• R L

    This is just nanny state tyranny. This bozo has no comprehension of the meaning of freedom of speech. OK, if he wants to play that game, I find his snowflake liberalism to be highly offensive so he needs to shut his stupid mouth. However, our freedoms are not limited by the hurt feelings and over sensitivity of others.

  • metaphoroccult

    Mike wise needs to stop spreading lies and wisen up. Even lincoln said the war wasnt about slavery. But please feel free to virtue signal for your fellow white handlers.

  • Vicki - baseball sized hole - Soto

    The JEWlSH people ran and profited off the slave trade, and owned slaves at 40% of Jewish households, vs just 2% of Whites. Flag means NO to Washington's occupation of America. Now we have to pay Washington taxes, used to start wars and propaganda.

  • Donald Scearce

    What about a statue of Martin Luther King Jr can it offend anyone? Are they willing to take it down? I WILL fly what I want and no apologies for any of it untill they are willing to take theirs down too!!!??

  • TheOkie Redneck

    this flag dont stand for rascism it stands for the fallen Confederate soldiers and I have black confederate soldiers who died for the South and I wont let their legacy die out and also fun fact the Confederate army was the first army to allow black people to join

  • A. Rose Fickert

    My question is if it was reversed do you think the people that flag currently offends would remove it if it offended the opposite race, gender, sexual orientation, etc.?!!!

  • RHEC Cornbread

    Not unless you are gonna ban the American flag as well Slavery was legal under United States Law not Confederate Law it was part of the Constitution till after the war. If anything should offend them it should be the African flag after all it was africans who kidnapped them and sold them into slavery. Prove me wrong.

  • John Northington

    If you are not Southern, you can’t understand….to me that flag means, if you push me…. I’ll push back. Freedom of speech

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