Slavery’s Scar on the United States
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Slavery’s Scar on the United States

If you’ve ever spent an entire lunch hour
just staring at a map of the United States – what, people do that right? – you’ve
probably noticed this one line that seems to run right across the middle of the country. Why is that line there? Well to figure that out, we’re going to
have to go back to the beginning. When the United States gained independence
and the founding fathers got together to write a Constitution, it was pretty much assumed
that slavery was going to naturally die out… soon. Let me be clear, not because of any altruistic
reason or movement towards equality. But because it simply wasn’t profitable. That’s right, even 200 years ago, all anyone
cared about was their bottom line. But because it was dying out and because the
US wanted to at least appear to be on the right side of history, they wrote it into
the Constitution that the importing of slaves would be allowed only until 1808 – at which
point it was made illegal. Although that didn’t really stop it either
for reasons I’ll get to later. Slavery was up to the states, they could decide
whether to abolish or allow it. And coincidentally, it had been abolished
in the northern states. Again, not because racism was over, but because
it was simply more trouble than it was worth, literally. So let’s take a look at a map and see what
the South was really worried about. The problem with looking at modern maps like
this in order to explain slavery is that it isn’t an accurate representation of what
the US was going through. So let’s take a look at what the US looked
like in 1813. We had just started a war with Great Britain,
had bought the Louisiana Territory a few years earlier, and had 18 states. 9 free, shown in blue, and 9 slave in red. At this point, there were just over a million
slaves in the United States, and only 7 million people total, so about 16% of the population. And slavery had just become profitable. When the Constitution was written, slaves
were really only used for one crop. And it’s not the crop you’re thinking
of. It was tobacco. And sugar in the Caribbean, but sugar doesn’t
grow so well in the United States, so tobacco. The crop you were thinking of, cotton, was
extremely unprofitable. This is what cotton looks like, those seeds
are not easy to remove. It took one slave an entire day to pick the
seeds out and process one pound of cotton. To put that into perspective, an average cotton
t-shirt weighs half a pound, so a slave could make enough cotton to make two shirts a day. You obviously didn’t have to pay them wages,
but you did have to house and feed them, which was extremely difficult on only two shirts
a day. So really, slavery was on its way out, at
least until Eli Whitney’s Cotton Gin, easily one of the most important inventions in history. Because it kept slavery alive. Now, instead of one slave making one pound
a day, they could make 50 pounds. It’s pretty easy to justify the cost of
keeping slaves when their profitability increases fifty times over. From the time the cotton gin was invented
until the Civil War, the number of slaves in the United States quintupled. From just under 700,000 in 1790 to nearly
4 million in 1860. So even though the importing of new slaves
was banned in 1808, that law was passed before slavery was profitable, so while a combined
US and British naval task force gave it their best college try, the trade continued. Thanks Eli Whitney. But let’s go back to the map. Tobacco and cotton were the big products in
the south and the main economic driver of slavery. You couldn’t grow those in the north, you
could really only grow corn and wheat, which you needed animal labor for, not human. So nobody really wanted to expand slavery
northwards. But we did have all of this fun new land to
the west, which most people estimated would take several hundred years for America to
expand into. As a wise man once said, if there’s one
thing we’re worse at than not murdering each other, it’s predicting the future. Anyway, after the Louis and Clark expedition,
it was pretty much figured out that the land wasn’t going to be very useful when it came
to cash crops… but it was pretty useful in the fur department. By 1817 we had evened the teams up to ten
on ten with Mississippi and Indiana. But fast forward to 1819. At this point we had agreed to jointly occupy
the Oregon Country with the British, further leading to the genocide of the buffalo, beaver,
and… some people. We uhhh… permanently borrowed Florida from
Spain, which wasn’t very useful for cash crops either. And we added Alabama and Illinois, bringing
us to 22 states. But now we had a problem. It was becoming pretty obvious to the south
that the space left for the US to expand into wasn’t very useful for slavery. And while the US House of Representatives
is apportioned by population, the Senate makes every state equal. At this point there were 22 slave-state senators
and 22 free-state senators. The Senate was what kept slavery at least
legally safe. So they wanted to maintain that equality. So in 1820, they struck a deal known as the
Missouri Compromise. Which legally mandated what the US had already
sort of been doing… *always two there are* a free state, and a slave state. The next two territories up to bat statehood
were Missouri and Maine, AND no new slave states would be admitted above this line. 36 degrees, 30 minutes latitude. This is Slavery’s Scar on the United States. Roll Credits. Before we get too deep into the compromise,
those of you with a keen eye might have noticed that Maine was already colored blue in the
1813 map. Was it already a state? Yes, but it was part of Massachusetts. Which is why it’s part of the expansion
in Fallout 4. But they wanted to break away and become their
own state, how did they come up with the name for this state? Well first, you have to understand that very
few people lived in Maine proper, they mostly lived on islands off the coast. And anyone who lives in or grew up in Hawaii
will understand that when you live on an island, the part of the country that’s on the continent
is known as the “Mainland”… and that’s how they came up with the name. Maine. Not very creative but… still interesting…
