• VINO9411

    The Taliban and ISIS erase history to.
    What is next burning of the books ?
    If they removed every monument in the country there would still be Racism!!!
    Then what are they going to blame it on ?

  • Jason's Boss Battle Bonanza

    Notice how weak and pathetic that professor is… Notice how they have no concept of how this is being used to further tensions… Come on, folks. Desicration of any grave or memorial site is a crime and certainly a slant to the Bill of Rights. Why do you think this stuff is happening so rapidly? In so many cities at once? Don't be fooled. 200 year old dead men and statues aren't the problem… It's a deflection to incite groups of people to clash. This has nothing to do with anything and serves no relevance and certainly doesn't have my vote. You don't remove historical monuments. Nobody is qualified to do that. Nobody.

  • Blade BlazerLazer

    The statues are scary monsters that can come alive and bring back slavery! Woooooooo👻 Gimme a fucking break!

  • Robert Romeo

    Think about this when liberal school teachers are shoving black history down our kids throats for a whole month

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