• rockandbluesfan 79

    Welcome to modern American, where you are no longer allowed to dislike anyone. forced to like against your will,or be punished and have no freedom of speech it's Soviet Russia.

  • Cryptic Kiwi

    I think he should have the right to take it down just as if I wouldn’t want the lgbqt flag on my property not against just don’t support kinda like wearing a tv show shirt you don’t watch just you don’t do it cause well you aren’t about it

  • firestream93

    As I read the comments, all the triggering comes to the surface.

    It must be pretty bad to get offended by a piece of cloth.

    Weak ass bitches.

  • King Solomon


  • Ani Bell

    The Confederate flag is a symbol of TRAITORS to our country & to the Constitution, & it's a symbol of racism. Confederate soldiers were TRAITORS, period. This flag & all forms of this symbol should be outlawed, the same as swastikas are outlawed in Germany.

  • Barry Boppins

    No kidding you can't take someone elses flag. What kind of entitlement complex do you need to have to feel like you deserve to take someone elses flag?

  • Michael Simmons

    The dudes dead, his flag is entrusted to faithful custodians.
    The store owner is punished even after it's revealed that it isn't his.
    That's stupid.
    Shop at the store.
    Ignore the flag.

  • Joe Bussell

    Omg the ignorance…racism racism racism , stfu and actually research, before you run your ignorant Peter puffer on social media..

  • Metal Videos

    who cares about the confederate flag. if you dumb cunt americans knew ANYTHING about your own history. which you guys clearly dont. then you know that that flag got NOTHING to do with racism. seriously how trucking ignorant can you be if you dont even take the time to read about your own history. i am dutch and even i know it lol

  • Metal Videos

    Defending my harritage. its funny to hear that from a white american. because non of them have a harritage. they are all some kind of immigrants from europe. at least by their parents or what ever. americans are a joke. the country is a joke. their history is a joke. america is the biggest joke on this planet. yet they have still so much power in this world. its laughable how fucking stupid the world is

  • White Supreme

    Sounds like it's the losers who don't like the flag are the issue here. Who the fuck assaults people over differing opinions? Weak minded fragile Democrats do.

  • Zackery Mendoza

    Honestly, weird case or scenario more surprised if anything but people are entitled to there beliefs, right or wrong, thats USA for you

  • Bro Sauce

    The civil war wasn’t about slavery, it was about the south becoming their own country because they weren’t being politically represented, unlike the snooty chumps in the north. Of course no one would know that because news sources like cnn are corrupt.

  • Buck Rockafeller

    Wow! These people should have better things to worry about. It’s NOT a hate flag. This is so ridiculous. damn liberals, and busy body Democrats who want to provoke hate. People are so freaking ignorant.

  • Houston born

    Jesus!! Confederate flag doesn’t signify slavey shut the fuck up ! It signifies freedom for the south and the old way of life it’s an important piece of history so shut the fuck up

  • Stan S

    What a piece of shit. Glad he dead and gone. These racist as people love hate so much. IDGAF I would burn that piece of shit flag to the grown. Scatter the ashes on the streets for the cars 🚙 🚗 🚗 to drive over 😂

  • Wicked 1323

    “I will fight on because this is what god wants me to do”
    Lol so god wants segregation?
    Doesn’t want school integration?
    Gtfo with that blasphemy.

    They should burn it just look at his views , talking about god fucking hypocrite.

  • Pandah Sykes

    Jesus Christ you SJW snowflakes don’t realize the confederate flag doesn’t represent slavery of blacks … it just represents a different time .

    Also , remember those who “abolished” slavery owned slaves even after the laws were pushed through … not only that but they also pushed a lot of paid servents from their jobs as this was happening (moral high ground entailed it I guess) .

    Point is don’t be angry at things you DONT understand … be angry at people in your life that deserve it , don’t be a fool that plays into the color of your skin as the only factor defining you – as long as you let a FLAG anger you , you are no better than the racists that you seem to hate so much : ignorant to the bigger picture so you’re quick to judge and hate others .

  • Zayn

    So you don’t stop there cause of the flag? Shows you how people act when they are mad cause they have different opinions and can’t just go to eat.

  • Edna Perhach

    They should be able to fly the Confederate flag , it's part of the American history , you're all trying to shove you're version of your history as this is how it should be , I don't mean to be disrespectful to anyone I'm not doing very good at explaining what I mean . It's not a perfect world , I hope some of you know what I'm trying to say .

  • The Sibyl

    The flag has defiantly got to go, but punishing the store owner for something he cant do anything about is just ridiculous, petty, and not the way to handle the situation. "Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that"- Martin Luther King, Jr.

  • Devix

    I mean, technically black people were enslaved and killed under the US flag as well, yet nobody calls for the US flag to be taken down 😛

  • Joshua d

    They flew a larger confederate flag in response to a shooting of a black church? WTF???

