Should It Be Illegal To Hand Out The Constitution?
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Should It Be Illegal To Hand Out The Constitution?

now 25-year-old Robert Van tune in was
at Modesto Junior College and he was passing out copies of the US
Constitution but then school police showed up and
they told him that he couldn’t do that in fact they specified that there’s a
very particular area on campus where he is allowed to do that
and it’s a very very small area the campus is pretty large up and he has to be in that designated
area and before he passes anything out he actually has to talk to
school administrators or university administrators to have as specified day where he can
pass out copies of the US Constitution now this happened on September 17th and
when he did go talk to officials at the University they told
them you can do this at the designated area on September 28th so understandably and
we’re gonna have a discussion about all this is the second but understandably he
got a little upset about that right and then he took the fight to the
administrators and watch what happened and I’m a trying
to start a student organization called the
Americans for the this morning but if you go to store organization like
that rigmarole regulate 30 instead a wire their rules
and regulations placed on three cities I T Y is a student why do I is a student have to get
permission do not have a free speech it time place and that’s what it’s
called and that’s okay speech area and free
speech areas over there the student center in that Wilson so that little yellow circle that you
guys saw the Sun school map is where the designated free-speech area
is and its come on its comically small and I
feel like when you are on a college campus I feel like when you are on a college
campus you have you should have the ability to use that entire campus for
free speech I me if you want a free marketplace of
ideas a university is the first place for that should exist and having designated free-speech areas as kind of
questionable especially when you’re doing something as harmless as passing
out the US Constitution how I feel like we should have numerous
people passing out the US Constitution’s on iraq constitution on a regular basis eat a little something about Robert the
van tune and I about right something about 100 yeah I
think about a foot 10 eyes didn’t have to have a regulation
for a free speech you are a pasar the Constitution rather
than to do what’s best for the caster relevant to an agrees with you about
nothing I don’t you want to start now which is our young Americans for liberty
it’s a libertarian organization I did it a debate for that I at ASU some I’m familiar with
them and yet we disagree with up agree
disagree on a lot of issues on this particular issue I agree with
him I think that he should be able to pass out the US Constitution anywhere on the important but different
a fucking college man and like yeah which got a constitution yeah but
for they don’t know it you should well I
don’t most americans have no idea what you’re talking about his everything’s
whether they can where they should be allowed to do and
whether the space is big enough those are two separate things I think we all agree they’ve we should
be allowed to do it right the ship your good I guess whether that the space is
comically small as you said it’s absurd arm but what I was thinking when I read
this was how refreshing if I was walking down the street and someone tried to
hand me a copy of the Constitution and there was nothing else in it know
like you know brought to you by geez is or any the other major I would be like well
that is the greatest your actions occur not something I want people the today or
tell me why I love the constitution me my girlfriend my baby are moving we
we bought a house right it’s a nice time I know can you explain why you hate the
Constitution yeah so well that wasn’t on the menu yeah foot by the right thing because it
would be amazing I so you gotta go we were moving into a
house that’s like the sizeof a closet right it selectively about I’ll so but for now it’s a Southern
California hurt so or get rid of a bunch stuff and I found 20 bucks that I have that are the Bill of Rights books like I
was a pain in the ass if I don’t talk about that about the looks have the bill right so that and I look
at over deliberates bucks giveaway you know what because these
fuckers have ruined everything and now I can hear Sarah Palin this guy
and they’ll talk about young Americans for liberty don’t know
what liberty is they all know what this country stands for they have no concept they wanted to be
just for them in a while let anybody fuck it and they don’t pay a dollar tax
we can pave a road or educate a child or make a sick person
healthy again it or do any of these things they have no concept what made
this country great what people around the world want to come here they’ve ruined by books and even rumors
constitute how dare they so I don’t give a shit about Robert tonight
and he’s a pain in the ass leaders know how to speaker absolutely age 25 is a fuckin junior college okay
that may be the overriding factor it attorneys like in the military itself
yes why you really throw it out I think you make legitimate points about
libertarian about libertarian ideology especially
when it comes to their fiscal policy I’m not necessarily disagree with you on that
but I’m just talking about his very specific active passing out the Constitution I
don’t want to go off on you know what his intentions are because
as long as he’s just passing out the Constitution I don’t have a problem with that and
that’s how it started and by the way I don’t agree with him on his a hatred up the regulation indicated that you
have to check with administrators before he starts to an organization on campus starting as soon organization on campus
it needs some sort of commission or
whatever from administrators I mean that’s a no brainer your free speech is
different is it where you can sit well okay so it’s the Constitution it’s no
different its constitution if he’s handing out a leaflet about some
political act that he believes I would say there really is a difference
it’s a nice after these giving up the constitution the school should probably
give away perhaps the cast right we’re happy with
that would be I would be nice ok but so the issue for me that is yeah okay
make it the size of a football field but other than that a school has a right
to not have people everywhere you are and stuff out like
it’s a there’s academic freedom you have freedom to walk from one place to
another without getting harassed I get why they would not want this to
get ahead the Constitution is just like any other again any other group any other leaflet
any other nonsense that these kids wanna pass out now the school seems to admit
own little bit of wrongdoing okay maybe I’m reading a little too much
into the statement but the communications officer or that public
relations officer did release a statement she says the following: in the case in
the YouTube video it does not appear that the student was disrupting the orderly operations at the college
and therefore we are looking into the incident so
basically she saying well yeah I’m just passing out the
Constitution didn’t seem to be much of an issue so we’re gonna look into and figure out
why this happened and I understand I I definitely don’t want to be harassed by
people on a campus who are trying a push their political
agenda I i understand the need for maybe a designated area but you can’t be comically small and you
can’t tell people hey you gotta check with the administrators to figure out
when you can come back right to practice your first amendment
right wheel we all agree with that yeah that this dude Richard Robert
Shibley a senior vice president of fire it was the the foundation for individual
rights in education fire he lives in that very small box my official statement official statement
Shipley wrote the incident the YouTube video that we just saw
should send a chill down the spine every American for it doesn’t okay I think that’s not good that’s not the
reactions anybody could add to the video yeah he should be able to head out its
constitution in a bigger area that he’s not disrupted things but you
know that guy was going to disrupt things if given a chance listen I like the idea that the
Constitution is being handed out however I will grant you this concept that it
was just any other idiotic thing we wouldn’t be
talking about this because we all agree with the basic idea that it’s okay if it’s in one little
spot so ultimately a you know I just what she
and maybe these places to be a little more tolerant I guess universities are supposed to be the
bastions and follow signs and they’re becoming quite in time I just I really went
through that with the mug today I was like come on man these people I
like it was cool ten years ago that I had these bill all
rights bugs and now I’m like why do men really think about people
that try to exploit the constitution for their own purposes like the the film rights is the bill rights I mean you should love it because that’s
I don’t like that a girl with the right for these jackals
yeah %uh or ruin it by with their endless talk
about liberty there take that clip


