Should you Intervene in a Street Fight?
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Should you Intervene in a Street Fight?

Hey guys, Nick Drossos… Welcome to
Code Red Defense. Great question Nick should i intervene in the street fight?
Shit guys, I’ve been and I’ve seen so any fights over the years of working in clubs
and I always tell people, before you get involved number one try to know the whole story.
It’s very dangerous when you decide to intervene in a fight, I’ll give you guys a great
example, one time is I saw a fight outside a club, it was two guys beating up
on one guy and the guy had a debt, he didn’t pay it, he owed money and he
was getting a little bit of a beating for doing that. Now, somebody else walking
by nobody intervened… somebody else walking by you’re getting involved in
some much bigger serious shit the moment you decide to do something. Because you
don’t even know what’s going on. I’ve seen, there’s fights I have intervened
because I saw the fight from the beginning. I saw what was happening and I
felt okay I’m going to get involved now. But I’ve also seen fights where I’m like
I’m not getting involved because this is like personal shit, this is shit that goes way
back from years or like dead shit that’s paid or money that’s owed and to me you
know what you’re going to get it to fight you got to use your common sense before
you do it. Obviously, if I see two guys beating up on a woman or a guy, yes
I would intervene immediately. If I see and you know I’ve seen gang fights outside
the club or like it’s 10 on 10 with chains and bats and guys are beating the
shit out of each other, I was like fuck no, I’m not going to get involved in this.
So, should you intervene? You know use your logic before you do, try to know the whole
story. And what does intervening means? if you don’t how to fight and you get into to try
to stop, you might end up dead or getting stabbed.
Call the cops, call it in, you know assess the situation before you do. So I don’t
want to tell you always intervene, never intervene
all I’m going to tell you, is use some of this. Assess the situation, and then try
to make the best decision because as well you don’t want to get
hurt getting in there and to certain point it could be counter productive of
you getting involved as well especially when you don’t know about the entire
history or stories. So another great question… I want thank you guys for
watching! Go visit our website Code Red Defense dot com.
Stay safe and stay strong. [Learn Self Defense]


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