Should taxpayers have to fund private schools?
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Should taxpayers have to fund private schools?

this week the Supreme Court heard a case
over whether states should fund religious schools in Espinosa the
Montana Department of Revenue the plaintiffs argued their religious
liberties are being violated after the Montana Supreme Court struck down a
program providing tax credits for donations to private school vouchers in
their ruling the state court cited a clause in the Montana Constitution
prohibiting any direct or indirect appropriation or payment from any public
fund or monies to aid any church work religious school just as Cavanaugh
argued this provision advances grotesque anti-catholic bigotry citing
nineteenth-century Blaine amendments but the Montana
Constitution was rewritten in 1972 worth noting here is that Stillwater Christian
school where the plaintiffs send their children advances anti LGBTQ ideology
and another school that participates in the program expels students for lesbian
gay bisexual and or transgender conduct whatever that is and forces employees to
sign an agreement not to engage in such behaviors now nobody is denying the
right of these private entities to teach whatever hatred and bigotry they so
choose and that dinosaurs and humans lived together and it’s perfectly within
a parent’s right to protect their children from learning about Arabic
numerals more commonly referred to as numbers but shouldn’t taxpayers also
have a right not to subsidize these teachings which may violate their own
religious beliefs or freedom of conscience missing from the discussion
is the underlying reason why parents send their children to private school
polite white supremacy it’s why parents choose to take their children out of the
neighborhood public school even when they learn it outperforms their school
of choice and it’s why school segregation is now worse than before
brown v board also missing from the discussions how 14 states including Utah
North Carolina Arizona and Florida all have provisions
written directly into their Constitution requiring a uniform system of schools
but a separate and unequal system of unaccountable private schools is
antithetical to a uniform system legal scholars say the ruling expected in June
could fundamentally undermine the way the founding fathers established a
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