Sept. 12 OHCS Webinar: Phase II Work Plan Training: EHA/SHAP Amendment
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Sept. 12 OHCS Webinar: Phase II Work Plan Training: EHA/SHAP Amendment

everyone hear me okay
or are we having any problems at all okay so I didn’t hear anything to the
contrary so good thank you very much for attending this morning and I’d like to
give my apologies for the the difficulties that we experienced at the
last September 6th webinar but on today’s webinar we will review the faith
to work plan amendment application we will talk about the application in its
entirety the requirements and before before I get started I’d like to make
introduction I am Rosario Roberts I’m the homeless program coordinator for the
northern region in Oregon and with me we have John my name is joy Eldridge and I
am the the office assistant to the housing stabilization division during
this webinar we’re going to take time to listen to your concerns and comments as
well as any questions you might have and answer all that I can those that I
cannot I will get the answers and send them out to you electronically I will be
the person facilitating the entire webinar and I do want to hear from you
and I do want to hear any concerns that you may have we will take a few minutes
to identify the application submission requirements we will look at the process
timelines and we will review the application in its entirety in detail
so if you have any questions with any of the information please let us know you
can either speak to us directly unmute yourself and speak to
or either send in a type comment and/or question and we will identify those
comments and questions as they occur so the first thing I’d like to call your
attention to is a letter that was part of the attachments that you received on
to the Community Action Agency directors I’d like to call your attention to the
section from you highlighting here prior to authorizing the allocation we will
require a summary of your accomplishments and outcomes from the
allocation the new one-time-only eh a shaft allocation that you received
last biennium that would be for the 1617 fiscal year so to reiterate we need to
have a summary of your accomplishments prior to approval of the 1719 eh a chef
allocation so why don’t we are there any questions about that why don’t we not
all take a few minutes to look at the EHA shap allocation timeline and on the
timeline you’ll see the process that Capel and the network has taken to get
us to the place on the webinar that is item number 5 and so this this
allocation process is going to be very different than the ones that have taken
place in the past staff will review the application and make recommendations
however the recommendations will be forwarded to Marilyn Miller and she will
forward those recommendations to Claire and Claire will take those
recommendations to the housing stability Council and they will be the body that
will approve the 79 to allocate space to allocation which is
very different than what has taken place in the past any questions on the
allocation process okay everyone should have received a copy of
the chemistry a copy of the funding grid so you’ll see we’re working with the
face to allocation so these are the dollars that need to be entered when you
are submitting your budget information you have admin program and total and on
the EHA budget it’s much more detailed than it has been in the past that’s
because we are trying to capture everything that has been requested for
us to capture from the legislature so we are asking additional information in
those sections so this is these are the numbers that you should use the face
three dollars or phase three allocation has not yet been determined and that
will be decided with the network as well as Capo and please ask questions if you
have any as we go along so now we will look at the application itself the first
page gives you information general information about how the worksheet
needs to be completed when you are going through the worksheet I will advise to
use your arrow keys because the tab key does not work properly so it’s best to
use your down arrow key when you see a yellow field that particular
field needs to be completed before you move on and once you type information in
the field it should change to white you want to scroll down joy question so the
question is what is the housing stability council looking for in our
phase 3 application phase 2 application what are the reasons and application may
not be approved I don’t know what the reason may be that it will not be
approved I do know they are looking for measurable outcomes tangible outcome so
you will need to identify something that can be measured to make sure that you
met that goal so that’s one of the reasons I know that they are reviewing
these application and please let me know Mandy if that complete we answer your
question and if not please follow up with me okay
you’re welcome underneath the general instructions you will see the budget
note and there are just a few items that you need to adhere to when you’re doing
the drug budget make sure that you allocate all of your administration and
all of your program dollars in your budget and in the budget with this
spreadsheet if you don’t allocate 100 percent of the dollars that have been
allocated to your agency the sale will show up red so can we go to grantee so
this this information needs to be completed in entirety so why don’t we
like for these in here Joyce whatever you’d like to me that’s not doing it
though okay so we have emergency shelter transition home
okay and a reflection okay so we also need to have the number of unduplicated
house calls to be served and phase one households should not represent phase
two households so we would like unduplicated households served in each
of these questions so let’s put in some administration why don’t we put ten
thousand and straight out each let’s put two and then we can give the rest of sub
recipients shelter listed two transitional housing to attention to and