    You can’t tell me the message wasn’t hate, that that flag doesn’t represent hate. Not after that response

  • AK216gaming

    Me looking at this comment section: 3.6 roentgen, not great not terrible.

    Me 5 minutes later: it’s not 3.6 roentgen, it’s 15,000

  • James Ritter

    Even though I am proud to have been born and raised in the south and do not believe the Confederate flag to be racist, I do not support it at all. It is a flag for traitors (or democrats if you prefer). These people took up arms against the United States which makes you an enemy. Period.

  • Lucas Patrick

    I’m deflecting all the hate speech in the comments. I would post a big sign that says “Not our flag”. People boycotting because it’s there sucks for him.

  • TheUrbanExperience

    It’s a battleflag that was used by the CA, which had no relation to slavery itself.

    Before people comment here saying it’s racist and all that, it isn’t, it’s what the schools want you to think.

    Read some actual history rather than fabricated history.

  • The Confederacy

    Actually that’s not the confederate flag it’s the battle flag the real flag was called the stars and bars and looked similar to the United States flag only with three bars instead of thirteen stripes it was also called the 1st national they wanted to avoid confusion on the battle field so they used the battle flag to signify they were for the confederacy and to avoid friendly fire the 2nd nation kinda fished it but kinda not as it had a miniature confederate battle flag on where the blue canvas was supposed to be and the rest white although wheat he flag turned only the white showed and usually white meant surrender so most of them time the enemy mistook them for surrendering then the 3rd national flag actually got it right it looked the same as the second national but a long red bar was on the far end as to make sure not to look like a surrender of any kind but it only saw use for a few months or maybe days or so before the confederacy surrendered and lost the war giving off vibes that the confederacy used the battle flag as the national flag when they were wrong they also used the battle flag for the confederate navy although that one was a rectangle more then the actual battle flag witch was a square

  • Tj Mckenzie

    0:41 The one white lady interviewed says, "It's not botherin" anybody. It's not hurtin' anybody." LOL!!!! Look around lady, apparently it is "botherin'" people.

  • Java 'el Kalimosodo

    Much bothered with gay flag than this flag…

    Afromurica present day is considered wealthy groups/society through music n sports industry..
    And they're influencer not follower..

    "white can't dance"
    "white can't jump (slamdunk)"
    "white got no rhymes"


  • Matt Newhouse

    No common sense in America. I really dont know how this country landed anything on the moon. Land of disrespectful idiots.

  • Steve Forrester

    This ia a dilemma. A judge or congressperson could easily step in and solve it. As viewers, we should ask ourselves what we can do to help resolve the situation.

  • Sue Coates

    I dont find it racist at all and i am black its part of american history and leave it up and future generations can learn from this too many snowflakes get upset by many things

  • KadePearson 44

    The flag is not racist. The south didn’t fight the civil war so a few rich folks could keep there slaves they fought because they were invaded by the yankees

  • easy eevee

    god if i lived in america and i was that old man with his flag, and everybody was throwing a fit over my flag. Id legit buy a huge motherfucker, just to see how loudly people winge.


    who cares what about health care the fact that it cost 500,000 dollars to go to the hospital for a week in germany it cost 40 euros..


    why dont the taxes get spent fixing the roads helping homeless getting people off drugs giving free college like germany cheap hospital bills it cost me 40 euros if im uninsured to be at a german hospital for two weeks in america its what 500,000 grand STOP DISTRACTING PEOPLE WITH FLAGS LEAST OF THE PROBLEMS

  • john doe

    It’s a military guide on a rally flag everybody should respect the flag to include the black people black people of America understand you’re being brainwashed by news outlets and buy stupid church by stupid schools that try to teacher that’s a racist flag it’s a military guide on rally flag respect our flag because that flag gave your freedom

  • Matt Moon

    Don't Tread On Me Malone Abbe learn what the Confederacy was aginst Taxation, Government Tarrny, Segergation and Unjust Laws. The American Government taxed Sugar, Tea, Salt & Molasses . They Boycotted it and dumped it into the Boston Harbor. The Government sent down Union Soliders who went into Confederate homes and tried to conviscate there guns wich violates the 2nd Amendment under the Constitution. They tried to tell them how much land they could legally own and purchase where they could build there homes. The Confederacy was feed up and they fired the 1st shot. They even burned the White House. The Confederate Battle Flag represents the blood spilled by the 13 Colonies Milita , Freedom and Purity. They fought aginst a Unionfied Government Military. The Confederacy was very poor and poorly equipped. They barley had enough money and supplies to get by. So there weren't very many slaves owned by the Confederacy. The Unionized Government was rich and had allot better technology and more manpower that's why the Confederacy lost the war . The Union also had the French, Canadian & British Parliament working for them. The Confederacy fought to defend there land and homes aginst taxation and the right to bare arm's while fighting to protect there Constitutional rights aginst a corrupted government.

  • Dönald Trümp

    So they refuse to shop at a store, even though he flag is not on the store’s land and the owner doesn’t support the flag? Sound like idiocy to me.

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