right? So back to the map. In 1837, Arkansas and Michigan were added,
whatever, but the real interesting addition to this map is Texas, which got its independence
from Mexico in 1836. And while it really, really wanted to be part
of the United States, the United States didn’t want it, because it’s divorce with Mexico
was extremely messy and anyone who has dated a recent divorcee knows that it comes with
a lot of baggage, not least of which is trouble with the ex. But I’ve talked about Texas enough in my
previous videos… so I don’t really want to give them too much screen time now… Not to mention, you can’t really grow anything
in Texas. So while Texas did have slaves, they were
mostly ranching country. Anyway, in 1846 Florida and Iowa were added…
and then in 1848 Wisconsin and… oh for.. fine. Texas was added. But wait, what happened to all that Texas
territory that went up into Wyoming? Well, Texas was a slave state, and that was
above the line. So the cut it off and gave it to what would
become Oklahoma. Which is why Oklahoma has a panhandle… there… I finally answered it… you happy? But we had also gained all of this new territory
from Mexico that year. Unfortunately, it’s not very good for growing
any cash crops… or anything else for that matter. In fact, the US had pretty much state-ified
all of the good cotton growing land. So in 1850, when California became a state,
they ran into a new problem. They had thought about dividing California
in two, California and Colorado, which I talked about in a previous video. But California didn’t really want to be
divided up… So instead they decided that California had
to send one free- senator and one slave- senator. *always two there are* Which was difficult
because there really wasn’t much slavery going on there. California is good farming land for fruits
and vegetables, not really for anything where slavery would be profitable. But they went with it… at least until 1854. Kansas and Nebraska were up for statehood,
but both of them were above the magic line. One was good for growing corn, the other for
wheat. Again, not really suited for slavery crops. So they did away with the compromise and instead
decided that the people IN that state should decide whether they are free or not. An idea known as Popular Sovereignty. The problem with this, of course, was that
suddenly, Kansas was being flooded with people from other states, slave owners and abolitionists,
hoping to sway the vote one way or another. Which, if we’re going to talk about the
actual start of the Civil War, this is where the fighting began, in what became known as
Bleeding Kansas. In 1860, Kansas decided to become a free state,
and their constitution passed the House, but was stalled in the Senate over the issue of
slavery. Four months later, the Civil War started. Which, by the way, is why Washington DC now
looks like this… rather than like this. But this also happened to coincide with Lincoln
taking office, and it’s a commonly held belief that he is why the Confederacy broke
away. But Lincoln never campaigned for abolition
and never said anything about wanting to free the slaves. It’s kind of the 1860 version of people
saying Obama wants to take your guns. Lincoln wants to take your slaves… despite
all evidence to the contrary. In fact, a year into the war, Lincoln wrote
a letter saying “If I could save the Union without freeing any slave I would do it, and
if I could save it by freeing all the slaves I would do it; and if I could save it by freeing
some and leaving others alone I would also do that.” That last one, coincidentally is what he ended
up doing with the Emancipation Proclamation. It only freed the slaves in any area in active
rebellion. So the slave states which were loyal to the
Union, occupied Tennessee, and the Union occupied areas of New Orleans and Virginia were able
to keep their slaves. It wasn’t until the war was ended and the
Thirteenth Amendment was passed that slavery ended completely. So was the Civil War about slavery? Yes. And to say otherwise is simply wrong. For the North, it was about preserving the
union and ending a rebellion. But for the South, it was a last ditch effort
to keep slavery because it was becoming increasingly obvious that western expansion was eventually
going to end it for them. The Civil War was not inevitable. That saying is part of the Lost Cause myth,
which tries to explain it away as part of the growing pains of the United States…
and they were just acting out. You know, like a teenager. It’s the end of slavery that was inevitable. So while even people like Robert E Lee acknowledged
that… actually, I’ll let him speak for himself. “The blacks are immeasurably better off
here than in Africa, morally, physically, and socially. The painful discipline they are undergoing
is necessary for their further instruction as a race, and will prepare them, I hope,
for better things. How long their servitude may be necessary
is known and ordered by a merciful Providence… This influence, though slow, is sure. … While we see the course of the final abolition
of human slavery is still onward, and give it the aid of our prayers, let us leave the
progress as well as the results in the hands of Him who, chooses to work by slow influences,
and with whom a thousand years are but as a single day. Although the abolitionist must know this,
must know that he has neither the right nor the power of operating, except by moral means;
that to benefit the slave he must not excite angry feelings in the master.” So to paraphrase, slavery will end eventually
*now don’t be hasty* but it’s not our place to end it before God wills it. Our thoughts and prayers are with them during
this instructional transition. Also, in order to benefit the slave, you shouldn’t
anger the master. Yeah, this goes out to all the people who
think that Robert E Lee was one of the good ones and didn’t actually fight for slavery. So the next time someone tries to tell you
that the Civil War was fought over state’s rights or that the Civil War was inevitable,
hopefully now, you’ll know better. Hey guys, tomorrow is my one year anniversary,
so stay tuned for a video with some special announcements. But if you enjoyed this video or you learned
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  • Knowing Better