  • Herb Burnah

    The rules at that Juco were not written to curtail the passing out of the constitution. The rules were written to curb solicitation. If you bring up the constitution people forget everything else & concentrate solely on that part of it. If he were attempting to hand out flyers about his business or Rap show at the local bar, then no one arguing for his free speech would defend his actions. He wasn't handing it out for the purpose of knowledge. It was to solicit participation in his organization.

  • Xenthoid

    In truth, i 'm not surprised. Its easier for them create a caricature and strawmen the issue than to actually attempt to understand what the subject involves.
    I, at least, tried to understand the progressives' mantra of social justice and group centered rights. They'd never do the same for us.

  • knucklez92

    see nothing wrong with this. the school has rules. if he really wanted to pass out the constitution he would abide by the school rules or pass it out somewhere else that would allow him to

  • Xenthoid

    For one thing, libertarians range from miniarchist to anchists, and from anarcho-capitalists to anarchy-syndicalists. The view of private property varies. Secondly, even within the paradigm you set up, your comment is a non-sequitor. The junior college isn't a private school. Lastly, the core principle behind libertarianism is the usage of the Non-agression principle. You can't be libertarian of any kind without it.

  • poorandimmature

    lol "the free speech area is over there"

    California is such a hell hole of regulations.Glad I don't live in that piece of shit state.

  • toombi

    Actually, students don't get free admission to public schools. The cost is merely reduced through taxes and we still have to pay a significant amount to receive services. In fact, I remember taking a final exam one year and some dumbass was speaking over a microphone across the oval and many of us found it difficult to concentrate on our school work. Our designated free speech area is in a high traffic area away from classrooms, and it only looks small on a map. So people need to chill.