data collection to oh you have supportive announcer emergency shelter
transitional homeless Prevention the areas that are yellow on your budget if
you do not have any dollar amount please type of zero in there so that you’ll get
a – can let me put balance so was in 2017 Chile so as you could
tell before she got to $100,000 that last line is red so that will help you
determine whether or not your dollars are correct okay can we go to the next
time so in this tab we’re asking for your
sub-recipient identification and with this tab we only want the new sub
recipients that will be using your face two dollars so if you have a sub
recipient that will be using Phase two dollars and the sub recipient was
identified with your phase one application that information does not
need does not have to be submitted if you have a new sub recipient that’s
going to be contracted with for the Phase two dollars this is where you
would include that information but if you are using your same sub recipients
to deliver your services for Phase two as you get in phase one then there is no
need to complete this information the schaap basically is your same format as
your eh-eh please pay attention to the components because they are different we
have included the housing acquisition the not the housing the shelter
acquisition and the shelter rehab to shaft dollars so that is an option of an
eligible component that is for use at your discretion
we have the same questions asked for number of households served and this
should be separate from your phase one household serve and then the dollar the
budget is the same budget and we made careful attention so that the items in
the budget reflect the items in the EHA and/or shap information so one of the
things that’s really different with this application is that the housing
facilities acquisition and the rehab conversion both for eh-eh and schapp and
the community capacity building components all are separate and will
need to be reviewed separately apart from the actual application so once your
application is reviewed if you are electing to use the housing facilities
acquisition or the rehab conversion or the community capacity building
component that has a completely separate approval process so can we go to the
housing facilities eh-eh housing facilities acquisition application with
this you will need to submit a budget and a work plan with this application
and your business plan will need to answer all of the identified questions so in your business plan you want to
make sure that you describe your capacity to manage real property we are
requiring a five-year operational budget and that budget should show your
revenues as well as your expenses we want to know the availability of your
property reserves the anticipated number units we want to know whether
not tenants will be displaced as a result of this acquisition we want to
know the lender donor identification and if there’s an installment note on the
property your insurance verification and what is the amount of that insured what
services will you be offering to the tenant and what other organizations will
be working with you we like to know the anticipated tenants stay in your
facility we also are being asked to get a timeline for your acquisition and your
placement of client we’d like to know if there’s any conflict of interest with
your acquiring the property what is the exit strategy for disposal of the
property and what’s the performance goals for your acquired shelter bed
including your utilization rate and the person served and we also require a
signed commitment by the board chair and CEO to acquire the property at a minimum
of 20 years as a shelter so we have a question if we purchase an HMIS license
for another local shelter to enable them to use service point through the data
collection category would we need to list them as a sub-recipient so I guess
that my question would be there are two questions one is the license or the
capturing of data the only thing that the service providers doing are they are
they offering other services for the agency and is there any is there any
funds that are being allocated to the sub-recipient so you’ve been unmuted man
so okay does that your question yeah so if I understand you unless we’re giving
them other funds to provide other services then they would be a
sub-recipient but if we if we purchased the license through our agency and have
one of their staff use it for data collection so that our pic numbers and
our ability to communicate is better within the county then that would not be
as a recipient correct this sub recipient would need to have here and
that’s a technical term would need to adhere to all of the rules and
regulations that the sub grantee adheres to for the use so that’s really it’s
kind of technical because I do know there are some of the agencies that have
providers where they are not paying in the providers any fun but they are Salil
of recipients but I believe it depends on whether or not they are administering
any services for the sub-grantee I will check and confirm that they were not
administering services for us it would just be to increase local participation
in age – okay all right so I’ll check on that mandating that to you you know so
the the the information that is requested under the housing facilities
acquisition for EHA is very similar to share with the variance in it cannot be
housing but it has to be shelter and so you can see that I reflected in the
questions below so let’s go over to eh-eh to rehab and conversion for the
rehab and conversion we also are requiring you submit
information to us and that is before you can use any of the dollars for this
component and the business plan needs to include how the rehab a converted area
will be used what the work will be for the project are there other sources to
pay for the rehab or conversion or are the ohcf funds the only funds that are
being used does the agency owner or will the agency own the converted building is
there legal is there a legal notice in the lease for the agency to make the