    It's common practice to color slave states as red. Google "map of civil war" you'll see hundreds of people doing the same – I didn't do this as some dumb political party smear.

  • Jason Street

    Sympathizers of the south were sympathizers of the slave owners then and now… if you are a southern apologist, you are a slave owner sympathizer… PERIOD! The war was a huge scar on our past and is still a huge scar that hasnt healed, and will never heal… The south and their symbols, statues, and memorials to their past maintain the scars and assure all of us that we will never move on from 1865… The south still lives in 1865 unfortunately, except for the ownership of slaves.. The war began over states rights to keep slaves and ended with over a half a million of our young men dead, not counting civilians. All over slavery.. Humans keeping humans in chains because of skin color.. Let that shit sink in for a while..

  • Prince Koffi Of Salem

    April 11, 1995

    The morning that the Lord visited us in that room, He took us by the hand and we started to go down.  My heart was completely full of fear; I can't even describe it.  I only knew that I could not let go of my Savior’s hand—I felt that Jesus was my Life and my Light, and all my hope was in Him—otherwise I would be left behind in that place.  I never thought that I would ever go there.  I didn't even believe that such a place existed.  Even as a Christian, I had always thought that purgatory was hell. But God showed me the truth about hell. 

    When we arrived in hell, I felt the place shake.  All the demons there ran to hide, because not one of them could endure the presence of the Lord.  We heard the captive souls begin to shout even louder because they knew that Jesus of Nazareth was there.  They all knew that there was just one Person that could possibly get them out of there.  They had that hope, even though it was a false hope.

    We walked hand-in-hand with Jesus, and arrived at the section of *FORNICATION*.  Jesus turned to look at a woman who was totally covered with fire.  When Jesus saw her, she started to come out slowly from the fire, although her sufferings never stopped.   We could see she was totally naked, and saw all of her physical characteristics.  Her body was filthy, and she stunk.  Her hair was messed up, and she was covered with a yellowish green mud.  She had no eyes and her lips were falling apart.  She had no ears, just the holes.  With her hands, which were bones charred black, she took the flesh that was falling from her face and tried to put it back on.  But this caused her even more pain. 

    She then shuddered and shouted even more; her cries never ended.  She was full of worms, and there was a snake wrapped around her arm.  It was very thick and had thorns around its body.  She had the number 666 engraved on her body, the number of the Beast mentioned in the book of Revelation. (Revelation 13:16-18)  She also had a plate embedded in her chest that was made of an unknown metal; it wasn’t consumed by the fire.  On the plate was something written in a strange language. However, we could understand what was written on it.  It read, "I am here because of fornication." 

    When Jesus saw her, He asked her, "Elena, why are you here?"  While Elena was answering the Lord her body squirmed due to the pain of her suffering. She said that she was there because of fornication.  She asked the Lord for forgiveness over and over again. 

    Then we started to see how she died.  When she died, she was having sex with one of her lovers, because she thought that the person she was living with was away on a trip.  However, he came back from his job and found her in bed with someone else.  He then went to the kitchen, took a long knife and stuck it in Elena's back.  She died and was taken to hell exactly the way she died, totally naked.

     In hell, everything is materialized; she still had the long knife in her back, which caused her great pain.  By this time, she had already been in hell for 7 years, and she could remember every moment of her life and death.  She also remembered when someone tried to preach to her about Jesus, that He was the only One who could save her.  But now it was too late for her and for everyone else in hell. 

    The Word of the Lord talks a lot about fornication, and it is very clear.  

    Fornication is having sexual relations outside of marriage.

    1 Corinthians 6:13 says, "Food for the stomach and the stomach for food, but God will destroy both of them.  Now the body is not for fornication, but for the Lord; and the Lord for the body."  Also, in 1 Corinthians 6:18 it says, "Flee from sexual immorality. Every other sin a person commits is outside the body, but the sexually immoral person sins against his own body."