  • Corbbin Goldsmith

    The guy in the middle is an absolute idiot to think that everyone knows about the constitution. To be honest, I think it should be translated (not interpreted) to modern day english and passed around as a Joseph Ducreux meme.

  • Keir Zesty

    I know, I was generalising libertarianism. And I do have some sympathise with anarcho-syndicalism and left-libertarians. I was more critiquing right-wing libertarianism, and it's inbuilt contradictions.

  • billybassman21

    How about we go back to using college campuses what they were intended for. For taking classes and getting a curriculum based education. Keep the protesting and politics off campus unless it's related to the class. It seems to me that its reached a point on many campuses where this kind of stuff has become a distraction. People spend so much time focusing on their causes that they forget why they are there in the first place. This stuff will do little to get you a job in the work force.

  • Ashish Chauhan

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  • WayWeary

    Ben Mankiewicz, the guy in the middle in this TYT clip. Not saying he is unique, but not all progressives are that bad. Ana in this clip comes off much better, for instance.

  • MetalDetroit

    Strange that people all over the world FLEE Communism whenever they can……

    Guess you didn't learn that in finger painting class.

  • badpanda84

    Simply telling him where the area is — that is sufficent.. they dont acutally need to show it on a map as such.

    But of course that isnt the point — this guy didnt want to go to the designated area == he wanted to make a scene and get attention

  • toombi

    So what you're telling me is even though I paid my tuition, tax payer contributions trump my need to a quiet room for lectures, testing, and study? The fact is there is a designated area for free speech away from areas where students receive these services that they paid for. Handing out the constitution might be a quiet endeavor, but they need to either use the designated area, acquire permission, or hand them out at crosswalks. It's very short-sighted to think everybody gets free utilization.

  • hempeltempel

    And as I said, again and again, there has never been communism.
    And no, I didn't learn that in finger painting class (which none of my schools ever offered; contrary to yours obviously). I learned that by reading texts about communism (primary and secondary literature) and comparing it to what I've heard from family members, friends' parents and in history class.
    I recommend doing so to you, too. You wouldn't come off as total idiot.

  • sailornaruto39

    I'm confused as to the point Ben is trying to make? Why is ben so pressed about this?

    It sounds like he's saying right wingers have dirtied the Constitution so they shouldn't be passing it out?

  • AngelsNecropolis

    The premise for needing permission is because they don't want 10 or 20 people pushing their pamphlets on students walking by. If the school had a free for all policy it would be inundated by religious organizations handing out anti-abortion and pro-jesus and every other religious themed hand out. They are public schools but the administrators still need to consider what is best for all the students and their policy is a blanket all policy.

  • Serpent0fEden

    It's private property no? The college grants that right in areas where they think it's more important to be able to study in peace.

  • Agiri

    If this is a private college then the title of this video is wrong. It's not about legal or illegal, it's about the college's policy.

  • MetalDetroit

    The only people who support communism are people like you who have never actually LIVED under Communism.

    Those that have – have fled for their LIVES.

  • Kel Fel

    That's funny Ben, you care so much about human right's how about the human right to not be coerced by a central authority, taxation is theft, war is murder, telling others how to live their lives…. insecure bully, spying on them… insecure girlfriend. Let individuals voluntarily contribute to causes privately and the world would be a much better place, governments since the beginning of time have been keeping the masses down and enslaving them… now a days it's just a soft form of slavery.

  • hempeltempel

    Yes, they fled for their lives and freedom because they had lived in countries that had oppressive, authoritarian, totalitarian governments, that spied on their own people, censored the press and killed any political opponents. Now read Marx. Where exactly does he promote that? I want a book name, chapter or page number.
    No one has ever lived under communism. Name me only one country that has ever had a system that can be called "true communism".

  • parachuteofhate

    I'm a libertarian, and I love The Young Turks. I hate to be condescending, because I feel like I'm lowering myself to Ben's level, but he is embarrassingly naive for a man his age. Especially to make a comment about a 25 year old being in a junior college, like it's a badge of shame. Does Ben know we weren't all born into wealth?
    And to accuse these people of not knowing what liberty is? My brothers and sisters are dying in the sand for no reason, while you sit in your two million dollar house.

