So Universal (Brooklyn) Challenge – Melek Ra’
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So Universal (Brooklyn) Challenge – Melek Ra’

I’m so universal. Indigenous blood. Yo,
they call me Melek Ra’, but you can call me the Sun King, I shine bright, walk
in the room, make everyone blink, my mind right, trauma free, that’s how I’m living,
I ain’t trippin on my past, I’m living in my forgiveness; Uh! If you alive, bare witness, to
the truth of the matter, no matter the consequences; constant battlin’,
babbling where the fence is, building a wall, when it fall you defenseless;
you put your guard down dog is you senseless; they got you stuck tryna ball
from the benches, meanwhile I’m walking through the fog with no lenses, I see
clear, 2020 is a big win, so you can put your money up go on and gamble that, pistol grip on life, so I can handle that, I aim high, like an air force maniac, and
bring the whole fleet down armageddon brainiac; open your eye, turn your mind to a
acrobat, flipping on’em like a spy with a ransom pack, cuz you was living
a lie, don’t wanna answer that, doing anything that you can do it get your
family back; you was in the trenches on the front line, trying to fight a war but
you ain’t wanna die, almost lost it all like a hundred times,
now you crossing over to the other side, yeah, I understand it’s a struggle,
cuz every day I gotta be a man in this jungle; feeling like Mowgly when the bear’s
gone, gotta keep a constant watch out for Shere Khan; cuz this book is like a
movie with no stunt doubles, I gotta do me so you’ont really want trouble;
Universal soldier with a strict mission I made a promise to Alonia, never quit
living, yeah, building a legacy for my descendants, even if it gotta take a
whole life sentence; I’m going all in, you should put your chips in it;
all bets on me, I never quit winning; my lyricism
evolutionary vision, my adversaries can’t compare me to the competition,
these rappers scary, they get buried when the truth presented; I’m on a higher
plane, I never stoop to get it; I study hard
like I’m getting paid to get the wisdom if knowledge is power then I’m a
superhero with it, a scholar with hours invested, make a new religion; able to
shake the highest bidder with a single pivot; uh, I’m resurrecting what you think is
missing, don’t ever sleep cuz this is deep enough to sink a ship in, trans-Atlantic or Pacific you could take ya pic and, call me anything but I am NOT a
slave descendant; indigenous blood, the ancestors reminiscing, I been in the
mud with plans of a new beginning, so when I get up, I stand in a new
position; just put the crown on my head and salute winning! Yeah! Melek Ra’… you
can’t pin me down to one geographical location. I represent the indigenous
people all across the planet, and throughout the entire universe! Salute!

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