    When Jesus finished talking with her, she was covered by a large blanket of fire, and we could no longer see her.  But we could hear the sound of her flesh burning and her horrifying screams. I can't even describe them in words.

    As we continued to walk with the Lord, He showed us all the people there: the idol worshipers, those who used and practiced witchcraft, the immoral, adulterers, liars, and homosexuals.  We were very frightened; the only thing we wanted to do was to leave.  But Jesus kept saying that it was necessary for us to see, so we could tell others so they might believe. 

    We continued with Jesus, holding His hand even tighter.  We came to a section that really made an impression on me.  We saw a young man, 23 years old, suspended waist-high in the middle of a fire.  We couldn't see exactly what his torment was, but the number 666 was engraved on him.  He also had a metal plate on his chest that read, "I am here for being normal."  When he saw Jesus, he extended his hand toward Jesus begging for mercy.  The Word of God says in Proverbs 14:12, "There is a way that seems right to a person, but its end is the way of death."

    When we read the plate that said, "I am here for being normal," we asked the Lord, "Lord, why!?  Is it possible for a person to come to this place for that reason?"  Then Jesus asked him, "Andrew, why are you here in this place?"  He answered, "Jesus, when I was on earth, I thought that just killing and stealing were sins. That is why I never tried to get close to You."  In Psalms 9:17 it says, "The wicked shall be turned into hell, all the heathen that forget God."

    Andrew made a big mistake by classifying sins, like many people do today.  The Bible is very clear when it says that the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life. (Romans 6:23)  Furthermore, when the Bible talks about sin, it never classifies sins; they are all just sins.  Andrew had the chance to know and accept Jesus, but he didn't take the opportunity that God had given to him.  Maybe he had a thousand opportunities to know the Lord, but he never wanted to know Him, and that is the reason he is there.  Then a large blanket of fire covered his body and we never saw him again.

    We continued walking with Jesus.  In the distance we saw something falling, like chunks of something.  When we got closer, we realized that they were people who were falling into hell at that moment—people that had just died on earth without having accepted Jesus Christ in their hearts; they were just arriving in hell. 

    We saw a young man. Many demons ran toward him and began to destroy his body.  Immediately, his body began to be filled with worms.  He shouted, "No!  What is this? Stop!  I don't want to be here!  Stop it!  This must be a dream!  Take me out of here!"  He didn't even know that he was dead, and that he had died without Jesus in his heart.  The demons were ridiculing him and torturing his body.  Then the number 666 appeared on his forehead, and a metal plate appeared on his chest.  Even though we couldn't see the reason why he was in hell, we knew for certain that he would never get out. 

    The Lord told us that the torments of all these people in hell would be even greater on the Day of Judgment.  If they are suffering in such a terrible and horrifying way now, I can't imagine how they will suffer after the Day of the Judgment. 

    We didn't see any children there.  We only saw thousands and thousands of young people, men, and women of many nationalities.  Nevertheless, in hell there are no nationalities or social classes; all are there to be tormented and punished.  There was one thing that they all wanted, and that was a chance to get out, for just a second. They also wanted to have one drop of water to refresh their tongues, as in the story of the rich man in the Bible. (Luke 16:19)  But this was no longer possible. They chose where they wanted to spend eternity.  They decided to spend it without God.  God never sends anyone to hell; everyone is there because of their own deeds.  In Galatians 6:7 it says, "Make no mistake, God will not be mocked.  What a person sows, he will reap."

    Today you have a great opportunity to change your eternal destiny.  Jesus is still available today, and the Bible says that while we have life we also have hope.  Today you have life. Don't miss this opportunity; it might be your last one. 

    God bless you .

    Extract from JESUS'S revelation about hell to 7 Columbian teenagers on Tuesday, April 11, 1995 at about 10 a.m.

  • Jeff Heller

    The civil war was inevitable, to say otherwise shows no consideration for the political climate of the time, or the social division and mismanagement that happened under James Buchanan

  • Mid Englander

    Maine as in Mainland? Hmmm! possibly. More likely Maine, as in the historical French Province and the current French department, Maine et Loire.

  • T G

    We really need to stop telling black people that they are failures because of something that happened hundreds of years ago. It is literally the reason they fail at life, because they have it beaten into their head from the day they are born that all of their trials and tribulations are the white man's fault, when in reality, if not for the "evil" white man they would be living in a shit caked Hut in an aids ridden town in Africa, and they literally would not even know how to make fire. And that's a fact.

    Also someone needs to tell them no one owes them equity, only equality, which they have, thanks to the white man.