  • Zenthex

    "free speech" means that we can say what we want, when we want, where we want, regardless of what it pushes (with the exception of things like harassment). so why do we have free speech if we're not allowed to practice it? are we going to stop people from handing out bibles too? (says the atheist)

  • Masta6801

    If Ben doesn't believe in the Bill of Rights & Constitution then he needs to get the fuck out of the U.S. He doesn't know what liberty and freedom is or what we stood for and what we brought to the wold. Me for one I love my country and would fight to the death for her. But I hate our government

  • cinci515

    Ben is full of shit. I was just thinking wow TYT actually put out a video i support and then that dipshit started talking. Has no clue what the fuck hes talking about. Whats funny is how the other two just go along with him when before they were just saying how he should have the right to pass out the constitution. You can tell that prick hates the constitution.

  • MetalDetroit

    "Yes, they fled for their lives and freedom because they had lived in countries that had oppressive, authoritarian, totalitarian governments, that spied on their own people, censored the press and killed any political opponents."

    Basically, – Communism……

    Look – people don't WANT to live under communis. It is a violation of the human spirit. People must be FORCED to live under Communism. That is why it becomes authoritarian !

  • hempeltempel

    You forgot the second part: "Now read Marx. Where exactly does he promote that? I want a book name, chapter or page number." – yet you have no answer to that.
    You have impressively shown off or total lack of knowledge about communism. Thus, you are in no position at all to claim communism is a "violation of the human spirit". For centuries philosophers tried to find out, what human spirit or nature was, yet you claim to know it, MetalDetroit? You're ridiculous.

  • Special Rabbit

    Apology not accepted. You must first go on a pilgrimage to Auschwitz, which I probably spelled wrong and am too lazy to Jewgle, where you will beg the Jewish diaspora for forgiveness.

  • WayWeary

    See the button that says "reply?" You have to click on that in order to make a reply so that people can see you replied to something. I don't think you did that… And your comment is irrelevant. There is no elementary school in this discussion.

  • Narayana Rajan

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  • Bearhuggles86

    Eh. This isn't a first amendment issue. I don't see a huge issue of someone handing out a constitution but there are rules for a reason. Everyone thinks their cause is worthy. The school needs to pre-approve this kind of activity in case someone is handing out offensive material. I do agree that it is comical that they reserve a tiny area as the "free speech" zone. They should probably rename that.

  • StunnedByStupidity

    Look youbare clearly young. The libertarians have as you say been 'exposing' their ideology for more than 30 years and has TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY fucked over all increases in standards of living for the majority of Americans. Tens of trillions have been stolen and millikns world wide killed. And at its root are three memes that hook people in 'freedom', 'antiwar' and pathological bowing to the constitution – which are ALL lies. How much more suffering do you want before you grow a fucking spine?

  • Pat Doyle

    What has anything I said to do with the fucked up Libertarian Party? We may agree on this ONE issue – so what? They think that exposure to liberal democratic ideas will do harm. Communists think exposure to capitalism does harm. That's why we have free speech! So they can't shut you up, and you can't shut them up. As soon as you pick and choose whose ideas can be made public you are next in line to be silenced. BTW, obviously you are too young to have seen what happens when this happens- I'm 51.

  • DOTA2FroggyStyle

    Sorry but if you think you're a libertarian and that handing out the Constitution is some how pro-libertarian, you're just an idiot.

    The College is private property and even though we can love our constitution its still solicitation.

    These same rules exist on the campus to prevent people from handing out religious nonsense to people who don't necessarily want to hear it.

  • Jeff Duflo

    Universities need to replace their designation. "Free Speech Space".
    To Student Forum. A designation space without disruption or personal space. Public safety takes precedent.

  • Daniel Beake

    It is private property?…So they can decide what they want to do or not. I wouldn't want to be hassled, constitution or not.

  • Connor McCarthy

    Don't see what this has to do with first amendment rights. The college own the land so can make whatever rules they want. If the students don't like it they can leave. The area did seem small but it don't violate his rights.


    how about if it harm none do as thy will?

    have you given that A fucking thought…

    you people claim to be against cristiian dogma but you'r as Christianized in you'r thinking as aNY ONE./

  • tyrannosaurusinf14

    ana's reaction to this guy makes me understand why women are attracted to douchebags, clearly this guy is being a douche because he thinks that his cause is greater than the ones of others who do submit to the process. her inability to see this goes a long way to explain why women do respond to a dude that thinks to be above the law, when in reality this has nothing to do with freedom of speech; it's nothing but showboating

  • jmitterii2

    That's what I was thinking… it was private property, so the person can pass them out in public places but on campus that's private property.

