigged the nominations. He's too old and will probably have a stroke after things get too stressful to handle. Also, if he gets too popular the Illuminazi's will take him out. He 's not the one folk's!

  • diamondkharness

    Even MSNBC is stuck on the word ‘socialism’. As in their headline. It’s Democratic Socialism you deliberately corporate goons. Think about it. Social Security, our roads and highways, Veterans Health Care, your local fire department are all social benefits to the people. Bernie is right and anyone that believes ‘socialism’ is a nasty word is historically illiterate.

  • Judith Hayes

    People need to stop thinking Socialism and think about it as Democratic Socialism. Pretty much what we have in a smaller fashion put in a larger base to HELP THE PEOPLE!

  • Burn Wermple

    Mr. Sanders is oblivious to economics and partially illiterate like most socialists who don't quite understand what the word "RESULTS" means.

  • Wreckanize

    Why is it that the people who advocate socialism has nothing to offer for society but has a lot to take from it?

  • TheAlex0903

    The policies like healthcare pensions and raises are all given in congress each year they don't represent the middle or working class. They collect lobbying money and vote against the interests of those who voted for them. That is corruption also since it's against their self interests to get money outside of politics. Until then the U.S.A. is an oligarchy go to[ ]

  • Liam Taggart

    Senator Sanders is strong astute and fair politician.His policies will put the USA back on top again. We are fed up with the elites mouthpieces lies and corruption.Its time to have real democracy

  • Will Langston

    Sounds like Bernie's making the case for democratic socialism, but MSNBC conveniently left the "democratic" part out of it. I'm sure it was accidental….

  • SecondLifeDesigner

    Hey MSNBC your title is misleading! It is not "Senator Bernie Sanders Makes The Case For Socialism". The title should be "Senator Bernie Sanders Makes The Case For Democratic Socialism".

  • Patriot Spearhead

    For 30 yrs bernie has represented and for those 30 yrs preached how socialism was so much better. But has never lived in a socialist country. If he did and he was doing what hes doing here hed be jailed or worse in that socialist country. Bernies ideas are old socialist ideas my god do we want to be cuba or the old soviet Union?? Time to sweep old bernie under the rug.

  • Jon R. Olsen

    Socialist? No, we live in a capitalist country and we deserve a higher standard of living! That means Medicare for All!

  • Bran Evans

    Okay … what we know about Bernie is this. He's the greatest virtue signaller on the planet. He is so wonderful that he wants every person's problems fixed by government money. Yet when his tax filings were revealed his lack of generosity is sickening. This millionaire not only looks like Scrooge, he is Scrooge. Pathetic selfish individual. He will never get my vote. He's a Socialist and no American wants to live under the iron boot of socialism. We were born free and we will live free.

  • Mr E

    And today it came out that people quit their job at his campaign team, because they were underpaid. HAHAHAHA. You guys believe everything. He is a millionaire and underpays his employees

  • changersbanger

    MSNBC doesnt want to get hammered on youtube so the pick their segments carefuly. They save the harshest attacks for the TV audience.

  • patsorsox

    You are not entitled to other people’s money. That is a crime in itself. The fact is others will do better than you. That is life. It does not give you the right to steal their money. I am middle class. That means I want to live in a country that I have the freedom to make something of myself. Not to live in a country where the harder I work the more money the government takes from me. Put that all aside. Look at the numbers. You could take every penny of the “1%” turn them into slaves and it still would not pay for these “rights” for everyone. Why won’t we look at why it costs $100 to get Tylenol when your at the emergency room? Why does education need to cost as much as a mortgage? Stop trying to enforce free everything and start digging deeper at why these things are so expensive in the first place

  • William Bunting

    Go Bernie. Policies drafted for the interests of society, ie everyone, are essentially social in nature,..socialist… NOT …Communist,.. as the Monopolistic GOP would have every one believe.
    The reality is that the core Republicans use the notion that “Socialism is bad” as a smokescreen to hide their Criminal theft of the Wealth of the American Nation.

  • Marcus Antonius

    If we had true capitalism, small limited government, enforced our laws, and fallowed the guidance of our Founders,

    we for the most part wouldn't be in the debacle this country faces today.

  • CCW Noob

    As a professor at a top 20 university but with some of the most liberal, snowflake, entitled students in america, I graded one semester where everyone got only the calculated average grade. Guess what happened to performance and effort by the end of the semester.

  • Timothy Maffei

    Bernie a rich selfish capitalist, trying to take over America and its people. Look at Hong Kong fighting for there freedoms. WAKE UP AMERICA, A Godless government is evil and they will only get worse.

  • Mary h

    What a joke…a true embarrassment…one of those getting rich selling us out….now talks like he cares about something other than his wallet…..Bernie for hypocrite in 2020

  • starview1

    Socialism is a failure, even socialist style programs USA has now are failing (not enough money) bernie is a fraud and snake oil salesman political Hack. Hey bernie… the rich business people create jobs, as in todays economy the best in 30 years lowest unemployment in 50 years Thanks to president Trump, Trump has done more to help working Americans than the last administration. Trump has proven less government is better just like former president R. Reagan said.

  • After series

    I have some questions for Mr. Sanders. My parents keep telling me about "democratic socialism" and confusing it with just "socialism" saying if I work and earn $20 and I only get $4 and that the government is going to run everything if a Democrat is voted in office (their both Republican but I'm what I call "political neutral" to where I like both the Republican and Democratic parties no matter what, I ain't choosing sides ever) so what are the main differences between those two terms? Should I feel scared of "Democratic socialists" and the idea of "Democratic socialism"?

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