    Change my mind.

  • TheDeadp00l

    For everyone's info missouri was split slavery and free the border was the Missouri river that why the trim for north of the river is so popular in KC and MO in general

  • Nick Nack

    Uncomfortable FACTS: Less than 1.6% of whites owned slaves. In contrast, 28% of free blacks in America owned slaves. Not a single black slave was stolen from Africa, they were already slaves and "sold" to Europeans. The vast majority of slaves were sold to the Middle East.

  • Crystal Dreams

    If Jews had reparations. Blacks need to have them to it's only fair. As a Jewish man iam disgusted in how blacks are treated in the u.s and Israel. It sickens me people. Stop the hatred!

  • Daivari Jahar

    This is why I'm gonna slave white people n fuck y'all's bitches plant my seed and defi white America 😈🖕🏾👊🏾👊🏾👊🏾

  • Anthony C. Dominguez

    The little jab on gun control during the Obama administration was funny. False since he all but admitted being anti gun. It was pretty obvious.

  • 35 859

    Once the south was able to over throw the oppressive rule of democrats they ended racism. Thats why you see the majority of Black's living in the south.

  • Ma Cho

    Lol “ I didn’t do this as a dumb political party smear”. Clearly this is what you are doing. You’re like the racist who says he’s not a racist..

  • Mondo Shredder

    Interesting history lesson. Rather ironic that Eli Whitney thought his brilliant invention would end the need for slave labor, but instead ended up increasing it 5-fold, and also that Robert E. Lee was such a firm believer in God and actually thought they were improving African's quality of life by kidnapping, transporting under inhuman conditions, and forcing millions of them into forced labor. Can you say "hypocrisy"? Right up there with the brilliant men who penned "All Men Are Created Equal", themselves owned slaves.
    This also puts a light on why the Executive Branch has a Senate, and why it should finally be eliminated, right along with that insanely outdated Electoral College.

  • Beni Habibi

    Saying that the South fought the war over slavery is like Saying the American revolution was fought over tea.
    Southern politicians may have seceded from the Union primarily over Slavery, but the Southern people were fighting against what they saw as an invasion from a foreign power. Lincoln himself admitted this.

  • TechMack

    So, in other words, there were a lot of greedy evil people back then and Trump and his followers want to go back to that time

  • Blue

    Knowing Better,
    The Civil War was about slavery. And nothing but death is inevitable in human affairs. Agreed.
    But in some ways I do agree with the idea that the Civil War was inevitable.
    A better way to think about it is "When does the Civil War become inevitable?" Fort Sumter? When Mississippi leaves? Lincoln's election? John Brown's raid? Bleeding Kansas?
    I certainly don't know! Very difficult question to answer! But the Missouri compromise stands out. That's when the nation defined itself as having two sections. Two teams. For 40 years they viewed themselves that way.

  • Mark Volker

    One of the first synagogue built in the US; Touro Synagogue in N.J., was built with the proceeds from one of the Jewish slave trading Barrons, Arron Lopez's and his 38 slave trading ships. Today it is a protected National Historical site!

  • Robert W

    I think the Civil War was inevitable and the Founding Fathers even hinted at its possibility. It was the oldest extant political party still in existence, the Democratic Party of the US, that kept slavery alive – the last group of people to do so in the Western world. Slavery had been outlawed long before the Civil War in most of the western world, including northern states where phase out began as early as 1777 with Vermont.
    That political party is still around today despite losing the war and fighting against African Americans every step of the way until Johnson decided they needed to buy their votes to survive in the late 1960s. So how long would the nation – that was founded on all people are "created equal and are born with certain God-given rights, including life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" – have had slavery without the Civil War?

  • Komitet Gosudarstvennoy Bbezopasnosti

    My college history book is literally revisionist dogma. It talks about the civil war as a growing pain.

  • Natural Law

    Talk about Psychopaths talking talking like they have a drop of wisdom…don't even know the first thing about morality. (HOME OF THE WEAK AND LAND OF THE SLAVES)

  • Raven Sarphie

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    Whats wrong with slavery , at least black people had a 100% employment rate back then and not selling drugs like now

  • Doug Beaton

    The US inherited a system of slavery going back many generations. At that time, the rule of the aristocracy, "knowing your place" and special privileges were the norm in the Western World. The principle of universal human rights was unknown. At that time, slavery in the world was rampant. The English and French had islands where they harvested sugar cane, using slaves who endured conditions so horrible (something like a 4-year life expectancy!), it made US slavery, which WAS bad, look like the easy life. Africa was always a hotbed of slavery. The Islamic Empire's slave trade was 10x greater than the Western slave trade, the North American slave trade was massively dwarfed by its South American counterpart, and even in native American tribes, slavery was common.