  • StunnedByStupidity

    You're an idiot. Tell mr 51 year old was Hitlers ideas a good thing because not only were they tollerated THEY WERE BOOSTED in the west. Charlie Chaplin was kicked out of the country of doing what I am doing (even though he was VERY right about these people). He was accused of being antifascist! So spare me your idiocy. And in europe there are limits to free speech say on racism AND THE COUNTRIES ARE MORE CIV7LISED. Stopping dangerouly deluded people from screwing the entire world more IS MORAL!

  • Pat Doyle

    And what was wrong with kicking Charlie Chaplin out of the country? He was saying things that the people of the time didn't like, so by your reasoning, it was perfectly reasonable to squelch his right to free speech.

    "Stopping dangerouly deluded people from screwing the entire world more IS MORAL!" – Funny, that is exactly the sort of thing the Fascists said when they imprisoned and killed dissenters for speaking out. You sir, have far more in common with Fascist than you'd like to think.

  • Lexi Burris

    I like that they have a designated area. As a college student I don't want random people stopping me to shove crap on me or whatever. Unless I go there to learn about your organization I don't want to. I want to go to a certain area that they are allowed to try to win me over. Not all over campus

  • deathoftheendless

    Thanks Ben for making me feel like a loser for attending a junior college. Sorry that I can't afford to go to a "real" collage. Fuck off.

  • Edward Cassidy

    Once you start tightening up on rights you will soon have no more rights free-speech zones in the United States. The whole country is a free speech zone. I suggest you people read the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Don't pretend you know what you don't.

  • Pat Doyle

    When free speech is met with force, that is where we draw the line. However, that is exactly what you want. "Speak only government approved speech, and only in the areas we designate, or face fines or jail." That is, in some ways, worse than a physical retort – at least I can fight back against a thug – but not against the police. I don't like fascists or neocons, and you sound just like them on this issue. Who gets to decide what is an acceptable message – YOU, Mein Furher?

  • nikushim666

    Community college does not mean its owned by the state (it simply means a two year college or junior college). If the land is owned by someone other than it state it is considered private in the terms of legal system or constitution.

  • 101andrewj

    sounds like it should be illegal to break school rules, this has nothing to do with the legality of handing out copies of the constitution

  • Myoron

    I love the lack of understanding people have about freedom of speech… it applies to public spaces, not private spaces like a college campus or a privately owned website or someones house. If you want to go to a public park and yell about your beliefs go right ahead, but you can't do it on private grounds when the owners ask you not to.

  • Adam C

    Ben, you are one of the most bigoted and belligerent idiots that I've ever seen on YouTube. You say the student was going to cause trouble if they allowed him to pass out the constitution. What the hell do you even know about this guy? Not all libertarians are looking for anarchy you ignorant shit. Fuck you!!!

  • Mad Dog Murdoch

    What kind of university wont allow students to blossom freely and practice the constitution of their nation in the exact area they should be taught to do this. HHm maybe a university in a country that is no longer a country but a corporation. I say do it regardless take it to court if you have to, get all your friends to do it too with you, swarm them with numbers. no judge will prosecute you. Check your thoughts, I think these videos are meant to anger you. Laugh at them and do as you wish. To be free you must BE FREE.

  • Nunya Biznis

    omg you've go to be fkg kidding me… this country is outta control we're moving to a communist nation. this bullshit has to stop. and the Nazi Gestapo pigs MURDERING innocent people in the streets "because they can" then they get a 1 week paid vacation.. i mean suspension. now even the judges are in on it. example : Eric Garner.
    the cop AND that judge should be in Prison
    I read a news story that 42 senators have signed a bill to remove the 1st amendment for serious political discussion only. they should be hung by their wrists til they pop of their body.

  • AustrianAnarchy

    That bespectacled punk in the middle, Ben Mankiewicz, sounds like a total Nazi.  He is in full ideological agreement with the folks who arrested Freedom Summer volunteers in Mississippi for handing out the Constitution.  I am glad he does not agree with me.

  • BLAIR M Schirmer

    Modesto Junior College is a public, two year community college (i.e. it is a state, a STATE college). As such, I believe it has no right to limit speech of any kind.

  • Martis Endrell

    Stoped watching after 2:00 minutes because the point is already made, it isn't illegal and it is your right to hand our out highest law. However the young Turks lost my respect a long time ago, since this is no longer their stand point.

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