improvement and what’s the building being used for presently will the
conversion increase the shelter capacity and/or housing and if so by how much
what does the agency’s financial and management capacity to rehab and manage
the property we also need verification that it’s been sufficiently insured we
want a detailed budget that includes your revenues expenses as well as
unexpected incident we need to know the timeline and will you displace any
tenant the area of a yellow area is provided for you to complete that
information however if you need additional space because there are only
so many characters that can be maintained in this field please contact
us and let us know and we’ll send you a sheet with additional space the last
area is the community capacity building and this is one of those components that
is really varied but we need No some tangible improvements and some
objectives that can be that can be met with this component we need a
description we need a measurable description of the performance outcome
what’s the purpose of your project with a project leverage other funding sources
what’s the outcome you know are you asking for increase client serve
additional beds permanent housing unit expanded services etc are there other
partnerships that are engaged in the project and what method of evaluation is
being used to evaluate the success of the project and what Community Action
Agency staff are they directly involved in this implementation the next tab –
agreed we have several work plan general
questions and with these questions we need to know the first one how you
quantify your service area needs regarding a prevention and reduction of
homelessness so dependent on your community needs assessment census data
homeless count how do you quantify what is needed in your area and what is
needed to prevent people from becoming homelessness homeless we also want to
know what are the five top priorities that you have identified to address
homeless and why you might see trends that are forming that have not been
identified and so this is where to have that information captured three how do
your community partners currently plan to address the above-mentioned top
priority we want to know how you’re working with other community partners in
your area to identify and meet the unmet these of people that are at risk of
homelessness or homeless for describe the additional engagement your agency
will have with community stakeholders wanting to ensure the effectiveness and
the efficiency finding of the 719 funds so we want to know from your perspective
who will you be working with directly to increase and improve the delivery of
services so that it can mitigate the number of people that become homeless
the five describe how your agency will use the 1719 funds to implement your
inclement weather strategy for harsh winters and with this weather with this
question we also want to know during times when the weather is extremely
harsh and if summer it’s been some of the summers you know what does your
agency have in place to make sure that people don’t on the I of exposures or
that you know many people are not hospitalized because of exposure to
outside element number six in this unpredictable rental market how will
your agency use the funds to support families with children survivors of
domestic violence come here and people with disabilities we want to hear how
you will use these funds to support these populations specifically these
high-risk population and people that are extremely vulnerable as you know the
governor has identified veterans as a special population for ending veterans
homelessness so we want to know how you will use your EHA and schapp funds with
other veterans funds and resources in your community to look at ending
veterans homelessness and what programs and steps do you have in place for
identifying how you can in veterans homelessness number eight what is your
plan of strategy for increasing access to house
for the placement of persons and permanent housing
so each agency will be a little different in how they approach this
because I know the question is still undetermined about the use of OGS funds
and permanent housing but we we’d like to know what’s your plan for increasing
access to the place in a person that really need the additional support for
permanent housing what is your 9 is what is your outreach
plan to engage new and potential clients we’re asking you to identify for us what
new strategies not current strategies in place but what is new what is a result
of the trends what’s a result of new demographic information or not reaching
the people that have been not served how are you going to change your outreach to
engage new and potentially new clients number 10 do you plan to use eh-eh or
Shapp funds for acquisition conversion or community capacity building simply
identify yes or no and if yes we need you to complete the respective path such
as housing acquisition housing facilities acquisition we have
conversion or communities capacity building 11 do you ensure equitable
service delivery to all clients including historically underserved
populations so we’d like to know in your area what steps are in place to meet and
to serve those populations that are not part of the dominant culture in that
particular area so how are you reaching out to the underserved population so are
there any questions that people have in regards to the questions identified in
the application itself No the due date for this application is
September 29 there’s not a lot of time and we are aiming to have the
applications reviews five days before they are submitted to our managers and
so that would be the 12th of October so if you have any questions at all I know
it’s an accelerated process please let us know or contact myself or Vicky
Massey with any questions that you may have are there any question on any of the
information well thank you very much for your time I appreciate your listening
and let us know if there is something that we can do to assist with the
process thank you goodbye

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