    For political and economic reasons, the Southern plantation owners held onto slavery by any means they could. They were a powerful group; nothing could proceed without them, ergo the system of admitting equal numbers of free and slave states, and their increasingly oppressive state slave laws. Until Lincoln was elected.

    Lincoln was a very well known foe of slavery. Lincoln – Douglass debates, anyone? Only an idiot or a deliberately uninformed person with an agenda would deny that; he was NOT the weak mealy-mouthed "I didn't care about slavery, I just wanted the Union to stay together," guy portrayed in this video. The South knew it, and the writing was on the wall. The slave-supported way of life was going away, if not immediately, then by degrees, and so, the Southern politicians, often against the will of their own constituents, voted to secede. The Civil War started for a variety of reasons, but MAINLY because of slavery, and ended with the North's firm resolve to eradicate slavery forever. It cost the US over 600,000 lives, (about the same amount of slaves that were brought to the American colonies since 1619!), and left the South devastated. Great Britain, who abolished slavery in their territories, had it much easier. They compensated their slave owners with tax money, and released their slaves gradually. The American Civil War and the abolition of slavery should be forever praised as a triumph of the will and a demonstration of the goodness of mankind. Instead, all the left can talk about is the "stain" and the "scar" it left behind, pulling scabs and opening old wounds, while trashing the founding fathers and Lincoln for not being perfect by today's left wing PC standards. Disgusting.

    What bothers me the most about this video is the lack of objectivity from a teacher with degrees in Sociology and History. I understand that academia in those fields are saturated with anti-American left-wingers who, by the way, actively discriminate against admitting contrary thinkers into their ranks, but one might have hoped that one who was trained in the past and human behavioral systems would be able to place oneself in the shoes of someone who grew up that long-lost place and time.

  • *Wonka*

    Slavery Started with #MansaMusa and in #1860 the union came out with a map of"freed slaves"to "pay for healing wounded troops for fighting European warsand Mexico wars" ok basically it was a punsy scam concoction by Abraham Lincoln and the French to take back control of the USA government and paid for the union to takeover the southern farms instead of helping the people..also the Union then took alot of negro peopleand forced them into slavery in Liberia(after shipping them there from the south) where formally the whites blacks and native tribes got along prior which resulted in the CSA breaking away with a giant #fuckthat and bingo that cross manipulation has been plaguing the #USA every since(the union is at fault for slavery and what happened to the negros, in the 1600s both whitesand blacks left Europe(whites) and Africa(blacks)to get away from Mansa Musa and the Habsburgs(aka Windsor)& Tsar Ivan the terrible's family monarchies..the southern forces were depleted from the war with mexico as it was barely won which made it extremely easy for the north union to take advantage of the hurricane Katrina Harvey and Michael for example. Theyll keep fucking us over untill we break away again.. Latinos and Japanese are both honorable warriors to so let credit be given where its due..p.s. Fuck germany and neonazi bullshit..and God bless the fact of #MartinLutherKingJr. As in he was the one to say it right "judge not by the color of thier skin but by the content of thier character" meaning we must recognize who is good and who is evil and not ignore that..(king solomon said it to)

  • darttoyou1

    Weren't the colors reversed tho as Lincoln, north were Republicans and Dems were south, Red? Also you should have read letters general Lee wrote as didn't want monuments or the Confederate flag to ever be used again… You always leave noteworthy shit, why to seem less bias or what?

  • Malcolm M

    If only reparations were given to the slaves after working for 246 years for free. Instead they were told "how about you pull your selves by the bootstraps. Nothing is FREE in life. Slavery is over. Get over it." Some real fucked up shit I tell ya. smh

  • HooDatDonDar

    This below is over stated, but is more accurate than much that is in this video.
    Or nonsense about ‘Africans invented Greek Civ’.
    If people used to promote the false ideas of racism, they had their reasons, based on empirical evidence.
    It is only modern genetics that let us see the basic unity if humanity.

    (Speaking of sub-Saharan Africa)

    “Since the dawn of history the Negro has owned the Continent of Africa—rich beyond the dream of poet's fancy crunching acres of diamonds beneath his bare black feet.
    Yet he never picked one up from the dust until a white man showed to him its glittering light.
    His land swarmed with powerful and docile animals, yet he never dreamed a harness, cart, or sled.
    A hunter by necessity, he never made an axe, spear or arrow-head worth preserving beyond the moment of its use. He lived as an ox, content to graze for an hour.
    In a land of stone and timber he never sawed a foot of lumber, carved a block, or built a house save of broken sticks and mud.
    With league on league of ocean strand and miles of inland seas, for four thousand years he watched their surface ripple under the wind, heard the thunder of the surf on his beach, the howl of the storm over his head, gazed on the dim blue horizon calling him to worlds that lie beyond, and yet he never dreamed a sail.
    He lived as his fathers lived—stole his food, worked his wife, sold his children, ate his brother, content to drink, sing, dance, and sport as the ape!”

    I think of the ruins of Zimbabwe – but this is uncomfortably close to the truth for most of the place.

  • sagrammyfour

    Stupid. It was FIXED, and there's not another place in the world for people of color to thrive and succeed. All the while slavery continues to thrive in much of the world, encouraged and subsidized by the very people who are enslaved.

  • Dylan Davis

    Slavery was never abolished, instead all of america was enslaved by the 1% aka the government, law enforcement and the big corporations that employ most americans, the only difference is instead of housing and feeding their slaves they pay them paper money and then when you spend that money it goes right back to the same corporations. And also providing the illusion that you are free, yet i cant eat psylocybin mushrooms or leave the country without a passport or im considered a criminal? Brainwashing at its finest.

  • mattbenz99 [Canadian Gambit]

    I disagree with you saying that the Civil War was not inevitable. Yes, of course slavery was the reason for the Civil War. However, what the Civil War did was completely change the power dynamic between the Federal and State Governments. It put a hard limit on the 10th amendment and created the idea of Federal supremacy over the States. This war answered many open questions people had and would have about American federalism. It is possible that these questions could have been answered without violence, but I honestly do believe that even without slavery, these issues would have sparked up again in another 30-40 years with different states.

  • Jameel Rahman

    Well I for one have spent literally years of my life poring over my National Geographic Atlas of the World like it was the best novel ever. Glad I'm not the only one.

  • John Asbury

    People are upset because of American slavery. Go do some research on Ancient World History and modern day human trafficking. America is not the worst. Egyptians enslaved all the Hebrews for a long time.


    I think you missed something with RE Lee. He acknowledged that slavery was on its way out. He mentioned, "not angering the Master", which I interpret as a warning not to cause such a rift as to bring on something that unfortunately did. The ideas that fueled the American Civil War were constantly discussed around the time Lee wrote that. Being a Virginian, a US Army officer, and a gentleman, Lee had very compelling reasons to measure his words in 1856, I say again, in 1856 so as not to escalate the growing tensions. Also, being wrong or unable to devine the future, using moderate language of the era, and being a product of the times didn't make Lee a bad guy. Had he fought for the Union all would singing his praises. He chose Virginia, his country as he saw it. As you often say, "intent matters."

    In a few hundred years issues of guns, abortion, immigration (legal or illegal) might be viewed very differently, and we today could be vehemently condemned for our sincere beliefs. Try to keep your personal bias in check. You do this well, but occasionally let your personal views in, possibly because you are concerned about how you personally are viewed. That's understandable and may explain why people thought and said what they did in the 19th century. Be unbiased, regardless.

  • Deez Nuts

    It's a matter of opinion. I don't think it left a scar nor do I care if it did. It wasn't the worst thing to happen. It doesn't make anyone uniquely evil

  • Reilly Steinman

    To all dumbasses the civil was was about states rights which includes slaves yes and mostly includes that why would someone in another state control what we do or practice

  • Devidicus

    Great video overall, but there are some errors. For instance, the retrocession of the Virginia portion of D.C. happened well before the Civil War, and while the issue of slavery played a factor in the decision, it was far more multifaceted than that.

  • Steve Fortie

    Capitalism is more profitable than indentured servants-slavery , bottom line .Most will still argue with that slavery ended over human rights issue , simply not true .

  • Jack Hamilton

    I suggest that you brush-up on your history. To claim the so-called "Civil War" was indeed about slavery, is to perpetuate a myth. 1st of all, the very mature of the conflict proves it was not a "civil war" at all. In a civil war, two factions are competing for control of the federal government. The southern states wanted no part of the US government but, rather, they wanted to secede and do their own thing. To this very day, the Federal US Code states unequivocally, that the US is FOREIGN to the SEVERAL STATES! That is, every state is a separate, sovereign nation, EXACTLY as the Founding Father's intended. Americans have been brainwashed and fed false information by the Federal indoctrination (education) system to maintain control over the population. If you're serious about learning FACTS, regarding the conflict, referred to as the Civil War, I highly recommend reading various books by Thomas DeLorenzo. Lincoln was one of the very worst Presidents b/c he was essentially a dictator, ruling by Fiat, Executive Orders. He was murdered by the criminal international Jewry, because he issued Greenbacks" to circumvent the stranglehold these PARASITES had on the nation! Unfortunately, his efforts to abandon these "legal" counterfeiters was in vain. They became firmly established in 1913, and have the cause of each and every war since! The Federal Reserve is a private, criminal international Jewry cabal that essentially lends the US (and most nation's) its own "money" but, at interest! The Constitution provides for the government to issue its own money but, without any need for interest! The Federal Reserve enjoys the unimaginable profits from the GREATEST SCAM IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD! These PARASITES own the US government, lock, stock, and barrel!

  • isaiah herrera

    Good video but to say Texas “got its independence from Mexico in 1836” is pretty misleading but that would probably be another video i hope

  • Milton Monnin

    ROFL ! Bull shit , its the salt in the wound you contentious to rub it in ..
    In the rest of the world every culture has been the slaves of the other and got over it . This is a control mechanism for dividing and conquering the people today , nothing more than a game of good cop bad cop its the Neanderthal way

  • Brandon Cooney

    Good video, but I just wished that you mentioned that Jews had absolute dominance over buying slaves from rival African tribes who had already enslaved them and then re-selling them in the south for a far higher price. They were bought from tribes for watered down whiskey, and I also believe that at the same exact time that Jews were buying slaves from African tribes and shipping them here, they were also responsible for handing out anti-southern pamphlets in the north for over 30 years before the civil war happened. But obviously that's not the very politically correct thing to say of course.

  • mackjeez

    You leave out that most people in the South, roughly 90%-95% of people did not own slaves, a single white plantation owner would own an insane amount of slaves, owning just one slave was a symbol of a symbol of wealth and prosperity, compared to something a Lamborghini today, weird but a pretty good comparison in terms of value, by the early 1800's a slave was worth roughly 60k in today's money. The reason why the general Southern populous which were mostly made out of labor workers even cared if there was slaves or not was the fear of economic turmoil since states were functioning like small countries at this point, with the wealthy gone, no one would be there to invest in operations like mining, forestry, agriculture…etc..people would essentially starve and that's exactly what happened after slavery ended in the South, hundred of thousands of white and black people died of starvation, both whites and blacks now lived in mostly rural areas and something that's never talked about was happening, intermarriages and a lot of it. Eventually leaders manipulated the masses through propaganda and conspiracy theories, with stories of a pure chosen bloodline, pure religion (Protestantism), this made many white people in the South focus their hatred on their rough life on pretty much anything and it was primarily black people, Catholics/Orthodox, Italians, Greeks, Chinese and the Jews, of course these were the KKK.

  • clvinning

    the quote read from robert e lee doesn't necessarily paint him as one of the "bad guys". he more or less says agreeably, "sure, the end of slavery is surely inevitable but i can't personally do anything about it". he's deferring altruism to a "higher power" to make that change, letting "jesus take the wheel," so to speak. also, the world wasn't as black-and-white in those days (pun intended) as people assume. not everyone in the south supported slavery or thought that it was morally just. just like not every person in a "red state" supports donald trump/republican partisan politics. just like not every soldier serving in the Wehrmacht "agreed" with nazism. i think the most important thing to consider is that it was a very swift and profound cultural and economic change. slavery was ugly, vile, and brutal… but then again so was life in the 19th century. i would argue that war was inevitable. it has been estimated that at the start of the civil war the southern portion of the US would be well within the top 5 richest nations in the world, producing some figures near 75 percent of the world's cotton. remember, this was well before a globalized economy. from the african slave traders in west africa to the plantation owners themselves, pockets were being lined with cash. in the grand scheme of things, the civil war was fought to protect money and wealth. it's a shame that human lives were the fuel to produce it, and we're much better off without it. no one deserves to be enslaved.

  • fern Haloo

    West Virginia broke away from Virginia, was OK with Abe. South wanting to go bye bye killed 100's of thousands and was not OK. Brazil ended slavery after US with no carnage. Melungeon Lincoln a cancer.

  • ti pr

    0:45 you should read Jefferson’s correspondence with James Monroe. They hated the institution of slavery and thought of it as a rancid stain shackled to them for having been under the evils of the British empire.

  • Ordinary Sessel

    Why do Americans make such fuss about historical slavery yet ignore the current slaves in India, the Islamic world and China etc?

  • bb

    Lincoln was vague during the election but he decries the moral abomination of slavery in his journals and his anti-slavery views were well-known enough to cause an almost instant pro-slavery rebellion once he got elected.

  • Melanie B

    There are still human slaves folks!
    It is called Human Trafficking …
    Don't be ignorant or forget that.
    Lord knows there are enough turn cheeks.
    Google statistics of labor traffocking or child sex trafficking .Stay honest if using word " slave ".
    There is modern day slavery that knows no one class or category

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